Cousin Puns


Pun Original
Baker's Cousin Baker's dozen
Bun in the Cousin Bun in the oven
The Dirty Cousin The Dirty Dozen
Cheaper by the Cousin Cheaper by the Dozen
Cheaper by the Cousin 2 Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Dirty Cousin Brass Band Dirty Dozen Brass Band
One Cousin Berrys One Dozen Berrys
Deadly Cousin Deadly Dozen
Dirty Cousin Dirty dozen
Baker's Cousin Donuts Baker's Dozen Donuts
Microwave Cousin Microwave oven
Cousin Like You Someone Like You
In Cousin's bad books In someone's bad books
Cousin is walking over my grave Someone is walking over my grave
Beat the living daylights out of Cousin Beat the living daylights out of someone
On the Cousin On the button
Dutch Cousin Dutch Oven
Exponential Cousin Exponential function
Convection Cousin Convection oven
Bipolar Cousin transistor Bipolar junction transistor
Hyperbolic Cousin Hyperbolic function
Easy-Bake Cousin Easy-Bake Oven
Masonry Cousin Masonry oven
Self-cleaning Cousin Self-cleaning oven
Liver Cousin tests Liver function tests
Russian Cousin Russian oven
Earth Cousin Earth oven
Reflow Cousin Reflow oven
Fresh Out the Cousin Fresh Out the Oven
Hot air Cousin Hot air oven
Renal Cousin Renal function
Jenson Cousin Jenson Button
Hash Cousin Hash function
Probability density Cousin Probability density function
Cumulative distribution Cousin Cumulative distribution function
Cousin To Watch Over Me Someone To Watch Over Me
The Curious Case of Benjamin Cousin The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Gamma Cousin Gamma function
Lateralization of brain Cousin Lateralization of brain function
Logistic Cousin Logistic function
Gaussian Cousin Gaussian function
Cousin unexpected death syndrome Sudden unexpected death syndrome
Error Cousin Error function
Bessel Cousin Bessel function
Dirac delta Cousin Dirac delta function
Petticoat Cousin Petticoat Junction
Cousin Infant Death Syndrome Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
P-n Cousin P-n junction
Continuous Cousin Continuous function
Inverse Cousin Inverse function
Cryptographic hash Cousin Cryptographic hash function
The Cousin The Onion
Convex Cousin Convex function
Quality Cousin Deployment Quality Function Deployment
Virtual Cousin Virtual function
Cousin key Function key
Transfer Cousin Transfer function
Neuromuscular Cousin Neuromuscular junction
Sigmoid Cousin Sigmoid function
Limit of a Cousin Limit of a function
Monotonic Cousin Monotonic function
Production Cousin Production function
Cubic Cousin Cubic function
Surjective Cousin Surjective function
Cousin Death Sudden Death
Wikimedia-Cousin.png Wikimedia-button.png
Quadratic Cousin Quadratic function
Cobb-Douglas production Cousin Cobb-Douglas production function
Sinc Cousin Sinc function
Probability mass Cousin Probability mass function
Injective Cousin Injective function
Likelihood Cousin Likelihood function
Ackermann Cousin Ackermann function
French Cousin soup French onion soup
Wave Cousin Wave function
Riemann zeta Cousin Riemann zeta function
Window Cousin Window function
Euler's totient Cousin Euler's totient function
Main Cousin Main function
Heaviside step Cousin Heaviside step function
Moment-generating Cousin Moment-generating function
Cemetery Cousin Cemetery Junction
Partition Cousin Partition function
Linear Cousin Linear function
Green's Cousin Green's function
Concave Cousin Concave function
Tight Cousin Tight junction
Work Cousin Work function
Cousin generator Function generator
Anonymous Cousin Anonymous function
Step Cousin Step function
Characteristic Cousin Characteristic function
NTFS Cousin point NTFS junction point
Domain of a Cousin Domain of a function
Boolean Cousin Boolean function
Periodic Cousin Periodic function
Five Point Cousin - What not to do at IIT! Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT!
