Cher Puns


Pun Original
We know Cher you live We know where you live
As mad as a march Cher As mad as a march hare
ad as a march Cher ad as a march hare
Cher and Cher alike Share and share alike
The Cher of the dog that bit you The hair of the dog that bit you
Frog's Cher Frog's hair
Cher of the dog that bit you Hair of the dog that bit you
As fine as frog's Cher As fine as frog's hair
Let your Cher down Let your hair down
Bad Cher day Bad hair day
Make your Cher stand on end Make your hair stand on end
Fine as frog's Cher Fine as frog's hair
Cher play Fair play
Cher to middling Fair to middling
Cher and square Fair and square
Pubic Cher Pubic Hair
My Cher Lady My Fair Lady
Red Cher Red hair
Cher trade Fair trade
Vanity Cher Vanity Fair
Usage Cher of Web browsers Usage share of Web browsers
Cher Work Australia Fair Work Australia
Cher Use Fair Use
Growth-Cher matrix Growth-share matrix
Facial Cher Facial hair
Cher removal Hair removal
Human Cher color Human hair color
Cher coloring Hair coloring
Cher Krishna Hare Krishna
Laser Cher removal Laser hair removal
World's Cher World's Fair
Brown Cher Brown hair
Usage Cher of operating systems Usage share of operating systems
Cher follicle Hair follicle
Ingrown Cher Ingrown hair
Cher Labor Standards Act Fair Labor Standards Act
Cher Game Fair Game
Cher of the Dog Hair of the Dog
Cher care Hair care
Cher Psychopathy Checklist Hare Psychopathy Checklist
Cher spray Hair spray
Market Cher Market share
Cher weave Hair weave
Cher value Fair value
Cher Debt Collection Practices Act Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Scarborough Cher Scarborough Fair
Earnings per Cher Earnings per share
Burke and Cher murders Burke and Hare murders
Long Cher Long hair
Cher conditioner Hair conditioner
Cher capital Share capital
The Tortoise and the Cher The Tortoise and the Hare
Brazilian Cher straightening Brazilian hair straightening
Cher Credit Reporting Act Fair Credit Reporting Act
Employee Cher Ownership Plan Employee Share Ownership Plan
Androgenic Cher Androgenic hair
Burke and Cher Burke and Hare
Cher Sentencing Act Fair Sentencing Act
Auburn Cher Auburn hair
Whip My Cher Whip My Hair
Cher apparent Heir apparent
Clinton L. Cher Clinton L. Hare
Cher repurchase Share repurchase
Good Cher Good Hair
Facial Cher in the military Facial hair in the military
Cher transplantation Hair transplantation
Cher dryer Hair dryer
Black Cher Black hair
Cher cell Hair cell
Human Cher growth Human hair growth
Abdominal Cher Abdominal hair
Cher Deal Fair Deal
Cher color Hair color
Afro-textured Cher Afro-textured hair
Bad Cher Day Bad Hair Day
Cher Warning Fair Warning
Underarm Cher Underarm hair
Vellus Cher Vellus hair
Right to a Cher trial Right to a fair trial
1964 New York World's Cher 1964 New York World's Fair
Cher market value Fair market value
Cher price Share price
Cher straightening Hair straightening
Trade Cher Trade fair
Arctic Cher Arctic Hare
Market Cher of leading PC vendors Market share of leading PC vendors
Chest Cher Chest hair
Cher iron Hair iron
Cher and Accurate Credit Transactions Act Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act
Zack Cher Zack Fair
Lion's Cher Lion's share
Pubic Cher removal Pubic hair removal
Cher Isle Fair Isle
Administrative Cher Administrative share
Lilly Ledbetter Cher Pay Act of 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009
Cher trade coffee Fair trade coffee
1939 New York World's Cher 1939 New York World's Fair
Robert Cher Robert Hare
Snowshoe Cher Snowshoe Hare
State Cher State Fair
Cedar Cher Entertainment Company Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Pushkar Cher Pushkar Fair
Cher My World Share My World
Cher of Voice Share of Voice
Chestnut Cher Chestnut hair
