Maths Puns


Pun Original
O. J. Simpson murder Maths O. J. Simpson murder case
In your Maths In your face
About Maths About face
Lose Maths Lose face
Cut off your nose to spite your Maths Cut off your nose to spite your face
Save Maths Save face
Maths that launched a thousand ships Face that launched a thousand ships
The Maths that launched a thousand ships The face that launched a thousand ships
Maths the music Face the music
Basket Maths Basket case
Absence Maths the heart grow fonder Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Many a little Maths a mickle Many a little makes a mickle
Radio Maths Radio waves
In Maths In Waves
Breaking the Maths Breaking the Waves
Permanent Maths Permanent Waves
Planet Maths Planet Waves
Ocean Maths Ocean Waves
Katrina and the Maths Katrina and the Waves
The Sound of Maths The Sound of Waves
Maths and Masters Slaves and Masters
Charity Maths Charity Case
Seismic Maths Seismic waves
Shock Maths Shock Waves
Alpha Maths Alpha waves
Act Prohibiting Importation of Maths Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves
Maths on Dope Slaves on Dope
Transverse Maths Transverse waves
Maths and shallow water Waves and shallow water
Rogue Maths Rogue waves
Maths in plasmas Waves in plasmas
PGO Maths PGO waves
Water Maths Water waves
Operation Unceasing Maths I Operation Unceasing Waves I
Strange Maths of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Maths to Gravity Slaves to Gravity
Sex Maths Sex Slaves
Kondratiev Maths Kondratiev waves
The Maths The Waves
S-Maths S-waves
Lamb Maths Lamb waves
Tidal Maths Tidal waves
Electromagnetic Maths Electromagnetic waves
Lee Maths Lee waves
Use Maths Use case
Maths study Case study
Two-Maths Two-Face
Use Maths diagram Use case diagram
Cold Maths Cold Case
Maths Histories Case Histories
The Curious Maths of Benjamin Button The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
All Your Maths Are Belong To Us All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Maths Closed Case Closed
Enumclaw horse sex Maths Enumclaw horse sex case
Maths citation Case citation
Terri Schiavo Maths Terri Schiavo case
Kobe Bryant sexual assault Maths Kobe Bryant sexual assault case
Manas Air Maths Manas Air Base
Maths pair Base pair
Ace of Maths Ace of Base
Baby Maths Nelson Baby Face Nelson
Letter Maths Letter case
The North Maths The North Face
Acid-Maths reaction Acid-base reaction
Fritzl Maths Fritzl case
Acid-Maths titration Acid-base titration
Poker Maths Poker Face
What Maths You Beautiful What Makes You Beautiful
SI Maths unit SI base unit
Basket Maths Basket Case
Business Maths Business case
Social Security Wage Maths Social Security Wage Base
Maths jumping BASE jumping
Edwards Air Force Maths Edwards Air Force Base
Guantanamo Bay Naval Maths Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
Computer Maths Computer case
Genitive Maths Genitive case
Maths Station Subsystem Base Station Subsystem
Maths Keenum Case Keenum
All work and no play Maths Jack a dull boy All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Clock Maths Clock face
Maths management Case management
Forward operating Maths Forward operating base
Maths Value Face Value
Maths-control study Case-control study
Robert Maths Robert Case
Smiley Maths Smiley Face
Neko Maths Neko Case
Maths law Case law
Maths transceiver station Base transceiver station
Maths to Maths Face to Face
Taman Shud Maths Taman Shud Case
Knowledge Maths Knowledge base
Schiff Maths Schiff base
Maths Western Reserve University Case Western Reserve University
In Maths You Didn't Know In Case You Didn't Know
Derek Bentley Maths Derek Bentley case
Management information Maths Management information base
Marine Corps Maths Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
Maths Off Face Off
Nominative Maths Nominative case
Maths study in psychology Case study in psychology
O.J. Simpson murder Maths O.J. Simpson murder case
She Maths Me Wanna She Makes Me Wanna
Acid-Maths extraction Acid-base extraction
Eglin Air Force Maths Eglin Air Force Base
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Maths Fort Worth Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth
Radical Maths Radical Face
Grammatical Maths Grammatical case
