Gate Puns


Pun Original
Gate Tectonics Plate Tectonics
Heart Gate Heart rate
Internal Gate of return Internal rate of return
Blue-Gate special Blue-plate special
Punch above one's Gate Punch above one's weight
Time and tide Gate for no man Time and tide wait for no man
Annual Percentage Gate Annual Percentage Rate
Erythrocyte sedimentation Gate Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
Gate of return Rate of return
Basal Metabolic Gate Basal Metabolic Rate
United States cities by crime Gate United States cities by crime rate
Exchange Gate Exchange rate
Interest Gate Interest rate
Gate training Weight training
Respiratory Gate Respiratory rate
Gate equation Rate equation
Frame Gate Frame rate
Mortality Gate Mortality rate
Bit Gate Bit rate
Reaction Gate Reaction rate
Interest Gate swap Interest rate swap
Agar Gate Agar plate
Gate loss Weight loss
Total fertility Gate Total fertility rate
Bounce Gate Bounce rate
Data Gate units Data rate units
Capitalization Gate Capitalization rate
Tax Gate Tax rate
Birth Gate Birth rate
Atomic Gate Atomic weight
Discount Gate Discount rate
Gross vehicle Gate rating Gross vehicle weight rating
Compound annual growth Gate Compound annual growth rate
Gate class Weight class
Volumetric flow Gate Volumetric flow rate
Sampling Gate Sampling rate
Specific Gate Specific weight
Adjustable-Gate mortgage Adjustable-rate mortgage
Clock Gate Clock rate
Mass flow Gate Mass flow rate
Gate Watchers Weight Watchers
Orifice Gate Orifice plate
Gate theory Trait theory
Can't Hardly Gate Can't Hardly Wait
Federal funds Gate Federal funds rate
Inflation Gate Inflation rate
Lapse Gate Lapse rate
Troy Gate Troy weight
Prime Gate Prime rate
Sorry 4 the Gate Sorry 4 the Wait
Epiphyseal Gate Epiphyseal plate
Effective interest Gate Effective interest rate
Failure Gate Failure rate
Clickthrough Gate Clickthrough rate
Fixed exchange Gate Fixed exchange rate
Curb Gate Curb weight
Automatic number Gate recognition Automatic number plate recognition
Low molecular Gate heparin Low molecular weight heparin
Quantitative Gate locus Quantitative trait locus
Nominal interest Gate Nominal interest rate
Sickle cell Gate Sickle cell trait
Primary Gate Interface Primary Rate Interface
Body Gate Body weight
Churn Gate Churn rate
Interest Gate parity Interest rate parity
Adaptive Multi-Gate audio codec Adaptive Multi-Rate audio codec
Floating exchange Gate Floating exchange rate
Forward Gate Agreement Forward Rate Agreement
Refresh Gate Refresh rate
Dimensional Gate Dimensional weight
Theoretical Gate Theoretical plate
Ultra-high-molecular-Gate polyethylene Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
Premium-Gate telephone number Premium-rate telephone number
Mass versus Gate Mass versus weight
Bank Gate Bank rate
Bit error Gate Bit error rate
Interest Gate risk Interest rate risk
Risk-free interest Gate Risk-free interest rate
Gate Watchers Point System Weight Watchers Point System
European Exchange Gate Mechanism European Exchange Rate Mechanism
Marginal Gate of substitution Marginal rate of substitution
Real interest Gate Real interest rate
Cribriform Gate Cribriform plate
Passover Seder Gate Passover Seder Plate
Interest Gate derivative Interest rate derivative
Gate gain Weight gain
Heaven Can Gate Heaven Can Wait
Fixed-Gate mortgage Fixed-rate mortgage
Interest Gate cap and floor Interest rate cap and floor
Glomerular filtration Gate Glomerular filtration rate
Heart Gate monitor Heart rate monitor
Marginal Gate of technical substitution Marginal rate of technical substitution
Gate heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger
Reaction Gate constant Reaction rate constant
Nazca Gate Nazca Plate
The Gate The Weight
Accounting Gate of return Accounting rate of return
Indian states ranking by literacy Gate Indian states ranking by literacy rate
Shear Gate Shear rate
African Gate African Plate
Gate armour Plate armour
Wave Gate Wave plate
Mixed martial arts Gate classes Mixed martial arts weight classes
Shake Gate Shake Weight
Gate Until Dark Wait Until Dark
Specific absorption Gate Specific absorption rate
Pacific Gate Pacific Plate
Power-to-Gate ratio Power-to-weight ratio
Tare Gate Tare weight
