Election Puns


Pun Original
Natural Election Natural Selection
Election Lot Collection Lot
Wason Election task Wason selection task
Secondary Security Screening Election Secondary Security Screening Selection
Sexual Election Sexual selection
Election sort Selection sort
The French Election The French Connection
Network Behavior Anomaly Election Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
Intrusion Election System Intrusion Detection System
The Ultimate Election The Ultimate Collection
Error Election and correction Error detection and correction
Error detection and Election Error detection and correction
Adverse Election Adverse selection
Election bias Selection bias
Gamma Election Gamma correction
Fair Debt Election Practices Act Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Federal Meat Election Act Federal Meat Inspection Act
Garbage Election Garbage collection
Kin Election Kin selection
Total internal Election Total internal reflection
GNU Compiler Election GNU Compiler Collection
Bonferroni Election Bonferroni correction
Coin Election Coin Collection
Metal Gear Solid HD Election Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Jury Election Jury selection
100 Classic Book Election 100 Classic Book Collection
Election theory Detection theory
Diffuse Election Diffuse reflection
R/K Election theory R/K selection theory
Edge Election Edge detection
Vehicle Election Vehicle inspection
Data Election Data collection
Common-mode Election ratio Common-mode rejection ratio
ERP System Election Methodology ERP System Selection Methodology
Feature Election Feature detection
French Election French Connection
Specular Election Specular reflection
The Election The Collection
Transplant Election Transplant rejection
HTTP persistent Election HTTP persistent connection
Election agency Collection agency
Carrier sense multiple access with collision Election Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection
Services Election Board Services Selection Board
Reed-Solomon error Election Reed-Solomon error correction
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Election Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
Stabilizing Election Stabilizing selection
Fagan Election Fagan inspection
Artificial Election Artificial selection
Sex Election Sex selection
Public display of Election Public display of affection
Disruptive Election Disruptive selection
Election limit Detection limit
General Election of Finances General Inspection of Finances
Magnetic-particle Election Magnetic-particle inspection
Internet Election Sharing Internet Connection Sharing
The Singles Election The Singles Collection
Sexual Election in human evolution Sexual selection in human evolution
Collision Election Collision detection
Corner Election Corner detection
Forward error Election Forward error correction
Jak and Daxter HD Election Jak and Daxter HD Collection
Advertising media Election Advertising media selection
Deep packet Election Deep packet inspection
Jewish skeleton Election Jewish skeleton collection
Dye penetrant Election Dye penetrant inspection
Election coefficient Reflection coefficient
Election algorithm Selection algorithm
United States Army Special Forces Election and training United States Army Special Forces selection and training
Mega Man X Election Mega Man X Collection
Social Election Social rejection
The Criterion Election The Criterion Collection
Directional Election Directional selection
Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Election Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection
The Classic Marvel Figurine Election The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection
James Bond Car Election James Bond Car Collection
Feature Election Feature selection
Blob Election Blob detection
Heckman Election Heckman correction
DC Comics Super Hero Election DC Comics Super Hero Collection
The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Election The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
Forum Election clause Forum selection clause
Group Election Group selection
United States Navy SEAL Election and training United States Navy SEAL selection and training
Network intrusion Election system Network intrusion detection system
Plagiarism Election Plagiarism detection
Making the Election Making the Connection
Tumbleweed Election Tumbleweed Connection
Election II Collection II
Criterion Election Criterion Collection
Sega Genesis Election Sega Genesis Collection
The Immaculate Election The Immaculate Collection
The Platinum Election The Platinum Collection
Election rule Selection rule
The Descent of Man, and Election in Relation to Sex The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
Unidirectional Link Election Unidirectional Link Detection
The Life Election The Life Collection
The Irony of Your Election EP The Irony of Your Perfection EP
Mega Man Anniversary Election Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Sewage Election and disposal Sewage collection and disposal
Sonic Mega Election Sonic Mega Collection
Cycle Election Cycle detection
Election dog Detection dog
Face Election Face detection
Motion Election Motion detection
