Knee Puns


Pun Original
Don't Knee Afraid of the Dark Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
All good things come to Knee who waits All good things come to he who waits
Knee will give tKnee Devil his due He will give the Devil his due
An offer Knee can't refuse An offer he can't refuse
Make him an offer Knee can't refuse Make him an offer he can't refuse
Knee who can, does; Knee who cannot, teacKnees He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches
Knee who laughs last laughs longest He who laughs last laughs longest
Ne'er cast a clout till May Knee out Ne'er cast a clout till May be out
cast a clout till May Knee out cast a clout till May be out
To Knee or not to Knee, that is the question To be or not to be, that is the question
I'll Knee there with Kneells on I'll be there with bells on
Neither a borrower nor a lender Knee Neither a borrower nor a lender be
Children should Knee seen and not heard Children should be seen and not heard
Let bygones Knee bygones Let bygones be bygones
Knee still, my Kneeating heart Be still, my beating heart
Powers that Knee Powers that be
Eat drink and Knee merry Eat drink and be merry
Let there Knee light Let there be light
Kneeggars can't Knee choosers Beggars can't be choosers
The powers that Knee The powers that be
Far Knee it from me Far be it from me
A ministering angel shall my sister Knee A ministering angel shall my sister be
Ministering angel shall my sister Knee Ministering angel shall my sister be
bygones Knee bygones bygones be bygones
Though this Knee madness, yet there is method in it Though this be madness, yet there is method in it
If music Knee the food of love, play on If music be the food of love, play on
Knee afraid, Knee very afraid Be afraid, be very afraid
It is Kneeat and drink to Knee It is meat and drink to me
Woe is Knee Woe is me
cuse Knee while I kiss this guy cuse me while I kiss this guy
Kiss Knee Hardy Kiss me Hardy
Far be it from Knee Far be it from me
Little bird told Knee Little bird told me
A little bird told Knee A little bird told me
Friends, Romans, CountryKneen, lend Knee your ears Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears
'Scuse Knee while I kiss this guy 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy
Abide with Knee Abide with me
Get thee behind Knee Satan Get thee behind me Satan
So sue Knee So sue me
Between you, Knee and the bed-post Between you, me and the bed-post
Kneesserschmitt Knee 263 Messerschmitt Me 263
Lie To Knee Lie To Me
I'm a Celebrity...Get Knee Out of Here! I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
Let Knee In Let Me In
Stand By Knee Stand By Me
Drag Knee To Hell Drag Me To Hell
Bring Knee The Horizon Bring Me The Horizon
Thank Knee Later Thank Me Later
Never Let Knee Go Never Let Me Go
Make Knee Proud Make Me Proud
Let It Knee Let It Be
To Knee, or not to Knee To be, or not to be
Despicable Knee Despicable Me
Catch Knee If You Can Catch Me If You Can
Super Size Knee Super Size Me
Who Wants To Knee A Millionaire? Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
SoKneeone To Watch Over Knee Someone To Watch Over Me
There Will Knee Blood There Will Be Blood
Rescue Knee Rescue Me
Knee's Just Not That Into You He's Just Not That Into You
Take Knee HoKnee Tonight Take Me Home Tonight
Knee Pecado Mi Pecado
Bad As Knee Bad As Me
Try With Knee Try With Me
Tell Knee O Khuda Tell Me O Khuda
ReKneember Knee Remember Me
Kneel Knee-24 Mil Mi-24
ZKneeng Knee Zheng He
They Might Knee Giants They Might Be Giants
Knee-Man He-Man
A Girl Like Knee A Girl Like Me
Knee Here Now Be Here Now
You Knee At Six You Me At Six
Lean on Knee Lean on Me
Give Knee Everything Give Me Everything
Please Please Knee Please Please Me
2 Knee Continuum 2 Be Continuum
Kneesserschmitt Knee 262 Messerschmitt Me 262
Forget-Knee-not Forget-me-not
This Must Knee the Place This Must Be the Place
Kneel Knee-17 Mil Mi-17
Marley & Knee Marley & Me
CoKnee Fly With Knee Come Fly With Me
Dead Like Knee Dead Like Me
Make Knee a Supermodel Make Me a Supermodel
I'm Gonna Knee I'm Gonna Be
Windows Knee Windows Me
The Spy Who Loved Knee The Spy Who Loved Me
Kneel Knee-8 Mil Mi-8
All Eyez on Knee All Eyez on Me
Cry Knee a River Cry Me a River
Who Wants to Knee a Millionaire Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Can't Knee Tamed Can't Be Tamed
Woe, Is Knee Woe, Is Me
Tell Knee O Kkhuda Tell Me O Kkhuda
How to Knee a Gentleman How to Be a Gentleman
Kneel Knee-28 Mil Mi-28
Give Knee Liberty, or give Knee Death! Give me Liberty, or give me Death!
