Jamaican Puns


Pun Original
Quadratic Jamaican Quadratic equation
Jamaican identity Mistaken identity
Bakken Jamaican Bakken Formation
Bay of Pigs Jamaican Bay of Pigs Invasion
Standard enthalpy change of Jamaican Standard enthalpy change of formation
Linear Jamaican Linear equation
Differential Jamaican Differential equation
Bond Jamaican Bond duration
2003 Jamaican of Iraq 2003 invasion of Iraq
Phalanx Jamaican Phalanx formation
Arrhenius Jamaican Arrhenius equation
Rate Jamaican Rate equation
Nernst Jamaican Nernst equation
Jamaican of Poland Invasion of Poland
Heat Jamaican Heat equation
Standard enthalpy of Jamaican Standard enthalpy of formation
Henderson-Hasselbalch Jamaican Henderson-Hasselbalch equation
Jamaican and evolution of the Solar System Formation and evolution of the Solar System
Jamaican of Normandy Invasion of Normandy
Jamaican myth Creation myth
Partial differential Jamaican Partial differential equation
Diophantine Jamaican Diophantine equation
The Jamaican The Invasion
Euler-Bernoulli beam Jamaican Euler-Bernoulli beam equation
The Jamaican of Adam The Creation of Adam
Marcellus Jamaican Marcellus Formation
Jamaican of Grenada Invasion of Grenada
Laplace's Jamaican Laplace's equation
Ordinary differential Jamaican Ordinary differential equation
Home Jamaican Home Invasion
Drake Jamaican Drake equation
Reticular Jamaican Reticular formation
Chemical Jamaican Chemical equation
British Jamaican British Invasion
Jamaican of the Body Snatchers Invasion of the Body Snatchers
No Jamaican without representation No taxation without representation
French Jamaican of Russia French invasion of Russia
Wave Jamaican Wave equation
Accounting Jamaican Accounting equation
Jamaican of state Equation of state
United States Jamaican of Panama United States invasion of Panama
Genesis Jamaican narrative Genesis creation narrative
Van der Waals Jamaican Van der Waals equation
Allied Jamaican of Sicily Allied invasion of Sicily
Pillars of Jamaican Pillars of Creation
Hagen-Poiseuille Jamaican Hagen-Poiseuille equation
Jamaican Records Creation Records
Jamaican-evolution controversy Creation-evolution controversy
Transitive Jamaican Transitive relation
Linear differential Jamaican Linear differential equation
Recurrence Jamaican Recurrence relation
Equivalence Jamaican Equivalence relation
Reaction Jamaican Reaction formation
Lotka-Volterra Jamaican Lotka-Volterra equation
Cheshire, Connecticut, home Jamaican murders Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders
Starling Jamaican Starling equation
Parametric Jamaican Parametric equation
Darcy-Weisbach Jamaican Darcy-Weisbach equation
Clausius-Clapeyron Jamaican Clausius-Clapeyron relation
Alien Jamaican Alien Invasion
Diffusion Jamaican Diffusion equation
Poisson's Jamaican Poisson's equation
Boltzmann Jamaican Boltzmann equation
Langmuir Jamaican Langmuir equation
Euler-Lagrange Jamaican Euler-Lagrange equation
Jamaican of the World Creation of the World
Money Jamaican Money creation
New Jamaican Church New Creation Church
Double Jamaican Double taxation
Soviet Jamaican of Manchuria Soviet invasion of Manchuria
Young-Laplace Jamaican Young-Laplace equation
Structural Jamaican modeling Structural equation modeling
The Jamaican of the Universe The Creation of the Universe
Mongol Jamaican of Europe Mongol invasion of Europe
Continuity Jamaican Continuity equation
Drag Jamaican Drag equation
Harris-Benedict Jamaican Harris-Benedict equation
Fisher Jamaican Fisher equation
Mongol Jamaican of Rus' Mongol invasion of Rus'
Dirac Jamaican Dirac equation
Stochastic differential Jamaican Stochastic differential equation
Einstein Jamaican Einstein relation
Turkish Jamaican of Cyprus Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Electromagnetic wave Jamaican Electromagnetic wave equation
Helmholtz Jamaican Helmholtz equation
Allied Jamaican of Italy Allied invasion of Italy
