Croc Puns


Pun Original
30 Croc 30 Rock
Chock-a-Croc Chock-a-block
New kid on the Croc New kid on the block
Chip off the old Croc Chip off the old block
Croc stock and barrel Lock stock and barrel
Between a Croc and a hard place Between a rock and a hard place
Croc and roll Rock and roll
12-hour Croc 12-hour clock
Croc music Rock music
Croc Star Rock Star
24-hour Croc 24-hour clock
Party Croc Anthem Party Rock Anthem
Punk Croc Punk Rock
Croc and Roll Rock and Roll
Croc Of Ages Rock Of Ages
Kid Croc Kid Rock
Igneous Croc Igneous rock
The Croc The Rock
Alternative Croc Alternative rock
Complete list of downloadable songs for the Croc Band series Complete list of downloadable songs for the Rock Band series
Sedimentary Croc Sedimentary rock
New Kids on the Croc New Kids on the Block
Chris Croc Chris Rock
Attack the Croc Attack the Block
Indie Croc Indie Rock
Metamorphic Croc Metamorphic rock
Croc Band Rock Band
Party Croc Party Rock
Croc and Roll Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Progressive Croc Progressive Rock
Server Message Croc Server Message Block
Anti-Croc braking system Anti-lock braking system
Dome of the Croc Dome of the Rock
Chevrolet Small-Croc engine Chevrolet Small-Block engine
Croc Hudson Rock Hudson
Brighton Croc Brighton Rock
Croc-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock
Little Croc Nine Little Rock Nine
Psychedelic Croc Psychedelic rock
We Will Croc You We Will Rock You
Hard Croc Hard rock
Right bundle branch Croc Right bundle branch block
Croc-paper-scissors Rock-paper-scissors
Left bundle branch Croc Left bundle branch block
Black Croc Shooter Black Rock Shooter
Croc cipher modes of operation Block cipher modes of operation
3rd Croc from the Sun 3rd Rock from the Sun
Atomic Croc Atomic clock
School of Croc School of Rock
Croc of Gibraltar Rock of Gibraltar
Chevrolet Big-Croc engine Chevrolet Big-Block engine
Croc rate Clock rate
Croc Center with Brian Williams Rock Center with Brian Williams
Plymouth Croc Plymouth Rock
Croc Band 3 Rock Band 3
Croc climbing Rock climbing
Ad-Croc Ad-Rock
Doomsday Croc Doomsday Clock
Post-Croc Post-rock
SIM Croc SIM lock
Camp Croc Camp Rock
Croc cycle Rock cycle
Croc Tower Clock Tower
Ken Croc Ken Block
Glam Croc Glam rock
Croc Pigeon Rock Pigeon
Mark Croc Mark Block
Croc the Casbah Rock the Casbah
Hard Croc Cafe Hard Rock Cafe
Writer's Croc Writer's Block
Fraggle Croc Fraggle Rock
Croc quotation Block quotation
Jailhouse Croc Jailhouse Rock
Indian Croc Indian rock
Alarm Croc Alarm clock
Aesop Croc Aesop Rock
Michael Learns to Croc Michael Learns to Rock
Gothic Croc Gothic rock
Croc face Clock face
Tower Croc Tower Block
Croc diagram Block diagram
Space Croc Space rock
Folk Croc Folk rock
Pop Croc Pop rock
Symphonic Croc Symphonic rock
I Love Croc 'n' Roll I Love Rock 'n' Roll
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Croc Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Math Croc Math rock
Croc in Rio Rock in Rio
Between a Croc and a Hard Place Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Northern Croc Northern Rock
Croc Party Block Party
Scroll Croc Scroll lock
Croc picking Lock picking
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Croc Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Left anterior fascicular Croc Left anterior fascicular block
Croc Center Rock Center
Jay Croc Jay Rock
Quartz Croc Quartz clock
Heart Croc Heart block
Second-degree atrioventricular Croc Second-degree atrioventricular block
Camp Croc 2: The Final Jam Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
Canadian Croc Canadian rock
British Croc British rock
Stoner Croc Stoner rock
Black Rose: A Croc Legend Black Rose: A Rock Legend
Croc Mafia Rock Mafia
Japanese Croc garden Japanese rock garden
Croc On!! Rock On!!
