Drug Puns


Pun Original
As snug as a bug in a Drug As snug as a bug in a rug
Snug as a bug in a Drug Snug as a bug in a rug
As Drug as a bug in a rug As snug as a bug in a rug
Drug as a bug in a rug Snug as a bug in a rug
As cute as a Drug's ear As cute as a bug's ear
As snug as a Drug in a rug As snug as a bug in a rug
Cute as a Drug's ear Cute as a bug's ear
Snug as a Drug in a rug Snug as a bug in a rug
Bed Drug Bed bug
Drug Hall Bug Hall
Drug stops here Buck stops here
Pass the Drug Pass the buck
The Drug stops here The buck stops here
Spark Drug Spark plug
Universal Drug and Play Universal Plug and Play
Software Drug Software bug
A Drug's Life A Bug's Life
Butt Drug Butt plug
Drug-in Plug-in
Metal Drug Metal Slug
Drug-in hybrid Plug-in hybrid
Telephone Drug Telephone plug
Shotgun Drug Shotgun slug
Drug of War Tug of War
Drug-out bag Bug-out bag
Banana Drug Banana slug
Drug tracking system Bug tracking system
Drug shot Mug shot
Braided Drug Braided rug
Drug McGraw Tug McGraw
Brown marmorated stink Drug Brown marmorated stink bug
Pentium FDIV Drug Pentium FDIV bug
Super Drug Super Bug
The Love Drug The Love Bug
Drug and play Plug and play
Sea Drug Sea slug
Ambush Drug Ambush Bug
The Gold-Drug The Gold-Bug
Little Brown Drug Little Brown Jug
Drug socket Plug socket
TV aerial Drug TV aerial plug
Web Drug Web bug
Dragon Ball Z: Lord Drug Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug
Drug flow reactor model Plug flow reactor model
Computer Drug Computer bug
Unusual software Drug Unusual software bug
Sailors' Drug Harbor Sailors' Snug Harbor
Drug valve Plug valve
Drug-in electric vehicle Plug-in electric vehicle
Mantis Drug Tracker Mantis Bug Tracker
Drug nut Lug nut
Drug machine Hug machine
Drug Doctor Rug Doctor
Metal Drug 7 Metal Slug 7
Core Drug Core plug
Toyota Prius Drug-in Hybrid Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid
Shoulder Drug Shoulder shrug
Bed Drug infestation Bed bug infestation
Andy Drug Andy Hug
Cervical mucus Drug Cervical mucus plug
Anchor handling Drug supply vessel Anchor handling tug supply vessel
Navajo class fleet Drug Navajo class fleet tug
Bed Drug control techniques Bed bug control techniques
Internet Explorer box model Drug Internet Explorer box model bug
Stink Drug Stink bug
Drug making Rug making
Drug computer Plug computer
Drug zapper Bug zapper
Shield Drug Shield bug
Drug Alert! Smug Alert!
Metal Drug 6 Metal Slug 6
Mating Drug Mating plug
Baja Drug Baja Bug
Drug band Jug band
Under Drug Swept Under Rug Swept
Metal Drug 2 Metal Slug 2
Prius Drug-in Hybrid Prius Plug-in Hybrid
June Drug June bug
Potato Drug Potato bug
The Drug The Bug
Emmet Otter's Drug-Band Christmas Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas
Memphis Drug Band Memphis Jug Band
South Austin Drug Band South Austin Jug Band
Afghan Drug Afghan rug
Persian Drug Persian rug
Jack Drug Jack plug
UK Drug UK plug
Bond Drug Bond Bug
Mali Mokri Drug Mali Mokri Lug
Drug Rock Jug Rock
Bear Drug Bear hug
Oriental Drug Oriental rug
Drug hooking Rug hooking
Dig Drug Dig Dug
Screenplay Drug line Screenplay slug line
Glow Drug Glow plug
Drug In Baby Plug In Baby
Chewing gum Drug Chewing gum bug
Kettering Drug Kettering Bug
Travel Drug Travel Bug
True Drug True bug
Western conifer seed Drug Western conifer seed bug
Drug wrench Lug wrench
Albino Drug Albino Slug
Ghost Drug Ghost slug
Glaser Safety Drug Glaser Safety Slug
Metal Drug Anthology Metal Slug Anthology
Copulatory Drug Copulatory plug
Mustard Drug Mustard Plug
Power Drug Power plug
Volcanic Drug Volcanic plug
Drug Root Beer Mug Root Beer
Starbucks City Drug Starbucks City Mug
Drug Bite Bug Bite
Gnat Drug Gnat bug
Hawthorn shield Drug Hawthorn shield bug
Ryan Model 147 Lightning Drug Ryan Model 147 Lightning Bug
Bayonet Drug Bayonet lug
