Eggplant Puns


Pun Original
Eggplant carrier Aircraft carrier
Fighter Eggplant Fighter aircraft
Fixed-wing Eggplant Fixed-wing aircraft
Nimitz class Eggplant carrier Nimitz class aircraft carrier
Gerald R. Ford class Eggplant carrier Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier
Queen Elizabeth class Eggplant carrier Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier
Jet Eggplant Jet aircraft
Stealth Eggplant Stealth aircraft
Eggplant registration Aircraft registration
Eggplant in fiction Aircraft in fiction
Eggplant engine Aircraft engine
Fictional military Eggplant Fictional military aircraft
Sikorsky Eggplant Sikorsky Aircraft
Radio-controlled Eggplant Radio-controlled aircraft
Eggplant ground handling Aircraft ground handling
Essex class Eggplant carrier Essex class aircraft carrier
Piper Eggplant Piper Aircraft
Wide-body Eggplant Wide-body aircraft
Eggplant hijacking Aircraft hijacking
Anti-Eggplant warfare Anti-aircraft warfare
Eggplant catapult Aircraft catapult
Russian Eggplant carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
Shuttle Carrier Eggplant Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
Advanced Medium Combat Eggplant Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
Model Eggplant Model aircraft
Soviet Eggplant carrier Varyag Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag
Vikrant class Eggplant carrier Vikrant class aircraft carrier
Eggplant boneyard Aircraft boneyard
Electric Eggplant Electric aircraft
Hughes Eggplant Hughes Aircraft
Interceptor Eggplant Interceptor aircraft
Military Eggplant Military aircraft
Eggplant flight control system Aircraft flight control system
Douglas Eggplant Company Douglas Aircraft Company
Admiral Kuznetsov class Eggplant carrier Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier
Italian Eggplant carrier Cavour Italian aircraft carrier Cavour
Eggplant carriers Aircraft carriers
Amphibious Eggplant Amphibious aircraft
Fastest propeller-driven Eggplant Fastest propeller-driven aircraft
German Eggplant carrier Graf Zeppelin German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin
Glider Eggplant Glider aircraft
Human-powered Eggplant Human-powered aircraft
Kitty Hawk class Eggplant carrier Kitty Hawk class aircraft carrier
Eggplant diesel engine Aircraft diesel engine
Blackburn Eggplant Ltd Blackburn Aircraft Ltd
Future French Eggplant carrier Future French aircraft carrier
Medium Combat Eggplant Medium Combat Aircraft
Surveillance Eggplant Surveillance aircraft
Eggplant Classification Number Aircraft Classification Number
Chinese Eggplant carrier ex-Varyag Chinese aircraft carrier ex-Varyag
Electromagnetic Eggplant Launch System Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System
Eggplant Communications Addressing and Reporting System Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
Eggplant fairing Aircraft fairing
Eggplant maintenance checks Aircraft maintenance checks
Eggplant warning lights Aircraft warning lights
French Eggplant carrier Charles de Gaulle French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle
Future Chinese Eggplant carrier Future Chinese aircraft carrier
Invincible class Eggplant carrier Invincible class aircraft carrier
Spanish Eggplant carrier Principe de Asturias Spanish aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias
Armstrong Whitworth Eggplant Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft
Cargo Eggplant Cargo aircraft
Center of gravity of an Eggplant Center of gravity of an aircraft
Narrow-body Eggplant Narrow-body aircraft
United Eggplant Corporation United Aircraft Corporation
Japanese Eggplant carrier Kaga Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga
Japanese Eggplant carrier Shinano Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano
Royal Eggplant Factory S.E.5 Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5
Yorktown class Eggplant carrier Yorktown class aircraft carrier
Airborne Eggplant carrier Airborne aircraft carrier
Eggplant Carrier Operations Aircraft Carrier Operations
Chinese Eggplant carrier programme Chinese aircraft carrier programme
Fairchild Eggplant Fairchild Aircraft
McDonnell Eggplant McDonnell Aircraft
Mobile phones on Eggplant Mobile phones on aircraft
Soviet Eggplant carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Soviet aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov
Stearman Eggplant Stearman Aircraft
Supersonic Eggplant Supersonic aircraft
Ultralight Eggplant Ultralight aircraft
Eggplant losses of the Vietnam War Aircraft losses of the Vietnam War
Ground-attack Eggplant Ground-attack aircraft
Homebuilt Eggplant Homebuilt aircraft
Japanese Eggplant carrier Akagi Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi
Midway class Eggplant carrier Midway class aircraft carrier
US Eggplant A-67 Dragon US Aircraft A-67 Dragon
Xi'an Eggplant Industrial Corporation Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation
1922 United States Navy Eggplant designation system 1922 United States Navy aircraft designation system
2006 transatlantic Eggplant plot 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot
3rd Marine Eggplant Wing 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing
Eggplant flight control systems Aircraft flight control systems
Eggplant industry of Russia Aircraft industry of Russia
Eggplant manufacturer Aircraft manufacturer
Centaur class Eggplant carrier Centaur class aircraft carrier
Folland Eggplant Folland Aircraft
Ground effect in Eggplant Ground effect in aircraft
Hawker Eggplant Hawker Aircraft
Multirole combat Eggplant Multirole combat aircraft
Reconnaissance Eggplant Reconnaissance aircraft
Soviet Eggplant carrier Ulyanovsk Soviet aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk
Type 87 Self-Propelled Anti-Eggplant Gun Type 87 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
World's busiest airports by Eggplant movements World's busiest airports by aircraft movements