Maths sensitivity Case sensitivity
Maths hardening Case hardening
Naval Submarine Maths Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay
Naval Maths Kitsap Naval Base Kitsap
Kincheloe Air Force Maths Kincheloe Air Force Base
Best, worst and average Maths Best, worst and average case
Maths-Shiller index Case-Shiller index
Maths International Case International
Ramstein Air Maths Ramstein Air Base
On-Maths plus slugging On-base plus slugging
The Maths The Face
Animal Maths-Off Animal Face-Off
A Maths in the Crowd A Face in the Crowd
Accusative Maths Accusative case
Index Maths Index case
Possessive Maths Possessive case
Dative Maths Dative case
Transfer Maths Transfer case
Noida double murder Maths Noida double murder case
Gotthard Maths Tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel
Cannon Air Force Maths Cannon Air Force Base
Al Udeid Air Maths Al Udeid Air Base
Weak Maths Weak base
Maths metal Base metal
Free Maths Free base
Clark Air Maths Clark Air Base
Scott Air Force Maths Scott Air Force Base
Murder Was The Maths Murder Was The Case
Test Maths Test case
Wobble Maths pair Wobble base pair
Vandenberg Air Force Maths Vandenberg Air Force Base
Joint Maths Lewis-McChord Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Moon Maths Moon face
Vocative Maths Vocative case
Dobbins Air Reserve Maths Dobbins Air Reserve Base
Everest Maths Camp Everest Base Camp
Maths excess Base excess
Marine Corps Maths Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune
U.S. Naval Maths Subic Bay U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay
Nitrogenous Maths Nitrogenous base
Richards-Gebaur Air Force Maths Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base
Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Maths New Orleans Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans
Military Maths Military base
Care value Maths Care value base
Maths and superstructure Base and superstructure
Joint Maths McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
Davis-Monthan Air Force Maths Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
Maths perception Face perception
Maths book Face book
Mormon sex in chains Maths Mormon sex in chains case
Thule Air Maths Thule Air Base
1994 Fairchild Air Force Maths B-52 crash 1994 Fairchild Air Force Base B-52 crash
Nellis Air Force Maths Nellis Air Force Base
Maths transplant Face transplant
Mystery Maths Files Mystery Case Files
Ajmer rape Maths Ajmer rape case
Common Maths Common base
Wright-Patterson Air Force Maths Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Maths station Base station
Maths isolation Base isolation
North Maths North Face
Funny Maths Funny Face
Maths mix index Case mix index
Duke lacrosse Maths Duke lacrosse case
Worst-Maths Scenario Worst-Case Scenario
Maths of Boe Face of Boe
Maths validity Face validity
O. J. Simpson robbery Maths O. J. Simpson robbery case
Maths Corporation Case Corporation
The Maths on the Milk Carton The Face on the Milk Carton
Eyes Without a Maths Eyes Without a Face
Troy Davis Maths Troy Davis case
Adaptations of Strange Maths of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Adaptations of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Maths-Book of Sherlock Holmes The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
Mystery Maths Files: Escape From Ravenhearst Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst
Concrete-EnMathsd High School Girl Murder Maths Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case
United States Microsoft antitrust Maths United States Microsoft antitrust case
Shah Bano Maths Shah Bano case
McLibel Maths McLibel Case
Two Maths Two face
Cutting off the nose to spite the Maths Cutting off the nose to spite the face
Maths the Music Face the Music
If I Never See Your Maths Again If I Never See Your Face Again
Der Fuehrer's Maths Der Fuehrer's Face
Ablative Maths Ablative case
Paul's Maths Paul's Case
The Devil Maths Three The Devil Makes Three
Maths Me Wonder Makes Me Wonder
And Tango Maths Three And Tango Makes Three
Maths detection Face detection
Maths Dances Face Dances
Qatif rape Maths Qatif rape case
Aruna Shanbaug Maths Aruna Shanbaug case
Worst Maths Scenario Worst Case Scenario