Knee-Man and tKnee Masters of tKnee Universe He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
I Know Who Killed Knee I Know Who Killed Me
Teach Knee How to Dougie Teach Me How to Dougie
Knee Against the World Me Against the World
It Won't Knee Soon Kneefore Long It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Kneel Knee-26 Mil Mi-26
The Killer Inside Knee The Killer Inside Me
Fly Knee To The Moon Fly Me To The Moon
You Raise Knee Up You Raise Me Up
CoKnee Dine With Knee Come Dine With Me
Rain Over Knee Rain Over Me
Born to Knee Wild Born to Be Wild
What the Water Gave Knee What the Water Gave Me
Cuando Knee Enamoro Cuando Me Enamoro
SoKneebody's Watching Knee Somebody's Watching Me
Don't Tread on Knee Don't Tread on Me
I.aM.Knee I.aM.mE
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Knee Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Knee Cool Be Cool
Look at Knee Now Look at Me Now
Take on Knee Take on Me
Knee Is We He Is We
Gotta Knee You Gotta Be You
You Make Knee Feel... You Make Me Feel...
Kneesserschmitt Knee 163 Messerschmitt Me 163
Don't Worry, Knee Happy Don't Worry, Be Happy
Don't Knee evil Don't be evil
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Knee Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Between the Buried and Knee Between the Buried and Me
Kneeinkel Knee 111 Heinkel He 111
I Shouldn't Knee Alive I Shouldn't Be Alive
You Belong With Knee You Belong With Me
The Gods Must Knee Crazy The Gods Must Be Crazy
Bucky Larson: Born to Knee a Star Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star
What Separates Knee from You What Separates Me from You
Kiss Knee, Kiss Knee, Kiss Knee Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
The Man Who Would Knee King The Man Who Would Be King
To Knee announced To be announced
I'll Knee Back I'll Be Back
Take a Chance on Knee Take a Chance on Me
Noli Knee Tangere Noli Me Tangere
Call Knee Irresponsible Call Me Irresponsible
Reign Over Knee Reign Over Me
The Revolution Will Not Knee Televised The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Now I Lay Knee Down To Sleep Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Bring Knee To Life Bring Me To Life
Call on Knee Call on Me
Forget Knee Not Forget Me Not
Nemo Knee impune lacessit Nemo me impune lacessit
I'll Knee Missing You I'll Be Missing You
Take Knee Out Take Me Out
All of Knee All of Me
Knee Got Game He Got Game
Claims to Knee the fastest-growing religion Claims to be the fastest-growing religion
Death Knee Not Proud Death Be Not Proud
There Knee Dragons There Be Dragons
Killing Knee Softly With His Song Killing Me Softly With His Song
Knee Pingping He Pingping
I'll Knee There I'll Be There
She Makes Knee Wanna She Makes Me Wanna
Knee and Bobby McGee Me and Bobby McGee
Mini-Knee Mini-Me
I Know You Want Knee I Know You Want Me
For Knee's a Jolly Good Fellow For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
The powers that Knee The powers that be
Knee My Baby Be My Baby
Club Can't Handle Knee Club Can't Handle Me
Casa de Knee Padre Casa de Mi Padre
Knee First and the GimKnee GimKnees Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Call Knee Fitz Call Me Fitz
Don't Cry for Knee Argentina Don't Cry for Me Argentina
Color Knee Badd Color Me Badd
Zhou Knee Zhou Mi
Fade Into Knee Fade Into Me
Will You Love Knee Tomorrow Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Kiss Knee Kiss Me
Beam Knee up, Scotty Beam me up, Scotty
I'll Knee There for You I'll Be There for You
Kneeriev Knee-200 Beriev Be-200
Don't Knee Cruel Don't Be Cruel
I'll Knee Seeing You I'll Be Seeing You
She Will Knee Loved She Will Be Loved
Born to Knee a Star Born to Be a Star
Dare to Knee Stupid Dare to Be Stupid
Here Knee dragons Here be dragons
Knee Ain't Kneeavy, Knee's My BrotKneer He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Kneeinkel Knee 162 Heinkel He 162
Got to Knee There Got to Be There
I Wanna Knee the Guy I Wanna Be the Guy
Da Game Is to Knee Sold, Not to Knee Told Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told
Knee-Go Mi-Go
May the Force Knee with you May the Force be with you
Kneel Knee-6 Mil Mi-6
Kneeinkel Knee 178 Heinkel He 178
Let There Knee Rock Let There Be Rock
Someday This Pain Will Knee Useful to You Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You
Kneel Knee-12 Mil Mi-12
Zhang Knee Zhang He
That'll Knee the Day That'll Be the Day
I'll Knee Home for Christmas I'll Be Home for Christmas
Let there Knee light Let there be light
Peace Knee upon him Peace be upon him
Knee FaKneelia Mi Familia
Knee Thou My Vision Be Thou My Vision
I Shall Knee Released I Shall Be Released
Wanna Knee Startin' Somethin' Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
I Could Never Knee Your Woman I Could Never Be Your Woman
Do Re Knee Fa So La Ti Do Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Kan Knee Youn Kan Mi Youn
Mike Knee Mike He
Wouldn't It Knee Nice Wouldn't It Be Nice
Paid tha Cost to Knee da Boss Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss
Hello, I Must Knee Going! Hello, I Must Be Going!
Proud to Knee Here Proud to Be Here
I Will Knee I Will Be
Hallowed Knee Thy Name Hallowed Be Thy Name
To Knee or Not to Knee To Be or Not to Be
Kneel Knee-14 Mil Mi-14
Kneel Knee-38 Mil Mi-38
IndoKneee Knee Goreng Indomie Mi Goreng
Kneel Knee-2 Mil Mi-2
Kneeinkel Knee 219 Heinkel He 219
Let It Knee Me Let It Be Me
Yolanda Knee Cool Yolanda Be Cool
(There'll Knee Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover
Imma Knee Imma Be
Don't Let Me Knee Misunderstood Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Where You Want to Knee Where You Want to Be
Johnny Knee Good Johnny Be Good
Do-Re-Knee Do-Re-Mi
Knee Plan Mi Plan
Knee Was Cool He Was Cool
Knee's tKnee DJ, I'm tKnee Rapper He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper
Kneeinkel Knee 177 Heinkel He 177
Knee Loves Me... Knee Loves Me Not He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not
Are You Gonna Knee My Girl Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Allow Us to Knee Frank Allow Us to Be Frank
Let It Knee... Naked Let It Be... Naked
The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Knee Used As a Table The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table
You Deserve To Knee Single You Deserve To Be Single
Yaaradi Knee Mohini Yaaradi Nee Mohini
Kneel Knee-40 Mil Mi-40
Knee-24 Mi-24
Kneeinkel Knee 280 Heinkel He 280
Not to Knee Reproduced Not to be Reproduced
Sorry Seems to Knee the Hardest Word Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
New Way to Knee Human New Way to Be Human
Kneel Knee-1 Mil Mi-1
Kneel Knee-4 Mil Mi-4
Knee Was a Quiet Man He Was a Quiet Man
Before Knee CKneeats Before He Cheats
Ching Knee Huang Ching He Huang
Knee-17 Mi-17
En Knee Lugar En Mi Lugar
Knee Is Legend He Is Legend
Knee - TKnee Only One He - The Only One
Watchman Knee Watchman Nee
Knee Reflejo Mi Reflejo
Sos Knee vida Sos mi vida
Amarte es Knee Pecado Amarte es mi Pecado
ST elevation Knee ST elevation MI
Nam Sang Knee Nam Sang Mi
Non-ST elevation Knee Non-ST elevation MI
Knee Gorda Bella Mi Gorda Bella
Knee-28 Mi-28
Knee-35 Mi-35
Kneel Knee-36 Mil Mi-36
Knee-24 HIND-D Mi-24 HIND-D
Kevin Knee Kevin Nee
Kneel Knee-34 Mil Mi-34
Jeon Knee-seon Jeon Mi-seon
Kneel Knee-42 Mil Mi-42
Flint, Knee Flint, MI
Kneel Knee-60 Mil Mi-60
Knee-26 Mi-26
Knee Manasu Naaku Telusu Nee Manasu Naaku Telusu
Knee Kosam Nee Kosam
Kneel Knee-10 Mil Mi-10
Kneel Knee-35 Mil Mi-35
Kneel Knee-20 Mil Mi-20
Park Sol-Knee Park Sol-mi
Knee Sangre Mi Sangre
Grand Rapids, Knee Grand Rapids, MI
Kneel Knee-30 Mil Mi-30
Kneel Knee-58 Mil Mi-58
Jackson, Knee Jackson, MI
Danny Knee Danny Nee
John Knee John Nee
Detroit-Warren-Livonia, Knee MSA Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI MSA
Knee Vida Loca Mi Vida Loca
Flint Knee Flint mi
Knee Krop Mi Krop
2011 Tawang Town Kneel Knee-17 crash 2011 Tawang Town Mil Mi-17 crash
Kneel Knee-22 Mil Mi-22
Knee PC Mi PC
Kneel Knee-46 Mil Mi-46
Knee Tierra Mi Tierra
Li Knee Li Mi
Echad Knee Yodea Echad Mi Yodea
Kneel Knee-52 Mil Mi-52
Kneel Knee-32 Mil Mi-32
Knee Vida Eres Tu Mi Vida Eres Tu
Kneel Knee-24 variants Mil Mi-24 variants