Minion Puns


Pun Original
Minion and children first Women and children first
No quarter Minion No quarter given
Minion's suffrage Women's suffrage
Minion statement Mission statement
Minion's rights Women's rights
Little Minion Little Women
The Six Minion Dollar Man The Six Million Dollar Man
Minion name Given name
Any Minion Sunday Any Given Sunday
Day of Seven Minion Day of Seven Billion
Designing Minion Designing Women
Minion Dollar Baby Million Dollar Baby
Comfort Minion Comfort Women
The Minion The Mission
Minion Seeking Minion Women Seeking Women
What Minion Want What Women Want
Men Are from Mars, Minion Are from Venus Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
Minion Dollar Money Drop: Singapore Edition Million Dollar Money Drop: Singapore Edition
Manned Minion to Mars Manned mission to Mars
Minion's Tennis Association Women's Tennis Association
The Minion Dollar Homepage The Million Dollar Homepage
Minion to Mars Mission to Mars
Shimmer Minion Athletes Shimmer Women Athletes
Alamo Minion in San Antonio Alamo Mission in San Antonio
The Rape of the Sabine Minion The Rape of the Sabine Women
Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Minion Indians Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians
Minion Dollar Money Drop Million Dollar Money Drop
Tim and Eric's Minion Dollar Movie Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Grand Theft Auto: Minion packs Grand Theft Auto: Mission packs
A Minion Little Pieces A Million Little Pieces
Missing Minion of Asia Missing women of Asia
Loose Minion Loose Women
One in a Minion One in a Million
Minion's roles in the World Wars Women's roles in the World Wars
Minion Dollar Quartet Million Dollar Quartet
The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Minion The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written
Naked Minion's Wrestling League Naked Women's Wrestling League
Minion who have sex with Minion Women who have sex with women
Minion and Children First Women and Children First
Shay Minion Shay Given
The Day of Six Minion The Day of Six Billion
Minion in the Stars Written in the Stars
National Organization for Minion National Organization for Women
The Minion's March on Versailles The Women's March on Versailles
The Minion The Women
United States Minion's national soccer team United States women's national soccer team
International Minion's Day International Women's Day
Parts per Minion Parts per million
Taliban treatment of Minion Taliban treatment of women
Minion Dollar Babies Billion Dollar Babies
Minion artists Women artists
On a Minion On a Mission
The Minion Pound Note The Million Pound Note
Minion Chinese Written Chinese
It Was Minion It Was Written
The Trojan Minion The Trojan Women
In Praise of Older Minion In Praise of Older Women
Minion Impossible Mission Impossible
Ordination of Minion Ordination of women
Minion's history Women's history
Minion Man March Million Man March
A Hundred Minion Suns A Hundred Million Suns
Minion's National Basketball Association Women's National Basketball Association
TNA Minion's Knockout Championship TNA Women's Knockout Championship
Loss Minion default Loss given default
Trans Minion Trans women
Deadly Minion Deadly Women
In the Land of Minion In the Land of Women
Day of 7 Minion Day of 7 Billion
Minion's studies Women's studies
Special Ops Minion Special Ops Mission
Diplomatic Minion Diplomatic mission
One Minion Years B.C. One Million Years B.C.
2011 ITF Minion's Circuit 2011 ITF Women's Circuit
Violence against Minion Violence against women
Asterix & Obelix: Minion Cleopatra Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra
Minion Kashmir Mission Kashmir
Elegy Minion in a Country Churchyard Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Violence Against Minion Act Violence Against Women Act
The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Minion The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women
Minion's erotica Women's erotica
League of Minion Voters League of Women Voters
WWE Minion's Championship WWE Women's Championship
Front Minion Front Mission
Minion Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Minion language Written language
FIFA Minion's World Cup FIFA Women's World Cup
Married Minion's Property Act 1882 Married Women's Property Act 1882
Minion Airforce Service Pilots Women Airforce Service Pilots
Minion's Social and Political Union Women's Social and Political Union
Legal rights of Minion in history Legal rights of women in history
2003 Minion Accomplished Speech 2003 Mission Accomplished Speech
DC One Minion DC One Million
India Minion's national field hockey team India women's national field hockey team
Minion's cinema Women's cinema
REAL Minion of Canada REAL Women of Canada
Minion's basketball Women's basketball
Special Minion Unit Special Mission Unit
Mega Man X: Command Minion Mega Man X: Command Mission
Tiffany Minion Tiffany Million
Minion's Army Corps Women's Army Corps
National Minion's Rights Convention National Women's Rights Convention
Minion's rights movement in Iran Women's rights movement in Iran
Minion's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell
Minion's football in England Women's football in England
