Definition Puns


Pun Original
Lewis and Clark Definition Lewis and Clark Expedition
Perfect Definition Perfect competition
Monopolistic Definition Monopolistic competition
Optical character Definition Optical character recognition
California Definition 8 California Proposition 8
Pattern Definition Pattern Recognition
Language Definition Language acquisition
International Definition of the State of Palestine International recognition of the State of Palestine
Speech Definition Speech recognition
International Definition of Kosovo International recognition of Kosovo
Revenue Definition Revenue recognition
Unique selling Definition Unique selling proposition
Definition between Airbus and Boeing Competition between Airbus and Boeing
Value Definition Value proposition
Definition law Competition law
Facial Definition system Facial recognition system
Body Definition Body composition
Indian MRCA Definition Indian MRCA Competition
Ford Definition Ford Expedition
Definition of the human body Composition of the human body
Leader of the Definition Leader of the Opposition
Automatic number plate Definition Automatic number plate recognition
Customer value Definition Customer value proposition
Magnetic ink character Definition Magnetic ink character recognition
Data Definition Data acquisition
Fingerprint Definition Fingerprint recognition
Object Definition Object composition
Cournot Definition Cournot competition
Interspecific Definition Interspecific competition
Federal Definition Regulation Federal Acquisition Regulation
Musical Definition Musical composition
Language Definition device Language acquisition device
Second-language Definition Second-language acquisition
Lady Franklin Bay Definition Lady Franklin Bay Expedition
Terra Nova Definition Terra Nova Expedition
Optical mark Definition Optical mark recognition
Amundsen's South Pole Definition Amundsen's South Pole Expedition
Leader of the Official Definition Leader of the Official Opposition
Resource Definition Is Initialization Resource Acquisition Is Initialization
Binary Definition Binary opposition
Iris Definition Iris recognition
Imperfect Definition Imperfect competition
California Definition 65 California Proposition 65
Possession and Definition Licence Possession and Acquisition Licence
Fallacy of Definition Fallacy of composition
Intraspecific Definition Intraspecific competition
California Definition 187 California Proposition 187
Definition Everest Expedition Everest
Franklin's lost Definition Franklin's lost expedition
Gesture Definition Gesture recognition
Function Definition Function composition
StarCraft: Brood War professional Definition StarCraft: Brood War professional competition
Egg drop Definition Egg drop competition
European Union Definition law European Union competition law
Definition of the Armenian Genocide Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
Handwriting Definition Handwriting recognition
William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Definition William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
Imperial Trans-Antarctic Definition Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
California Definition 13 California Proposition 13
The Definition The Proposition
International Definition of the Republic of China International recognition of the Republic of China
Official Definition Shadow Cabinet Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet
Employee value Definition Employee value proposition
Windows Image Definition Windows Image Acquisition
International Definition of Israel International recognition of Israel
Pattern Definition receptor Pattern recognition receptor
Sperm Definition Sperm competition
Diplomatic Definition Diplomatic recognition
Speaker Definition Speaker recognition
Official Definition Official Opposition
Pyrotechnic Definition Pyrotechnic composition
Definition B Composition B
Tough Guy Definition Tough Guy Competition
European Union Microsoft Definition case European Union Microsoft competition case
California Definition 14 California Proposition 14
Definition Joe Proposition Joe
Land Definition Act, 1894 Land Acquisition Act, 1894
Second language Definition Second language acquisition
Defense Definition Workforce Improvement Act Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
Sicilian Definition Sicilian Expedition
Sweet Definition Sweet Disposition
Bertrand Definition Bertrand competition
Definition Success Review Competition Success Review
UEFA club Definition records UEFA club competition records
Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Definition Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
Rules of Definition Rules of Acquisition
Burke and Wills Definition Burke and Wills expedition
Northern Definition Northern Expedition
Definition of same-sex unions in Maryland Recognition of same-sex unions in Maryland
Definition of same-sex unions in Brazil Recognition of same-sex unions in Brazil
Intelligent character Definition Intelligent character recognition
Advanced Placement English Language and Definition Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
Advanced Placement English Literature and Definition Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition
Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Definition Asia-Pacific Chamber Music Competition
Stackelberg Definition Stackelberg competition
International Chopin Piano Definition International Chopin Piano Competition
California Definition 209 California Proposition 209
One-Definition maximum One-repetition maximum
Spaced Definition Spaced repetition
Discovery Definition Discovery Expedition
Definition Impossible Expedition Impossible
Armenian Genocide Definition Armenian Genocide recognition
Definition H6 Composition H6
Melbourne International Chamber Music Definition Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition
