Illustrated Puns


Pun Original
Illustrated fat Saturated fat
Comma-Illustrated values Comma-separated values
Computer-Illustrated imagery Computer-generated imagery
Illustrated glazing Insulated glazing
Illustrated-gate bipolar transistor Insulated-gate bipolar transistor
User-Illustrated content User-generated content
Remotely Illustrated underwater vehicle Remotely operated underwater vehicle
Illustrated shoulder Separated shoulder
Delimiter-Illustrated values Delimiter-separated values
Mineral-Illustrated copper-clad cable Mineral-insulated copper-clad cable
Gas-Illustrated reloading Gas-operated reloading
Illustrated time of arrival Estimated time of arrival
The Illustrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Mechanically Illustrated meat Mechanically separated meat
Vacuum Illustrated panel Vacuum insulated panel
Structural Illustrated panel Structural insulated panel
Illustrated legislation Delegated legislation
Computer-Illustrated Computer-generated
Illustrated fat and cardiovascular disease controversy Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease controversy
Illustrated calomel electrode Saturated calomel electrode
Tab-Illustrated values Tab-separated values
British Illustrated Callender's Cables British Insulated Callender's Cables
Computer-Illustrated holography Computer-generated holography
Relative cost of electricity Illustrated by different sources Relative cost of electricity generated by different sources
The Amazing Maurice and his Illustrated Rodents The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Common Remotely Illustrated Weapon System Common Remotely Operated Weapon System
Illustrated system Isolated system
Illustrated powers Delegated powers
Illustrated Horses Educated Horses
Illustrated fats Saturated fats
Illustrated and unIllustrated compounds Saturated and unsaturated compounds
Owned-and-Illustrated station Owned-and-operated station
Pilot-Illustrated relief valve Pilot-operated relief valve
Illustrated legislation in the United Kingdom Delegated legislation in the United Kingdom
Computer Illustrated imagery Computer generated imagery
Sham-Illustrated group Sham-operated group
Illustrated sets Separated sets
Clinically Illustrated syndrome Clinically isolated syndrome
Illustrated shipping container Insulated shipping container
Illustrated concrete form Insulated concrete form
Illustrated pipes Insulated pipes
Illustrated authority Delegated authority
Computer Illustrated Holography Computer Generated Holography
Consumer-Illustrated advertising Consumer-generated advertising
Illustrated sign Estimated sign
Illustrated date of confinement Estimated date of confinement
Illustrated absorption Saturated absorption
Illustrated fluid Saturated fluid
Grade-Illustrated Grade-separated
Mechanically Illustrated chicken Mechanically separated chicken
Illustrated brain Isolated brain
Illustrated systolic hypertension Isolated systolic hypertension