Frog Puns


Pun Original
High on the Frog High on the hog
Frog standard Bog standard
30 Frog 30 Rock
Frog Martin Doc Martin
Frog and roll Rock and roll
Between a Frog and a hard place Between a rock and a hard place
Frog your pay Dock your pay
Frog-up Cock-up
Frog-sure Cock-sure
Frog a snook Cock a snook
Frog and bull story Cock and bull story
Frog and cheese Chalk and cheese
Frog into a cocked hat Knock into a cocked hat
Frog off Knock off
Frog on wood Knock on wood
Frog back Knock back
Frog music Rock music
The Frog The Fog
Kitti's Frog-nosed Bat Kitti's Hog-nosed Bat
Frog body Bog body
Frog Island sheep Hog Island sheep
Wanderer above the Sea of Frog Wanderer above the Sea of Fog
Frog machine Fog machine
Frog of war Fog of war
The Frog of War The Fog of War
House of Sand and Frog House of Sand and Fog
Theatrical smoke and Frog Theatrical smoke and fog
Brain Frog Brain fog
Boss Frog Boss Hog
Truffle Frog Truffle hog
Pea soup Frog Pea soup fog
Hedgehog in the Frog Hedgehog in the Fog
Water Frog Water hog
Frog maw Hog maw
Red River Frog Red River Hog
Brush Frog Brush hog
Pygmy Frog Pygmy Hog
Frog deer Hog deer
Frog Child Bog Child
Frog iron Bog iron
Giant forest Frog Giant forest hog
Frog Farm Hog Farm
Frog-wood Bog-wood
The Lodger: A Story of the London Frog The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog
Night and Frog Night and Fog
Frog Island Hog Island
High on the Frog High on the Hog
Wild Frog Wild hog
Frog Wild Hog Wild
Peat Frog Peat bog
Gunning Frog index Gunning fog index
Tule Frog Tule fog
Utility Frog Utility fog
London Frog London fog
Around the World with Willy Frog Around the World with Willy Fog
Frog-nosed skunk Hog-nosed skunk
Lean Frog Lean Hog
Wonder Wart-Frog Wonder Wart-Hog
Frog Meadows Bog Meadows
Frog bodies Bog bodies
Frog Investigation and Dispersal Operation (FIDO Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation (FIDO
Frog bow Fog bow
Shadows and Frog Shadows and Fog
Frog Bowl Fog Bowl
Frog season Fog season
Anti-Frog Anti-fog
Frog Investigation and Dispersal Operation Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation
Frog site Shock site
Frog ring Cock ring
Frog Party Bloc Party
Septic Frog Septic shock
Electric Frog Electric shock
Frog Holliday Doc Holliday
Toxic Frog syndrome Toxic shock syndrome
Frog and Ball Torture Cock and Ball Torture
Culture Frog Culture shock
Eastern Frog Eastern Bloc
Frog Wave Shock Wave
Frog object Mock object
Frog Savage Doc Savage
Frog Robin Cock Robin
Nixon Frog Nixon Shock
Frog Treatment Shock Treatment
Frog Shaw Doc Shaw
Frog the Week Mock the Week
Trade Frog Trade bloc
Frog Value III Shock Value III
Static Frog Static Shock
Extracorporeal Frog wave lithotripsy Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
Frog absorber Shock absorber
Marsala Frog Marsala DOC
Vol. 2... Hard Frog Life Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life
System Frog 2 System Shock 2
Hickory Dickory Frog Hickory Dickory Dock
Frog trial Mock trial
G-Frog G-Shock
Cardiogenic Frog Cardiogenic shock
Black Frog Black bloc
Mama Said Frog You Out Mama Said Knock You Out
Frog Value Shock Value
Frog Rivers Doc Rivers
System Frog System Shock
Insulin Frog therapy Insulin shock therapy
Neurogenic Frog Neurogenic shock
Frog Value II Shock Value II
Future Frog Future Shock
State of Frog State of Shock
Frog Connector Dock Connector
A Frog and Bull Story A Cock and Bull Story
Frog G Shock G
Heat Frog protein Heat shock protein
Amphibious transport Frog Amphibious transport dock
(Sittin' On) The Frog of the Bay (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
The Frog Doctrine The Shock Doctrine
