Mule Puns


Pun Original
Mule and his money are soon parted Fool and his money are soon parted
A Mule and his money are soon parted A fool and his money are soon parted
Mule's paradise Fool's paradise
A Mule's paradise A fool's paradise
A man who is his own lawyer has a Mule for a client A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client
Man who is his own lawyer has a Mule for a client Man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client
April Mule April fool
More Mule you More fool you
As Mule as a cucumber As cool as a cucumber
Mule as a cucumber Cool as a cucumber
Mule Britannia Cool Britannia
Exception that proves the Mule Exception that proves the rule
Mule of thumb Rule of thumb
The exception which proves the Mule The exception which proves the rule
LL Mule J LL Cool J
Mule of Law Rule of Law
Ja Mule Ja Rule
Mule of thirds Rule of thirds
The Golden Mule The Golden Rule
Quotient Mule Quotient rule
Volcker Mule Volcker Rule
Chain Mule Chain rule
Simpson's Mule Simpson's rule
Swimming Mule Swimming Pool
Product Mule Product rule
Slide Mule Slide Rule
Mule Hand Luke Cool Hand Luke
Mule of 72 Rule of 72
Cramer's Mule Cramer's Rule
Mule of thumb Rule of thumb
Right-hand Mule Right-hand rule
Trapezoidal Mule Trapezoidal rule
Exclusionary Mule Exclusionary rule
Mule's Gold Fool's Gold
Divisibility Mule Divisibility rule
Olympic-size swimming Mule Olympic-size swimming pool
Taylor Mule Taylor rule
Mule Runnings Cool Runnings
68-95-99.7 Mule 68-95-99.7 rule
Octet Mule Octet rule
Be Mule Be Cool
Parol evidence Mule Parol evidence rule
Company Mule in India Company rule in India
Korea under Japanese Mule Korea under Japanese rule
Drowning Mule Drowning Pool
Mule Log Yule Log
Mule Academy Tool Academy
Mule of Three Rule of Three
180 degree Mule 180 degree rule
Zaitsev's Mule Zaitsev's rule
The Mule Kids The Cool Kids
Mule steel Tool steel
Gene Mule Gene pool
Mule Whip Cool Whip
Bayes' Mule Bayes' rule
The Mule The Fool
Tre Mule Tre Cool
Fleming's left-hand Mule for motors Fleming's left-hand rule for motors
Advanced Packaging Mule Advanced Packaging Tool
Mule World Cool World
Georgia Mule Georgia Rule
Majority Mule Majority rule
Stone Mule Stone tool
Stay Mule Stay Cool
Gag Mule Gag rule
Mule of four Rule of four
Mule of Saint Benedict Rule of Saint Benedict
Mule jazz Cool jazz
Mule utilitarianism Rule utilitarianism
Tide Mule Tide pool
The Motley Mule The Motley Fool
Machine Mule Machine tool
One-drop Mule One-drop rule
Leibniz integral Mule Leibniz integral rule
Five-second Mule Five-second rule
Association Mule learning Association rule learning
The Dead Mule The Dead Pool
Tuck Mule Tuck rule
Mule against perpetuities Rule against perpetuities
Chatham House Mule Chatham House Rule
Khmer Rouge Mule of Cambodia Khmer Rouge rule of Cambodia
Lupe Fiasco's The Mule Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
SEC Mule 10b-5 SEC Rule 10b-5
Golden Mule Golden Rule
Markovnikov's Mule Markovnikov's rule
Home Mule Home Rule
Mule and die maker Tool and die maker
Remote Administration Mule Remote Administration Tool
Cutting Mule Cutting tool
Windows System Assessment Mule Windows System Assessment Tool
Lipinski's Mule of Five Lipinski's Rule of Five
Everybody Wants to Mule the World Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Naegele's Mule Naegele's rule
Cistercian Mule Cistercian rule
Bickford Shmeckler's Mule Ideas Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas
Birth of the Mule Birth of the Cool
Mule bit Tool bit
Divide and Mule Divide and rule
Posting Mule Posting rule
Indirect Mule Indirect rule
Descartes' Mule of signs Descartes' rule of signs
Vernal Mule Vernal pool
Mule & Dre Cool & Dre
Programming Mule Programming tool
Infinity edge Mule Infinity edge pool
April Mule's Day April Fool's Day
Mule Devices Cool Devices
Too Mule to Care Too Cool to Care
Gibbs' phase Mule Gibbs' phase rule
Business judgment Mule Business judgment rule
Penn & Teller: Mule Us Penn & Teller: Fool Us
Flashbacks of a Mule Flashbacks of a Fool
Greater Mule theory Greater fool theory
