Easy Puns


Pun Original
Easy P. Martini Sleazy P. Martini
Get Easy Tour Get Sleazy Tour
Easy Point, Queens Breezy Point, Queens
Easy Circular Specie Circular
Easy spoon Greasy spoon
Sub Easy aeternitatis Sub specie aeternitatis
Easy seadragon Leafy seadragon
Price-Easy flow mechanism Price-specie flow mechanism
Nice 'n' Easy Nice 'n' Greasy
Ma Kelly's Easy Spoon Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon
Easy Love Songs Greasy Love Songs
Easy sea dragon Leafy sea dragon
Easy Francis Genie Francis
Temporary Assistance for Easy Families Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Easy gut syndrome Leaky gut syndrome
Easy with the Light Pink Fur Genie with the Light Pink Fur
Game Easy Game Genie
Easy in a Bottle Genie in a Bottle
Easy Chuo Genie Chuo
AIR-2 Easy AIR-2 Genie
Easy bucket Leaky bucket
Easy in the House Genie in the House
Easy bras Genie bras
Diaper Easy Diaper Genie
Easy Energy Genie Energy
The Easy of the Lamp The Genie of the Lamp
Easy Award Genie Award
Easy lift Genie lift
31st Easy Awards 31st Genie Awards
The Jean Easy The Jean Genie
Wandering Easy Wandering Genie
Easy abstraction Leaky abstraction
Easy integrator Leaky integrator
Easy wave antenna Leaky wave antenna
Easy feeder Leaky feeder
The Easy Cauldron The Leaky Cauldron
Easy gut Leaky gut