Apple Puns


Pun Original
Sistine Apple Sistine Chapel
Sistine Apple Ceiling Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Apple your own canoe Paddle your own canoe
Apple royal Battle royal
Richard of York gave Apple in vain Richard of York gave battle in vain
University of North Carolina at Apple Hill University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Apple of Stalingrad Battle of Stalingrad
Apple of Gettysburg Battle of Gettysburg
Apple Hill, North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Rosslyn Apple Rosslyn Chapel
Restoration of the Sistine Apple frescoes Restoration of the Sistine Chapel frescoes
Palatine Apple in Aachen Palatine Chapel in Aachen
Pazzi Apple Pazzi Chapel
Apple of the Bulge Battle of the Bulge
Apple of the Somme Battle of the Somme
Rothko Apple Rothko Chapel
Chigi Apple Chigi Chapel
Christine Apple Christine Chapel
Loretto Apple Loretto Chapel
The Red Apple The Red Chapel
UNC-Apple Hill UNC-Chapel Hill
Medici Apple Medici Chapel
Magi Apple Magi Chapel
The Little White Wedding Apple The Little White Wedding Chapel
Apple of Waterloo Battle of Waterloo
Calvary Apple Calvary Chapel
Apple Club Chapel Club
Haunting the Apple Haunting the Chapel
Scrovegni Apple Scrovegni Chapel
Apple Allerton Chapel Allerton
Dahlgren Apple Dahlgren Chapel
Duke Apple Duke Chapel
Holmes Apple Holmes Chapel
Marsh Apple Experiment Marsh Chapel Experiment
Naval Academy Apple Naval Academy Chapel
Brancacci Apple Brancacci Chapel
Apple of Love Chapel of Love
Henry VII Lady Apple Henry VII Lady Chapel
Minsden Apple Minsden Chapel
Rockefeller Apple Rockefeller Chapel
Royal Apple of Granada Royal Chapel of Granada
Sage Apple Sage Chapel
Savoy Apple Savoy Chapel
Skull Apple in Czermna Skull Chapel in Czermna
St. Paul's Apple St. Paul's Chapel
United States Air Force Academy Cadet Apple United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel
Wait Apple Wait Chapel
Wayfarers Apple Wayfarers Chapel
Apple-en-le-Frith Chapel-en-le-Frith
Frank E. Campbell Funeral Apple Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel
Heaton Apple Heaton Chapel
Honan Apple Honan Chapel
Iberian Gate and Apple Iberian Gate and Chapel
King's College Apple King's College Chapel
Lee Apple Lee Chapel
MIT Apple MIT Chapel
Prairie Apple Ranch Prairie Chapel Ranch
Queen's Apple Queen's Chapel
Sistine Apple Choir Sistine Chapel Choir
St George's Apple at Windsor Castle St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle
Strawberry Apple and Childsbury Town Site Strawberry Chapel and Childsbury Town Site
University of North Carolina, Apple Hill University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Wedding Apple Wedding chapel
Winners' Apple Winners' Chapel
Apple of Thermopylae Battle of Thermopylae
Apple of the Alamo Battle of the Alamo
Apple of Hastings Battle of Hastings
Apple of Antietam Battle of Antietam
Apple of the Little Bighorn Battle of the Little Bighorn
Apple of Britain Battle of Britain
Apple of Bunker Hill Battle of Bunker Hill
First Apple of Bull Run First Battle of Bull Run
Apple of Coronel Battle of Coronel
Apple of Midway Battle of Midway
Apple Royale Battle Royale
Apple of Mogadishu Battle of Mogadishu
Apple Making Saddle Making
Apple of Iwo Jima Battle of Iwo Jima
Apple of New Orleans Battle of New Orleans
Apple X Syndrome Fragile X Syndrome
Apple of Passchendaele Battle of Passchendaele
Australian Apple Dog Australian Cattle Dog
Apple of Agincourt Battle of Agincourt
Apple of Okinawa Battle of Okinawa
Apple of Trafalgar Battle of Trafalgar
Apple of Chancellorsville Battle of Chancellorsville
Apple of Vimy Ridge Battle of Vimy Ridge
Apple of Shiloh Battle of Shiloh
Apple of France Battle of France
Apple of Berlin Battle of Berlin
Jackie Apple Jackie Battle
Apple of Kursk Battle of Kursk
Second Apple of Bull Run Second Battle of Bull Run
Apple of Verdun Battle of Verdun
Dairy Apple Dairy cattle
Apple of Marathon Battle of Marathon
