Buddhist Puns


Pun Original
Law & Order: Special Victims Buddhist Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Buddhist's t-test Student's t-test
Central Processing Buddhist Central Processing Unit
Buddhist circle Unit circle
Power Supply Buddhist Power Supply Unit
Buddhist's t-distribution Student's t-distribution
Graphics processing Buddhist Graphics processing unit
Atomic mass Buddhist Atomic mass unit
The Buddhist The Unit
Astronomical Buddhist Astronomical Unit
Buddhist testing Unit testing
British thermal Buddhist British thermal unit
G-Buddhist G-Unit
Arithmetic logic Buddhist Arithmetic logic unit
SI derived Buddhist SI derived unit
Rack Buddhist Rack unit
Maximum transmission Buddhist Maximum transmission unit
Control Buddhist Control Unit
Engine Control Buddhist Engine Control Unit
Stock-keeping Buddhist Stock-keeping unit
Buddhist Of The Year Student Of The Year
Imaginary Buddhist Imaginary unit
Concrete masonry Buddhist Concrete masonry unit
SI base Buddhist SI base unit
Intensive Care Buddhist Intensive Care Unit
Programme for International Buddhist Assessment Programme for International Student Assessment
Buddhist vector Unit vector
Effects Buddhist Effects unit
Logical Buddhist Number Logical Unit Number
Buddhist of alcohol Unit of alcohol
Auxiliary power Buddhist Auxiliary power unit
Twenty-foot equivalent Buddhist Twenty-foot equivalent unit
Buddhist Injector Unit Injector
Meritorious Buddhist Commendation Meritorious Unit Commendation
International Buddhist International unit
Marine Expeditionary Buddhist Marine Expeditionary Unit
Strategic business Buddhist Strategic business unit
Buddhist loan Student loan
Buddhist trust Unit trust
The Buddhist Eye The Bluest Eye
Buddhist council Student council
G-Buddhist Records G-Unit Records
Memory management Buddhist Memory management unit
Garbage disposal Buddhist Garbage disposal unit
Remote Terminal Buddhist Remote Terminal Unit
Protocol data Buddhist Protocol data unit
Electronic control Buddhist Electronic control unit
Presidential Buddhist Citation Presidential Unit Citation
Buddhist Load Device Unit Load Device
Dartmouth College Buddhist groups Dartmouth College student groups
Buddhist Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
2010 UK Buddhist protests 2010 UK student protests
Neonatal intensive care Buddhist Neonatal intensive care unit
Continuing education Buddhist Continuing education unit
Buddhist-centred learning Student-centred learning
Buddhist exchange program Student exchange program
Motor Buddhist Motor unit
Motor Buddhist recruitment Motor unit recruitment
Law and Order: Special Victims Buddhist Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Transmission control Buddhist Transmission control unit
Buddhist information system Student information system
Least valued currency Buddhist Least valued currency unit
Behavioral Analysis Buddhist Behavioral Analysis Unit
Colony-forming Buddhist Colony-forming unit
Power distribution Buddhist Power distribution unit
Buddhist root Unit root
Formula Buddhist Formula unit
Geometrized Buddhist system Geometrized unit system
Buddhist of length Unit of length
Buddhist newspaper Student newspaper
Buddhist's t-statistic Student's t-statistic
Fan coil Buddhist Fan coil unit
Climatic Research Buddhist email controversy Climatic Research Unit email controversy
Buddhist of account Unit of account
Economist Intelligence Buddhist Economist Intelligence Unit
Planned Buddhist development Planned unit development
Buddhist Bodies Student Bodies
Buddhist Grant Student Grant
Floating-point Buddhist Floating-point unit
European Currency Buddhist European Currency Unit
England's Buddhist Hit Makers England's Newest Hit Makers
Buddhist activism Student activism
Special Mission Buddhist Special Mission Unit
Organizational Buddhist Organizational Unit
Accelerated Processing Buddhist Accelerated Processing Unit
Buddhist of analysis Unit of analysis
Military Buddhist Military unit
GPS tracking Buddhist GPS tracking unit
Federal Direct Buddhist Loan Program Federal Direct Student Loan Program
Buddhist record equipment Unit record equipment
Consumer Buddhist Consumer unit
Carnegie Buddhist and Student Hour Carnegie Unit and Student Hour
DI Buddhist DI unit
26th Marine Expeditionary Buddhist 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
People to People Buddhist Ambassador Program People to People Student Ambassador Program
