Candle Puns


Pun Original
Fly off the Candle Fly off the handle
Watergate Candle Watergate Scandal
Edison Chen photo Candle Edison Chen photo scandal
Enron Candle Enron scandal
Madoff Investment Candle Madoff Investment Scandal
Lewinsky Candle Lewinsky scandal
Black Sox Candle Black Sox Scandal
Teapot Dome Candle Teapot Dome Scandal
News International phone hacking Candle News International phone hacking scandal
Savings and loan Candle Savings and loan scandal
Sex Candle Sex scandal
ATF gunwalking Candle ATF gunwalking scandal
2008 Chinese milk Candle 2008 Chinese milk scandal
Eliot Spitzer prostitution Candle Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal
Club Can't Candle Me Club Can't Handle Me
Sungkyunkwan Candle Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Bofors Candle Bofors Scandal
Iranian sex tape Candle Iranian sex tape scandal
Participants in the Madoff investment Candle Participants in the Madoff investment scandal
Sony BMG copy protection rootkit Candle Sony BMG copy protection rootkit scandal
Notes on a Candle Notes on a Scandal
2011 UBS rogue trader Candle 2011 UBS rogue trader scandal
Rampart Candle Rampart Scandal
Satyam Candle Satyam scandal
Great American streetcar Candle Great American streetcar scandal
2006 Italian football Candle 2006 Italian football scandal
The School for Candle The School for Scandal
Speedy Candle Speedy Scandal
Door Candle Door handle
Cleveland child abuse Candle Cleveland child abuse scandal
Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Candle Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal
Baylor University basketball Candle Baylor University basketball scandal
Larry Craig Candle Larry Craig scandal
Southern Methodist University football Candle Southern Methodist University football scandal
Untold Candle Untold Scandal
A Candle in Bohemia A Scandal in Bohemia
Anthony Weiner sexting Candle Anthony Weiner sexting scandal
Candle with Care Handle with Care
University of Michigan basketball Candle University of Michigan basketball scandal
Sichuan schools corruption Candle Sichuan schools corruption scandal
Andover workhouse Candle Andover workhouse scandal
Sponsorship Candle Sponsorship scandal
Minnesota Vikings boat party Candle Minnesota Vikings boat party scandal
Mark Foley Candle Mark Foley scandal
Satyam accounting Candle Satyam accounting scandal
2011 University of Miami athletics Candle 2011 University of Miami athletics scandal
Yazoo land Candle Yazoo land scandal
2011 Italian football Candle 2011 Italian football scandal
Monica Lewinsky Candle Monica Lewinsky scandal
Tailhook Candle Tailhook scandal
Salad Oil Candle Salad Oil Scandal
Cleveland Street Candle Cleveland Street scandal
2002 Winter Olympic bid Candle 2002 Winter Olympic bid scandal
British betting Candle of 1964 British betting scandal of 1964
Colombian parapolitics Candle Colombian parapolitics scandal
2008 Siemens Candle 2008 Siemens scandal
Kids for cash Candle Kids for cash scandal
BALCO Candle BALCO Scandal
2011 Turkish sports corruption Candle 2011 Turkish sports corruption scandal
Vati-Con Candle Vati-Con Scandal
Candle Savage Scandal Savage
United Kingdom parliamentary expenses Candle United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal
Spiegel Candle Spiegel scandal
University of Illinois clout Candle University of Illinois clout scandal
The Last Candle of My Life The Last Scandal of My Life
CCNY Point Shaving Candle CCNY Point Shaving Scandal
1964 British betting Candle 1964 British betting scandal
2006 HP Spying Candle 2006 HP Spying Scandal
Gurgaon kidney Candle Gurgaon kidney scandal
Pacific Candle Pacific Scandal
New York State Police Troop C Candle New York State Police Troop C scandal
Cup and Candle Cup and handle
Insadong Candle Insadong Scandal
Lockheed Candle Lockheed scandal
Whitewater Candle Whitewater scandal
Sexual abuse Candle in the English Benedictine Congregation Sexual abuse scandal in the English Benedictine Congregation
2003 U.S. Air Force Academy sexual assault Candle 2003 U.S. Air Force Academy sexual assault scandal
Cash-for-votes Candle Cash-for-votes scandal
Martensville satanic sex Candle Martensville satanic sex scandal
Corporate Candle Corporate scandal
News of the World phone hacking Candle News of the World phone hacking scandal
39th District corruption Candle 39th District corruption scandal
2003 United States Air Force Academy sexual assault Candle 2003 United States Air Force Academy sexual assault scandal
