Constitution Puns


Pun Original
Normal Constitution Normal distribution
3GPP Long Term Constitution 3GPP Long Term Evolution
Poisson Constitution Poisson distribution
Human Constitution Human evolution
Binomial Constitution Binomial distribution
Exponential Constitution Exponential distribution
Mitsubishi Lancer Constitution Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Student's t-Constitution Student's t-distribution
Pro Constitution Soccer 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Chi-squared Constitution Chi-squared distribution
Probability Constitution Probability distribution
Uniform Constitution Uniform distribution
Gamma Constitution Gamma distribution
Cumulative Constitution function Cumulative distribution function
Multivariate normal Constitution Multivariate normal distribution
Constitution of wealth Distribution of wealth
Hitman: Constitution Hitman: Absolution
Male Constitution Male prostitution
Constitution Margin Contribution Margin
Log-normal Constitution Log-normal distribution
Weibull Constitution Weibull distribution
Linux Constitution Linux distribution
Beta Constitution Beta distribution
Pro Constitution Soccer Pro Evolution Soccer
Formation and Constitution of the Solar System Formation and evolution of the Solar System
Red blood cell Constitution width Red blood cell distribution width
Pro Constitution Soccer 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
Sampling Constitution Sampling distribution
Cauchy Constitution Cauchy distribution
Pareto Constitution Pareto distribution
Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Constitution Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
Smithsonian Constitution Smithsonian Institution
Geometric Constitution Geometric distribution
Electric power Constitution Electric power distribution
Wireless Constitution System Wireless Distribution System
Underworld: Constitution Underworld: Evolution
Dragonball Constitution Dragonball Evolution
Constitution cipher Substitution cipher
Financial Constitution Financial institution
Frequency Constitution Frequency distribution
Bernoulli Constitution Bernoulli distribution
Constitution of the Soviet Union Dissolution of the Soviet Union
Joint probability Constitution Joint probability distribution
Import Constitution industrialization Import substitution industrialization
Stellar Constitution Stellar evolution
Convergent Constitution Convergent evolution
Negative binomial Constitution Negative binomial distribution
Integration by Constitution Integration by substitution
Constitution-Data Optimized Evolution-Data Optimized
Online Constitution Online distribution
F-Constitution F-distribution
Sociocultural Constitution Sociocultural evolution
Hypergeometric Constitution Hypergeometric distribution
Maxwell-Boltzmann Constitution Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution
Creation-Constitution controversy Creation-evolution controversy
Heavy-tailed Constitution Heavy-tailed distribution
Erlang Constitution Erlang distribution
Berkeley Software Constitution Berkeley Software Distribution
Spoke-hub Constitution paradigm Spoke-hub distribution paradigm
Constitution board Distribution board
Brookings Constitution Brookings Institution
Nucleophilic Constitution Nucleophilic substitution
Long Term Constitution Long Term Evolution
X-Men: Constitution X-Men: Evolution
Marginal Constitution Marginal distribution
Lightweight Linux Constitution Lightweight Linux distribution
Sacred Constitution Sacred prostitution
Constitution of the horse Evolution of the horse
Constitution as theory and fact Evolution as theory and fact
Defined Constitution plan Defined contribution plan
Boltzmann Constitution Boltzmann distribution
Marginal rate of Constitution Marginal rate of substitution
Eliot Spitzer Constitution scandal Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal
Bimodal Constitution Bimodal distribution
Multinomial Constitution Multinomial distribution
Nucleophilic aromatic Constitution Nucleophilic aromatic substitution
Electrophilic aromatic Constitution Electrophilic aromatic substitution
Pro Constitution Soccer 2010 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
Constitution theorem Convolution theorem
Dirichlet Constitution Dirichlet distribution
Marginal rate of technical Constitution Marginal rate of technical substitution
Sexual selection in human Constitution Sexual selection in human evolution
Constitution of sexual reproduction Evolution of sexual reproduction
Inverse-gamma Constitution Inverse-gamma distribution
Constitution of children Prostitution of children
Raffles Constitution Raffles Institution
Triangular Constitution Triangular distribution
Species Constitution Species distribution
Coefficient of Constitution Coefficient of restitution
Level of support for Constitution Level of support for evolution
Rayleigh Constitution Rayleigh distribution
Peppered moth Constitution Peppered moth evolution
Objections to Constitution Objections to evolution
Introduction to Constitution Introduction to evolution
Constitution of Electrical Engineers Institution of Electrical Engineers
Income Constitution Income distribution
Power Constitution unit Power distribution unit
Liskov Constitution principle Liskov substitution principle
Synonymous Constitution Synonymous substitution
Constitution of the Monasteries Dissolution of the Monasteries
The Blind Side: Constitution of a Game The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game
Log-logistic Constitution Log-logistic distribution
Chi Constitution Chi distribution
Trigonometric Constitution Trigonometric substitution
Arene Constitution patterns Arene substitution patterns
Elasticity of Constitution Elasticity of substitution
