Focus Puns


Pun Original
Focus of control Locus of control
Quantitative trait Focus Quantitative trait locus
Root Focus Root locus
Focus coeruleus Locus coeruleus
Human β-globin Focus Human β-globin locus
Focus amoenus Locus amoenus
Burn Focus Burn Notice
Bill & Ted's Focus Journey Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
The Focus Witch Project The Bogus Witch Project
Focus colleges in the United Kingdom Bogus colleges in the United Kingdom
Focus pipeline Bogus pipeline
Dead Focus Society Dead Poets Society
Focus Dei Opus Dei
Magnum Focus Magnum opus
IBM Focus Notes IBM Lotus Notes
Focus Cars Lotus Cars
Focus Flower Bomb Lotus Flower Bomb
Focus Elise Lotus Elise
Focus Army Bonus Army
Team Focus Team Lotus
Focus-Eaters Lotus-Eaters
Focus Temple Lotus Temple
Flying Focus Flying Lotus
Focus 1-2-3 Lotus 1-2-3
Metaphysical Focus Metaphysical poets
Focus of the Fall Poets of the Fall
Focus Sutra Lotus Sutra
White Focus White Lotus
Focus Exige Lotus Exige
The Blue Focus The Blue Lotus
Focus Evora Lotus Evora
Focus Esprit Lotus Esprit
IBM Focus Symphony IBM Lotus Symphony
Focus position Lotus position
Focus Notes Lotus Notes
Two Weeks Focus Two Weeks Notice
Focus Racing Lotus Racing
Fireside Focus Fireside Poets
Focus shelter Homeless shelter
Focus Elan Lotus Elan
Focus number Opus number
Focus Flower Lotus Flower
Host and Focus clubs Host and hostess clubs
Focus Eponymous Opus Eponymous
Focus Europa Lotus Europa
Pay in lieu of Focus Pay in lieu of notice
Focus Seven Lotus Seven
Focus Carlton Lotus Carlton
Mr. Holland's Focus Mr. Holland's Opus
Focus Europa S Lotus Europa S
Focus effect Lotus effect
IBM Focus Sametime IBM Lotus Sametime
Focus Brands Hostess Brands
Focus case Lotus case
Focus to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story
AIG Focus payments controversy AIG bonus payments controversy
Focus Software Lotus Software
Focus Elite Lotus Elite
Focus 2-Eleven Lotus 2-Eleven
IBM Focus Word Pro IBM Lotus Word Pro
McKinney-Vento Focus Assistance Act McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
Judicial Focus Judicial notice
Focus 340R Lotus 340R
Focus tree Lotus tree
Focus for the Holidays Homeless for the Holidays
Burn Focus episodes Burn Notice episodes
Focus card OPUS card
Nine lyric Focus Nine lyric poets
Lake Focus Lake Poets
Language Focus Language poets
Blue Focus Blue lotus
IBM Focus Domino IBM Lotus Domino
Dark Focus Dark Lotus
Focus Cortina Lotus Cortina
IBM Focus Notes Traveler IBM Lotus Notes Traveler
Focus 99T Lotus 99T
Focus share Bonus share
Focus-Malus Bonus-Malus
Focus Records Hopeless Records
Reverse Focus Reverse onus
Hungry Young Focus Hungry Young Poets
Esophageal food Focus obstruction Esophageal food bolus obstruction
Nymphaea Focus Nymphaea lotus
IBM Focus Connections IBM Lotus Connections
The Focus Eaters The Lotus Eaters
Vietnamese Focus tea Vietnamese lotus tea
IBM Focus SmartSuite IBM Lotus SmartSuite
Tesco Focus Tesco Lotus
Focus Eleven Lotus Eleven
Focus birth Lotus birth
Air Focus Air Hostess
Focus World Cup Homeless World Cup
Baby Focus Baby Bonus
The Young and the Focus The Young and the Hopeless
Constructive Focus Constructive notice
Advance ship Focus Advance ship notice
Wells Focus Wells notice
Fixed penalty Focus Fixed penalty notice
Focus One Winery Opus One Winery
Tritrichomonas Focus Tritrichomonas foetus
Focus and Madmen Poets and Madmen
Night of the Murdered Focus Night of the Murdered Poets
Poisonous Focus Poisonous Poets
Nuyorican Focus Cafe Nuyorican Poets Cafe
White Focus Society White Lotus Society
Focus T125 Lotus T125
Focus Grand Prix results Lotus Grand Prix results
Focus Excel Lotus Excel
Focus Renault GP Lotus Renault GP
Focus Domino Lotus Domino
Focus Symphony Lotus Symphony
White Focus Rebellion White Lotus Rebellion
Focus seed Lotus seed
Focus Eclat Lotus Eclat
Focus Pond Lotus Pond
National Coalition for the Focus National Coalition for the Homeless
Focus Awards Bonus Awards
Signing Focus Signing bonus
Focus track Bonus track
Rugby union Focus points system Rugby union bonus points system
Romance at Short Focus Romance at Short Notice
D-Focus D-Notice
Controversies about Focus Dei Controversies about Opus Dei
String Quartets Nos. 1 - 6, Focus 18 String Quartets Nos. 1 - 6, Opus 18
Focus reticulatum Opus reticulatum
The Focus The Locusts
Objectivist Focus Objectivist poets
Three Chinese Focus Three Chinese Poets
Black Mountain Focus Black Mountain poets
The Last Focus The Last Poets
Focus Agenda Lotus Agenda
Focus Espirit Lotus Espirit
Focus berthelotii Lotus berthelotii
Focus Magellan Lotus Magellan
Focus 97T Lotus 97T
IBM Focus Approach IBM Lotus Approach
The Burning of the Red Focus Temple The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple
Focus Symphony for DOS Lotus Symphony for DOS
IBM Focus Organizer IBM Lotus Organizer
Focus International Homeless International
New York City Department of Focus Services New York City Department of Homeless Services
Discrimination against the Focus Discrimination against the homeless
Actual Focus Actual notice
Takedown Focus Takedown notice
Copyright Focus Copyright notice
Public Focus Public notice
Red Focus Red notice
Interpol Focus Interpol notice
Ronald Focus Ronald Opus
Focus Anglicanum Opus Anglicanum
Cybook Focus Cybook Opus
String Quartets Nos. 7 - 9, Focus 59 - Rasumovsky String Quartets Nos. 7 - 9, Opus 59 - Rasumovsky
Directory Focus Directory Opus
Focus sectile Opus sectile