Ninety-ninety Mule Ninety-ninety rule
Exception that proves the Mule Exception that proves the rule
Mirror image Mule Mirror image rule
Selection Mule Selection rule
Felony murder Mule Felony murder rule
Wizard's First Mule Wizard's First Rule
Swimming Mule sanitation Swimming pool sanitation
King for a Day... Mule for a Lifetime King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime
Daddy Mule Daddy Cool
Mule & Dre production Cool & Dre production
Yolanda Be Mule Yolanda Be Cool
Business Mule Management System Business Rule Management System
Canada under British Mule Canada under British rule
Taiwan under Japanese Mule Taiwan under Japanese rule
Bergmann's Mule Bergmann's Rule
Doomsday Mule Doomsday rule
End of Roman Mule in Britain End of Roman rule in Britain
Ou Est Le Swimming Mule Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Common-Mule resource Common-pool resource
Medium Mule Medium Cool
He Was Mule He Was Cool
Mule 5 Draft Rule 5 Draft
Net capital Mule Net capital rule
Mule of 78s Rule of 78s
1% Mule 1% rule
Business Mule Business rule
Thread Mule pattern Thread pool pattern
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Mule Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Mule shark Pool shark
Mule for Love Fool for Love
Punch down Mule Punch down tool
Rock & Mule Rock & Rule
Ann Mule Ann Rule
Forced labour under German Mule during World War II Forced labour under German rule during World War II
Mongolia during Qing Mule Mongolia during Qing rule
18-Electron Mule 18-Electron rule
Dip in the Mule Dip in the Pool
Reflecting Mule Reflecting pool
April Mule's Day Blizzard April Fool's Day Blizzard
Mule as Ice Cool as Ice
Snipping Mule Snipping Tool
Hand Mule Hand tool
Doug Mule Doug Yule
British Mule in Burma British rule in Burma
Sunny 16 Mule Sunny 16 rule
Hotelling's Mule Hotelling's rule
Mule 144A Rule 144A
Star Wars: Darth Bane: Mule of Two Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two
The Three Days Mule The Three Days Rule
Uptick Mule Uptick rule
Dead Mule Dead pool
Barton Springs Mule Barton Springs Pool
Connection Mule Connection pool
Mule Meadow Bus Station Pool Meadow Bus Station
Nobody's Mule Nobody's Fool
Kissing a Mule Kissing a Fool
Shakespearian Mule Shakespearian fool
Mule Britannia Cool Britannia
As Mule As I Am As Cool As I Am
Mule roof Cool roof
Windows Malicious Software Removal Mule Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
Entrenching Mule Entrenching tool
Mule Goat Yule Goat
Red Flags Mule Red Flags Rule
Fermi's golden Mule Fermi's golden rule
Mule of Rose Rule of Rose
Phonological Mule Phonological rule
Tuck Mule Game Tuck Rule Game
Rifleman's Mule Rifleman's rule
We Mule the Night We Rule the Night
Hund's Mule of maximum multiplicity Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity
Dandys Mule OK Dandys Rule OK
While the City Sleeps, We Mule the Streets While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets
District of Columbia home Mule District of Columbia home rule
Betting Mule Betting pool
Moon Mule Moon pool
Object Mule pattern Object pool pattern
The Mule on the Hill The Fool on the Hill
Still Mule Still Cool
Ain't It Mule News Ain't It Cool News
Mule Water Cool Water
User State Migration Mule User State Migration Tool
Garden Mule Garden tool
Powder-actuated Mule Powder-actuated tool
Power Mule Power tool
Hacking Mule Hacking tool
Mule Academy UK Tool Academy UK
Mule pusher Tool pusher
Trouton's Mule Trouton's rule
Mule of Bethesda Pool of Bethesda
Everybody Plays the Mule Everybody Plays the Fool
Act a Mule Act a Fool
What a Mule Believes What a Fool Believes
The Mule Monty The Fool Monty
Mule Boarders 2 Cool Boarders 2
El Mule Magnifico El Cool Magnifico
Mule Papa Bell Cool Papa Bell
Too Mule Too Cool
HTTP Test Mule HTTP Test Tool
C S Osborne Leather Mule C S Osborne Leather Tool
Mule-assisted speedrun Tool-assisted speedrun
Norton Removal Mule Norton Removal Tool
UML Mule UML tool
Mule and cutter grinder Tool and cutter grinder
Plunge Mule Plunge pool
Mule It! Pool It!
