Christian Puns


Pun Original
Solar Christian Solar System
Operating Christian Operating system
Photovoltaic Christian Photovoltaic system
Circulatory Christian Circulatory System
Binary numeral Christian Binary numeral system
Domain Name Christian Domain Name System
Global Positioning Christian Global Positioning System
Nervous Christian Nervous system
Respiratory Christian Respiratory system
Mobile operating Christian Mobile operating system
Christian of a Down System of a Down
Federal Reserve Christian Federal Reserve System
Endocrine Christian Endocrine system
Management Information Christian Management Information System
Christian tooth Wisdom tooth
Caste Christian in India Caste system in India
Content Management Christian Content Management System
Autonomic nervous Christian Autonomic nervous system
Immune Christian Immune system
Geographic information Christian Geographic information system
Database management Christian Database management system
Geographic coordinate Christian Geographic coordinate system
International Christian of Units International System of Units
Cartesian coordinate Christian Cartesian coordinate system
Parasympathetic nervous Christian Parasympathetic nervous system
Pulp Christian Pulp Fiction
Sympathetic nervous Christian Sympathetic nervous system
Central nervous Christian Central nervous system
Metric Christian Metric system
Peripheral nervous Christian Peripheral nervous system
Nintendo Entertainment Christian Nintendo Entertainment System
Xbox 360 Christian Software Xbox 360 System Software
Reproductive Christian Reproductive system
Muscular Christian Muscular system
Embedded Christian Embedded system
Limbic Christian Limbic System
Stranger than Christian Stranger than fiction
Truth is stranger than Christian Truth is stranger than fiction
As pure as the Christian snow As pure as the driven snow
Pure as the Christian snow Pure as the driven snow
Christian should be seen and not heard Children should be seen and not heard
Women and Christian first Women and children first
English football league Christian English football league system
Bretton Woods Christian Bretton Woods system
Female reproductive Christian Female reproductive system
Motion Picture Association of America film rating Christian Motion Picture Association of America film rating system
File Christian File system
Lymphoid Christian Lymphoid system
Polar coordinate Christian Polar coordinate system
X Window Christian X Window System
Renin-angiotensin Christian Renin-angiotensin system
Decision Support Christian Decision Support System
Emergency Alert Christian Emergency Alert System
Real-time operating Christian Real-time operating system
Christian administrator System administrator
Anti-lock braking Christian Anti-lock braking system
Motion picture rating Christian Motion picture rating system
Spherical coordinate Christian Spherical coordinate system
Universal Mobile Telecommunications Christian Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
Spoils Christian Spoils system
ABO blood group Christian ABO blood group system
Rh blood group Christian Rh blood group system
Double-entry bookkeeping Christian Double-entry bookkeeping system
Complement Christian Complement system
Interstate Highway Christian Interstate Highway System
Expert Christian Expert system
Parliamentary Christian Parliamentary system
Christian of linear equations System of linear equations
Integumentary Christian Integumentary system
Sex-determination Christian Sex-determination system
American Christian American System
Learning Management Christian Learning Management System
Christian software System software
Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate Christian Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system
Distributed File Christian Distributed File System
Economic Christian Economic system
Instrument Landing Christian Instrument Landing System
Health care Christian Health care system
M24 Sniper Weapon Christian M24 Sniper Weapon System
Human resource management Christian Human resource management system
Cylindrical coordinate Christian Cylindrical coordinate system
Christian Center Configuration Manager System Center Configuration Manager
Excretory Christian Excretory system
Seigneurial Christian of New France Seigneurial system of New France
Super Nintendo Entertainment Christian Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Document management Christian Document management system
Coordinate Christian Coordinate system
Formation and evolution of the Solar Christian Formation and evolution of the Solar System
Relational database management Christian Relational database management system
Two-party Christian Two-party system
Elo rating Christian Elo rating system
Selective Service Christian Selective Service System
Web content management Christian Web content management system
XY sex-determination Christian XY sex-determination system
Network File Christian Network File System
Numeral Christian Numeral system
Urinary Christian Urinary system
Innate immune Christian Innate immune system
PlayStation 3 Christian software PlayStation 3 system software
