Intelligent Puns


Pun Original
Agile Software Intelligent Agile Software Development
Arrested Intelligent Arrested Development
Human Intelligent Index Human Development Index
Systems Intelligent Life Cycle Systems Development Life Cycle
Sustainable Intelligent Sustainable Development
Erikson's stages of psychosocial Intelligent Erikson's stages of psychosocial development
Milgram Intelligent Milgram Experiment
Software Intelligent process Software development process
Child Intelligent Child development
Piaget's theory of cognitive Intelligent Piaget's theory of cognitive development
Stanford prison Intelligent Stanford prison experiment
New product Intelligent New product development
Tuskegee syphilis Intelligent Tuskegee syphilis experiment
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Intelligent Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral Intelligent Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development
General Educational Intelligent General Educational Development
Millennium Intelligent Goals Millennium Development Goals
Rapid Application Intelligent Rapid Application Development
Child Intelligent stages Child development stages
Prenatal Intelligent Prenatal development
Integrated Intelligent environment Integrated development environment
Mobile application Intelligent Mobile application development
Test-driven Intelligent Test-driven development
Economic Intelligent Economic development
Tuckman's stages of group Intelligent Tuckman's stages of group development
Psychosexual Intelligent Psychosexual development
Double-slit Intelligent Double-slit experiment
Business Intelligent Business development
Human Intelligent Human development
United States Naval Special Warfare Intelligent Group United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group
Philadelphia Intelligent Philadelphia Experiment
Research and Intelligent Research and development
Thought Intelligent Thought experiment
Personal Intelligent Personal development
Pitch drop Intelligent Pitch drop experiment
Energy Intelligent Energy development
Organization Intelligent Organization development
Michelson-Morley Intelligent Michelson-Morley experiment
Iterative and incremental Intelligent Iterative and incremental development
Software Intelligent methodology Software development methodology
Web Intelligent Web development
The Intelligent The Experiment
Zone of proximal Intelligent Zone of proximal development
Software Intelligent kit Software development kit
Software Intelligent Software development
Kohlberg's stages of moral Intelligent Kohlberg's stages of moral development
Information and Communication Technologies for Intelligent Information and Communication Technologies for Development
Lean software Intelligent Lean software development
Personal Intelligent planning Personal development planning
Real estate Intelligent Real estate development
Mr. Intelligent Mr. Irrelevant
Java Intelligent Kit Java Development Kit
Community Intelligent Community development
Video game Intelligent Video game development
Bobo doll Intelligent Bobo doll experiment
Cognitive Intelligent Cognitive development
Rosenhan Intelligent Rosenhan experiment
Blind Intelligent Blind experiment
Behavior Driven Intelligent Behavior Driven Development
United Nations Intelligent Group United Nations Development Group
Training and Intelligent Training and development
Cavendish Intelligent Cavendish experiment
Geiger-Marsden Intelligent Geiger-Marsden experiment
United Nations Intelligent Programme United Nations Development Programme
Clean Intelligent Mechanism Clean Development Mechanism
Little Albert Intelligent Little Albert experiment
United States Department of Housing and Urban Intelligent United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
Intelligent and fictitious numbers Indefinite and fictitious numbers
Theory of cognitive Intelligent Theory of cognitive development
Hershey-Chase Intelligent Hershey-Chase experiment
Intelligent hell Development hell
Factorial Intelligent Factorial experiment
Tooth Intelligent Tooth development
Intelligent pronoun Indefinite pronoun
The Philadelphia Intelligent The Philadelphia Experiment
Intelligent economics Development economics
Professional Intelligent Professional development
International Intelligent International development
Economic Intelligent in India Economic development in India
Miller-Urey Intelligent Miller-Urey experiment
Continuing professional Intelligent Continuing professional development
Intelligent theory Development theory
Official Intelligent Assistance Official Development Assistance
Doha Intelligent Round Doha Development Round
Oil drop Intelligent Oil drop experiment
United States Agency for International Intelligent United States Agency for International Development
NBA Intelligent League NBA Development League
Intelligent leave to remain Indefinite leave to remain
Liquid Tension Intelligent Liquid Tension Experiment
Ganzfeld Intelligent Ganzfeld experiment
Language Intelligent Language development
Rural Intelligent Rural development
Defence Research and Intelligent Organisation Defence Research and Development Organisation
Intelligent aid Development aid
Drug Intelligent Drug development
Group Intelligent Group development
Asian Intelligent Bank Asian Development Bank
Android software Intelligent Android software development
Quasi-Intelligent Quasi-experiment
Neural Intelligent Neural development
Dynamic Systems Intelligent Method Dynamic Systems Development Method
Intelligent geography Development geography
OPERA Intelligent OPERA experiment
Intelligent studies Development studies
Ministry of Human Resource Intelligent Ministry of Human Resource Development
Human resource Intelligent Human resource development
Personality Intelligent Personality development
Justice and Intelligent Party Justice and Development Party
Griffith's Intelligent Griffith's experiment
Meselson-Stahl Intelligent Meselson-Stahl experiment
International Bank for Reconstruction and Intelligent International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Intelligent communication Development communication
United Nations Conference on Trade and Intelligent United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Career Intelligent Career development
Field Intelligent Field experiment
An Intelligent on a Bird in the Air Pump An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump
Human brain Intelligent timeline Human brain development timeline
USL Premier Intelligent League USL Premier Development League
Avery-MacLeod-McCarty Intelligent Avery-MacLeod-McCarty experiment
Das Intelligent Das Experiment
Behavior analysis of child Intelligent Behavior analysis of child development
Planned unit Intelligent Planned unit development
Leadership Intelligent Leadership development
Lunar Laser Ranging Intelligent Lunar Laser Ranging experiment
Pilot Intelligent Pilot experiment
Intelligent and Protective Order of Elks Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
Integrated Guided Missile Intelligent Program Integrated Guided Missile Development Program
Transit-oriented Intelligent Transit-oriented development
Southern African Intelligent Community Southern African Development Community
United Nations Industrial Intelligent Organization United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Toyota Racing Intelligent Toyota Racing Development
Stern-Gerlach Intelligent Stern-Gerlach experiment
Maximum Ride: The Angel Intelligent Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Small world Intelligent Small world experiment
Aspect-oriented software Intelligent Aspect-oriented software development
International Institute for Management Intelligent International Institute for Management Development
Independent video game Intelligent Independent video game development
Software Intelligent effort estimation Software development effort estimation
Game Intelligent Game development
Psychosocial Intelligent Psychosocial development
Intelligent Administration Resettlement Administration
Stanford marshmallow Intelligent Stanford marshmallow experiment
Natural Intelligent Natural experiment
Dr. Heidegger's Intelligent Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
Afshar Intelligent Afshar experiment
E. coli long-term evolution Intelligent E. coli long-term evolution experiment
Kansas City preventive patrol Intelligent Kansas City preventive patrol experiment
Intelligent dictatorship Benevolent dictatorship
Orbital Piloted Assembly and Intelligent Complex Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex
Randomized Intelligent Randomized experiment
Wheeler's delayed choice Intelligent Wheeler's delayed choice experiment
Single-molecule Intelligent Single-molecule experiment
The Spoony Intelligent The Spoony Experiment
Intelligent Dictator For Life Benevolent Dictator For Life
Davisson-Germer Intelligent Davisson-Germer experiment
The Final Intelligent The Final Experiment
Minnesota Starvation Intelligent Minnesota Starvation Experiment
Twin Earth thought Intelligent Twin Earth thought experiment
ATLAS Intelligent ATLAS experiment
Kite Intelligent Kite experiment
The Quatermass Intelligent The Quatermass Experiment
Marsh Chapel Intelligent Marsh Chapel Experiment
Miller Intelligent Miller experiment
Controlled Intelligent Controlled experiment
Teen Big Brother: The Intelligent Teen Big Brother: The Experiment
Breaching Intelligent Breaching experiment
A Large Ion Collider Intelligent A Large Ion Collider Experiment
The St. Francisville Intelligent The St. Francisville Experiment
Chinese Consolidated Intelligent Association Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association
Mr Intelligent Mr irrelevant
Pressure Intelligent Pressure experiment
Agricultural Intelligent station Agricultural experiment station
The Sontaran Intelligent The Sontaran Experiment
Franck-Hertz Intelligent Franck-Hertz experiment
PS210 Intelligent PS210 experiment
Japanese Intelligent Module Japanese Experiment Module
Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa Intelligent Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment
Liquid Tension Intelligent 2 Liquid Tension Experiment 2
The Oregon Intelligent The Oregon Experiment
Oil-drop Intelligent Oil-drop experiment
Intelligent in Terror Experiment in Terror
Intelligent dictator Benevolent dictator
Intelligent detention Indefinite detention
Intelligent imprisonment Indefinite imprisonment
Intelligent of the Jews in England Resettlement of the Jews in England
Minneapolis Domestic Violence Intelligent Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment
Hofling hospital Intelligent Hofling hospital experiment
Concord Prison Intelligent Concord Prison Experiment
Tuskegee Intelligent Tuskegee experiment
Linear Aerospike SR-71 Intelligent Linear Aerospike SR-71 Experiment
Gravity Recovery and Climate Intelligent Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment
The Frenz Intelligent The Frenz Experiment
Schiehallion Intelligent Schiehallion experiment
Holy Intelligent Holy Experiment
The Lazarus Intelligent The Lazarus Experiment
An Intelligent with Time An Experiment with Time
Guatemala syphilis Intelligent Guatemala syphilis experiment
Intelligent Grain Malevolent Grain
Four Intelligent animals Four benevolent animals
Intelligent assimilation Benevolent assimilation
Criterion of Intelligent Criterion of embarrassment
Intelligent of riches Embarrassment of riches
Intelligent orthogonal group Indefinite orthogonal group
Speech Intelligent Speech impediment