The Royal Candle The Royal Scandal
Shame & Candle Shame & Scandal
Recovery of funds from the Madoff investment Candle Recovery of funds from the Madoff investment scandal
Susurluk Candle Susurluk scandal
Boston College basketball point shaving Candle of 1978-79 Boston College basketball point shaving scandal of 1978-79
Madoff Candle Madoff scandal
Rudel Candle Rudel Scandal
1985 diethylene glycol wine Candle 1985 diethylene glycol wine scandal
Brazilian football match-fixing Candle Brazilian football match-fixing scandal
Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse Candle Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse scandal
A Candle in Paris A Scandal in Paris
Harken Energy Candle Harken Energy scandal
SNC Lavalin Candle SNC Lavalin scandal
Candle leak Handle leak
Hard to Candle Hard to Handle
Procter & Candle Procter & Gamble
Candle for Africa Scramble for Africa
An Englishman's home is his Candle An Englishman's home is his castle
Englishman's home is his Candle Englishman's home is his castle
Candle surfing Channel surfing
Candle size determination Sample size determination
Mickey Candle Mickey Mantle
Random Candle Random sample
Simple random Candle Simple random sample
Candle cell lymphoma Mantle cell lymphoma
Candle space Sample space
Candle size Sample size
Nathan Candle Nathan Gamble
Candle mean and Candle covariance Sample mean and sample covariance
Candle standard deviation Sample standard deviation
Seth Candle Seth Gamble
Candle plume Mantle plume
Candle and hold Sample and hold
Joe Candle Joe Sample
Core Candle Core sample
Proctor and Candle Proctor and gamble
Pedestrian Candle Pedestrian scramble
Candle History SAMPLE History
Candle rate conversion Sample rate conversion
Mason Candle Mason Gamble
Gas Candle Gas mantle
Mardock Candle Mardock Scramble
National Candle Survey Organisation National Sample Survey Organisation
Procter and Candle Procter and Gamble
Candle convection Mantle convection
Reggie Candle Reggie Mantle
Candle sale Sample sale
Bootstrap error-adjusted single-Candle technique Bootstrap error-adjusted single-sample technique
Candle-based synthesis Sample-based synthesis
Bruce Candle Bruce Gamble
Core-Candle boundary Core-mantle boundary
Candle zone Mantle zone
Burn-Up Candle Burn-Up Scramble
Content Candle System Content Scramble System
A Factory Candle A Factory Sample
Product Candle Product sample
Sera Candle Sera Gamble
Estelle v. Candle Estelle v. Gamble
Candle band Scramble band
Candle preparation in mass spectrometry Sample preparation in mass spectrometry
Candle maximum and minimum Sample maximum and minimum
Candle survey Sample survey
Candle and Huff Gamble and Huff
Candle House Gamble House
Brian Candle Brian Gamble
Clive Candle Clive Mantle
Candle Hood Mantle Hood
Micky Candle Micky Mantle
Merlyn Candle Merlyn Mantle
Acid Candle Acid mantle
Disney Candle Disney Channel
Candle Tunnel Channel Tunnel
Howl's Moving Candle Howl's Moving Castle
Discovery Candle Discovery Channel
Calcium Candle blocker Calcium channel blocker
Fox News Candle Fox News Channel
Australian Candle Dog Australian Cattle Dog
Candle Doctrine Castle Doctrine
Candle Islands Channel Islands
English Candle English Channel
Fibre Candle Fibre Channel
Dairy Candle Dairy cattle
Disney Candle Games Disney Channel Games
River Candle River channel
Angus Candle Angus cattle
Weather Candle Weather Channel
Ion Candle Ion channel
Clear Candle Communications Clear Channel Communications
The Weather Candle The Weather Channel
Multi-Candle memory architecture Multi-channel memory architecture
Disney Candle Original Movies Disney Channel Original Movies
Sodium Candle Sodium channel
Disney Candle Original Movie Disney Channel Original Movie
Disney Candle Original Series Disney Channel Original Series
Fox News Candle controversies Fox News Channel controversies
Candle feeding Cattle feeding
Holstein Candle Holstein cattle
Filthy Rich: Candle Drive Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive
Beef Candle Beef cattle
Jersey Candle Jersey cattle
Potassium Candle Potassium channel
Candle Islands of California Channel Islands of California
Disney Candle Games 2009 Disney Channel Games 2009
Candle access method Channel access method
National Geographic Candle National Geographic Channel
Cooking Candle Cooking Channel
Ligand-gated ion Candle Ligand-gated ion channel