Conversion Gate Conversion rate
Euro Interbank Offered Gate Euro Interbank Offered Rate
Floating Gate note Floating rate note
Natural Gate of unemployment Natural rate of unemployment
Nyquist Gate Nyquist rate
Gate of natural increase Rate of natural increase
Forward Gate Forward rate
The Best Thing I Ever Gate The Best Thing I Ever Ate
Flat Gate Flat rate
Interest Gate future Interest rate future
Official bank Gate Official bank rate
Computer to Gate Computer to plate
Equivalent Gate Equivalent weight
Response Gate Response rate
Retention Gate Retention rate
United States incarceration Gate United States incarceration rate
Lip Gate Lip plate
Federal Bridge Gross Gate Formula Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula
Maximum Takeoff Gate Maximum Takeoff Weight
Wrestling Gate classes Wrestling weight classes
Base Gate Base rate
False discovery Gate False discovery rate
Slew Gate Slew rate
United States license Gate designs and serial formats United States license plate designs and serial formats
Apparent Gate Apparent weight
Stop-and-Gate ARQ Stop-and-wait ARQ
Gate Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story
Base Gate fallacy Base rate fallacy
Burn Gate Burn rate
Business Mileage Reimbursement Gate Business Mileage Reimbursement Rate
Heart Gate variability Heart rate variability
Survival Gate Survival rate
End-Gate potential End-plate potential
Microtiter Gate Microtiter plate
Ideal body Gate Ideal body weight
Molecular Gate Molecular weight
Auction Gate security Auction rate security
Net migration Gate Net migration rate
Gate of change Rate of change
Gate-determining step Rate-determining step
Battle of the River Gate Battle of the River Plate
Eurasian Gate Eurasian Plate
Juan de Fuca Gate Juan de Fuca Plate
Gate count agar Plate count agar
Tectonic Gate Tectonic plate
Gate function Weight function
Yarn Gate Yarn weight
Gate Till Your Father Gets Home Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
Growth Gate Growth rate
Mutation Gate Mutation rate
Gate-monotonic scheduling Rate-monotonic scheduling
Very-high-bit-Gate digital subscriber line Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line
Yaw Gate sensor Yaw rate sensor
Diamond Gate Diamond plate
Hot Gate Hot plate
L-Gate L-plate
Lateral Gate mesoderm Lateral plate mesoderm
North American Gate North American Plate
River Gate River Plate
The Gates Mixed Gate The Gates Mixed Plate
Boxing Gate classes Boxing weight classes
The Gate of Water The Weight of Water
Life Won't Gate Life Won't Wait
Gate for It Wait for It
Symbol Gate Symbol rate
Zombies Gate My Neighbors Zombies Ate My Neighbors
The Gate Is a Gift The Weight Is a Gift
Ultra high molecular Gate polyethylene Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene
I Just Can't Gate to Be King I Just Can't Wait to Be King
Freight Gate Freight rate
Mobile phone penetration Gate Mobile phone penetration rate
Overnight Gate Overnight rate
Sustainable growth Gate Sustainable growth rate
Swap Gate Swap rate
Arabian Gate Arabian Plate
Caribbean Gate Caribbean Plate
Cocos Gate Cocos Plate
Gusset Gate Gusset plate
Indo-Australian Gate Indo-Australian Plate
Sill Gate Sill plate
Birth Gate Birth weight
Gate-bearing Weight-bearing
Farallon Gate Farallon Plate
Indian Gate Indian Plate
License Gate License plate
Live at River Gate Live at River Plate
Gate reader Plate reader
Gate theory Plate theory
The Battle of the River Gate The Battle of the River Plate
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Gate the Positive Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
Gross axle Gate rating Gross axle weight rating
Gross combined Gate rating Gross combined weight rating
Thrust-to-Gate ratio Thrust-to-weight ratio
Gate and height percentile Weight and height percentile
Gate cutting Weight cutting
Let's Gate Awhile Let's Wait Awhile
Spinning Gate cursor Spinning wait cursor
Anatolian Gate Anatolian Plate
Cox Gate Cox Plate
Drake's Gate of Brass Drake's Plate of Brass
Lateral pterygoid Gate Lateral pterygoid plate
Microchannel Gate detector Microchannel plate detector
Philippine Sea Gate Philippine Sea Plate
Gate glass university Plate glass university
Power-Gate Power-Plate
River Gate F.C. River Plate F.C.
