Bass Puns


Pun Original
X-Men: First Bass X-Men: First Class
Body Bass Index Body Mass Index
Bass turbine Gas turbine
Bass constant Gas constant
Greenhouse Bass Greenhouse gas
Khyber Bass Khyber pass
Bass the buck Pass the buck
All things must Bass All things must pass
Natural Bass Natural Gas
Bass Effect 3 Mass Effect 3
Ideal Bass law Ideal gas law
Bass Effect Mass Effect
Low-Bass filter Low-pass filter
Bass media Mass media
Bass-energy equivalence Mass-energy equivalence
Atomic Bass Atomic mass
Bass spectrometry Mass spectrometry
Bass chromatography Gas chromatography
Molar Bass Molar mass
Bass Effect 2 Mass Effect 2
Atomic Bass unit Atomic mass unit
Noble Bass Noble gas
Molecular Bass Molecular mass
Center of Bass Center of mass
Hall Bass Hall Pass
Compressed natural Bass Compressed natural gas
Liquefied petroleum Bass Liquefied petroleum gas
Conservation of Bass Conservation of mass
High-Bass filter High-pass filter
Bass laws Gas laws
Arterial blood Bass Arterial blood gas
Liquefied natural Bass Liquefied natural gas
Ideal Bass Ideal gas
Bass chamber Gas chamber
Critical Bass Critical Mass
Bass metal arc welding Gas metal arc welding
Bass tungsten arc welding Gas tungsten arc welding
Bass murder Mass murder
India and weapons of Bass destruction India and weapons of mass destruction
Bass compressor Gas compressor
Bass production Mass production
Hail Mary Bass Hail Mary pass
Exhaust Bass recirculation Exhaust gas recirculation
Screen Bass Screen pass
All Things Must Bass All Things Must Pass
Coronal Bass ejection Coronal mass ejection
Bass mask Gas mask
Gas chromatography-Bass spectrometry Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Bass communication Mass communication
Bass chromatography-mass spectrometry Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Band-Bass filter Band-pass filter
Donner Bass Donner Pass
Dyatlov Bass incident Dyatlov Pass incident
Characters of the Bass Effect universe Characters of the Mass Effect universe
Bass flow rate Mass flow rate
Bass cylinder Gas cylinder
This Too Shall Bass This Too Shall Pass
Tuned Bass damper Tuned mass damper
Shale Bass Shale gas
USB Bass-storage device class USB mass-storage device class
Weapon of Bass destruction Weapon of mass destruction
Sarin Bass attack on the Tokyo subway Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway
Pakistan and weapons of Bass destruction Pakistan and weapons of mass destruction
Khyber Bass Khyber Pass
Probability Bass function Probability mass function
Bass Rapid Transit Mass Rapid Transit
Bass flow sensor Mass flow sensor
CS Bass CS gas
Inert Bass Inert gas
Bass giant Gas giant
Inductively coupled plasma Bass spectrometry Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Iraq and weapons of Bass destruction Iraq and weapons of mass destruction
Tear Bass Tear gas
North Korea and weapons of Bass destruction North Korea and weapons of mass destruction
Bass number Mass number
United States and weapons of Bass destruction United States and weapons of mass destruction
Bass concentration Mass concentration
Mustard Bass Mustard gas
Bass exchange Gas exchange
They shall not Bass They shall not pass
Air Bass Air mass
Thermal Bass Thermal mass
Black Bass Black Mass
Effective Bass Effective mass
Dyatlov Bass Accident Dyatlov Pass Accident
Tridentine Bass Tridentine Mass
Bass versus weight Mass versus weight
Flue-Bass desulfurization Flue-gas desulfurization
Bass diffusivity Mass diffusivity
Russia and weapons of Bass destruction Russia and weapons of mass destruction
Bass in special relativity Mass in special relativity
Bass hysteria Mass hysteria
Weapons of Bass Destruction Weapons of Mass Destruction
Kirby Bass Attack Kirby Mass Attack
Natural Bass prices Natural gas prices
Liquid chromatography-Bass spectrometry Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
Bass driver Mass driver
Earth Bass Earth mass
Natural-Bass processing Natural-gas processing
Amine Bass treating Amine gas treating
