Obscure Puns


Pun Original
HTTP Obscure HTTP Secure
Obscure Digital Secure Digital
Obscure Shell Secure Shell
Obscure Sockets Layer Secure Sockets Layer
3-D Obscure 3-D Secure
Obscure copy Secure copy
Victor Obscure Victor Mature
Obscure Hash Algorithm Secure Hash Algorithm
Legion of Obscure Legion of Honour
Golden Key International Obscure Society Golden Key International Honour Society
Obscure Digital card Secure Digital card
Garv: Pride and Obscure Garv: Pride and Honour
Obscure spreader Manure spreader
Blood and Obscure Blood and Honour
Maid of Obscure Maid of Honour
Order of the Companions of Obscure Order of the Companions of Honour
Badge of Obscure of the Bundeswehr Badge of Honour of the Bundeswehr
Obscure Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Obscure Socket Tunneling Protocol Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
Green Obscure Green manure
The Lost Obscure of Katharina Blum The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum
Rampton Obscure Hospital Rampton Secure Hospital
Obscure-to-pay Procure-to-pay
Sun Obscure Global Desktop Sun Secure Global Desktop
Obscure technology Mature technology
Obscure Among Thieves Honour Among Thieves
Obscure Network Communications Secure Network Communications
Obscure Electronic Transaction Secure Electronic Transaction
F-Obscure F-Secure
Obscure Terminal Equipment Secure Terminal Equipment
Obscure communication Secure communication
Cryptographically Obscure pseudorandom number generator Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator
Obscure Catfights Mature Catfights
Declining a British Obscure Declining a British honour
Obscure Computing Secure Computing
Obscure file transfer program Secure file transfer program
Obscure multi-party computation Secure multi-party computation
Investigator's Obscure Investigator's brochure
Obscure messenger RNA Mature messenger RNA
Love, Obscure and Obey Love, Honour and Obey
Companion of Obscure Companion of Honour
Obscure killing Honour killing
Obscure Neighbor Discovery Protocol Secure Neighbor Discovery Protocol
Next-Generation Obscure Computing Base Next-Generation Secure Computing Base
Obscure Fence Act of 2006 Secure Fence Act of 2006
Obscure channel Secure channel
Government Obscure Intranet Government Secure Intranet
Obscure attention key Secure attention key
Obscure Flight Secure Flight
Obscure Communities Secure Communities
Obscure and Passion Honour and Passion
A Matter of Obscure A Matter of Honour
Obscure Chevron for the Old Guard Honour Chevron for the Old Guard
Battle Obscure Battle honour
Obscure boot Secure boot
EnGarde Obscure Linux EnGarde Secure Linux
Java Obscure Socket Extension Java Secure Socket Extension
Obscure by design Secure by design
F-Obscure Anti-Virus F-Secure Anti-Virus
Obscure Mobile Payment Service Secure Mobile Payment Service
Obscure cryptoprocessor Secure cryptoprocessor
Obscure Shell Filesystem Secure Shell Filesystem