Bartmann Drug Bartmann jug
Cortaca Drug Cortaca Jug
Drug wine Jug wine
Mother McCree's Uptown Drug Champions Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions
Christian side Drug Christian side hug
Johann Leonhard Drug Johann Leonhard Hug
Baluch Drug Baluch rug
Prayer Drug Prayer rug
Drug's Special Mission Dug's Special Mission
Metal Drug 5 Metal Slug 5
Metal Drug Zero Online Metal Slug Zero Online
Drug barrel Slug barrel
Cheater Drug Cheater plug
Fusible Drug Fusible plug
Kettle Drug Kettle plug
Drug and feather Plug and feather
Drug Uglies Plug Uglies
Soviet Drug Soviet plug
Assassin Drug Assassin bug
Drug bash Bug bash
Forest Drug Forest bug
Green shield Drug Green shield bug
Kissing Drug Kissing bug
Lady Drug Lady bug
Leap year Drug Leap year bug
Pentium F00F Drug Pentium F00F bug
Security Drug Security bug
The Satan Drug The Satan Bug
Wheel Drug Wheel bug
Uncle Drug Uncle Buck
Young Drug Young Buck
Drug converter Buck converter
Drug Rogers in the 25th Century Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Drug Angel Buck Angel
Drug Rogers Buck Rogers
Pearl S. Drug Pearl S. Buck
Drug-boost converter Buck-boost converter
Joe Drug Joe Buck
Go the Drug to Sleep Go the Fuck to Sleep
Drug You Fuck You
Drug Owens Buck Owens
Jack Drug Jack Buck
Drug Taylor Buck Taylor
Peter Drug Peter Buck
Drug v. Bell Buck v. Bell
Drug You! Fuck You!
Drug Me I'm Famous Fuck Me I'm Famous
Drug tha Police Fuck tha Police
Drug Showalter Buck Showalter
Drug passing Buck passing
Awesome as Drug Awesome as Fuck
Drug It Fuck It
Drug Me Pumps Fuck Me Pumps
Drug Adams Buck Adams
Holy Drug Holy Fuck
Drug Henry Buck Henry
Brain Drug Scheduler Brain Fuck Scheduler
Drug Her Gently Fuck Her Gently
Drug The World Buck The World
Drug-boost transformer Buck-boost transformer
Linda B. Drug Linda B. Buck
Operation Black Drug Operation Black Buck
Tylene Drug Tylene Buck
Drug Forever Fuck Forever
Who the Drug Are Arctic Monkeys? Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?
Zipless Drug Zipless fuck
Big Drug Hunter Big Buck Hunter
Drug Barrow Buck Barrow
Drug Brannaman Buck Brannaman
Drug Buchanan Buck Buchanan
Drug Knives Buck Knives
The Great Drug Howard The Great Buck Howard
Drug Off Fuck Off
Drug the World Fuck the World
Drug Baker Buck Baker
Drug Clayton Buck Clayton
Drug Weaver Buck Weaver
Tim Drug Tim Buck
Drug Buttons Fuck Buttons
Drug It, We'll Do It Live Fuck It, We'll Do It Live
Who In The Drug Who In The Fuck
Bruce Drug Bruce Buck
Drug Danny Buck Danny
Drug Jones Buck Jones
Drug-Tick Buck-Tick
Chuck & Drug Chuck & Buck
Joan Juliet Drug Joan Juliet Buck
Drug for Forest Fuck for Forest
Drug the Facts Fuck the Facts
Drug the Kids Fuck the Kids
Drug wit Dre Day Fuck wit Dre Day
Just Don't Give a Drug Just Don't Give a Fuck
Tit Drug Tit fuck
Big Drug Bunny Big Buck Bunny
Drug and the Preacher Buck and the Preacher
Drug Choquette Buck Choquette
Drug Mulligan Buck Mulligan
Drug O'Neil Buck O'Neil
Drug Pierce Buck Pierce
Drug Ruxton Buck Ruxton
Drug Shaw Stadium Buck Shaw Stadium
Drug's Fizz Buck's Fizz
Drug's traction Buck's traction
John Drug John Buck
Drug for the heir Puppy Bear! Fuck for the heir Puppy Bear!
Drug Me Jesus Fuck Me Jesus
Drug the System Fuck the System
Kill Drug Die Kill Fuck Die
Titty Drug Titty fuck
Bang for the Drug Bang for the buck
Browning Drug Mark Browning Buck Mark
Drug Dharma Buck Dharma
Drug Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys
Drug Ram Buck Ram
Drug Rodgers Buck Rodgers
Drug Rogers XXVC Buck Rogers XXVC
Drug Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
Drug's fascia Buck's fascia
Bunkhouse Drug Bunkhouse Buck
Chris Drug Chris Buck
Frank Drug Frank Buck
Get Drug in Here Get Buck in Here
John Deere Drug John Deere Buck
Richard Drug Richard Buck
The Drug stops here The buck stops here