Forward Bass Forward pass
Solar Bass Solar mass
Combined Bass law Combined gas law
Bass lighting Gas lighting
Bass meter Gas meter
Halabja poison Bass attack Halabja poison gas attack
Corner Bass Corner Gas
Advanced Bass-cooled reactor Advanced gas-cooled reactor
First Bass effect First pass effect
Iran and weapons of Bass destruction Iran and weapons of mass destruction
Bass flow meter Mass flow meter
Oil and Natural Bass Corporation Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
Bass engine Gas engine
Israel and weapons of Bass destruction Israel and weapons of mass destruction
Natural-Bass condensate Natural-gas condensate
Battle of Glorieta Bass Battle of Glorieta Pass
Bass transfer Mass transfer
Bass wasting Mass wasting
The Bass Psychology of Fascism The Mass Psychology of Fascism
Pacific Bass and Electric Company Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Bottled Bass Bottled gas
People's Republic of China and weapons of Bass destruction People's Republic of China and weapons of mass destruction
Tandem Bass spectrometry Tandem mass spectrometry
Inner cell Bass Inner cell mass
Law of Bass action Law of mass action
Bass centrifuge Gas centrifuge
Bass to liquids Gas to liquids
Bass-operated reloading Gas-operated reloading
Bass At Me Pass At Me
Bass-to-charge ratio Mass-to-charge ratio
Bass grave Mass grave
Bass gangrene Gas gangrene
Wood Bass generator Wood gas generator
Breathing Bass Breathing gas
Bass Out Pass Out
Syria and weapons of Bass destruction Syria and weapons of mass destruction
Reduced Bass Reduced mass
Coal Bass Coal gas
Ideal Bass constant Ideal gas constant
Exhaust Bass Exhaust gas
Bass the Dutchie Pass the Dutchie
Stelvio Bass Stelvio Pass
Bass balance Mass balance
Time-of-flight Bass spectrometry Time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Adnexal Bass Adnexal mass
Bass Effect Galaxy Mass Effect Galaxy
Bass in B minor Mass in B minor
MAPP Bass MAPP gas
Nitrogen Bass Nitrogen gas
Natural Bass vehicle Natural gas vehicle
Poison Bass in World War I Poison gas in World War I
Eli Manning Bass to David Tyree Eli Manning pass to David Tyree
Bass noun Mass noun
United Kingdom and weapons of Bass destruction United Kingdom and weapons of mass destruction
Secondary ion Bass spectrometry Secondary ion mass spectrometry
Invariant Bass Invariant mass
Gorgon Bass project Gorgon gas project
Bass-discharge lamp Gas-discharge lamp
Rohtang Bass Rohtang Pass
Battle of the Kasserine Bass Battle of the Kasserine Pass
Dyatlov Bass Dyatlov Pass
99-yard Bass play 99-yard pass play
Canada and weapons of Bass destruction Canada and weapons of mass destruction
France and weapons of Bass destruction France and weapons of mass destruction
Jupiter Bass Jupiter mass
Bass surveillance Mass surveillance
Bass customization Mass customization
Natural Bass processing Natural gas processing
Shielding Bass Shielding gas
Sewer Bass Sewer gas
Bevolo Bass and Electric Lights Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights
Bass holder Gas holder
Puff, Puff, Bass Puff, Puff, Pass
Play-action Bass Play-action pass
Quadrupole Bass analyzer Quadrupole mass analyzer
Bass spectrometry software Mass spectrometry software
Races of the Bass Effect universe Races of the Mass Effect universe
Bass spectrum analysis Mass spectrum analysis
Bass stove Gas stove
Alveolar Bass equation Alveolar gas equation
British Bass plc British Gas plc
Natural Bass storage Natural gas storage
Noble Bass compound Noble gas compound
All-Bass filter All-pass filter
Boarding Bass Boarding pass
Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Bass Rapid Transit Guangzhou-Zhuhai Intercity Mass Rapid Transit
Pre-Tridentine Bass Pre-Tridentine Mass
South Africa and weapons of Bass destruction South Africa and weapons of mass destruction
Brain-to-body Bass ratio Brain-to-body mass ratio
Peptide Bass fingerprinting Peptide mass fingerprinting