Nintendo Wi-Fi Election Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Election seismology Reflection seismology
Capcom Classics Election Capcom Classics Collection
Looney Tunes Golden Election Looney Tunes Golden Collection
National Historic Fleet, Core Election National Historic Fleet, Core Collection
The Beatles Election The Beatles Collection
The Definitive Election The Definitive Collection
Lie Election Lie detection
Pitch Election algorithm Pitch detection algorithm
Crescent City Election Crescent City Connection
Delta Election Delta Connection
Rainbow Election Rainbow Connection
SIP Election SIP connection
Westside Election Westside Connection
6126 Election 6126 Collection
Dreamcast Election Dreamcast Collection
Electronic toll Election Electronic toll collection
Intelligence Election management Intelligence collection management
My Worlds: The Election My Worlds: The Collection
Wallace Election Wallace Collection
Color Election Color correction
Flat-field Election Flat-field correction
United States housing market Election United States housing market correction
United States Postal Election Service United States Postal Inspection Service
Direct cable Election Direct cable connection
French Election II French Connection II
Election Eternal Reflection Eternal
American Type Culture Election American Type Culture Collection
Walt Disney Gold Classic Election Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection
Election sampling Rejection sampling
Personnel Election Personnel selection
United Kingdom Special Forces Election United Kingdom Special Forces Selection
Anomaly Election Anomaly detection
Gas leak Election Gas leak detection
Holmes Election Holmes Inspection
Home Election Home inspection
Meat Election Act Meat Inspection Act
Election pool Connection pool
Election-oriented protocol Connection-oriented protocol
Remote Desktop Election Remote Desktop Connection
Total anomalous pulmonary venous Election Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection
Election mapping Reflection mapping
Election symmetry Reflection symmetry
Total internal Election fluorescence microscope Total internal reflection fluorescence microscope
The Personal Jewel Election of Elizabeth II The Personal Jewel Collection of Elizabeth II
The Rokstarr Election The Rokstarr Collection
The Singles Election 2001-2011 The Singles Collection 2001-2011
United Nations Art Election United Nations Art Collection
Frequency-dependent Election Frequency-dependent selection
Self-Election bias Self-selection bias
Homodyne Election Homodyne detection
Bessel's Election Bessel's correction
Election fluid Correction fluid
Automated optical Election Automated optical inspection
Software Election Software inspection
Election-oriented communication Connection-oriented communication
Mothership Election Mothership Connection
Human self-Election Human self-reflection
Phong Election model Phong reflection model
Election high energy electron diffraction Reflection high energy electron diffraction
Samurai X: Election Samurai X: Reflection
Frick Election Frick Collection
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Election Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection
The Christmas Election The Christmas Collection
The Solo Election The Solo Collection
Demandingness Election Demandingness objection
Power supply Election ratio Power supply rejection ratio
Material Election Material selection
Pugh Concept Election Pugh Concept Selection
Election coefficient Selection coefficient
Bidirectional Forwarding Election Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
Host-based intrusion Election system Host-based intrusion detection system
Intrusion Election Intrusion detection
Leak Election Leak detection
Neutron Election Neutron detection
Arkansas Department of Election Arkansas Department of Correction
Tape Election Tape correction
Building Election Building inspection
Risk-based Election Risk-based inspection
Missed Election Missed connection
Tremors 3: Back to Election Tremors 3: Back to Perfection
Glide Election Glide reflection
Election of light Reflection of light
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Election Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Holiday Election Holiday Collection
Phantasy Star Election Phantasy Star Collection
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Election Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection
Royal Election Royal Collection
Survey data Election Survey data collection
WWE Vintage Election WWE Vintage Collection
Interest point Election Interest point detection
Continuity Election Continuity correction
Indiana Department of Election Indiana Department of Correction
First article Election First article inspection
Crimp Election Crimp connection
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Election Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
Galois Election Galois connection
Hip Hop Election Hip Hop Connection
JACK Audio Election Kit JACK Audio Connection Kit
Population Election Population Connection
Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Election Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection
Barnes & Noble Classics Election Barnes & Noble Classics Collection