Plurality voting Christian Plurality voting system
Vestibular Christian Vestibular system
Somatic nervous Christian Somatic nervous system
Bulletin Board Christian Bulletin Board System
InterTel Axxess Phone Christian InterTel Axxess Phone System
Adaptive immune Christian Adaptive immune system
Somatosensory Christian Somatosensory system
Male reproductive Christian Male reproductive system
Toyota Production Christian Toyota Production System
Christian's Day Children's Day
Seven Pillars of Christian Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Book of Christian Book of Wisdom
The Christian of Crowds The Wisdom of Crowds
House of Christian House of Wisdom
Christian teeth Wisdom teeth
Norman Christian Norman Wisdom
Word of Christian Word of Wisdom
Conventional Christian Conventional wisdom
Wicked Christian Wicked Wisdom
Christian literature Wisdom literature
Tom Christian Tom Wisdom
Robert Christian Robert Wisdom
Christian in Buddhism Wisdom in Buddhism
The Land Before Time XIII: The Christian of Friends The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends
The Two Pearls of Christian The Two Pearls of Wisdom
The Christian of Crocodiles The Wisdom of Crocodiles
Christian Tree Wisdom Tree
John Minor Christian John Minor Wisdom
John Minor Christian U.S. Courthouse John Minor Wisdom U.S. Courthouse
John Christian John Wisdom
Pete Christian Pete Wisdom
Salmon of Christian Salmon of Wisdom
Seat of Christian Seat of Wisdom
Shining Christian Shining Wisdom
Christian of the crowd Wisdom of the crowd
Christian of the Corn Children of the Corn
Gothic Christian Gothic fiction
Science Christian Science fiction
Married... with Christian Married... with Children
The Lost Christian The Lost Children
Christian of Bodom Children of Bodom
Test-Christian development Test-driven development
Christian of Men Children of Men
Historical Christian Historical Fiction
Christian in Need Children in Need
Military use of Christian Military use of children
Indigo Christian Indigo Children
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Christian Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children
Non-Christian Non-fiction
Stranger Than Christian Stranger Than Fiction
Horror Christian Horror fiction
Christian's rights Children's rights
Young-adult Christian Young-adult fiction
Science Christian film Science fiction film
Christian's literature Children's literature
2point4 Christian 2point4 Children
Day of Seven Christian Day of Seven Billion
Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic Christian Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
Detective Christian Detective fiction
Utopian and dystopian Christian Utopian and dystopian fiction
All My Christian All My Children
Beware! Christian at Play Beware! Children at Play
Final Fantasy VII Advent Christian Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Aircraft in Christian Aircraft in fiction
Fan Christian Fan fiction
Christian's Crusade Children's Crusade
Christian's Day in India Children's Day in India
Midnight's Christian Midnight's Children
Event-Christian programming Event-driven programming
Tim and Eric's Christian Dollar Movie Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Genre Christian Genre fiction
Behavior Christian Development Behavior Driven Development
Christian's Internet Protection Act Children's Internet Protection Act
Crime Christian Crime fiction
Women and Christian First Women and Children First
The Day of Six Christian The Day of Six Billion
Domain-Christian design Domain-driven design
Slash Christian Slash fiction
Home Christian Home Children
Little Christian Little Children
The Boxcar Christian The Boxcar Children
The Christian The Children
The Railway Christian The Railway Children
Pulitzer Prize for Christian Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
Attachment in Christian Attachment in children
Sadism and masochism in Christian Sadism and masochism in fiction
Goebbels Christian Goebbels children
Christian Dollar Babies Billion Dollar Babies
Science Christian on television Science fiction on television
Christian of God Children of God
Christian Act 2004 Children Act 2004
National Association for the Education of Young Christian National Association for the Education of Young Children
The Christian's Hour The Children's Hour
Invisible Christian Invisible Children
Mother Courage and Her Christian Mother Courage and Her Children
Christian of the Damned Children of the Damned
Prostitution of Christian Prostitution of children
State Christian's Health Insurance Program State Children's Health Insurance Program
Christian's television series Children's television series
The City of Lost Christian The City of Lost Children
Consumer-Christian health care Consumer-driven health care
Far Beyond Christian Far Beyond Driven
Christian Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below
Save the Christian Save the Children
St. Jude Christian's Research Hospital St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
X-Men: Christian of the Atom X-Men: Children of the Atom
Model-Christian architecture Model-driven architecture
Christian of a Lesser God Children of a Lesser God