Constitution of the eye Evolution of the eye
Laplace Constitution Laplace distribution
Logistic Constitution Logistic distribution
Discrete probability Constitution Discrete probability distribution
Alive: The Final Constitution Alive: The Final Evolution
Beer Constitution game Beer distribution game
Complementary Constitution Complementary distribution
Electronic brakeforce Constitution Electronic brakeforce distribution
Constitution in the United Kingdom Devolution in the United Kingdom
Constitution of Czechoslovakia Dissolution of Czechoslovakia
Constitution of human intelligence Evolution of human intelligence
Tron: Constitution Tron: Evolution
Constitution center Distribution center
Cosmopolitan Constitution Cosmopolitan distribution
Constitution of cetaceans Evolution of cetaceans
Editing of anime in American Constitution Editing of anime in American distribution
Residence time Constitution Residence time distribution
Electricity Constitution Electricity distribution
Noncentral chi-squared Constitution Noncentral chi-squared distribution
Chi-square Constitution Chi-square distribution
Particle-size Constitution Particle-size distribution
Constant elasticity of Constitution Constant elasticity of substitution
Theistic Constitution Theistic evolution
Gaussian Constitution Gaussian distribution
Categorical Constitution Categorical distribution
Interpersonal communication relationship Constitution Interpersonal communication relationship dissolution
Polish Constitution to World War II Polish contribution to World War II
Orange Constitution Orange Institution
Forced Constitution Forced prostitution
The Constitution of Robin Thicke The Evolution of Robin Thicke
Linkage Constitution Linkage institution
Columbia Correctional Constitution Columbia Correctional Institution
Non-bank financial Constitution Non-bank financial institution
Total Constitution Total institution
Constitution of the Ottoman Empire Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire
Constitution of parliament Dissolution of parliament
System Architecture Constitution System Architecture Evolution
Pro Constitution Soccer 2009 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Gene-centered view of Constitution Gene-centered view of evolution
Digimon Story: Lost Constitution Digimon Story: Lost Evolution
Galaxy formation and Constitution Galaxy formation and evolution
Islamic views on Constitution Islamic views on evolution
Constitution of the British Empire Evolution of the British Empire
1860 Oxford Constitution debate 1860 Oxford evolution debate
Divergent Constitution Divergent evolution
E. coli long-term Constitution experiment E. coli long-term evolution experiment
Unilineal Constitution Unilineal evolution
Somatic Constitution in cancer Somatic evolution in cancer
Constitution margin-based pricing Contribution margin-based pricing
Community development financial Constitution Community development financial institution
California Constitution for Women California Institution for Women
Hoover Constitution Hoover Institution
Franklin child Constitution ring allegations Franklin child prostitution ring allegations
Child Constitution Child prostitution
Constitution reaction Substitution reaction
Constitution Championship Series Evolution Championship Series
Harley-Davidson Constitution engine Harley-Davidson Evolution engine
Creation and Constitution in public education Creation and evolution in public education
Hindu views on Constitution Hindu views on evolution
Pro Constitution Soccer 6 Pro Evolution Soccer 6
The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Constitution The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution
Constitution of mammals Evolution of mammals
Constitution of dinosaurs Evolution of dinosaurs
Circular Constitution Circular convolution
Constitution of Civil Engineers Institution of Civil Engineers
British Standards Constitution British Standards Institution
Educational Constitution Educational institution
Constitution of Engineering and Technology Institution of Engineering and Technology
Parallel Constitution Parallel evolution
Neutral theory of molecular Constitution Neutral theory of molecular evolution
Lancer Constitution Lancer Evolution
Constitution of ageing Evolution of ageing
Pro Constitution Soccer 2008 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Constitution Basic Color Terms: Their Universality and Evolution
Massachusetts Correctional Constitution - Cedar Junction Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Cedar Junction
Royal Constitution of Chartered Surveyors Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Millhaven Constitution Millhaven Institution
Scottish Constitution referendum, 1997 Scottish devolution referendum, 1997
Constitution matrix Substitution matrix
Constitution of plants Evolution of plants
Constitution strategy Evolution strategy
Spiritual Constitution Spiritual evolution
Turok: Constitution Turok: Evolution
Systematic Constitution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment
Jumpgate Constitution Jumpgate Evolution
Digital Monster X-Constitution Digital Monster X-Evolution
GE Constitution Series GE Evolution Series
California Constitution for Men California Institution for Men
Lowell Correctional Constitution Lowell Correctional Institution
Words of Constitution Words of Institution
Hispanic-serving Constitution Hispanic-serving institution
Federal Correctional Constitution Federal Correctional Institution
Welsh Constitution referendum, 1979 Welsh devolution referendum, 1979
Street Constitution Street prostitution
Feminist views on Constitution Feminist views on prostitution
Electrophilic Constitution Electrophilic substitution
