Cube Puns


Pun Original
Cathode Ray Cube Cathode Ray Tube
Cube one Route one
Vacuum Cube Vacuum tube
Eustachian Cube Eustachian tube
Cube map Tube map
Fallopian Cube Fallopian tube
Feeding Cube Feeding tube
You Cube You Tube
Pitot Cube Pitot tube
Aldwych Cube station Aldwych tube station
Chest Cube Chest tube
Cube mean square Root mean square
Shell and Cube heat exchanger Shell and tube heat exchanger
X-ray Cube X-ray tube
Hammersmith Cube station Hammersmith tube station
Man Cube Man Group
Tracheal Cube Tracheal tube
Knob and Cube wiring Knob and tube wiring
Neural Cube Neural tube
Light Cube Light tube
Baker Street Cube station Baker Street tube station
Nixie Cube Nixie tube
Red Cube Red Tube
Angel Cube station Angel tube station
King's Cross St. Pancras Cube station King's Cross St. Pancras tube station
Water-Cube boiler Water-tube boiler
Fire-Cube boiler Fire-tube boiler
Ibanez Cube Screamer Ibanez Tube Screamer
Giant Cube worm Giant tube worm
Acton Town Cube station Acton Town tube station
Cube bending Tube bending
Neural Cube defect Neural tube defect
Pneumatic Cube Pneumatic tube
Tympanostomy Cube Tympanostomy tube
Youngstown Sheet & Cube Co. v. Sawyer Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer
Edgware Road Cube station Edgware Road tube station
Lava Cube Lava tube
Test Cube Test tube
Arsenal Cube station Arsenal tube station
Aldgate East Cube station Aldgate East tube station
Patulous Eustachian Cube Patulous Eustachian tube
Aldgate Cube station Aldgate tube station
Cube sound Tube sound
Traveling-wave Cube Traveling-wave tube
Tottenham Court Road Cube station Tottenham Court Road tube station
Westminster Cube station Westminster tube station
Watford Cube station Watford tube station
Cube well Tube well
Canary Wharf Cube station Canary Wharf tube station
Uxbridge Cube station Uxbridge tube station
Heathrow Terminal 4 Cube station Heathrow Terminal 4 tube station
Boob Cube Boob tube
Tower Hill Cube station Tower Hill tube station
Crookes Cube Crookes tube
Sengstaken-Blakemore Cube Sengstaken-Blakemore tube
Wembley Park Cube station Wembley Park tube station
Oxford Circus Cube station Oxford Circus tube station
Williams Cube Williams tube
Endotracheal Cube Endotracheal tube
Cube Bar prank calls Tube Bar prank calls
Holborn Cube station Holborn tube station
Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3 Cube station Heathrow Terminals 1, 2, 3 tube station
Kundt's Cube Kundt's tube
Vortex Cube Vortex tube
High Street Kensington Cube station High Street Kensington tube station
Warwick Avenue Cube station Warwick Avenue tube station
Temple Cube station Temple tube station
Gas-filled Cube Gas-filled tube
Video camera Cube Video camera tube
Geissler Cube Geissler tube
Osterley Cube station Osterley tube station
South Kensington Cube station South Kensington tube station
Russell Square Cube station Russell Square tube station
West Acton Cube station West Acton tube station
De Dion Cube De Dion tube
The Cube The Tube
Fallopian Cube obstruction Fallopian tube obstruction
Wood Green Cube station Wood Green tube station
North Greenwich Cube station North Greenwich tube station
Ethnic Cube Ethnic group
Shoreditch Cube station Shoreditch tube station
Serum-separating Cube Serum-separating tube
Woodside Park Cube station Woodside Park tube station
Balham Cube station Balham tube station
Cube socket Tube socket
Transbay Cube Transbay Tube
Rude Cube Rude Tube
Pollen Cube Pollen tube
Down Street Cube station Down Street tube station
Cube drawing Tube drawing
Borough Cube station Borough tube station
Covent Garden Cube station Covent Garden tube station
Green Park Cube station Green Park tube station
Cube feet Tube feet
Oval Cube station Oval tube station