Calvin Klein Election Calvin Klein Collection
Dungeons & Dragons Election Dungeons & Dragons Collection
God of War: Origins Election God of War: Origins Collection
Menil Election Menil Collection
Pixar Short Films Election - Volume 1 Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1
The High Voltage SID Election The High Voltage SID Collection
The John Lennon Election The John Lennon Collection
The Sly Election The Sly Collection
The Trammell & Margaret Crow Election of Asian Art The Trammell & Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art
The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Election The Very Best Definitive Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection
Election of Jesus Rejection of Jesus
Election sensitivity Rejection sensitivity
Driver drowsiness Election Driver drowsiness detection
Explosive Election Explosive detection
Viola-Jones object Election framework Viola-Jones object detection framework
Error Election model Error correction model
Maryland House of Election Maryland House of Correction
Pitch Election Pitch correction
Power factor Election Power factor correction
Animal and Plant Health Election Service Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Canadian Food Election Agency Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Food Safety and Election Service Food Safety and Inspection Service
Affine Election Affine connection
Apple Developer Election Apple Developer Connection
Election Machine Connection Machine
Database Election Database connection
Levi-Civita Election Levi-Civita connection
Pizza Election Trial Pizza Connection Trial
Signalling Election Control Part Signalling Connection Control Part
The Rainbow Election The Rainbow Connection
For a Minor Election For a Minor Reflection
Lucretia My Election Lucretia My Reflection
Point Election Point reflection
Alanis Morissette: The Election Alanis Morissette: The Collection
Ballad Election Ballad Collection
McMichael Canadian Art Election McMichael Canadian Art Collection
National Numismatic Election National Numismatic Collection
Now That's What I Call Christmas!: The Signature Election Now That's What I Call Christmas!: The Signature Collection
Ports Election Ports collection
Record Election Record Collection
Schlumpf Election Schlumpf Collection
Short story Election Short story collection
Silent Hill Election Silent Hill Collection
Somerset Election Somerset Collection
Sonic Gems Election Sonic Gems Collection
Tax Election Tax collection
The 12" Election The 12" Collection
The Annie Lennox Election The Annie Lennox Collection
The B-Side Election The B-Side Collection
The Best of Kiss, Volume 3: The Millennium Election The Best of Kiss, Volume 3: The Millennium Collection
The Hits Election The Hits Collection
The Instant Monty Python CD Election The Instant Monty Python CD Collection
The Single Election The Single Collection
The Singles Election Volume 3 The Singles Collection Volume 3
The Traveling Wilburys Election The Traveling Wilburys Collection
Tokyo Girls Election Tokyo Girls Collection
Tom and Jerry Golden Election Tom and Jerry Golden Collection
Advanced Intrusion Election Environment Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
Anomaly-based intrusion Election system Anomaly-based intrusion detection system
Autonomous Election System Autonomous Detection System
Change Election Change detection
Data Analysis Techniques for Fraud Election Data Analysis Techniques for Fraud Detection
Explosives trace-Election portal machine Explosives trace-detection portal machine
Lightning Election Lightning detection
Linux Intrusion Election System Linux Intrusion Detection System
On the Election and Overthrow of the So-Called Gnosis On the Detection and Overthrow of the So-Called Gnosis
Random early Election Random early detection
Election tape Correction tape
House of Election House of correction
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Election Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Yates's Election for continuity Yates's correction for continuity
Pipeline Election gauge Pipeline inspection gauge
Body and Brain Election Body and Brain Connection
Clamp Election Clamp connection
Election-oriented Ethernet Connection-oriented Ethernet
Continental Election Continental Connection
Delta Election destinations Delta Connection destinations
Reverse Election Reverse connection
Rock 'n' Sock Election Rock 'n' Sock Connection
Siamese Election Siamese connection
Spin Election Spin connection
The Salzburg Election The Salzburg Connection
Celebrity Election Celebrity Reflection
Fresnel Election Fresnel reflection
Internal Election Internal reflection
Election attack Reflection attack
Schwarz Election principle Schwarz reflection principle
Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Election Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection
Walt Disney Masterpiece Election Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection
Waste Election Waste collection
Wellcome Election Wellcome Collection
Election to the consideration of a question Objection to the consideration of a question
Anonymous call Election Anonymous call rejection
The Object of My Election The Object of My Affection