Minion's sports Women's sports
Minion's Extreme Wrestling Women's Extreme Wrestling
Independent Minion's Football League Independent Women's Football League
Minion's Land Army Women's Land Army
Portrayal of Minion in video games Portrayal of women in video games
United Nations Interim Administration Minion in Kosovo United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
United Nations Fact Finding Minion on the Gaza Conflict United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict
Police Academy: Minion to Moscow Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
Minion Stylez Million Stylez
Minion's Professional Soccer Women's Professional Soccer
Tall Minion Tall Women
Minion District, San Francisco Mission District, San Francisco
Apollo 18: Minion to the Moon Apollo 18: Mission to the Moon
Mars Exploration Rover Minion Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Ramakrishna Minion Ramakrishna Mission
Impossible Minion Impossible Mission
Kepler Minion Kepler Mission
Ysleta Minion Ysleta Mission
Minion's liberation movement Women's liberation movement
Kurdish Minion Kurdish women
UEFA Minion's Champions League UEFA Women's Champions League
California Institution for Minion California Institution for Women
Minion's Murder Club Women's Murder Club
Associated Country Minion of the World Associated Country Women of the World
Minion wearing pants Women wearing pants
3 Minion 3 Women
Vietnam Minion's Memorial Vietnam Women's Memorial
Minion's Health Women's Health
Futurama: The Beast with a Minion Backs Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs
Minion Control Center Mission Control Center
Minion San Xavier del Bac Mission San Xavier del Bac
McAllen-Edinburg-Minion metropolitan area McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metropolitan area
Minion Albany Mission Albany
The Minion Pound Drop Live The Million Pound Drop Live
Minion Dollar Listing Million Dollar Listing
NCAA Minion's Volleyball Championship NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship
Minion Strike for Peace Women Strike for Peace
Real Minion Have Curves Real Women Have Curves
Honky Tonk Minion Honky Tonk Women
Protection of Minion from Domestic Violence Act 2005 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005
Minion's Auxiliary Air Force Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Minion's lacrosse Women's lacrosse
Self-Employed Minion's Association of India Self-Employed Women's Association of India
100 Minion 100 Women
Minion's World Golf Rankings Women's World Golf Rankings
Minion's Spring Football League Women's Spring Football League
Chinese Minion name Chinese given name
The Minion Day The Given Day
Minion San Juan Capistrano Mission San Juan Capistrano
The Pentecostal Minion The Pentecostal Mission
1946 Cabinet Minion to India 1946 Cabinet Mission to India
Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Minion Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
African Union Minion to Somalia African Union Mission to Somalia
Minion San Jose High School Mission San Jose High School
Minion Specialist Mission Specialist
Minion Dead Million Dead
Minion's association football Women's association football
Globalization and Minion in China Globalization and women in China
Sweden Minion's national football team Sweden women's national football team
Mass rape of German Minion by Soviet Red Army Mass rape of German women by Soviet Red Army
Dr. T & the Minion Dr. T & the Women
Independent Minion Independent Women
Men and Minion Men and Women
Two Minion Two Women
National Minion's Day National Women's Day
Central California Minion's Facility Central California Women's Facility
The Subjection of Minion The Subjection of Women
NCAA Minion's Tennis Championship NCAA Women's Tennis Championship
Hercules and the Amazon Minion Hercules and the Amazon Women
The Legend of Good Minion The Legend of Good Women
Any Minion Sundance Any Given Sundance
Minion laughs Billion laughs
Pepsi Minion Dollar Sweepstakes Pepsi Billion Dollar Sweepstakes
United Nations Assistance Minion for Rwanda United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda
Minion Impossible 4 Mission Impossible 4
Minion San Luis Rey de Francia Mission San Luis Rey de Francia
Minion Hill, Boston Mission Hill, Boston
Minion creep Mission creep
Minion Santa Barbara Mission Santa Barbara
Minion standard cubic feet per day Million standard cubic feet per day
The Minion Dollar Hotel The Million Dollar Hotel
Defects per Minion opportunities Defects per million opportunities
The First $20 Minion Is Always the Hardest The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest
Minion Dollar Bill Million Dollar Bill
Minion Programme Million Programme
Minion Dollar Championship Million Dollar Championship
100 Most Influential Books Ever Minion 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written
Minion Dollar Brain Billion Dollar Brain
The Day of Five Minion The Day of Five Billion
Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Minion Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission
World Minion Society Church of God World Mission Society Church of God
