Office Puns


Pun Original
Drop-dead Office Drop-dead gorgeous
Habeas Office Habeas corpus
Boeing 747 hull Office Boeing 747 hull losses
English relative Office English relative clauses
Aircraft Office of the Vietnam War Aircraft losses of the Vietnam War
Air to air combat Office between USSR and US Air to air combat losses between USSR and US
Privatizing profits and socializing Office Privatizing profits and socializing losses
Office from an Old Manse Mosses from an Old Manse
Post-World War II air-to-air combat Office Post-World War II air-to-air combat losses
Lucy Office Lucy Lawless
Office callosum Corpus callosum
Neonatal Office Neonatal jaundice
Office Christi, Texas Corpus Christi, Texas
Office luteum Corpus luteum
A Office Line A Chorus Line
Drop Dead Office Drop Dead Gorgeous
Agenesis of the Office callosum Agenesis of the corpus callosum
Office cavernosum penis Corpus cavernosum penis
Office Christi Corpus Christi
Office Juris Civilis Corpus Juris Civilis
Greek Office Greek chorus
The Office The Chorus
Blackie Office Blackie Lawless
Text Office Text corpus
Office Ladies of Wrestling Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Office delicti Corpus delicti
Ave verum Office Ave verum corpus
Drop Dead, Office Drop Dead, Gorgeous
Office linguistics Corpus linguistics
Office luteum cyst Corpus luteum cyst
Habeas Office Act 1679 Habeas Corpus Act 1679
Congressional Black Office Congressional Black Caucus
Bridal Office Bridal Chorus
Brown Office Brown Corpus
Port Office Christi Port Corpus Christi
Tea Party Office Tea Party Caucus
Verse-Office form Verse-chorus form
Office cavernosum Corpus cavernosum
Office Christi College, Cambridge Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Office Christi College, Oxford Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Office callosotomy Corpus callosotomy
Congressional Office Congressional caucus
Office Juris Secundum Corpus Juris Secundum
Office spongiosum penis Corpus spongiosum penis
Office collosum Corpus collosum
Office Christi Harbor Bridge Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge
Texas A&M University-Office Christi Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Office Christi Catholic Secondary School Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School
Office medium Porous medium
PS22 Office PS22 chorus
Filthy Office Filthy Gorgeous
Office Frankenstein Gorgeous Frankenstein
Office Christi Independent School District Corpus Christi Independent School District
Office striatum Corpus striatum
Quranic Arabic Office Quranic Arabic Corpus
Office separatum Corpus separatum
Office Clock Corpus Clock
Office effect Chorus effect
Anvil Office Anvil Chorus
Habeas Office Suspension Act 1863 Habeas Corpus Suspension Act 1863
Office Christi Hooks Corpus Christi Hooks
Office Christi College Corpus Christi College
Office albicans Corpus albicans
USS City of Office Christi USS City of Corpus Christi
Office allatum Corpus allatum
Office Christi massacre Corpus Christi massacre
Writ of habeas Office Writ of habeas corpus
Office Inscriptionum Latinarum Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum
Speech Office Speech corpus
Office Christi (play Corpus Christi (play
British National Office British National Corpus
Young Democrats of America High School Office Young Democrats of America High School Caucus
Congressional Cuba Democracy Office Congressional Cuba Democracy Caucus
Democratic Office of the United States Senate Democratic Caucus of the United States Senate
Iowa Office Iowa caucus
Imminent Office action Imminent lawless action
Brontosaurus Office Brontosaurus Chorus
Second Office Second Chorus
Big Apple Office Big Apple Chorus
Hallelujah Office Hallelujah Chorus
Western Office Frog Western Chorus Frog