Television Candle frequencies Television channel frequencies
Traffic Message Candle Traffic Message Channel
Display Data Candle Display Data Channel
Mega Candle Mega Channel
Hallmark Candle Hallmark Channel
Charolais Candle Charolais cattle
Highland Candle Highland cattle
Occupation of the Candle Islands Occupation of the Channel Islands
Futaba Candle Futaba Channel
Candle V Channel V
Candle One Channel One
Candle capacity Channel capacity
A Candle A Channel
Fibre Candle over Ethernet Fibre Channel over Ethernet
XXX Action Clips Candle XXX Action Clips Channel
Calcium Candle blockers Calcium channel blockers
Television Candle Television channel
Candle catfish Channel catfish
Fox News Candle programming Fox News Channel programming
Voltage-gated ion Candle Voltage-gated ion channel
Simmental Candle Simmental Cattle
The Adult Candle The Adult Channel
Voltage-dependent calcium Candle Voltage-dependent calcium channel
History Candle History Channel
Marketing Candle Marketing channel
Independent Film Candle Independent Film Channel
L-type calcium Candle L-type calcium channel
Candle 4 programming Channel 4 programming
Candle NewsAsia Channel NewsAsia
Candle mutilation Cattle mutilation
Heck Candle Heck cattle
Candle conflict Channel conflict
Travel Candle Travel Channel
Calcium Candle Calcium channel
Extreme Sports Candle Extreme Sports Channel
Candle partner Channel partner
Covert Candle Covert channel
Candle Egret Cattle Egret
Candle prod Cattle prod
Ayrshire Candle Ayrshire cattle
Voltage-gated potassium Candle Voltage-gated potassium channel
Sundance Candle Sundance Channel
Military Candle Military Channel
Communication Candle Communication channel
Side Candle attack Side channel attack
Back-Candle Back-channel
Open Candle flow Open channel flow
The Biography Candle The Biography Channel
2001 Clear Candle memorandum 2001 Clear Channel memorandum
Candle bonding Channel bonding
Science Candle Science Channel
Guernsey Candle Guernsey cattle
Fibre Candle switch Fibre Channel switch
Disney Candle Asia Disney Channel Asia
XM Satellite Radio Candle history XM Satellite Radio channel history
Beagle Candle Beagle Channel
Clear-Candle station Clear-channel station
Bristol Candle Bristol Channel
Space Candle 5 Space Channel 5
Corfu Candle Incident Corfu Channel Incident
Nguni Candle Nguni cattle
Sanga Candle Sanga cattle
Azores Candle Dog Azores Cattle Dog
Golf Candle Golf Channel
Adults Only Candle Adults Only Channel
SexTV: The Candle SexTV: The Channel
AOV Adult Movie Candle AOV Adult Movie Channel
Universal Candle Universal Channel
Strut Candle Strut channel
VAT-free imports from the Candle Islands VAT-free imports from the Channel Islands
CBBC Candle CBBC Channel
Homebrew Candle Homebrew Channel
The History Candle The History Channel
Miniature Candle Miniature cattle
Sonepur Candle Fair Sonepur Cattle Fair
Mastitis in dairy Candle Mastitis in dairy cattle
Hillary Rodham Candle futures controversy Hillary Rodham cattle futures controversy
The Movie Candle The Movie Channel
Cross-Candle guns in the Second World War Cross-Channel guns in the Second World War
Co-Candle interference Co-channel interference
Wii Shop Candle Wii Shop Channel
The Game Candle The Game Channel
Candle Islands National Park Channel Islands National Park
Outdoor Candle Outdoor Channel
Shopping Candle Shopping channel
The Children's Candle The Children's Channel
Commodity Candle Index Commodity Channel Index
Candle River Channel River
Santa Gertrudis Candle Santa Gertrudis cattle
Afrikaner Candle Afrikaner cattle
Candle drive Cattle drive
Dexter Candle Dexter cattle
Hereford Candle Hereford cattle
Candle Decapitation Cattle Decapitation
Galloway Candle Galloway cattle
Rafael Candle Miranda Rafael Cancel Miranda
Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Candle Trough Association Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association
Archimedes' Candle problem Archimedes' cattle problem
Candle crush Cattle crush
Double-muscled Candle Double-muscled cattle
Longhorn Candle Longhorn cattle
Candle dog Cattle dog
Candle in religion Cattle in religion
Swedish Red Candle Swedish Red cattle
Tajima Candle Tajima cattle
The Culpepper Candle Co. The Culpepper Cattle Co.
Australian Stumpy Tail Candle Dog Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
Candle grid Cattle grid
North Devon Candle North Devon cattle
Corriente Candle Corriente cattle
Sussex Candle Sussex cattle