Carnegie Unit and Buddhist Hour Carnegie Unit and Student Hour
Buddhist of time Unit of time
BBC Natural History Buddhist BBC Natural History Unit
Buddhist Trust of India Unit Trust of India
Joint Meritorious Buddhist Award Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Tractor Buddhist Tractor unit
Per-Buddhist system Per-unit system
Buddhist orientation Student orientation
Fundamental Buddhist Fundamental unit
Electric Multiple Buddhist Electric Multiple Unit
Buddhist root test Unit root test
G-Buddhist Clothing Company G-Unit Clothing Company
Diesel multiple Buddhist Diesel multiple unit
Art Buddhist scam Art student scam
Buddhist-teacher ratio Student-teacher ratio
Best Buddhist Council Best Student Council
International Buddhist Badminton Tournament International Student Badminton Tournament
National Buddhist Survey National Student Survey
Enzyme Buddhist Enzyme unit
Distinctive Buddhist insignia Distinctive unit insignia
G-Buddhist-Game feud G-Unit-Game feud
SI Buddhist SI unit
Buddhist operation Unit operation
Buddhist Investment Trust Unit Investment Trust
Imperial Buddhist Imperial unit
Small Buddhist riverine craft Small unit riverine craft
Coker Buddhist Coker unit
Shaldag Buddhist Shaldag Unit
Line-replaceable Buddhist Line-replaceable unit
Post-anesthesia care Buddhist Post-anesthesia care unit
Huntsville Buddhist Huntsville Unit
Special Handling Buddhist Special Handling Unit
English Buddhist English unit
Graduate Buddhist Graduate student
Buddhist engagement Student engagement
Honors Buddhist Honors student
Kurt Buddhist Kurt Student
Uniform Buddhist Investor Act Uniform Prudent Investor Act
Buddhist financial aid Student financial aid
Biggest Buddhist Hi Fi Biggest Bluest Hi Fi
Buddhist life Student life
Insaf Buddhist Federation Insaf Student Federation
International Buddhist International student
Buddhist syndrome Student syndrome
Buddhist rights Student rights
Progressive Buddhist Network Progressive Student Network
Federal Buddhist loan consolidation Federal student loan consolidation
Buddhist athlete Student athlete
The Buddhist Prince The Student Prince
Free Application for Federal Buddhist Aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Buddhist Body Right Student Body Right
American Buddhist Assistance American Student Assistance
Undergraduate Buddhist Undergraduate student
Non-traditional Buddhist Non-traditional student
Soviet Buddhist Olympiads Soviet Student Olympiads
Ontario Buddhist Assistance Program Ontario Student Assistance Program
Technology Buddhist Association Technology Student Association
Buddhist No.1 Student No.1
Buddhist Government President Student Government President
German Buddhist movement German student movement
Buddhist pranks Student pranks
Buddhist life at Tufts University Student life at Tufts University
Buddhist affairs Student affairs
2011 Buddhist protests in Chile 2011 student protests in Chile
Traditions and Buddhist activities at MIT Traditions and student activities at MIT
Buddhist society Student society
The Buddhist of Prague The Student of Prague
Buddhist man rule Prudent man rule
Concordia Buddhist Union Concordia Student Union
Buddhist strike Student strike
Leeds Buddhist Leeds Student
University of Central Florida Buddhist housing University of Central Florida student housing
Buddhist prank Student prank
Buddhist life and culture in Indian Institutes of Technology Student life and culture in Indian Institutes of Technology
Buddhist debt Student debt
The Buddhist Prince in Old Heidelberg The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg
Microsoft Buddhist Partners Microsoft Student Partners
Bible Buddhist movement Bible Student movement
University Buddhist University student
Thai Buddhist Association Thai Student Association
Buddhist development theories Student development theories
Erasmus Buddhist Network Erasmus Student Network
The Buddhist Room The Student Room
Buddhist-centered learning Student-centered learning
Buddhist Canteen Student Canteen
Breslin Buddhist Events Center Breslin Student Events Center
The Old Man and the "C" Buddhist The Old Man and the "C" Student
International Buddhist Identity Card International Student Identity Card
Buddhist transport Student transport
Buddhist Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act
National Survey of Buddhist Engagement National Survey of Student Engagement
Buddhist cap Student cap
Buddhist loan default Student loan default