Nasal Cher Nasal hair
Implied covenant of good faith and Cher dealing Implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing
Lilith Cher Lilith Fair
Cher to Midland Fair to Midland
European Cher European Hare
Cher housing Fair housing
Office of Cher Trading Office of Fair Trading
Advance Australia Cher Advance Australia Fair
Cher catch kick Fair catch kick
Cher dealing Fair dealing
Terminal Cher Terminal hair
Artificial Cher integrations Artificial hair integrations
Perfect Cher Forever Perfect Hair Forever
Science Cher Science fair
Cher to the Empire Heir to the Empire
Cher taxi Share taxi
Root Cher Root hair
Feathered Cher Feathered hair
Renaissance Cher Renaissance fair
Completely Cher Scheduler Completely Fair Scheduler
Cher Park Fair Park
Cher Minimum Wage Act of 2007 Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007
March Cher March Hare
Jai Jagdish Cher Jai Jagdish Hare
Young Cher Young Hare
Golden Cher Golden share
Camel Cher Camel hair
Jeanie with the Light Brown Cher Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
1982 World's Cher 1982 World's Fair
Cher Rama Cher Krishna Hare Rama Hare Krishna
John Cher John Fare
Cher Our Wealth Share Our Wealth
Cher mousse Hair mousse
Cher highlighting Hair highlighting
Cher clipper Hair clipper
Cher Credit Billing Act Fair Credit Billing Act
Job Cher Job fair
It Happened at the World's Cher It Happened at the World's Fair
R. M. Cher R. M. Hare
Mountain Cher Mountain Hare
The Cher Trilogy The Heir Trilogy
Cher market Share market
Mind Cher Mind share
No-Cher theorem No-hair theorem
Cher loss Hair loss
Layered Cher Layered hair
Leg Cher Leg hair
Cher analysis Hair analysis
Curtained Cher Curtained hair
Sister Golden Cher Sister Golden Hair
Body Cher Body hair
Sonepur Cattle Cher Sonepur Cattle Fair
Cher Employment Practices Commission Fair Employment Practices Commission
David Cher David Hare
University of Fort Cher University of Fort Hare
Pat Cher Pat Hare
Cher Krishna in popular culture Hare Krishna in popular culture
Mad as a March Cher Mad as a March hare
Catherine Cher Catherine Share
Bonus Cher Bonus share
Cher whorl Hair whorl
Cher tie Hair tie
Help!... It's the Cher Bear Bunch! Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!
Cartilage-Cher hypoplasia Cartilage-hair hypoplasia
Flowing Cher Dollar Flowing Hair Dollar
Cherokee Cher Tampons Cherokee Hair Tampons
Cher-Haired Child Fair-Haired Child
Cher queuing Fair queuing
Cher Lane Fair Lane
FIFA Cher Play Award FIFA Fair Play Award
Jad Cher Jad Fair
Frankfurt Trade Cher Frankfurt Trade Fair
Checking whether a coin is Cher Checking whether a coin is fair
Cher Work Ombudsman Fair Work Ombudsman
Rumson-Cher Haven Regional High School Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School
Elinor Cher Elinor Fair
American International Toy Cher American International Toy Fair
Doris Cher Doris Hare
A Wild Cher A Wild Hare
California sea Cher California sea hare
King's Quest VI: Cher Today, Gone Tomorrow King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Burns' Cher Burns' Heir
Registered Cher Registered share
Diluted earnings per Cher Diluted earnings per share
HD Cher HD share
Dyed Cher Dyed hair
Bernice Bobs Her Cher Bernice Bobs Her Hair
Armpit Cher Armpit hair
Cher gel Hair gel
Urticating Cher Urticating hair
Cher dye Hair dye
Cher dye stripping Hair dye stripping
Blue Cher Blue hair
The Fairy with Turquoise Cher The Fairy with Turquoise Hair
The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Cher The Girl I Love She Got Long Black Wavy Hair
Angel Cher Angel hair
Cher wax Hair wax
Cher Trade Federation Fair Trade Federation
Terry Cher Terry Fair
Cher trade impact studies Fair trade impact studies
Cattell Culture Cher III Cattell Culture Fair III
