Oil Puns


Pun Original
Shuffle off this mortal Oil Shuffle off this mortal coil
Go and Oil your head Go and boil your head
Susan Oil Susan Boyle
Oil's law Boyle's law
Danny Oil Danny Boyle
Tesla Oil Tesla Coil
Lacuna Oil Lacuna Coil
Peter Oil Peter Boyle
Robert Oil Robert Boyle
Aluminium Oil Aluminium foil
Frankie Oil Frankie Boyle
Lara Flynn Oil Lara Flynn Boyle
Helmholtz Oil Helmholtz coil
Oil's War Foyle's War
Ignition Oil Ignition coil
Induction Oil Induction coil
Oil spring Coil spring
Tin Oil hat Tin foil hat
London Oil London broil
Fan Oil unit Fan coil unit
This Mortal Oil This Mortal Coil
T. Coraghessan Oil T. Coraghessan Boyle
Mosquito Oil Mosquito coil
Mortal Oil Mortal coil
Lisa Oil Lisa Boyle
Lead came and copper Oil glasswork Lead came and copper foil glasswork
Oil method FOIL method
Tin Oil Tin foil
Oil bearing Foil bearing
Voice Oil Voice coil
Dan Oil Dan Boyle
Adonal Oil Adonal Foyle
Oil stamping Foil stamping
Rogowski Oil Rogowski coil
Maxwell Oil Maxwell coil
Oil's War Series Seven Foyle's War Series Seven
Bifilar Oil Bifilar coil
Oil binding Coil binding
Brian Oil Brian Boyle
Mike Oil Mike Foyle
River Oil River Foyle
Jonathan Oil Jonathan Foyle
Oil kite Foil kite
Oil gun Coil gun
Field Oil Field coil
Singing Tesla Oil Singing Tesla coil
Greg Oil Greg Boyle
Jimmy Oil Jimmy Boyle
Crab Oil Crab boil
Lough Oil Lough Foyle
Edible silver Oil Edible silver foil
Oudin Oil Oudin coil
Loading Oil Loading coil
Oiled Oil Coiled coil
Solid state Tesla Oil Solid state Tesla coil
Search Oil Search coil
Single Oil Single coil
Mark Oil Mark Boyle
Kevin Oil Kevin Boyle
Katie Oil Katie Boyle
Edward Oil, Baron Oil of Handsworth Edward Boyle, Baron Boyle of Handsworth
Oil County, Kentucky Boyle County, Kentucky
Fish Oil Fish boil