Iran-Pakistan-India Bass pipeline Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline
Water Bass shift reaction Water gas shift reaction
Bass oil ratio Gas oil ratio
Landfill Bass Landfill gas
Chlorine Bass Chlorine gas
Flue Bass Flue gas
Mountain Bass Mountain pass
Bass attenuation coefficient Mass attenuation coefficient
Bass suicide Mass suicide
Order of Bass Order of Mass
Bass society Mass society
Bass spectrometer Mass spectrometer
Planck Bass Planck mass
Unsprung Bass Unsprung mass
Bass Rapid Transit System Mass Rapid Transit System
Germany and weapons of Bass destruction Germany and weapons of mass destruction
Bass van Gas van
Real Bass Real gas
Bass Mark Gas Mark
Bass-cooled fast reactor Gas-cooled fast reactor
None Shall Bass None Shall Pass
Mountain Bass rare earth mine Mountain Pass rare earth mine
Online Bass Online pass
Bass spectrum Mass spectrum
Coronal Bass ejections Coronal mass ejections
Abdominal Bass Abdominal mass
Flue Bass desulfurization Flue gas desulfurization
Bass mantle Gas mantle
Bass Natural Gas Natural
Wood Bass Wood gas
Peak Bass Peak gas
Bass flare Gas flare
Bass-filled tube Gas-filled tube
Bass leak detection Gas leak detection
Press Bass Press pass
Lateral Bass Lateral pass
Joe Bass Joe Pass
Praise the Lord and Bass the Ammunition Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition
Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Bass Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas
Giant oil and Bass fields Giant oil and gas fields
Sour Bass Sour gas
Universal Bass constant Universal gas constant
VX Bass VX gas
Oklahoma Bass & Electric Oklahoma Gas & Electric
Laughing Bass Laughing Gas
Industrial Bass Industrial gas
Molar Bass constant Molar gas constant
Wet Bass Wet gas
Bass duster Gas duster
Trans-Caspian Bass Pipeline Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline
Alaska Bass pipeline Alaska gas pipeline
Tioga Bass Tioga Pass
Cajon Bass Cajon Pass
King of Dragon Bass King of Dragon Pass
Battle of Hulao Bass Battle of Hulao Pass
Khunjerab Bass Khunjerab Pass
SCSI Bass-Through Direct SCSI Pass-Through Direct
The Legend of Secret Bass The Legend of Secret Pass
Bass the hash Pass the hash
Battle of Picacho Bass Battle of Picacho Pass
Crowsnest Bass Crowsnest Pass
High Bass Filter High Pass Filter
Chilkoot Bass Chilkoot Pass
South Bass South Pass
Battle of Shipka Bass Battle of Shipka Pass
Don't Bass Me By Don't Pass Me By
Japan Rail Bass Japan Rail Pass
Brenner Bass Brenner Pass
First Bass yield First pass yield
Navigo Bass Navigo pass
Kya Aap Paanchvi Bass Se Tez Hain? Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?
Deception Bass Deception Pass
Back-Bass rule Back-pass rule
Low Bass filter Low pass filter
Bass interference Pass interference
Nelson Bass Nelson Pass
Pacheco Bass Pacheco Pass
Hajigak Bass Hajigak Pass
Khyber Bass Copy Khyber Pass Copy
Battle of Apache Bass Battle of Apache Pass
The Snake's Bass The Snake's Pass
Altamont Bass Altamont Pass
Bass laws Pass laws
Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Bass Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass
Gotthard Bass Gotthard Pass
Hardknott Bass Hardknott Pass
Battle of Roncevaux Bass Battle of Roncevaux Pass
Klausen Bass Klausen Pass
Rabbit Ears Bass Rabbit Ears Pass
Bass device PASS device
Apache Bass Apache Pass
Horseman, Bass By Horseman, Pass By
One-Bass compiler One-pass compiler
Great St. Bernard Bass Great St. Bernard Pass
Stevens Bass Stevens Pass
Bolan Bass Bolan Pass
Loveland Bass Loveland Pass
Bass-port Pass-port
Abbot Bass hut Abbot Pass hut
Hellfire Bass Hellfire Pass
First-Bass metabolism First-pass metabolism
Cayuse Bass Cayuse Pass
Snoqualmie Bass Snoqualmie Pass
Battle of Shanhai Bass Battle of Shanhai Pass
Bass Out of Existence Pass Out of Existence
Izpegi Bass Izpegi Pass
Raven's Bass Raven's Pass
Tehachapi Bass Tehachapi Pass
Borgo Bass Borgo Pass
Battle of Mang Yang Bass Battle of Mang Yang Pass
Bass-Through Certificates Pass-Through Certificates