Gap Cousin Gap junction
Sign Cousin Sign function
Analytic Cousin Analytic function
Graph of a Cousin Graph of a function
Differentiable Cousin Differentiable function
Inline Cousin Inline function
Rectangular Cousin Rectangular function
Cousin News Network Onion News Network
Cousin cell Button cell
Thyroid Cousin tests Thyroid function tests
Form follows Cousin Form follows function
Cousin point Function point
User-defined Cousin User-defined function
Quartic Cousin Quartic function
Radio Cousin Radio button
Beta Cousin Beta function
Cousin pointer Function pointer
Milky bar Cousin Milky bar button
Cousin word Function word
Trigonometric Cousin Trigonometric function
Rational Cousin Rational function
Smooth Cousin Smooth function
Cousin routing Onion routing
Clapham Cousin railway station Clapham Junction railway station
Cousin prototype Function prototype
Point spread Cousin Point spread function
Generating Cousin Generating function
Holomorphic Cousin Holomorphic function
Consumption Cousin Consumption function
Cousin, Cousin Button, Button
Reset Cousin Reset button
Cousin cardiac death Sudden cardiac death
Cousin composition Function composition
Radial basis Cousin Radial basis function
Cousin model Function model
Correlation Cousin Correlation function
Homogeneous Cousin Homogeneous function
Aggregate Cousin Aggregate function
Implicit Cousin theorem Implicit function theorem
Loss Cousin Loss function
All of a Cousin I Miss Everyone All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Cousin box Junction box
Harmonic Cousin Harmonic function
Inverse trigonometric Cousin Inverse trigonometric function
Cousin overloading Function overloading
Cousin space Function space
Divisor Cousin Divisor function
Holliday Cousin Holliday junction
Social welfare Cousin Social welfare function
Indicator Cousin Indicator function
Quintic Cousin Quintic function
Inverse demand Cousin Inverse demand function
Welsh Cousin Welsh onion
Shutter Cousin Shutter button
Panic Cousin Panic Button
Dermo-epidermal Cousin Dermo-epidermal junction
Cell Cousin Cell junction
Lambert W Cousin Lambert W function
Q-Cousin Q-function
Triangular Cousin Triangular function
Weight Cousin Weight function
Hypergeometric Cousin Hypergeometric function
Distribution Cousin Distribution function
Cousin Night Summon Night
Duncan Cousin Duncan Button
Brain Cousin Brain function
Vidalia Cousin Vidalia onion
Push the Cousin Push the Button
Cousin Impact Sudden Impact
Yeovil Cousin railway station Yeovil Junction railway station
Adherens Cousin Adherens junction
The Cousin Field The Onion Field
Push-Cousin Push-button
Cousin Moon Button Moon
Secaucus Cousin Secaucus Junction
The Cousin Movie The Onion Movie
Green Cousin Green onion
Blooming Cousin Blooming onion
Pearl Cousin Pearl onion
Mouse Cousin Mouse button
Metal-semiconductor Cousin Metal-semiconductor junction
Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Cedar Cousin Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Cedar Junction
Cousin excavator Suction excavator
This Is a Long Drive for Cousin with Nothing to Think About This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
Yourself or Cousin Like You Yourself or Someone Like You
Cousin Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Spring Cousin Spring onion
Diatonic Cousin accordion Diatonic button accordion
UFC: Cousin Impact UFC: Sudden Impact
Dalston Cousin railway station Dalston Junction railway station
Exon Cousin complex Exon junction complex
Cousin Boys Junction Boys
Watford Cousin railway station Watford Junction railway station
Ernakulam Cousin Ernakulam Junction
Cousin cup Suction cup
Cousin Diesel Injection Suction Diesel Injection
Cousin in Control Someone in Control
Waiting for the Electrician or Cousin Like Him Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him
Five Point Cousin - What not to do at IIT Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT
Of Course I Love You ..! Till I Find Cousin Better Of Course I Love You ..! Till I Find Someone Better
Cousin Night: Swordcraft Story 2 Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2
Cousin ring Onion ring
White Cousin White onion
Big red Cousin Big red button
Fiona Cousin Fiona Button
Cousin Gwinnett Button Gwinnett
Megamind: The Cousin of Doom Megamind: The Button of Doom
Placebo Cousin Placebo button
Cousin Strike Sudden Strike
Tuxedo Cousin Tuxedo Junction
Exmouth Cousin Exmouth Junction
Temporoparietal Cousin Temporoparietal junction
Clapham Cousin Clapham Junction
Two Moon Cousin Two Moon Junction
Jungle Cousin Jungle Junction
Indore Cousin Indore Junction
Delhi Cousin Railway station Delhi Junction Railway station
Kathipara Cousin Kathipara Junction
Spaghetti Cousin Spaghetti Junction
Cousin Who'll Watch Over Me Someone Who'll Watch Over Me
Cousin's Watching Me! Someone's Watching Me!