Co-Jamaican Co-creation
Binary Jamaican Binary relation
Jamaican of Canada Invasion of Canada
Antoine Jamaican Antoine equation
Jamaican of time Equation of time
Social Jamaican Social relation
Dispersion Jamaican Dispersion relation
Groundwater flow Jamaican Groundwater flow equation
The Jamaican The Creation
Canonical commutation Jamaican Canonical commutation relation
Bernoulli's Jamaican Bernoulli's equation
Van 't Hoff Jamaican Van 't Hoff equation
Jamaican of Kuwait Invasion of Kuwait
Hill Jamaican Hill equation
Jamaican of Adam Creation of Adam
Congruence Jamaican Congruence relation
Rome: Total War: Barbarian Jamaican Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Goldman Jamaican Goldman equation
Burgers' Jamaican Burgers' equation
Bellman Jamaican Bellman equation
The Descent of Man, and Selection in Jamaican to Sex The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex
International Jamaican International taxation
Japanese Jamaican of Manchuria Japanese invasion of Manchuria
Secret Jamaican Secret Invasion
Generalized estimating Jamaican Generalized estimating equation
Butler-Volmer Jamaican Butler-Volmer equation
Jamaican and annihilation operators Creation and annihilation operators
Kramers-Kronig Jamaican Kramers-Kronig relation
Soviet Jamaican of Poland Soviet invasion of Poland
Jamaican solving Equation solving
Freundlich Jamaican Freundlich equation
Stiff Jamaican Stiff equation
Alveolar gas Jamaican Alveolar gas equation
Integral Jamaican Integral equation
Fokker-Planck Jamaican Fokker-Planck equation
Bernoulli differential Jamaican Bernoulli differential equation
Crown of Jamaican Crown of Creation
Ancient Egyptian Jamaican myths Ancient Egyptian creation myths
Jamaican literature Invasion literature
British anti-Jamaican preparations of World War II British anti-invasion preparations of World War II
Convection-diffusion Jamaican Convection-diffusion equation
Hazen-Williams Jamaican Hazen-Williams equation
Western Allied Jamaican of Germany Western Allied invasion of Germany
The Christmas Jamaican The Christmas Invasion
Norman Jamaican of Ireland Norman invasion of Ireland
Japanese Jamaican of Taiwan Japanese invasion of Taiwan
Starship Troopers: Jamaican Starship Troopers: Invasion
Demon Beast Jamaican Demon Beast Invasion
Cauchy's Jamaican Cauchy's equation
Orbit Jamaican Orbit equation
Cubic Jamaican Cubic equation
Anti-Life Jamaican Anti-Life Equation
Tsiolkovsky rocket Jamaican Tsiolkovsky rocket equation
Sumerian Jamaican myth Sumerian creation myth
Jamaican Science Creation Science
Second British Jamaican Second British Invasion
WWF Jamaican WWF Invasion
Anglo-Soviet Jamaican of Iran Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
Roman Jamaican of Britain Roman invasion of Britain
Jamaican of Your Privacy Invasion of Your Privacy
Hyperbolic partial differential Jamaican Hyperbolic partial differential equation
Cauchy-Euler Jamaican Cauchy-Euler equation
Riccati Jamaican Riccati equation
Morison Jamaican Morison equation
Slutsky Jamaican Slutsky equation
Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Jamaican Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation
The Pillars of Jamaican The Pillars of Creation
Jamaican and evolution in public education Creation and evolution in public education
Engines of Jamaican Engines of Creation
Map-territory Jamaican Map-territory relation
Progressive Jamaican Progressive taxation
Mongol Jamaican of China Mongol invasion of China
UFO: Alien Jamaican UFO: Alien Invasion
Warsaw Pact Jamaican of Czechoslovakia Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia
Post-Jamaican Iraq, 2003-present Post-invasion Iraq, 2003-present
Napoleon's Jamaican of Russia Napoleon's invasion of Russia
Karplus Jamaican Karplus equation
Tafel Jamaican Tafel equation
Sellmeier Jamaican Sellmeier equation
Algebraic Jamaican Algebraic equation