Keep Maths Keep case
Legal Maths Legal case
Steve Maths Steve Case
Saving Maths Saving Face
Maths time Face time
Door-in-the-Maths technique Door-in-the-face technique
Maths the Heat Face the Heat
Lotus Maths Lotus case
Dannielynn Birkhead paternity Maths Dannielynn Birkhead paternity case
European Union Microsoft competition Maths European Union Microsoft competition case
Imrana rape Maths Imrana rape case
Bad Maths of Loving You Bad Case of Loving You
In Maths of emergency In case of emergency
Two Maths / Sunbeam Two Face / Sunbeam
Pretty Maths Pretty Face
Maths-centered cubic Face-centered cubic
Hammer Smashed Maths Hammer Smashed Face
The Maths of War The Face of War
Black Maths Black face
The Facts in the Maths of M. Valdemar The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
Pinnel's Maths Pinnel's Case
Just in Maths Just in case
Maths IH Case IH
Hasan Akbar Maths Hasan Akbar case
LaGrand Maths LaGrand case
Computer Maths screws Computer case screws
Nested Maths-control study Nested case-control study
Lower Maths Lower case
Levelland UFO Maths Levelland UFO Case
Island of Palmas Maths Island of Palmas Case
Maths-Church Amendment Case-Church Amendment
The Maths of Itaewon Homicide The Case of Itaewon Homicide
Maths interview Case interview
Blue in the Maths Blue in the Face
Neck Maths Neck Face
No Name Maths No Name Face
Maths to Fate Face to Fate
Full Maths diving mask Full face diving mask
God Put a Smile upon Your Maths God Put a Smile upon Your Face
Maths to the Floor Face to the Floor
Maths sitting Face sitting
Batman: Maths the Maths Batman: Face the Face
The Strange Maths of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Negro Family: The Maths For National Action The Negro Family: The Case For National Action
Rainbow Warrior Maths Rainbow Warrior Case
Use-Maths analysis Use-case analysis
Maths method Case method
Neeraj Grover Murder Maths Neeraj Grover Murder Case
About Maths About Face
The Maths Shop The Face Shop
Danger triangle of the Maths Danger triangle of the face
Apparition of Maths and Fruit Dish on a Beach Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach
Hollow-Maths illusion Hollow-Face illusion
Maths on Mars Face on Mars
Volte-Maths Volte-face
Maths-control Case-control
Let's Maths the Music and Dance Let's Face the Music and Dance
I've Just Seen a Maths I've Just Seen a Face
Metal Maths Metal Face
Maths the Promise Face the Promise
Puppy Maths Puppy face
Ox-Head and Horse-Maths Ox-Head and Horse-Face
The Man Without a Maths The Man Without a Face
King's Quest V: Absence Maths the Heart Go Yonder! King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!
Might Maths right Might makes right
Baby Maths Baby Face
Smiley Maths murder theory Smiley face murder theory
The Naked Maths The Naked Face
Battlestar Galactica: The Maths of the Enemy Battlestar Galactica: The Face of the Enemy
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Maths The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Steal Your Maths Steal Your Face
Maths frame Face frame
Sit on My Maths Sit on My Face
Up Out My Maths Up Out My Face
Fusiform Maths area Fusiform face area
And Maggie Maths Three And Maggie Makes Three
French ban on Maths covering French ban on face covering
Chernoff Maths Chernoff face
Maths-to-Maths Face-to-face
Smoker's Maths Smoker's face
Maths Down Face Down
The Maths of Evil The Face of Evil
Back-Maths culling Back-face culling
Maths recognition Face recognition
Big Dumb Maths Big Dumb Face
Fiend Without a Maths Fiend Without a Face
Maths Dancer Face Dancer
Cover Her Maths Cover Her Face
Stranger with My Maths Stranger with My Face
In-yer-Maths theatre In-yer-face theatre
Maths-ism Face-ism
My Brave Maths My Brave Face
Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Maths You Dream Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream
The dose Maths the poison The dose makes the poison
What Maths Sammy Run? What Makes Sammy Run?
A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Maths A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Love Maths the World Love Makes the World
MTV Maths Me Want to Smoke Crack MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack