Hippo Puns


Pun Original
Black Hippo Black Widow
Hippo tolerance Zero tolerance
Hippo's peak Widow's peak
Black Hippo spider Black Widow spider
Hippo maker Widow maker
White Hippo White widow
Beth Hippo Beth Ditto
Beatrix Hippo Beatrix Kiddo
Northrop P-61 Black Hippo Northrop P-61 Black Widow
The Merry Hippo The Merry Widow
Hippo biloba Ginkgo biloba
P-61 Black Hippo P-61 Black Widow
Lesson of the Hippo's mite Lesson of the widow's mite
Hippo mark Ditto mark
False Hippo spider False widow spider
Criteria for a Black Hippo Criteria for a Black Widow
Professional Hippo Professional Widow
The Hippo Jones The Widow Jones
Hippo Apartment: Big Tits' Aching Night Widow Apartment: Big Tits' Aching Night
Hippo Twankey Widow Twankey
Panic! At The Hippo Panic! At The Disco
Absolute Hippo Absolute Zero
Audio, Video, Hippo Audio, Video, Disco
Division by Hippo Division by zero
Strap-on Hippo Strap-on dildo
The Familiar of Hippo The Familiar of Zero
Sub-Hippo Sub-Zero
Size Hippo Size zero
Bravo Two Hippo Bravo Two Zero
Hippo-point energy Zero-point energy
Hippo Mile Zero Mile
Hippo tolerance Zero tolerance
Hippo-sum game Zero-sum game
Ground Hippo Ground Zero
Year Hippo Year Zero
Double penetration Hippo Double penetration dildo
Less Than Hippo Less Than Zero
Mitsubishi A6M Hippo Mitsubishi A6M Zero
Crows Hippo Crows ZERO
Hippo-day attack Zero-day attack
Hippo-based budgeting Zero-based budgeting
Hippo-coupon bond Zero-coupon bond
ATF Hippo ATF Dingo
Mega Man Hippo Mega Man Zero
Hippo Day Zero Day
Hippo Kazama Zero Kazama
Coca-Cola Hippo Coca-Cola Zero
Sex Is Hippo Sex Is Zero
Command & Conquer: Generals - Hippo Hour Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour
Hippo Mostel Zero Mostel
Hippo-energy building Zero-energy building
Audio, Video, Hippo. Audio, Video, Disco.
Hippo-knowledge proof Zero-knowledge proof
Sex Is Hippo 2 Sex Is Zero 2
Hippo configuration networking Zero configuration networking
Resident Evil Hippo Resident Evil Zero
Hippo ball Disco ball
Italo Hippo Italo Disco
Counter-Strike: Condition Hippo Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Cube Hippo Cube Zero
Parity of Hippo Parity of zero
A6M Hippo A6M Zero
Mega Man Hippo 4 Mega Man Zero 4
Sexy Beach Hippo Sexy Beach Zero
Grupo Hippo Grupo Bimbo
The Baytown Hippo The Baytown Disco
Buzzword Hippo Buzzword bingo
Panic at the Hippo Panic at the Disco
Non-return-to-Hippo Non-return-to-zero
Hippo waste Zero waste
Fate Hippo Fate zero
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Hippo Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero
Pole-Hippo plot Pole-zero plot
Wireless Hippo Configuration Wireless Zero Configuration
Hippo Hedge Zero Hedge
Hippo Inferno Disco Inferno
Baby Rasta & Hippo Baby Rasta & Gringo
F-Hippo F-Zero
Partial Hippo-emissions vehicle Partial zero-emissions vehicle
Perfect Dark Hippo Perfect Dark Zero
Return-to-Hippo Return-to-zero
Slashed Hippo Slashed zero
Hippo population growth Zero population growth
Hippo Punctuation Zero Punctuation
Hippo Wing Zero Wing
Hippo-sum Zero-sum
