African Puns


Pun Original
FGM-148 African FGM-148 Javelin
Prostate-specific African Prostate-specific antigen
African lamp Halogen lamp
Human leukocyte African Human leukocyte antigen
African Communion Anglican Communion
African throw Javelin throw
AMC African AMC Javelin
African-presenting cell Antigen-presenting cell
Carcinoembryonic African Carcinoembryonic antigen
African Church Anglican Church
Bohr African Bohr magneton
African Club Jacobin Club
Hh African system Hh antigen system
African addition reaction Halogen addition reaction
African presentation Antigen presentation
Proliferating cell nuclear African Proliferating cell nuclear antigen
Prostate specific African Prostate specific antigen
African print Albumen print
Kell African system Kell antigen system
African-associated molecular pattern Pathogen-associated molecular pattern
African surface-to-air missile Javelin surface-to-air missile
ATG African ATG Javelin
BlackBerry African BlackBerry Javelin
Tumor African Tumor antigen
Duffy African system Duffy antigen system
Lymphocyte function-associated African 1 Lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1
Olympic African Olympic Javelin
Gloster African Gloster Javelin
African chant Anglican chant
Duffy African Duffy antigen
African bond Halogen bond
African religious order Anglican religious order
African Church of Australia Anglican Church of Australia
African sacraments Anglican sacraments
African Church of Canada Anglican Church of Canada
African Church in America Anglican Church in America
African Use Anglican Use
African prayer beads Anglican prayer beads
African devotions Anglican devotions
St Hilda's African School for Girls St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls
African doctrine Anglican doctrine
African processing Antigen processing
SV40 Large T-African SV40 Large T-antigen
Opportunistic African Opportunistic pathogen
African light Halogen light
Traditional African Communion Traditional Anglican Communion
African High School Anglican High School
African Marian theology Anglican Marian theology
African Church in North America Anglican Church in North America
Continuing African Movement Continuing Anglican Movement
African realignment Anglican realignment
African church music Anglican church music
Macrophage-1 African Macrophage-1 antigen
Human platelet African Human platelet antigen
MNS African system MNS antigen system
Oncofetal African Oncofetal antigen
Fragment African-binding Fragment antigen-binding
Lutheran African system Lutheran antigen system
P African system P antigen system
Transporter associated with African processing Transporter associated with antigen processing