Elasticity of intertemporal Constitution Elasticity of intertemporal substitution
Constitution-X Evolution-X
Theory of Constitution Theory of evolution
Novell Constitution Novell Evolution
Mass Effect: Constitution Mass Effect: Evolution
Do the Constitution Do the Evolution
Models of DNA Constitution Models of DNA evolution
The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Constitution The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution
Molecular Constitution Molecular evolution
Constitution of cooperation Evolution of cooperation
Lehman's laws of software Constitution Lehman's laws of software evolution
Strengths and weaknesses of Constitution Strengths and weaknesses of evolution
Cultural Constitution Cultural evolution
Constitution by natural selection Evolution by natural selection
Public Constitution Public institution
Royal National Lifeboat Constitution Royal National Lifeboat Institution
Indian Constitution of Industrial Engineering Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering
Scripps Constitution of Oceanography Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Constitution of Structural Engineers Institution of Structural Engineers
Mental Constitution Mental institution
Smithsonian Constitution Building Smithsonian Institution Building
Chillicothe Correctional Constitution Chillicothe Correctional Institution
Thymic Constitution Thymic involution
War of Constitution War of Devolution
Welsh Constitution referendum, 1997 Welsh devolution referendum, 1997
Hitman Constitution Hitman Absolution
Silvio Berlusconi underage Constitution charges Silvio Berlusconi underage prostitution charges
Female Constitution Female prostitution
Religious Constitution Religious prostitution
Capital structure Constitution theory Capital structure substitution theory
Import Constitution Import substitution
Radical Constitution Radical substitution
Constitution failure is not an error Substitution failure is not an error
Nucleophilic acyl Constitution Nucleophilic acyl substitution
Constitution of the Parliament of the United Kingdom Dissolution of the Parliament of the United Kingdom
Goldich Constitution series Goldich dissolution series
Corvette Constitution GT Corvette Evolution GT
Differential Constitution Differential evolution
Industrial Constitution Industrial Evolution
Future Constitution Future Evolution
Technological Constitution Technological evolution
Constitution of the French Empire Evolution of the French Empire
Constitution of color vision in primates Evolution of color vision in primates
Applications of Constitution Applications of evolution
Eulogy for Constitution Eulogy for Evolution
Ciara: The Constitution Ciara: The Evolution
Constitution Festival, UK Evolution Festival, UK
Adaptive Constitution Adaptive evolution
Constitution of sirenians Evolution of sirenians
Pro Constitution Soccer 2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2
Aquarian Age: Sign for Constitution Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution
Software Constitution Software evolution
Pro Constitution Soccer 2011 3D Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
Co-Constitution Co-evolution
The Constitution of Chaos The Evolution of Chaos
Constitution reverb Convolution reverb
California Correctional Constitution California Correctional Institution
Union Correctional Constitution Union Correctional Institution
Ferndale Constitution Ferndale Institution
Royal Belfast Academical Constitution Royal Belfast Academical Institution
Peculiar Constitution Peculiar institution
Kent Constitution Kent Institution
Scottish Constitution referendum, 1979 Scottish devolution referendum, 1979
Welsh Constitution referendum, 2011 Welsh devolution referendum, 2011
Constitution of the dead Absolution of the dead
Community Constitution Community restitution
Edict of Constitution Edict of Restitution
Bad check Constitution program Bad check restitution program
Constitution in value Diminution in value
Simultaneous Constitution Simultaneous substitution
Constitution model Substitution model
Tritone Constitution Tritone substitution
Penal Constitution Penal substitution
Constitution effect Substitution effect
Nonsynonymous Constitution Nonsynonymous substitution
Constitution-permutation network Substitution-permutation network
Attribute Constitution Attribute substitution
Sensory Constitution Sensory substitution
Constitution testing Dissolution testing
Double Constitution Double dissolution
Constitution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905 Dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905
Constitution of the Netherlands Antilles Dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles
Constitution claim Contribution claim
Expected Family Constitution Expected Family Contribution
To each according to his Constitution To each according to his contribution
Defined Constitution Pension Plan Defined Contribution Pension Plan
Charitable Constitution Charitable contribution
Hwa Chong Constitution Hwa Chong Institution
Mission Constitution Mission Institution
Constitution of Engineers of Ireland Institution of Engineers of Ireland
State Correctional Constitution - Graterford State Correctional Institution - Graterford
Constitution of Occupational Safety and Health Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
State Correctional Constitution - Rockview State Correctional Institution - Rockview
Ross Correctional Constitution Ross Correctional Institution
Young Offenders Constitution Young Offenders Institution
Depository Constitution Depository institution
Stony Mountain Constitution Stony Mountain Institution
Chautauqua Constitution Chautauqua Institution
Social Constitution Social institution