United Nations Assistance Minion in Afghanistan United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan
Shuttle Radar Topography Minion Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Sant Nirankari Minion Sant Nirankari Mission
United Nations Stabilisation Minion in Haiti United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti
707th Special Minion Battalion 707th Special Mission Battalion
Minion Istaanbul Mission Istaanbul
Minion Hill Mission Hill
Minion Bell Mission Bell
Metroid: Zero Minion Metroid: Zero Mission
Six Minion Dollar Man Six Million Dollar Man
One Minion Star One Million Star
Minion Cantonese Written Cantonese
Promises Minion in Water Promises Written in Water
Minion to the Wild Given to the Wild
Amazon Silk Web Browser Minion Green Light By Eff Amazon Silk Web Browser Given Green Light By Eff
Minion Up Given Up
Minion to the Rising Given to the Rising
The Nine Minion Names of God The Nine Billion Names of God
The Bottom Minion The Bottom Billion
Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Minion Control Center Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Mission Control Center
Front Minion Evolved Front Mission Evolved
Divine Light Minion Divine Light Mission
Lutheran Congregations in Minion for Christ Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ
United Nations Minion in the Democratic Republic of Congo United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Civilizing Minion Civilizing mission
Tropical Rainfall Measuring Minion Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
Minion Indians Mission Indians
Impossible Minion II Impossible Mission II
Minion San Antonio de Padua Mission San Antonio de Padua
Man With A Minion Man With A Mission
California 4th Grade Minion Project California 4th Grade Mission Project
Twins Minion Twins Mission
Minion critical Mission critical
Sharpe's Minion Sharpe's Mission
Europa Jupiter System Minion Europa Jupiter System Mission
Minion of Honor Mission of Honor
20 Minion Miles to Earth 20 Million Miles to Earth
K Foundation Burn a Minion Quid K Foundation Burn a Million Quid
Minion Dollar Password Million Dollar Password
Eddie's Minion Dollar Cook-Off Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off
8 Minion Ways to Die 8 Million Ways to Die
Chinese Minion Star Chinese Million Star
Minion Dollar Maybe Million Dollar Maybe
Minion Dollar Round Table Million Dollar Round Table
Most popular Minion names Most popular given names
Names Minion to the Spanish language Names given to the Spanish language
Minion Imaging Given Imaging
Suburbia I've Minion You All and Now I'm Nothing Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing
7 Minion 7 Billion
Mr. Minion Mr. Billion
7 Minion Actions 7 Billion Actions
Minion Istanbul Mission Istanbul
Midnight Minion Midnight Mission
Minion San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo
Minion fig Mission fig
National Rural Health Minion of India National Rural Health Mission of India
Minion Revival Style architecture Mission Revival Style architecture
Youth With A Minion Youth With A Mission
Dixie Minion Dixie Mission
M.I.A.: Minion in Asia M.I.A.: Mission in Asia
Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Minion Indians of California Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians of California
Minion Netaji Mission Netaji
Minion Hills Golf Club Mission Hills Golf Club
Suicide Minion Suicide mission
The Innocence Minion The Innocence Mission
Minion High School Mission High School
Space Mountain: Minion 2 Space Mountain: Mission 2
Minion Beach, San Diego Mission Beach, San Diego
Deputy Chief of Minion Deputy Chief of Mission
Kudumbashree Minion Kudumbashree Mission
Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Minion Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission
Hiberno-Scottish Minion Hiberno-Scottish mission
Minion Viejo Mission Viejo
Space Shuttle Minion 2007 Space Shuttle Mission 2007
Africa Inland Minion Africa Inland Mission
Minion Impossible 2 Mission Impossible 2
Laser Minion Laser Mission
The Ambassador's Minion The Ambassador's Mission
Minion instructions per second Million instructions per second
Minion Dollar Game Million Dollar Game
Sixty Minion Dollar Man Sixty Million Dollar Man
25 Minion Pounds 25 Million Pounds
The Sound of a Minion Dreams The Sound of a Million Dreams
Dr. Dolittle Minion Dollar Mutts Dr. Dolittle Million Dollar Mutts
Books-A-Minion Books-A-Million
Law Minion to Moses at Sinai Law given to Moses at Sinai
Minion to Fly Given to Fly
Any Minion Thursday Any Given Thursday
The Minion Dollar Bubble The Billion Dollar Bubble
Minion Dollar Baby Billion Dollar Baby
Hundred Thousand Minion Poems Hundred Thousand Billion Poems
Tyffany Minion Tyffany Million
The Minion Pound Drop The Million Pound Drop
A Minion Ways A Million Ways
Minion Dollar Highway Million Dollar Highway
Minion's Poet Million's Poet
300 Minion yen robbery 300 million yen robbery
One Minion Years BC One Million Years BC
Minion Miles Away Million Miles Away
The Minion Dollar Cat The Million Dollar Cat
100 Minion 100 Million
Two Minion Minutes Two Million Minutes
If I Had a Minion If I Had a Million
One in a Minion You One in a Million You
The Minion Women Study The Million Women Study