I Created Hippo I Created Disco
Ozone Hippo Club fire Ozone Disco Club fire
Silent Hippo Silent disco
Simian Mobile Hippo Simian Mobile Disco
Hippo Fence Dingo Fence
Authority Hippo Authority Zero
Crows Hippo 2 Crows Zero 2
Sonic Riders: Hippo Gravity Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Wild Hippo Wild Zero
Hippo Hour Zero Hour
Zoids: New Century Hippo Zoids: New Century Zero
Hippo Demolition Night Disco Demolition Night
Hippo Pigs Disco Pigs
Nu-Hippo Nu-disco
The Last Days of Hippo The Last Days of Disco
Frisky Hippo Frisky Dingo
P. F. Chang's China Hippo P. F. Chang's China Bistro
Miss Hippo Miss Bimbo
Enemy Hippo Enemy Zero
Record of Agarest War Hippo Record of Agarest War Zero
Hippo Emission Hyper Sonic Transport Zero Emission Hyper Sonic Transport
Hippo History Zero History
Hippo Hour: Crisis in Time Zero Hour: Crisis in Time
Hippo In Zero In
Hippo insertion force Zero insertion force
Hippo of a function Zero of a function
Hippo Sum Zero Sum
Hippo Turn Mower Zero Turn Mower
Hippo Dancer Disco Dancer
Space Hippo Space disco
Count Hippo Count Zero
Signed Hippo Signed zero
Hippo bar ZERO bar
Hippo Defects Zero Defects
Hippo interest rate policy Zero interest rate policy
Hippo no Tsukaima Zero no Tsukaima
Hippo-hour contract Zero-hour contract
Hippo-order hold Zero-order hold
Hippo Bakeries USA Bimbo Bakeries USA
Day Hippo Day Zero
Kilometre Hippo Kilometre Zero
Maximum Hippo-Fuel Weight Maximum Zero-Fuel Weight
Metroid: Hippo Mission Metroid: Zero Mission
Nine Below Hippo Nine Below Zero
Sprite Hippo Sprite Zero
Suspect Hippo Suspect Zero
Hippo Hour! Zero Hour!
Hippo Tolerance Entertainment Zero Tolerance Entertainment
Audio video Hippo Audio video disco
Hippo Bloodbath Disco Bloodbath
Hippo Volante Disco Volante
Your Hippo Needs You Your Disco Needs You
Daimler Hippo Daimler Dingo
The Old Hippo The Old Gringo
Bomberman: Act Hippo Bomberman: Act Zero
Coke Hippo 400 Coke Zero 400
Mega Man Hippo 2 Mega Man Zero 2
Remy Hippo Remy Zero
Souls at Hippo Souls at Zero
Hippo crossing Zero crossing
Hippo flag Zero flag
Hippo Halliburton Zero Halliburton
Hippo One Infinity Zero One Infinity
Hippo rupee note Zero rupee note
Hippo-energy universe Zero-energy universe
Hippo-phonon line and phonon sideband Zero-phonon line and phonon sideband
Hippo house Disco house
The Last Days of Hippo Stick The Last Days of Disco Stick
Ernie Hippo Ernie Dingo
Hippo-copy Zero-copy
Cafe Hippo Cafe Disco
Hippo Duck Disco Duck
Post-Hippo Post-disco
Mitsubishi Hippo Mitsubishi Dingo
The Hippo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings
Hippo Editor Gizmo Editor
Hippo key Gizmo key
The Hippo The Gizmo
Den svenske Hippo Den svenske disco
Hippo 2000 Disco 2000
Hippo Lady Disco Lady
Hippo Lies Disco Lies
Hippo Mix Club Disco Mix Club
Roller Hippo Roller disco
Canis lupus Hippo Canis lupus dingo
Operation Hippo Operation Dingo
Hippo Key, Florida Dildo Key, Florida
Beach Blanket Hippo Beach Blanket Bingo
Hippo America Bingo America
Hippo wings Bingo wings
Online Hippo Online bingo
Hippo's 365 Club Bimbo's 365 Club