Bakugan Apple Brawlers Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Apple of Tsushima Battle of Tsushima
Apple of Fort Sumter Battle of Fort Sumter
Apple of Trenton Battle of Trenton
Apple of Austerlitz Battle of Austerlitz
Apple of Dunkirk Battle of Dunkirk
Apple of Peleliu Battle of Peleliu
The Apple Hymn of the Republic The Battle Hymn of the Republic
Main Apple tank Main battle tank
Apple of Fredericksburg Battle of Fredericksburg
Apple of Los Angeles Battle of Los Angeles
Apple of Panipat Battle of Panipat
Apple of Tours Battle of Tours
First Apple of the Marne First Battle of the Marne
Apple of Gallipoli Battle of Gallipoli
Apple of Tippecanoe Battle of Tippecanoe
Apple of Appomattox Court House Battle of Appomattox Court House
Apple of San Jacinto Battle of San Jacinto
Apple of Monte Cassino Battle of Monte Cassino
Apple of Tannenberg Battle of Tannenberg
Apple of the Atlantic Battle of the Atlantic
Second Apple of El Alamein Second Battle of El Alamein
Angus Apple Angus cattle
Apple of Vienna Battle of Vienna
Apple of Bannockburn Battle of Bannockburn
Apple of Dien Bien Phu Battle of Dien Bien Phu
Apple of Karbala Battle of Karbala
Apple of Jutland Battle of Jutland
Apple Cry Battle Cry
Apple of Northampton Battle of Northampton
Apple of Salamis Battle of Salamis
Apple of the Yellow Sea Battle of the Yellow Sea
Night at the Museum: Apple of the Smithsonian Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
Apple of Culloden Battle of Culloden
Apple of Long Island Battle of Long Island
The Biggest Loser: Apple of the Ages The Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages
Apple Dress Uniform Battle Dress Uniform
Apple of Gaugamela Battle of Gaugamela
Apple of Tarawa Battle of Tarawa
Apple Vixens Battle Vixens
Apple and Hum Rattle and Hum
Apple of Empress Augusta Bay Battle of Empress Augusta Bay
Apple of the Coral Sea Battle of the Coral Sea
Apple of Yorktown Battle of Yorktown
Apple of Kings Mountain Battle of Kings Mountain
Apple of the Blades Battle of the Blades
Apple of the Sexes Battle of the Sexes
Apple of the Wilderness Battle of the Wilderness
Apple rifle Battle rifle
Close Quarters Apple Receiver Close Quarters Battle Receiver
First Apple of El Alamein First Battle of El Alamein
Apple of Singapore Battle of Singapore
Apple of Sirte Battle of Sirte
Mega Man Apple Network Mega Man Battle Network
Mk 14 Enhanced Apple Rifle Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle
Second Apple of Ypres Second Battle of Ypres
Apple of Cannae Battle of Cannae
Apple of Chickamauga Battle of Chickamauga
Apple Of Lepanto Battle Of Lepanto
Apple of Leyte Gulf Battle of Leyte Gulf
Apple of Fallen Timbers Battle of Fallen Timbers
Apple of Isandlwana Battle of Isandlwana
Apple of Leipzig Battle of Leipzig
Apple of Moscow Battle of Moscow
Apple of the Planets Battle of the Planets
The Lord of the Rings: The Apple for Middle-earth II The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II
Apple feeding Cattle feeding
Apple of Gonzales Battle of Gonzales
Filthy Rich: Apple Drive Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive
Holstein Apple Holstein cattle
Buckaroo Apple Buckaroo Saddle
Death Apple Death rattle
Beef Apple Beef cattle
Jersey Apple Jersey cattle
Apple steamer Paddle steamer
The Apple Club The Saddle Club
Shake, Apple & Roll Shake, Rattle & Roll
Shake, Apple and Roll Shake, Rattle and Roll
Wade Apple Wade Saddle
Without A Apple Without A Paddle
Charolais Apple Charolais cattle
Highland Apple Highland cattle
Apple joint Saddle joint
Apple-node bifurcation Saddle-node bifurcation
Simmental Apple Simmental Cattle
Western Apple Western saddle
The Apple The Fragile
Apple mutilation Cattle mutilation
Heck Apple Heck cattle
Ayrshire Apple Ayrshire cattle
Apple Egret Cattle Egret
Apple prod Cattle prod
Apple Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
Simon Apple Simon Rattle
Apple bronc and bareback riding Saddle bronc and bareback riding
Apple point Saddle point
