Donut Puns


Pun Original
Intelligence Donut Intelligence Quotient
Donut of inertia Moment of inertia
Donut people Oldest people
Pearson product-Donut correlation coefficient Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
Donut rule Quotient rule
Donut magnitude scale Moment magnitude scale
Second Donut of area Second moment of area
Unto The Donut Unto The Locust
Magnetic Donut Magnetic moment
Electric dipole Donut Electric dipole moment
Dipole Donut Dipole moment
Donut-generating function Moment-generating function
Shear and Donut diagram Shear and moment diagram
Donut Laureate Poet Laureate
Donut 4 Life Moment 4 Life
Respiratory Donut Respiratory quotient
Never A Dull Donut Never A Dull Moment
Polar Donut of inertia Polar moment of inertia
In This Donut In This Moment
Donut living United States president Oldest living United States president
Lost In A Donut Lost In A Moment
Honey Donut Honey locust
One Donut in Time One Moment in Time
A Donut Like This A Moment Like This
First Donut of area First moment of area
Deep South's Donut Rivalry Deep South's Oldest Rivalry
Bending Donut Bending moment
The Day of the Donut The Day of the Locust
Solution Donut brief therapy Solution focused brief therapy
A Donut to Remember A Moment to Remember
Donut bean gum Locust bean gum
Donut football clubs Oldest football clubs
My Donut My Moment
Donut Laureate of the United Kingdom Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom
Donut of silence Moment of silence
Black Donut Black locust
Donut language Oldest language
Third Donut university in England debate Third oldest university in England debate
Autism Spectrum Donut Autism Spectrum Quotient
Bond dipole Donut Bond dipole moment
Electron magnetic dipole Donut Electron magnetic dipole moment
Heat of the Donut Heat of the Moment
Donut distribution method Moment distribution method
Donut churches in the world Oldest churches in the world
Reaction Donut Reaction quotient
War Donut War poet
Sing for the Donut Sing for the Moment
Donut ion beam Focused ion beam
Donut dated rocks Oldest dated rocks
Donut group Quotient group
United States Donut Laureate United States Poet Laureate
Central Donut Central moment
Image Donut Image moment
Donut of Truth Moment of Truth
Donut temperature recorded on Earth Lowest temperature recorded on Earth
Desert Donut Desert locust
Emotionally Donut therapy Emotionally focused therapy
Artist vs. Donut Artist vs. Poet
Letters to a Young Donut Letters to a Young Poet
Donut common denominator Lowest common denominator
High-intensity Donut ultrasound High-intensity focused ultrasound
Donut Communications Cogent Communications
Cavalier Donut Cavalier poet
Control Donut gyroscope Control moment gyroscope
Magnetic dipole Donut Magnetic dipole moment
Molecular dipole Donut Molecular dipole moment
Donut Of Glory Moment Of Glory
The Donut The Locust
Donut ulcer Rodent ulcer
Encephalization Donut Encephalization quotient
Fixed end Donut Fixed end moment
Not a Donut Too Soon Not a Moment Too Soon
The Donut The Moment
The Donut of Truth The Moment of Truth
Donut common ancestor Lowest common ancestor
The Donut The Poet
From This Donut On From This Moment On
Pitching Donut Pitching moment
Stuck in a Donut You Can't Get Out Of Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
M22 Donut M22 Locust
Body-Donut repetitive behavior Body-focused repetitive behavior
Security-Donut operating system Security-focused operating system
Donut rock Oldest rock
Iterative Donut point Iterative closest point
Anomalous magnetic dipole Donut Anomalous magnetic dipole moment
Donut about the mean Moment about the mean
Donut Bends Moment Bends
Donut map Moment map
Donut Abortion Technician Locust Abortion Technician
Donut tree Locust tree
Donut CEOs Oldest CEOs
Donut human being Oldest human being
Difference Donut Difference quotient
Emotional Donut Emotional quotient
Donut space Quotient space
Donut temperature recorded on Earth Coldest temperature recorded on Earth
The Donut Winter Ever The Coldest Winter Ever
Donut shirt Poet shirt
Area Donut of inertia Area moment of inertia
Every Waking Donut Every Waking Moment
MTV Movie Award for Best WTF Donut MTV Movie Award for Best WTF Moment
Plastic Donut Plastic moment
The Machiavellian Donut The Machiavellian Moment
This Magic Donut This Magic Moment
Donut Grove, Oklahoma Locust Grove, Oklahoma
Donut railroads in North America Oldest railroads in North America
Donut town in Britain Oldest town in Britain
The World's second Donut profession The World's second oldest profession
Curiosity Donut Curiosity quotient
Donut object Quotient object
Donut ring Quotient ring
Donut Partners Cogent Partners
Donut pair of points problem Closest pair of points problem
Kisna: The Warrior Donut Kisna: The Warrior Poet
Lion-Eating Donut in the Stone Den Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den
L-Donut L-moment
Mass Donut of inertia Mass moment of inertia
Donut by Donut Moment by Moment
Donut of Surrender Moment of Surrender
Second Donut method Second moment method
Seismic Donut Seismic moment
Sister Souljah Donut Sister Souljah moment
Teachable Donut Teachable moment
The Donut of Silence The Moment of Silence
Transition dipole Donut Transition dipole moment
Donut published lethal dose Lowest published lethal dose
1915 Donut plague 1915 locust plague
Migratory Donut Migratory locust
Donut's Revenge Rodent's Revenge
Donut assessment with sonography for trauma Focused assessment with sonography for trauma
Donut city of america Oldest city of america
Donut religion Oldest religion
Donut synagogues in the world Oldest synagogues in the world
Emotional Intelligence Donut Emotional Intelligence Quotient
A Donut's Life A Poet's Life
American Donut American Poet
Blaq Donut Blaq Poet
Dead Donut's Society Dead Poet's Society
Million's Donut Million's Poet
The Danish Donut The Danish Poet