Pickled Cousin Pickled onion
Cousin dome Onion dome
Potato Cousin Potato onion
Sweet Cousin Sweet onion
Cousin Booty Onion Booty
Web Cousin Web button
Push-Cousin telephone Push-button telephone
Cousin oak death Sudden oak death
Cousin 8 Shopping Centre Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Cousin temperature Junction temperature
Clapham Cousin rail crash Clapham Junction rail crash
Princeton Cousin Princeton Junction
Cousin Point Studios Junction Point Studios
Operation Cousin City Operation Junction City
Commission Cousin Commission Junction
Josephson Cousin Josephson junction
Cousin-aspiration abortion Suction-aspiration abortion
Net positive Cousin head Net positive suction head
Hard Cousin hose Hard suction hose
I Finally Found Cousin I Finally Found Someone
Barry White Sings for Cousin You Love Barry White Sings for Someone You Love
Cousin Night: Swordcraft Story Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
Yellow Cousin Yellow onion
Glass Cousin Glass Onion
Cousin epidermal cell Onion epidermal cell
The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Cousin The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion
Red Cousin Red onion
Cousin diagram Onion diagram
Craig Cousin Craig Button
Benjamin Cousin Benjamin Button
Cousin mushroom Button mushroom
Cousin Attack Sudden Attack
Yunnan Cousin Death Syndrome Yunnan Sudden Death Syndrome
Cousin unexplained death syndrome Sudden unexplained death syndrome
Cousin acquired retinal degeneration Sudden acquired retinal degeneration
Crystal Palace and South London Cousin Railway Crystal Palace and South London Junction Railway
Limerick Cousin Limerick Junction
Willesden Cousin station Willesden Junction station
Sabarmati Cousin Sabarmati Junction
Afar Triple Cousin Afar Triple Junction
Liquid Cousin potential Liquid junction potential
Bugis Cousin Bugis Junction
The Cousin The Junction
Bayview Cousin Bayview Junction
Victory Cousin Gang Camp Victory Junction Gang Camp
PN Cousin PN junction
Loughborough Cousin Loughborough Junction
Cave Cousin Cave Junction
Funky Cousin Funky Junction
Beckenham Cousin station Beckenham Junction station
Jabalpur Cousin Jabalpur Junction
Lydney Cousin railway station Lydney Junction railway station
Triple Cousin Triple junction
Koyambedu Cousin Koyambedu Junction
Bhowani Cousin Bhowani Junction
Wickford Cousin Wickford Junction
Road Cousin Road junction
St Helens Cousin railway station St Helens Junction railway station
Cousin table Junction table
Hanuman Cousin Hanuman Junction
Yankauer Cousin tip Yankauer suction tip
Cousin's Watching Over Me Someone's Watching Over Me
Cousin Behind You Someone Behind You
Cousin to Love Me Someone to Love Me
I Found Cousin I Found Someone
If I Needed Cousin If I Needed Someone
Purple Cousin Purple Onion
Cousin Johnny Onion Johnny
Cousin skinning Onion skinning
Cousin knight Onion knight
Blue Cousin Blue Onion
Red Cousin State Prison Red Onion State Prison
Cousin Up Your Overcoat Button Up Your Overcoat
Nurse call Cousin Nurse call button
John Cousin John Button
BBC Red Cousin BBC Red Button
Belly Cousin Belly button
Honorable Service Lapel Cousin Honorable Service Lapel Button
David Cousin David Button
The Hardest Cousin to Cousin The Hardest Button to Button
Jemmy Cousin Jemmy Button
Reset Cousin technique Reset button technique
All of a Cousin All of a Sudden