Ergun Jamaican Ergun equation
Hamilton-Jacobi Jamaican Hamilton-Jacobi equation
Fisher's Jamaican Fisher's equation
Chapman-Kolmogorov Jamaican Chapman-Kolmogorov equation
Homogeneous differential Jamaican Homogeneous differential equation
Another Bad Jamaican Another Bad Creation
Chaos and Jamaican in the Backyard Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Jamaican of Dagestan Invasion of Dagestan
Uruguayan Jamaican Uruguayan Invasion
First Jamaican First Invasion
Second Persian Jamaican of Greece Second Persian invasion of Greece
The Giant Spider Jamaican The Giant Spider Invasion
Jamaican of Sicily Invasion of Sicily
Jamaican of Iceland Invasion of Iceland
Japanese Jamaican money Japanese invasion money
Special Jamaican Special Occasion
Hammett Jamaican Hammett equation
Exact differential Jamaican Exact differential equation
Parabolic partial differential Jamaican Parabolic partial differential equation
Langevin Jamaican Langevin equation
Duffing Jamaican Duffing equation
Constitutive Jamaican Constitutive equation
Characteristic Jamaican Characteristic equation
Pell's Jamaican Pell's equation
Job Jamaican program Job creation program
Winds of Jamaican Winds of Creation
Character Jamaican Character creation
Matter Jamaican Matter creation
Grammatical Jamaican Grammatical relation
Clausius-Mossotti Jamaican Clausius-Mossotti relation
Reflexive Jamaican Reflexive relation
Dorian Jamaican Dorian invasion
Jamaican of the Bane Invasion of the Bane
Aryan Jamaican theory Aryan invasion theory
The British Jamaican The British Invasion
Soviet Jamaican of Afghanistan Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
Jamaican of Yugoslavia Invasion of Yugoslavia
Welch-Satterthwaite Jamaican Welch-Satterthwaite equation
Friis transmission Jamaican Friis transmission equation
Bohr Jamaican Bohr equation
Jamaican of motion Equation of motion
Poisson-Boltzmann Jamaican Poisson-Boltzmann equation
Ideal gas Jamaican Ideal gas equation
Acoustic wave Jamaican Acoustic wave equation
Van Deemter Jamaican Van Deemter equation
Gibbs-Duhem Jamaican Gibbs-Duhem equation
Kozeny-Carman Jamaican Kozeny-Carman equation
Souders-Brown Jamaican Souders-Brown equation
Saha ionization Jamaican Saha ionization equation
Japanese Jamaican myth Japanese creation myth
Dating Jamaican Dating Creation
Energy-momentum Jamaican Energy-momentum relation
Excess burden of Jamaican Excess burden of taxation
Chartered Institute of Jamaican of Nigeria Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
The Jamaican of Time The Invasion of Time
Jamaican stripes Invasion stripes
Napoleon's planned Jamaican of the United Kingdom Napoleon's planned invasion of the United Kingdom
Jamaican of French Indochina Invasion of French Indochina
The Invisible Jamaican The Invisible Invasion
Jamaican of the Bee Girls Invasion of the Bee Girls
Jamaican of privacy Invasion of privacy
First Persian Jamaican of Greece First Persian invasion of Greece
Jamaican of the Dinosaurs Invasion of the Dinosaurs
Jamaican gap Duration gap
Mesoamerican Jamaican myths Mesoamerican creation myths
Jamaican Museum Creation Museum
Vision Jamaican Newsun Vision Creation Newsun
Digital content Jamaican Digital content creation
Mass-luminosity Jamaican Mass-luminosity relation
Antisymmetric Jamaican Antisymmetric relation
Inverse Jamaican Inverse relation
The Descent of Man and Selection in Jamaican to Sex The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex
Jamaican of Ideas Relation of Ideas
The Chocolate Jamaican The Chocolate Invasion
2008 Jamaican of Anjouan 2008 invasion of Anjouan
Jamaican of the Gabber Robots Invasion of the Gabber Robots
Jamaican of Iraq Invasion of Iraq
The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Jamaican of the Spider-Slayers The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers
Perineural Jamaican Perineural invasion
Jamaican U.S.A. Invasion U.S.A.