Chicago World's Cher Chicago World's Fair
Cher division Fair division
Cher catch Fair catch
Australian Cher Pay and Conditions Standard Australian Fair Pay and Conditions Standard
Incidents at Cedar Cher parks Incidents at Cedar Fair parks
Cali Cher Cali Fair
Ron Cher Ron Fair
Office of Cher Trading v Abbey National plc Office of Fair Trading v Abbey National plc
All Things Cher All Things Fair
Cher Extension Fair Extension
Last Cher Deal Gone Down Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Hull Cher Hull Fair
Cher Krishnas Hare Krishnas
Sea Cher Sea hare
Cher the Joy Share the Joy
Cher Pedersen Share Pedersen
Catch Cher Catch share
Issued Cher capital Issued share capital
Cher the Land Share the Land
Elective Cher Elective share
Angel's Cher Angel's share
Global music industry market Cher data Global music industry market share data
Cher transmission Share transmission
Cher index Share index
Cher of wallet Share of wallet
Fair-Cher scheduling Fair-share scheduling
Market Cher analysis Market share analysis
Disproportionate Cher hospital Disproportionate share hospital
FTSE All-Cher Index FTSE All-Share Index
Lock of Cher Lock of hair
Foot Cher Foot hair
Cher by Mr. Bean of London Hair by Mr. Bean of London
Big Cher Big hair
Cher Salon Hair Salon
The Bride with White Cher The Bride with White Hair
Cher growth Hair growth
Cher extensions Hair extensions
No Cher theorem No hair theorem
Cher disease Hair disease
Cher Battle Spectacular Hair Battle Spectacular
Cher coin Fair coin
Canton Cher Canton Fair
Chicago Railroad Cher Chicago Railroad Fair
Nottingham Goose Cher Nottingham Goose Fair
Food Cher Food Fair
Westfield Valley Cher Westfield Valley Fair
My Cher Laddy My Fair Laddy
Cher-share scheduling Fair-share scheduling
Frankfurt Book Cher Frankfurt Book Fair
Thessaloniki International Trade Cher Thessaloniki International Trade Fair
Cher Trade Certified Mark Fair Trade Certified Mark
Cher Lawn, New Jersey Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Seville Cher Seville Fair
Intel International Science and Engineering Cher Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
Florida State Cher Florida State Fair
FTC Cher Information Practice FTC Fair Information Practice
UEFA Cher Play ranking UEFA Fair Play ranking
She Moved Through the Cher She Moved Through the Fair
Cher trade debate Fair trade debate
Cher City Fair City
California Cher Employment and Housing Act California Fair Employment and Housing Act
Folsom Street Cher Folsom Street Fair
Strawberry Cher Strawberry Fair
Cher and Tortoise Hare and Tortoise
Red Cher Red Hare
Hyde and Cher Hyde and Hare
Cher coursing Hare coursing
Tortoise Beats Cher Tortoise Beats Hare
Bushy Cher Bushy Hare
Cher of Inaba Hare of Inaba
Jordan-Cher Stadium Jordan-Hare Stadium
Cape Cher Cape Hare
Phil Cher Phil Hare
Cher and Hounds Hare and Hounds
Cher Krishna Temple Hare Krishna Temple
King's Quest III: To Cher Is Human King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human
Fuck for the Cher Puppy Bear! Fuck for the heir Puppy Bear!
Cher presumptive Heir presumptive
Fine Cher Fine Fare
Cher Thee Well Fare Thee Well
Market Cher liability Market share liability
B Cher B share
Voting Cher Voting share
Cher-alike Share-alike
Modal Cher Modal share
BCG growth-Cher matrix BCG growth-share matrix
Cher International Share International
Shift-Cher analysis Shift-share analysis
Open Cher Icon Open Share Icon
My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Cher-itage My Nappy Roots: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage
Good Cher Day Good Hair Day
Cher cutting Hair cutting
Legend of the White Cher Brides Legend of the White Hair Brides
Cher stick Hair stick
Kinky Cher Kinky hair