Punk Goes Classic Croc Punk Goes Classic Rock
Monsters of Croc Monsters of Rock
Christian Croc Christian rock
Iodine Croc reaction Iodine clock reaction
Radio Croc Radio clock
Binary Croc Binary Clock
Combat Croc Combat Rock
Croc-a-bye Baby Rock-a-bye Baby
Croc of Love with Bret Michaels Rock of Love with Bret Michaels
Croc Lobster Rock Lobster
Water Croc Water clock
Croc grant Block grant
Croc cipher Block cipher
Croc and tackle Block and tackle
Pete Croc Pete Rock
House on the Croc House on the Rock
Classic Croc Classic rock
Electronic Croc Electronic Rock
City Croc City block
Low noise Croc-downconverter Low noise block-downconverter
The Croc The Block
The Rape of the Croc The Rape of the Lock
Sean Croc Sean Lock
Soft Croc Soft rock
African Croc Python African Rock Python
Garage Croc Garage rock
Art Croc Art rock
Bundle branch Croc Bundle branch block
Croc am Ring and Croc im Park Rock am Ring and Rock im Park
Croc B Block B
Croc River Arms Rock River Arms
It's Only Croc 'n Roll It's Only Rock 'n Roll
Picnic at Hanging Croc Picnic at Hanging Rock
Croc bumping Lock bumping
Gimbal Croc Gimbal lock
Desert Croc exercises Desert Rock exercises
Deep Purple in Croc Deep Purple in Rock
Blues Croc Blues rock
Croc-climbing equipment Rock-climbing equipment
Slippery Croc University of Pennsylvania Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Croc Around the Clock Rock Around the Clock
Rock Around the Croc Rock Around the Clock
Pendulum Croc Pendulum clock
Three Croc Box Three Lock Box
Num Croc Num lock
Caps Croc Caps lock
Molecular Croc Molecular clock
Speaking Croc Speaking clock
Prague Astronomical Croc Prague Astronomical Clock
Croc signal Clock signal
Beverly Croc Beverly Clock
Digital Croc Digital clock
Combination Croc Combination lock
Croc Tower 3 Clock Tower 3
Croc synchronization Clock synchronization
Croc King Clock King
Kryptonite Croc Kryptonite lock
Croc-in amplifier Lock-in amplifier
Pin tumbler Croc Pin tumbler lock
Croc box Lock box
Cuckoo Croc Cuckoo clock
Longcase Croc Longcase clock
Strawberry Alarm Croc Strawberry Alarm Clock
Croc-Up Lock-Up
Croc and Key Lock and Key
Croc and Load Lock and Load
Bicycle Croc Bicycle lock
Croc Tower 2 Clock Tower 2
Keycard Croc Keycard lock
Mortise Croc Mortise lock
Real-time Croc Real-time clock
The Secret of the Old Croc The Secret of the Old Clock
Warded Croc Warded lock
Bowman's Strategy Croc Bowman's Strategy Clock
Astronomical Croc Astronomical clock
George Mitchell (Chesterhall) Ltd v Finney Croc Seeds Ltd George Mitchell (Chesterhall) Ltd v Finney Lock Seeds Ltd
Vapor Croc Vapor lock
Vendor Croc-in Vendor lock-in
Croc On: Modern Air Combat Lock On: Modern Air Combat
The Big Croc The Big Clock
Croc skew Clock skew
Blue Serpent Croc Egg Blue Serpent Clock Egg
Time Croc Time clock
Beat the Croc Beat the Clock
Croc DVA Clock DVA
Ticking Croc Ticking Clock
Croc-Ziff Capital Management Och-Ziff Capital Management
Croc and Dam No. 19 Lock and Dam No. 19
Georgia Croc Georgia Lock
Electronic Croc Electronic lock
Lip Croc Lip Lock
Child safety Croc Child safety lock
Distributed Croc manager Distributed lock manager
Croc of the Long Now Clock of the Long Now
Iron Ring Croc Iron Ring Clock
Croc speed Clock speed
Cam Croc Cam lock
Croc Up the Wolves Lock Up the Wolves
Cylinder Croc Cylinder lock
Spinal Croc Spinal lock
Tubular pin tumbler Croc Tubular pin tumbler lock