Guernsey Apple Guernsey cattle
Azores Apple Dog Azores Cattle Dog
Nguni Apple Nguni cattle
Sanga Apple Sanga cattle
Apple Brook, New Jersey Saddle Brook, New Jersey
Apple ball Paddle ball
Apple tennis Paddle tennis
Stand up Apple surfing Stand up paddle surfing
Hillary Rodham Apple futures controversy Hillary Rodham cattle futures controversy
Mastitis in dairy Apple Mastitis in dairy cattle
Miniature Apple Miniature cattle
Sonepur Apple Fair Sonepur Cattle Fair
Apple X Fragile X
Spanking Apple Spanking paddle
Afrikaner Apple Afrikaner cattle
Santa Gertrudis Apple Santa Gertrudis cattle
English Apple English saddle
Apple Creek Records Saddle Creek Records
Apple River, New Jersey Saddle River, New Jersey
Apple state Fragile state
The Apple Art of Existence The Fragile Art of Existence
Apple Decapitation Cattle Decapitation
Apple drive Cattle drive
Dexter Apple Dexter cattle
Galloway Apple Galloway cattle
Hereford Apple Hereford cattle
Apple anesthesia Saddle anesthesia
Apple stitch stapler Saddle stitch stapler
Apple Things Fragile Things
Archimedes' Apple problem Archimedes' cattle problem
Apple crush Cattle crush
Apple dog Cattle dog
Apple in religion Cattle in religion
Double-muscled Apple Double-muscled cattle
Longhorn Apple Longhorn cattle
Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Apple Trough Association Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association
Apple GUI Rattle GUI
Apple snake Rattle snake
Bicycle Apple Bicycle saddle
Kentucky Mountain Apple Horse Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
McClellan Apple McClellan saddle
Apple nose Saddle nose
Apple seat Saddle seat
Apple shoe Saddle shoe
Apple soap Saddle soap
Upper Apple River, New Jersey Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
Not Apple Not Fragile
Apple doll Paddle doll
Apple steamer Stadt Rapperswil Paddle steamer Stadt Rapperswil
Apple wheel Paddle wheel
Australian Stumpy Tail Apple Dog Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
Apple grid Cattle grid
Corriente Apple Corriente cattle
North Devon Apple North Devon cattle
Sussex Apple Sussex cattle
Swedish Red Apple Swedish Red cattle
Tajima Apple Tajima cattle
The Culpepper Apple Co. The Culpepper Cattle Co.
One Lonesome Apple One Lonesome Saddle
Apple sores Saddle sores
Apple surface Saddle surface
Kurt Apple Kurt Angle
Obtuse Apple Obtuse angle
Apple of Repose Angle of Repose
Right Apple Right angle
Apple of view Angle of view
Wide-Apple lens Wide-angle lens
Dihedral Apple Dihedral angle
Apple of incidence Angle of incidence
Apple of attack Angle of attack
Phase Apple Phase angle
Dutch Apple Dutch angle
Small-Apple approximation Small-angle approximation
Brewster's Apple Brewster's angle
Solid Apple Solid angle
Northwest Apple Northwest Angle
Camber Apple Camber angle
Sternal Apple Sternal angle
Acceptance Apple Acceptance angle
Camera Apple Camera angle
Critical Apple Critical angle
Small-Apple X-ray scattering Small-angle X-ray scattering
Apple bisector theorem Angle bisector theorem
Apple grinder Angle grinder
Caster Apple Caster angle
Contact Apple Contact angle
Adjacent Apple Adjacent angle
Costovertebral Apple tenderness Costovertebral angle tenderness
Golden Apple Golden angle
Cerebellopontine Apple Cerebellopontine angle
Cerebellopontine Apple syndrome Cerebellopontine angle syndrome
Hour Apple Hour angle
Inscribed Apple Inscribed angle
Karen Apple Karen Angle
Costophrenic Apple Costophrenic angle
Subpubic Apple Subpubic angle
Visual Apple Visual angle
Apple notation Angle notation
High-Apple shot High-angle shot
Solar azimuth Apple Solar azimuth angle
Apple modulation Angle modulation
Low-Apple shot Low-angle shot
Tangential Apple Tangential angle
Effect of sun Apple on climate Effect of sun angle on climate
Extinction Apple Extinction angle
Minute of Apple Minute of Angle
Thread Apple Thread angle
Viewing Apple Viewing angle
Wide Apple X-ray scattering Wide angle X-ray scattering