Japanese Puns


Pun Original
British Japanese Territories British Overseas Territories
British Japanese Territory British Overseas Territory
Japanese departments and territories of France Overseas departments and territories of France
Indian Japanese Bank Indian Overseas Bank
British Japanese Airways Corporation British Overseas Airways Corporation
Japanese Chinese Overseas Chinese
Japanese Service Ribbon Overseas Service Ribbon
Icelandic loan Japanese referendum, 2011 Icelandic loan guarantees referendum, 2011
Japanese department Overseas department
Japanese Filipino Overseas Filipino
Japanese region Overseas region
Japanese Service Bar Overseas Service Bar
The Areas of My Japanese The Areas of My Expertise
Japanese Highway Overseas Highway
Japanese Tankship (UK) Ltd v The Miller Steamship Co Overseas Tankship (UK) Ltd v The Miller Steamship Co
Sustainability metrics and Japanese Sustainability metrics and indices
Japanese Development Institute Overseas Development Institute
Icelandic loan Japanese referendum, 2010 Icelandic loan guarantees referendum, 2010
British Japanese citizen British Overseas citizen
Japanese collectivities of France Overseas collectivities of France
Swedish Japanese colonies Swedish overseas colonies
Investors Japanese Service Investors Overseas Service
French Japanese departments and territories French overseas departments and territories
British Japanese Territories citizen British Overseas Territories citizen
United Japanese Bank United Overseas Bank
Uniformed and Japanese Citizens Absentee Voting Act Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act
Raising and lowering Japanese Raising and lowering indices
Miller Japanese Miller indices
Japanese Vietnamese Overseas Vietnamese
Voluntary Service Japanese Voluntary Service Overseas
British Forces Japanese Hong Kong British Forces Overseas Hong Kong
Japanese Railroad Overseas Railroad
Japanese Province of Mozambique Overseas Province of Mozambique
British Japanese Territories Act 2002 British Overseas Territories Act 2002
Japanese Association of College Admissions Counselors Overseas Association of College Admissions Counselors
Japanese of deprivation 2004 Indices of deprivation 2004
Japanese the Colours Underneath the Colours
Japanese the Pine Underneath the Pine
Japanese the Stars Underneath the Stars
Japanese Your Clothes Underneath Your Clothes
Japanese Amendment to the United States Constitution Seventeenth Amendment to the United States Constitution
Japanese Amendment Seventeenth Amendment
Japanese Air Force Seventeenth Air Force