Disc tumbler Croc Disc tumbler lock
F-Croc F-Lock
Circadian Croc Circadian clock
Word Croc Word clock
Play Croc Play clock
My Grandfather's Croc My Grandfather's Clock
Cosmo Croc 21 Cosmo Clock 21
Shot Croc Shot clock
Haymarket Memorial Croc Tower Haymarket Memorial Clock Tower
Pandora's Croc Pandora's Clock
French Empire mantel Croc French Empire mantel clock
Vi sitter i Ventrilo Croc spelar DotA Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA
Readers-writer Croc Readers-writer lock
Air Croc Air lock
Electromagnetic Croc Electromagnetic lock
Croc Haven University of Pennsylvania Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Best Croc Corporation Best Lock Corporation
Wafer tumbler Croc Wafer tumbler lock
Opposite Croc Opposite lock
Under Croc and Key Under Lock and Key
Atmos Croc Atmos clock
Croc gating Clock gating
World Croc World clock
The House with a Croc in Its Walls The House with a Clock in Its Walls
Croc Tower Ghost Head Clock Tower Ghost Head
Croc recovery Clock recovery
Running out the Croc Running out the clock
Croc Up Lock Up
Croc N' Load with R. Lee Ermey Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey
Smith & Wesson Triple Croc Smith & Wesson Triple Lock
Croc of hair Lock of hair
Global Interpreter Croc Global Interpreter Lock
Missile Croc-on Missile lock-on
Croc key Lock key
Spring bolt Croc Spring bolt lock
Joint Croc Joint lock
Wood Croc Wood Lock
Chemical Croc Chemical clock
Water-powered Croc Water-powered clock
Secret of the Old Croc Secret of the Old Clock
Linnaeus' flower Croc Linnaeus' flower clock
Corpus Croc Corpus Clock
Vector Croc Vector clock
National Debt Croc National Debt Clock
Croc Tower, Hong Kong Clock Tower, Hong Kong
MIDI beat Croc MIDI beat clock
24 hour Croc 24 hour clock
Daniel Croc Daniel Och
Registrar-Croc Registrar-Lock
Compression Croc Compression lock
Malaysian Croc-up detainee abuse scandal Malaysian lock-up detainee abuse scandal
Old Ford Croc Old Ford Lock
Trevor Croc Trevor Lock
Rim Croc Rim lock
Croc's Quest Lock's Quest
Master Croc Master Lock
Croc Haven, Pennsylvania Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
Line Croc Line lock
Eric Croc Eric Lock
Chamber Croc Chamber lock
5 lever Croc 5 lever lock
Croc Martin Lock Martin
Blish Croc Blish lock
Croc 'n' Chase Lock 'n' Chase
Tide Croc Tide clock
Game Croc Game clock
Croc Tower: The First Fear Clock Tower: The First Fear
Morpeth Croc Tower Morpeth Clock Tower
The Croc The Clock
Sessions Croc Sessions Clock
Steam Croc Steam clock
Grandfather Croc Grandfather clock
Croc domain crossing Clock domain crossing
Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Croc Tower Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower
Shortt-Synchronome Croc Shortt-Synchronome clock
Croc generator Clock generator
Bracket Croc Bracket clock
Louisville Croc Louisville Clock
Allen-Bradley Croc Tower Allen-Bradley Clock Tower
Halifax Town Croc Halifax Town Clock
Croc drift Clock drift
Kremlin Croc Kremlin Clock
Eastgate and Eastgate Croc Eastgate and Eastgate Clock
Punch the Croc Punch the Clock
Chelsea Croc Company Chelsea Clock Company
The American Croc The American Clock
Counter-Croc World Counter-Clock World
Lens Croc Lens clock
Six-hour Croc Six-hour clock
Croc Tower, Palace of Westminster Clock Tower, Palace of Westminster
Croc multiplier Clock multiplier