Deferred Definition Costs Deferred Acquisition Costs
Threefold Definition Threefold repetition
Mallory and Irvine Research Definition Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition
Pancho Villa Definition Pancho Villa Expedition
International Definition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia International recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia
Definition of same-sex unions in Illinois Recognition of same-sex unions in Illinois
Windows Speech Definition Windows Speech Recognition
Leader of the Definition in the Senate Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
Definition effect Disposition effect
Definition C Composition C
The Philosophy of Definition The Philosophy of Composition
Definition studies Composition studies
Vinyl Definition tile Vinyl composition tile
Leeds International Pianoforte Definition Leeds International Pianoforte Competition
Architectural design Definition Architectural design competition
Non-price Definition Non-price competition
Definition of Google Street View Competition of Google Street View
UK Definition law UK competition law
California Definition 19 California Proposition 19
California ballot Definition California ballot proposition
Reading skills Definition Reading skills acquisition
Dreyfus model of skill Definition Dreyfus model of skill acquisition
Hollow Earth Definition Hollow Earth Expedition
United States Exploring Definition United States Exploring Expedition
Nimrod Definition Nimrod Expedition
Polar Bear Definition Polar Bear Expedition
British Definition to Tibet British expedition to Tibet
Definition of same-sex unions in Hawaii Recognition of same-sex unions in Hawaii
International Definition of South Sudan International recognition of South Sudan
Definition of same-sex unions in Wisconsin Recognition of same-sex unions in Wisconsin
Rock in Definition Rock in Opposition
Suprematist Definition Suprematist Composition
Advanced Definition Explorer Advanced Composition Explorer
Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Definition Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition
Organic Definition of capital Organic composition of capital
Algorithmic Definition Algorithmic composition
International Quran Reading Definition International Quran Reading Competition
Drug Price Definition and Patent Term Restoration Act Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act
International Aerial Robotics Definition International Aerial Robotics Competition
Australian Definition and Consumer Commission Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Unfair Definition Unfair competition
UAAP Cheerdance Definition UAAP Cheerdance Competition
Henryk Wieniawski Violin Definition Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition
StarCraft professional Definition StarCraft professional competition
NIST hash function Definition NIST hash function competition
California Definition 215 California Proposition 215
Military Definition Military acquisition
Definition Category Acquisition Category
Pulse Definition frequency Pulse repetition frequency
Taiwan Definition of 1874 Taiwan Expedition of 1874
Braddock Definition Braddock Expedition
Kilimanjaro Definition Kilimanjaro Expedition
Advancement and Definition in the Boy Scouts of America Advancement and recognition in the Boy Scouts of America
Named entity Definition Named entity recognition
Definition of same-sex unions in Pennsylvania Recognition of same-sex unions in Pennsylvania
Posthumous Definition Posthumous recognition
Molecular Definition Molecular recognition
Definition of same-sex unions in New Jersey Recognition of same-sex unions in New Jersey
Definition of same-sex unions in Italy Recognition of same-sex unions in Italy
Definition memory Recognition memory
Square of Definition Square of opposition
Left Definition Left Opposition
Definition procedure before the European Patent Office Opposition procedure before the European Patent Office
UEFA Definition records UEFA competition records
Sexual Definition Sexual competition
Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Definition Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
Definition Commission Competition Commission
8: The Mormon Definition 8: The Mormon Proposition
Central Definition Radar Central Acquisition Radar
Second language Definition theories Second language acquisition theories
Definition and Cross-Servicing Agreement Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement
Defense Definition University Defense Acquisition University
Sports Properties Definition Corporation Sports Properties Acquisition Corporation
National City Definition by PNC National City acquisition by PNC
Definition compulsion Repetition compulsion
Challenger Definition Challenger expedition
MS Definition MS Expedition
Transglobe Definition Transglobe Expedition
Penobscot Definition Penobscot Expedition
Custer's 1874 Black Hills Definition Custer's 1874 Black Hills Expedition
First Sumatran Definition First Sumatran Expedition
Brusilov Definition Brusilov Expedition
1924 British Mount Everest Definition 1924 British Mount Everest Expedition
Pitfall: The Lost Definition Pitfall: The Lost Expedition
The Definition of Humphry Clinker The Expedition of Humphry Clinker
Polaris Definition Polaris expedition
Gender Definition Act 2004 Gender Recognition Act 2004
Speech Definition in Linux Speech recognition in Linux
Definition of same-sex unions in Germany Recognition of same-sex unions in Germany
Face Definition Face recognition
Subvocal Definition Subvocal recognition
Object Definition Object recognition
Official Definition frontbench Official Opposition frontbench
Her Majesty's Most Loyal Definition Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition
Media theory of Definition Media theory of composition
Food Definition database Food composition database
Chess Definition Chess composition
Definition series Composition series
Theories of Rhetoric and Definition Pedagogy Theories of Rhetoric and Composition Pedagogy
Definition book Composition book
Robot Definition Robot competition
Field gun Definition Field gun competition
There Is No Definition 2: The Grieving Music EP There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music EP
Climbing Definition Climbing competition
International Space Settlement Design Definition International Space Settlement Design Competition
Figure skating Definition Figure skating competition
Definition policy Competition policy
FIRST Robotics Definition FIRST Robotics Competition
Definition regulator Competition regulator
NHL All-Star Game SuperSkills Definition NHL All-Star Game SuperSkills Competition
BBC Cardiff Singer of the World Definition BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition
Rescue robot Definition Rescue robot competition
USA International Ballet Definition USA International Ballet Competition
International club Definition records International club competition records
San Francisco Definition H San Francisco Proposition H
Employer value Definition Employer value proposition
Analytic Definition Analytic proposition
Definition bet Proposition bet
Arizona Definition 207 Arizona Proposition 207
Definition Infinity Proposition Infinity
3D data Definition and object reconstruction 3D data acquisition and object reconstruction
Data Definition system Data acquisition system
Individual variation in second-language Definition Individual variation in second-language acquisition
Australasian Antarctic Definition Australasian Antarctic Expedition
Definition Robinson Expedition Robinson
British Graham Land Definition British Graham Land Expedition
Benedict Arnold's Definition to Quebec Benedict Arnold's expedition to Quebec
Nile Definition Nile Expedition
Linois's Definition to the Indian Ocean Linois's expedition to the Indian Ocean
British Definition against Cuba British expedition against Cuba
Camden Definition Camden Expedition
Antelope Hills Definition Antelope Hills Expedition
Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Definition Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Expedition
The Fantastic Definition of Dillard & Clark The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark
Harriman Alaska Definition Harriman Alaska Expedition
Definition of same-sex unions in North Carolina Recognition of same-sex unions in North Carolina
Definition of same-sex unions in Florida Recognition of same-sex unions in Florida
Definition of same-sex unions in Australia Recognition of same-sex unions in Australia
Definition of same-sex unions in Minnesota Recognition of same-sex unions in Minnesota
Signal Definition particle Signal recognition particle
Definition of same-sex unions in Nevada Recognition of same-sex unions in Nevada
Tactical Definition Flash Tactical Recognition Flash
Definition of same-sex unions in Chile Recognition of same-sex unions in Chile
Definition of same-sex unions in South Carolina Recognition of same-sex unions in South Carolina
Feature Definition Feature recognition
Definition heuristic Recognition heuristic
Definition of same-sex unions in Europe Recognition of same-sex unions in Europe
Character Definition Character recognition
3D single object Definition 3D single object recognition
Mutual Definition agreement Mutual recognition agreement
Destroy the Definition Destroy the Opposition
Her Majesty's loyal Definition Her Majesty's loyal opposition
Loyal Definition Loyal opposition
Definition research Opposition research
Reality Definition Reality television
High-definition Definition High-definition television
Definition advertisement Television advertisement
3D Definition 3D television
Closed-circuit Definition Closed-circuit television
Definition program Television program
Internet Definition Internet television
Sony Entertainment Definition Sony Entertainment Television
The CW Definition Network The CW Television Network
Satellite Definition Satellite television
Walt Disney Definition Animation Walt Disney Television Animation
Cable Definition Cable Television
NFL on Definition NFL on television
Digital Definition Digital television
Color Definition Color television
LCD Definition LCD television
Ultra High Definition Definition Ultra High Definition Television
Definition licensing in the United Kingdom Television licensing in the United Kingdom
Social aspects of Definition Social aspects of television
Definition in the United Kingdom Television in the United Kingdom
CTV Definition Network CTV Television Network
Definition series Television series
China Central Definition China Central Television
Black Entertainment Definition Black Entertainment Television
Definition licence Television licence
Science fiction on Definition Science fiction on television
Definition network Television network
Second City Definition Second City Television
Cross-dressing in film and Definition Cross-dressing in film and television
The WB Definition Network The WB Television Network
Fuji Definition Fuji Television
Analog Definition Analog television
Mobile Definition Mobile television
Definition content rating systems Television content rating systems
Pakistan Definition Corporation Pakistan Television Corporation
Standard-definition Definition Standard-definition television
Hearst Definition Hearst Television
Terrestrial Definition Terrestrial television
Definition in India Television in India
Definition channel frequencies Television channel frequencies
Children's Definition series Children's television series
Digital Terrestrial Definition Digital Terrestrial Television
Definition pilot Television pilot