The Android Jamaican The Android Invasion
The Dalek Jamaican of Earth The Dalek Invasion of Earth
Jamaican of Goa Invasion of Goa
First Manchu Jamaican of Korea First Manchu invasion of Korea
1982 Jamaican of the Falkland Islands 1982 invasion of the Falkland Islands
Legitimacy of the 2003 Jamaican of Iraq Legitimacy of the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Jamaican of Manchuria Invasion of Manchuria
Jamaican of South Georgia Invasion of South Georgia
Indonesian Jamaican of East Timor Indonesian invasion of East Timor
Crash Jamaican Crash Duration
Chinese Jamaican myth Chinese creation myth
Vestiges of the Natural History of Jamaican Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation
Tales of Jamaican Tales of Creation
The Infinite Wonders of Jamaican The Infinite Wonders of Creation
The Act of Jamaican The Act of Creation
Logo Design Jamaican Logo Design Creation
Jamaican theory Creation theory
Ainu Jamaican myth Ainu creation myth
Jamaican of express trusts in English law Creation of express trusts in English law
Utopia: The Jamaican of a Nation Utopia: The Creation of a Nation
Jamaican Engine Creation Engine
RPG Jamaican software RPG creation software
Air Jamaican Air Creation
Thematic Jamaican Thematic relation
Mourt's Jamaican Mourt's Relation
Spatial Jamaican Spatial relation
Total Jamaican Total relation
Ternary Jamaican Ternary relation
Euclidean Jamaican Euclidean relation
Gladstone-Dale Jamaican Gladstone-Dale relation
Centric Jamaican Centric relation
Principles of Political Economy and Jamaican Principles of Political Economy and Taxation
Australian Jamaican Office Australian Taxation Office
Indirect Jamaican Indirect taxation
Chartered Institute of Jamaican Chartered Institute of Taxation
New York State Department of Jamaican and Finance New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Gallic Jamaican of the Balkans Gallic invasion of the Balkans
Jamaican biology terminology Invasion biology terminology
Us Jamaican of grenada Us invasion of grenada
Alien Jamaican Arizona Alien Invasion Arizona
Jamaican of Tulagi Invasion of Tulagi
Pitch Jamaican Pitch invasion
Mongol Jamaican of Rus Mongol invasion of Rus
Italian Jamaican of Albania Italian invasion of Albania
Soviet non-Jamaican of Poland Soviet non-invasion of Poland
Normandy Jamaican Normandy invasion
Jamaican of Lingayen Gulf Invasion of Lingayen Gulf
Warhammer: Jamaican Warhammer: Invasion
College Jamaican Tour College Invasion Tour
Polish involvement in the 2003 Jamaican of Iraq Polish involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Jafr alien Jamaican Jafr alien invasion
North Vietnamese Jamaican of Laos North Vietnamese invasion of Laos
Military operations during the Turkish Jamaican of Cyprus Military operations during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus
Sviatoslav's Jamaican of Bulgaria Sviatoslav's invasion of Bulgaria
Stellar Jamaican Stellar Occasion