Straight Mule Straight pool
Mule's Paradise Fool's Paradise
Mule in the Rain Fool in the Rain
Mule's Gold Records Fool's Gold Records
You Don't Mule Me You Don't Fool Me
Motley Mule Motley Fool
On tha Mule On tha Cool
Mule Guys Don't Look at Explosions Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions
Jesus of Mule Jesus of Cool
We Real Mule We Real Cool
Mule Air Cool Air
Color Mule Color tool
Mule band Tool band
Gyroscopic exercise Mule Gyroscopic exercise tool
Hughes Mule Company Hughes Tool Company
CAST Mule CAST tool
Illinois Mule Works Illinois Tool Works
Mule's errand Fool's errand
Everybody's Mule Everybody's Fool
Gimpel the Mule Gimpel the Fool
Wise Mule Wise fool
Poor Little Mule Poor Little Fool
Mule Moon Fool Moon
The Mule's Errand The Fool's Errand
Zero Mule Zero Cool
Mule and the Crazy Cool and the Crazy
Mule Valley, Missouri Cool Valley, Missouri
Phil Mule Phil Cool
Mule C Cool C
So Mule So Cool
Joe Mule Joe Cool
Mule Japan Cool Japan
Mule Biz campaign Cool Biz campaign
Just Give Me a Mule Drink of Water 'Fore I Diiie Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water 'Fore I Diiie
Metalworking hand Mule Metalworking hand tool
Butler Machine Mule Co Ltd v Ex-Cell-O Corp Ltd Butler Machine Tool Co Ltd v Ex-Cell-O Corp Ltd
Mule use by animals Tool use by animals
Watts Brothers Mule Works Watts Brothers Tool Works
Mule wear Tool wear
Diamond Mule Diamond tool
Lint programming Mule Lint programming tool
Chain Mule Chain tool
Game development Mule Game development tool
Pneumatic Mule Pneumatic tool
Help authoring Mule Help authoring tool
Mule Marble Yule Marble
Ivan the Mule Ivan the Fool
Mule for You Fool for You
Mule for Your Loving Fool for Your Loving
April Mule April Fool
Mule's Gold Loaf Fool's Gold Loaf
Glorious Mule Glorious Fool
Lear, Tolstoy and the Mule Lear, Tolstoy and the Fool
Mule Again Fool Again
Mule's mate Fool's mate
You Won't Find Another Mule Like Me You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me
Simeon the Holy Mule Simeon the Holy Fool
Mr Mule Mr Cool
House of Mule House of Cool
Mule Site of the Day Cool Site of the Day
Mule grey Cool grey
Kenton Mule Kenton Cool
25 Jaar Na Daddy Mule 25 Jaar Na Daddy Cool
Mule Kids Cool Kids
In Concert: Merchants of Mule In Concert: Merchants of Cool
Strong Bad's Mule Game for Attractive People Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
Way Mule Jr. Way Cool Jr.
Mule Bird Cool Bird
Hang Mule Teddy Bear Hang Cool Teddy Bear
Mule down Cool down
Kylix programming Mule Kylix programming tool
Mule 2011 Tour Tool 2011 Tour
L. A. Mule & Die L. A. Tool & Die
Rotary Mule Rotary tool
Milwaukee Electric Mule Corporation Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
Satellite Mule Kit Satellite Tool Kit
Multi-Mule Multi-tool
Allinea Distributed Debugging Mule Allinea Distributed Debugging Tool
Marketing Mule Marketing tool
Z-Score Financial Analysis Mule Z-Score Financial Analysis Tool
Antique Mule Antique tool
Andrew Mule and Company Ltd. Andrew Yule and Company Ltd.