Skid Gate Skid plate
South American Gate South American Plate
Who Gate All the Pies? Who Ate All the Pies?
Cigarette smoking for Gate loss Cigarette smoking for weight loss
Dumas method of molecular Gate determination Dumas method of molecular weight determination
Hamming Gate Hamming weight
Human Gate Human weight
Maximum Zero-Fuel Gate Maximum Zero-Fuel Weight
The Gate of Chains The Weight of Chains
Gate training exercises Weight training exercises
Phenotypic Gate Phenotypic trait
Good things come to those who Gate Good things come to those who wait
Gate for Me Wait for Me
Gate Gate... Don't Tell Me! Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
Approach Gate Approach plate
Cell Gate Cell plate
Gothic Gate armour Gothic plate armour
Medial pterygoid Gate Medial pterygoid plate
Neural Gate Neural plate
Photographic Gate Photographic plate
Gate fin heat exchanger Plate fin heat exchanger
Gate girder bridge Plate girder bridge
Soldier Gate Carrier System Soldier Plate Carrier System
Surface Gate Surface plate
Carry That Gate Carry That Weight
High-molecular-Gate kininogen High-molecular-weight kininogen
Low birth Gate Low birth weight
Manufacturer's Gate Empty Manufacturer's Weight Empty
Vocal Gate Vocal weight
Volumetric Gate Volumetric weight
Gate Gain 4000 Weight Gain 4000
Gate loss effects of water Weight loss effects of water
Gate Watchers points Weight Watchers points
Gate a Minute Wait a Minute
Gate Til You See My Smile Wait Til You See My Smile
Cribiform Gate Cribiform plate
Dry Gate Dry plate
Floor Gate Floor plate
Growth Gate Growth plate
Horizontal Gate of palatine bone Horizontal plate of palatine bone
Okhotsk Gate Okhotsk Plate
Gate boundary Plate boundary
Gate steak Plate steak
Sheffield Gate Sheffield plate
Steel Gate shear wall Steel plate shear wall
Strike Gate Strike plate
Gate District Ate District
Dingoes Gate My Baby Dingoes Ate My Baby
The Cars That Gate Paris The Cars That Ate Paris
Alcohol and Gate Alcohol and weight
Dead Gate loss Dead weight loss
Molecular Gate size marker Molecular weight size marker
Online Gate loss plans Online weight loss plans
Prenatal nutrition and birth Gate Prenatal nutrition and birth weight
The Gate-Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About The Weight-Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About
Gate machine Weight machine
Recessive Gate Recessive trait
A Day's Gate A Day's Wait
Cant hardly Gate Cant hardly wait
I Can't Gate I Can't Wait
Gate and Bleed Wait and Bleed
Gate Chapel Wait Chapel
Gate Your Turn Wait Your Turn
Why We Can't Gate Why We Can't Wait
Aliens Gate My Buick Aliens Ate My Buick
Aircraft Gross Gate Aircraft Gross Weight
Catch Gate Catch weight
Digital Gate Indicator Digital Weight Indicator
Falling Gate deflectometer Falling weight deflectometer
Liddell Hart and the Gate of History Liddell Hart and the Weight of History
Light-Gate process Light-weight process
Low-molecular-Gate heparin Low-molecular-weight heparin
Strength-to-Gate ratio Strength-to-weight ratio
The Gate of the World The Weight of the World
Throw-Gate Throw-weight
Gate distribution Weight distribution
Gate loss drug Weight loss drug
Gate percent Weight percent
Gate throw Weight throw
State-Gate Anxiety Inventory State-Trait Anxiety Inventory
Gate Leadership Trait Leadership
Can't Help but Gate Can't Help but Wait
Decade: "...but Gate it gets worse" Decade: "...but wait it gets worse"
Hark! The Village Gate Hark! The Village Wait
Gate for You Wait for You
Gate state Wait state