Chesham Cube station Chesham tube station
Archway Cube station Archway tube station
Embankment Cube station Embankment tube station
Fulham Broadway Cube station Fulham Broadway tube station
Cube Alloys Tube Alloys
Durham Cube Durham tube
Neural Cube defects Neural tube defects
Lambeth North Cube station Lambeth North tube station
Head Cube Head tube
U.S. Cube 66 U.S. Route 66
Maybach Music Cube Maybach Music Group
Bilderberg Cube Bilderberg Group
Cube Sex Group Sex
Cube canal Root canal
Square Cube Square root
ING Cube ING Group
Volkswagen Cube Volkswagen Group
Tata Cube Tata Group
Functional Cube Functional group
Universal Music Cube Universal Music Group
Virgin Cube Virgin Group
ABO blood Cube system ABO blood group system
Rh blood Cube system Rh blood group system
Focus Cube Focus group
BT Cube BT Group
Tuckman's stages of Cube development Tuckman's stages of group development
Social Cube Social group
American International Cube American International Group
Cube beer Root beer
Cube cause analysis Root cause analysis
Diagnosis-related Cube Diagnosis-related group
Cube Policy Group Policy
United States Naval Special Warfare Development Cube United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group
Russell Cube Russell Group
Warner Music Cube Warner Music Group
Blackstone Cube Blackstone Group
Freedom Cube Freedom Group
Cube dynamics Group dynamics
Khajuraho Cube of Monuments Khajuraho Group of Monuments
Minority Cube Minority group
Girl Cube Girl group
CME Cube CME Group
Borders Cube Borders Group
Royal Bank of Scotland Cube Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Cube of administration Route of administration
Rio Tinto Cube Rio Tinto Group
Blue Man Cube Blue Man Group
Cube A streptococcal infection Group A streptococcal infection
Cube mean square deviation Root mean square deviation
HMV Cube HMV Group
Cube Therapy Group Therapy
Lloyds Banking Cube Lloyds Banking Group
Advocacy Cube Advocacy group
Boston Consulting Cube Boston Consulting Group
Jaypee Cube Jaypee Group
ABB Cube ABB Group
Jim Cube Jim Root
UnitedHealth Cube UnitedHealth Group
Dorsal Cube ganglion Dorsal root ganglion
Carlyle Cube Carlyle Group
Cube of Seven Group of Seven
Benetton Cube Benetton Group
Dr Pepper Snapple Cube Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Cube of Thirty Group of Thirty
Stephen Cube Stephen Root
Internet Cube Management Protocol Internet Group Management Protocol
Methyl Cube Methyl group
Alibaba Cube Alibaba Group
Cube B streptococcal infection Group B streptococcal infection
Trade Cube Trade route
Abelian Cube Abelian group
Barona Cube of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians
InterContinental Hotels Cube InterContinental Hotels Group
California State Cube 1 California State Route 1
Scaling and Cube planing Scaling and root planing
Protecting Cube Protecting group
The Open Cube Architecture Framework The Open Group Architecture Framework
Cube theory Group theory
Phenyl Cube Phenyl group
Interest Cube Interest group
Cube Irish Route Irish
United Nations Development Cube United Nations Development Group
Cube locus Root locus
The Spencer Davis Cube The Spencer Davis Group
Joint Test Action Cube Joint Test Action Group
Bloomsbury Cube Bloomsbury Group
World Bank Cube World Bank Group
Memphis Cube Memphis Group
Cube action Group action
Omnicom Cube Omnicom Group
WWE Music Cube WWE Music Group
Thomas Cook Cube Thomas Cook Group
Woolworths Cube Woolworths Group
Nomura Cube Nomura Group
Space Cube Space group
The Co-operative Cube The Co-operative Group
New Jersey Cube 14 New Jersey Route 14
Santander Cube Santander Group
Square Cube of 2 Square root of 2
Primitive Cube modulo n Primitive root modulo n
4th Psychological Operations Cube 4th Psychological Operations Group
Dihedral Cube Dihedral group
Genting Cube Genting Group
Moving Picture Experts Cube Moving Picture Experts Group
Lie Cube Lie group
Altria Cube Altria Group
Serpentine Cube Serpentine group
Cube purchasing organization Group purchasing organization
Carlsberg Cube Carlsberg Group
World Financial Cube World Financial Group
Stobart Cube Stobart Group
Cube mean square speed Root mean square speed
Cube of 77 Group of 77
Cube B Group B
U.S. Cube 1 U.S. Route 1
Nevada State Cube 375 Nevada State Route 375
United Breweries Cube United Breweries Group
Toyota Cube Toyota Group
Stellar Cube Stellar Group
309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Cube 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group
Peer Cube Peer group
Carrier Battle Cube Carrier Battle Group
Fitch Cube Fitch Group
Rational Cube theorem Rational root theorem
CIT Cube CIT Group
Cube velocity Group velocity
Cube decision making Group decision making
Australia and New Zealand Banking Cube Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
1994 Cube 1994 Group
New Jersey Cube 120 New Jersey Route 120
Cube Cube Cube root
Cube-finding algorithm Root-finding algorithm
Cube of unity Root of unity
Cube directory Root directory
U.S. Cube 22 in New Jersey U.S. Route 22 in New Jersey
Unit Cube Unit root
Cube certificate Root certificate
Default Cube Default route
A&W Cube Beer A&W Root Beer
Massachusetts Cube 128 Massachusetts Route 128
DNS Cube zone DNS root zone
Cube nodule Root nodule
Cube of all evil Root of all evil
Rusted Cube Rusted Root
The Cube of All Evil? The Root of All Evil?
Fast inverse square Cube Fast inverse square root
En Cube En Route
Fecal-oral Cube Fecal-oral route
Nth Cube Nth root
Cube vegetable Root vegetable
Cube cap Root cap
Fibrous Cube system Fibrous root system
Below the Cube Below the Root
Cube name server Root name server
Cube hair Root hair
Cube test Root test
Unit Cube test Unit root test
Cube resorption Root resorption
Square Cube of 5 Square root of 5
Cube Race Root Race
Elihu Cube Elihu Root
Cube canal therapy Root canal therapy
Cube nameserver Root nameserver
Cube of the mesentery Root of the mesentery
Cube cause Root cause
Square Cube of a matrix Square root of a matrix
George Frederick Cube George Frederick Root
Proto-Indo-European Cube Proto-Indo-European root
Cube of a function Root of a function
Aerial Cube Aerial root
Square Cube of 3 Square root of 3
Wayne Allyn Cube Wayne Allyn Root
Cube Down Root Down
Cube system Root system
Complex conjugate Cube theorem Complex conjugate root theorem
Aortic Cube Aortic root
Distributed denial of service attacks on Cube nameservers Distributed denial of service attacks on root nameservers
Suma Cube Suma root
Cube Sports Pittsburgh Root Sports Pittsburgh
Mug Cube Beer Mug Root Beer
Anterior Cube of spinal nerve Anterior root of spinal nerve
Dad's Cube Beer Dad's Root Beer
Cube-knot nematode Root-knot nematode
Cube element Root element
Cube-mean-square Root-mean-square
Cube After and Another Root After and Another
Lewis Black's Cube of All Evil Lewis Black's Root of All Evil
Alternative DNS Cube Alternative DNS root
Posterior Cube of spinal nerve Posterior root of spinal nerve
Jesse Cube Grant Jesse Root Grant
Cube domain Root domain
Cube and Branch Root and Branch
Semitic Cube Semitic root
Wing Cube Wing root
Cube Sports Rocky Mountain Root Sports Rocky Mountain
Nerve Cube Nerve root
Digital Cube Digital root
Joe Cube Joe Root
Gilbarco Veeder-Cube Gilbarco Veeder-Root
Kellogg, Brown and Cube Kellogg, Brown and Root
Affine Cube system Affine root system
Nth Cube algorithm Nth root algorithm
Jane Cube Jane Root
DNS Cube DNS root
Cube of penis Root of penis
The Cube of All Evil The Root of All Evil