Shell Frog Shell shock
Frog Ellis Dock Ellis
Bay class landing ship Frog Bay class landing ship dock
Frog Nevis Knock Nevis
Spinal Frog Spinal shock
Frog therapy Shock therapy
Loading Frog Loading dock
Birdemic: Frog and Terror Birdemic: Shock and Terror
Frog Watson Doc Watson
Frog Samson Doc Samson
Frog-Frog joke Knock-knock joke
Hydrostatic Frog Hydrostatic shock
Frog Hollywood Doc Hollywood
Frog Turtle Mock Turtle
Austin class amphibious transport Frog Austin class amphibious transport dock
Stunt Frog Stunt cock
Yulia Tymoshenko Frog Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc
Frog on Wood Knock on Wood
Frog and awe Shock and awe
White Frog White Chalk
Bottle Frog Bottle Shock
Frog Hammer Doc Hammer
Frog martin episodes Doc martin episodes
Frog Severinsen Doc Severinsen
Albion class landing platform Frog Albion class landing platform dock
Canberra class Landing Helicopter Frog Canberra class Landing Helicopter Dock
Dixon of Frog Green Dixon of Dock Green
Frog Sparrer Cock Sparrer
All India Forward Frog All India Forward Bloc
Hard Frog Life Hard Knock Life
Frog advertising Shock advertising
Supply Frog Supply shock
Frog troops Shock troops
Frog Scurlock Doc Scurlock
San Antonio class amphibious transport Frog San Antonio class amphibious transport dock
Frog Farm Chalk Farm
Frog Out Knock Out
Complete Frog down Complete knock down
Frog Off Knock Off
Frog-down kit Knock-down kit
Casio G-Frog Frogman Casio G-Shock Frogman
Frog rock Shock rock
Thermal Frog Thermal shock
Frog turtle soup Mock turtle soup
Execution Frog Execution Dock
Landing platform Frog Landing platform dock
Foudre class landing platform Frog Foudre class landing platform dock
Stanley Frog Tobacco Warehouse Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse
Frog Lane ghost Cock Lane ghost
The Caucasian Frog Circle The Caucasian Chalk Circle
Distributive Frog Distributive shock
Nervous Frog Nervous shock
Frog of the New Era Shock of the New Era
After Frog After Shock
Frog art Shock art
Frog collar Shock collar
Oki Doki Frog Oki Doki Doc
Landing Helicopter Frog Landing Helicopter Dock
Frog landing ship Dock landing ship
Endurance class landing platform Frog ship Endurance class landing platform dock ship
Frog-a-leekie soup Cock-a-leekie soup
Frog rock Cock rock
Frog River Laboratories Chalk River Laboratories
Baby, You Frog Me Out Baby, You Knock Me Out
Ireland West Airport Frog Ireland West Airport Knock
Frog Troopers Shock Troopers
Frog Waves Shock Waves
Frog Pomus Doc Pomus
Frog Film Institute DOC Film Institute
Frog interview Mock interview
San Giorgio class amphibious transport Frog San Giorgio class amphibious transport dock
Space Frog Space dock
Albert Frog Albert Dock
Gary Frog Gary Chalk
Frog stream Chalk stream
Frog's International Airlines Chalk's International Airlines
Simon in the Land of Frog Drawings Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings
Frog Festival Bloc Festival
Voting Frog Voting bloc
Can't Frog the Hustle Can't Knock the Hustle
Toxic Frog Toxic Shock
Frog of the Hour Shock of the Hour
Frog humor Shock humor
Frog Searls Weblog Doc Searls Weblog
Frog's da Name 2000 Doc's da Name 2000
Frog Bar Doc Bar
Frog-heroic Mock-heroic
Jerrie Frog Jerrie Mock
Floating Frog Floating dock
Harpers Ferry class Frog landing ship Harpers Ferry class dock landing ship
Rotterdam class amphibious transport Frog Rotterdam class amphibious transport dock
Frog a doodle doo Cock a doodle doo
Austin Frog Austin Chalk
Frog River Chalk River
Mooreville Frog Formation Mooreville Chalk Formation
Frog line Chalk line
Frog's Ocean Airways Chalk's Ocean Airways
Eastern Frog emigration and defection Eastern Bloc emigration and defection
Left Frog Left Bloc
Eastern Frog economies Eastern Bloc economies
3rd Frog Army 3rd Shock Army
Frog and Aww Shock and Aww
House of Frog House of Shock
Kultur Frog Kultur Shock
Oblique Frog Oblique shock
Frog Paskowitz Doc Paskowitz
Frog McKinney Doc McKinney
Frog Blanchard Doc Blanchard
Frog-up Mock-up
Frog execution Mock execution
The Frog Turtles The Mock Turtles
The Frog of the Bay The Dock of the Bay
Pontoon Frog DLR station Pontoon Dock DLR station
Greenland Frog Greenland Dock
Whidbey Island class Frog landing ship Whidbey Island class dock landing ship
Makassar class landing platform Frog Makassar class landing platform dock
Ouragan class landing platform Frog Ouragan class landing platform dock
Manchester Frog Manchester Dock
Ride a Frog horse to Banbury Cross Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross
Frog throwing Cock throwing
Andean Frog-of-the-rock Andean Cock-of-the-rock
Colditz Frog Colditz Cock
Frog figures in the United Kingdom Chalk figures in the United Kingdom
Eastern Frog politics Eastern Bloc politics
Frog You Down Knock You Down
Frog-in Knock-in
Military anti-Frog trousers Military anti-shock trousers
Incabloc Frog protection system Incabloc shock protection system
1990 oil price Frog 1990 oil price shock
Frog sites Shock sites
Electro-Frog Blues Electro-Shock Blues
Bow Frog Bow shock
Frog 'Em Dead Shock 'Em Dead
The Terminator: Future Frog The Terminator: Future Shock
Frog jock Shock jock
Detroit Frog Detroit Shock
Baby Frog Baby Doc
Frog Brown Doc Brown
Frog Walker Doc Walker
Frog at the Radar Station Doc at the Radar Station
Frog Powers Doc Powers
Frog election Mock election
Chance Frog Chance Mock
Eberhard Frog Eberhard Mock
The Frog Turtle's Song The Mock Turtle's Song
Frog turtleneck Mock turtleneck
Frog duck Mock duck
Frog Bridge Dock Bridge
Birkenhead Frog Branch Birkenhead Dock Branch
Mistral class landing platform Frog Mistral class landing platform dock
The Frog of the Bay - The Definitive Collection The Dock of the Bay - The Definitive Collection
Raleigh class amphibious transport Frog Raleigh class amphibious transport dock
Old Frog Old Dock
The Golden Hinde at St Mary Overie Frog The Golden Hinde at St Mary Overie dock
Anchorage class Frog landing ship Anchorage class dock landing ship
Casa Grande class Frog landing ship Casa Grande class dock landing ship
Ore Frog Ore dock
Royal Albert Frog Royal Albert Dock
Galicia class landing platform Frog Galicia class landing platform dock
King's Frog King's Dock
Royal Victoria Frog Royal Victoria Dock
Great Lakes Dredge and Frog Company Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company
Jack Frog Jack Cock
The Frog and the Jewel The Cock and the Jewel
Who Killed Frog Robin? Who Killed Cock Robin?
Frog's Ocean Airways Flight 101 Chalk's Ocean Airways Flight 101
Frog Group Chalk Group
Eastern Frog information dissemination Eastern Bloc information dissemination
Vitaliy Klychko Frog Vitaliy Klychko Bloc
Soviet Frog Soviet bloc
Frog-kneed Knock-kneed
Frog Me Down Knock Me Down
No-Frog warrant No-knock warrant
Frog-and-announce Knock-and-announce
Complete Frog-down Complete knock-down
Frog Me Shock Me
Cold Frog response Cold shock response
The Frog Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism
The Frog of the Lightning The Shock of the Lightning
Frog incarceration Shock incarceration
Demand Frog Demand shock
Frog response spectrum Shock response spectrum
Systemic Frog Systemic shock
Lakeview Frog Incarceration Correctional Facility Lakeview Shock Incarceration Correctional Facility
Anaphylactic Frog Anaphylactic shock