December's Christian December's Children
Fastest propeller-Christian aircraft Fastest propeller-driven aircraft
Aid to Families with Dependent Christian Aid to Families with Dependent Children
Day of 7 Christian Day of 7 Billion
The Purpose Christian Life The Purpose Driven Life
Christian Act 1989 Children Act 1989
Christian of Eden Children of Eden
Right of Christian to Free and Compulsory Education Act Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act
Christian in cocoa production Children in cocoa production
Lincoln Christian's Zoo Lincoln Children's Zoo
As Cruel as School Christian As Cruel as School Children
Christian of the Corn IV: The Gathering Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering
Earth's Christian Earth's Children
Music Has the Right to Christian Music Has the Right to Children
Event-Christian process chain Event-driven process chain
Beautiful Stories for Ugly Christian Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children
Christian of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return
Christian's Online Privacy Protection Act Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
Green Christian of Woolpit Green children of Woolpit
The Christian of Men The Children of Men
Christian of the Living Dead Children of the Living Dead
Not Married With Christian XXX Not Married With Children XXX
Smells Like Christian Smells Like Children
Keyword-Christian testing Keyword-driven testing
Christian's music Children's music
Mr. Christian Mr. Children
Professional Christian's School Professional Children's School
Event-Christian architecture Event-driven architecture
Bipolar disorder in Christian Bipolar disorder in children
Christian of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
Christian of the Corn V: Fields of Terror Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror
Christian of the Gods Children of the Gods
Christian's Global Assessment Scale Children's Global Assessment Scale
Education for All Handicapped Christian Act Education for All Handicapped Children Act
Five Christian and It Five Children and It
Methuselah's Christian Methuselah's Children
Data-Christian programming Data-driven programming
Christian by You Driven by You
Model-Christian engineering Model-driven engineering
Beaumont Christian disappearance Beaumont children disappearance
Christian of the Corn III: Urban Harvest Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest
Christian of the Corn: Revelation Children of the Corn: Revelation
Effects of domestic violence on Christian Effects of domestic violence on children
If You Tolerate This Your Christian Will Be Next If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
Married With Christian Married With Children
The Headless Christian The Headless Children
Torchwood: Christian of Earth Torchwood: Children of Earth
United Nations Christian's Fund United Nations Children's Fund
Futurama: The Beast with a Christian Backs Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs
Wheel-Christian land speed record Wheel-driven land speed record
Christian of the Mind Children of the Mind
Christian of Time Children of Time
Christian's and Household Tales Children's and Household Tales
Christian's rights movement Children's rights movement
Frank Herbert's Christian of Dune Frank Herbert's Children of Dune
Free the Christian Free the Children
Sex Gang Christian Sex Gang Children
Shriners Hospitals for Christian Shriners Hospitals for Children
Street Christian Street children
Teach Your Christian Teach Your Children
The Rainbow Christian The Rainbow Children
Belt-Christian bicycle Belt-driven bicycle
Feature-Christian development Feature-driven development
Shaft-Christian bicycle Shaft-driven bicycle
SOS Christian's Villages SOS Children's Villages
The Christian's Crusade The Children's Crusade
War Christian War children
Wise Christian Wise Children
Christian laughs Billion laughs
Pepsi Christian Dollar Sweepstakes Pepsi Billion Dollar Sweepstakes
Data-Christian testing Data-driven testing
Christian Dollar Brain Billion Dollar Brain
The Day of Five Christian The Day of Five Billion
Time-Christian programming Time-driven programming
Value Christian maintenance Value driven maintenance
The Bottom Christian The Bottom Billion
The Nine Christian Names of God The Nine Billion Names of God
Feature Christian Development Feature Driven Development
Liability-Christian investment strategy Liability-driven investment strategy
Test Christian development Test driven development
Test-Christian Development by Example Test-Driven Development by Example
7 Christian 7 Billion
7 Christian Actions 7 Billion Actions
Mr. Christian Mr. Billion
Design-Christian development Design-driven development
Christian to Distraction Driven to Distraction
Christian to Kill Driven to Kill
Event-Christian SOA Event-driven SOA
Process Christian Development Process Driven Development
Purpose Christian Purpose Driven
The Christian Man The Driven Man
Christian Dollar Baby Billion Dollar Baby
Hundred Thousand Christian Poems Hundred Thousand Billion Poems
The Christian Dollar Bubble The Billion Dollar Bubble