One Puns


Pun Original
Jump the One Jump the gun
Son of a One Son of a gun
Let not the One go down on your wrath Let not the sun go down on your wrath
Make hay while the One shines Make hay while the sun shines
One of a gun Son of a gun
Been there, One that Been there, done that
One a runner Done a runner
One to a turn Done to a turn
Saturn Devouring His One Saturn Devouring His Son
Top One Top Gun
Machine One Kelly Machine Gun Kelly
Thompson submachine One Thompson submachine gun
Midnight One Midnight Sun
One Microsystems Sun Microsystems
Machine One Preacher Machine Gun Preacher
Empire of the One Empire of the Sun
The One The Sun
The One of Man The Son of Man
M60 machine One M60 machine gun
Island in the One Island in the Sun
M249 light machine One M249 light machine gun
The One of Neptune The Son of Neptune
Machine One Machine Gun
One Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen
When the One Goes Down When the Sun Goes Down
One Tzu Sun Tzu
M2 Browning machine One M2 Browning machine gun
One God Sun God
The One of No One The Son of No One
One dog Sun dog
The One Also Rises The Sun Also Rises
Water One Water gun
M240 machine One M240 machine gun
A Raisin in the One A Raisin in the Sun
The House of the Rising One The House of the Rising Sun
Air One Air gun
One Pictures Sun Pictures
Getting Things One Getting Things Done
3rd Rock from the One 3rd Rock from the Sun
Black One Black Sun
One Ra Sun Ra
James, One of Zebedee James, son of Zebedee
The Night the One Came Up The Night the Sun Came Up
One Wukong Sun Wukong
One tanning Sun tanning
S. C. JohnOne & One S. C. Johnson & Son
Prisoners of the One Prisoners of the Sun
One Life Stadium Sun Life Stadium
Parable of the Prodigal One Parable of the Prodigal Son
Girls Just Want to Have One Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Seventh One of a Seventh One Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Ku Hye One Ku Hye Sun
One 'n' sand Sun 'n' sand
One of Frankenstein Son of Frankenstein
Tears of the One Tears of the Sun
Dirty Deeds One Dirt Cheap Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Konark One Temple Konark Sun Temple
Gang Il-One Gang Il-Sun
One Gohan Son Gohan
One of a Witch Son of a Witch
The Good One The Good Son
All The Best: One Begins All The Best: Fun Begins
One with Dick and Jane Fun with Dick and Jane
Rising One Rising Sun
One Bear Sun Bear
One Certified Professional Sun Certified Professional
Waiting for the One Waiting for the Sun
Sanford and One Sanford and Son
One Goku Son Goku
Lee One Gyun Lee Sun Gyun
One TV Sun TV
S.O.S.-One Of Sardar S.O.S.-Son Of Sardar
A Place Where the One Is Silent A Place Where the Sun Is Silent
Steptoe and One Steptoe and Son
Evil Under the One Evil Under the Sun
Native One Native Son
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like One Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son
God's One God's Son
One Myung Moon Sun Myung Moon
Here Comes the One Here Comes the Sun
Pyramid of the One Pyramid of the Sun
One House Son House
One of Sam law Son of Sam law
One of the Bride Son of the Bride
One of the Mask Son of the Mask
M35 2½ One cargo truck M35 2½ ton cargo truck
House of the Rising One House of the Rising Sun
One Belt Sun Belt
The empire on which the One never sets The empire on which the sun never sets
Fortunate One Fortunate Son
One of No One Son of No One
The Drunk and On Drugs Happy One Time Hour The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour
One Oguri Shun Oguri
Away from the One Away from the Sun
One City, North West Sun City, North West
One path Sun path
Kim Hee-One Kim Hee-sun
Joe One Joe Son
Chicago One-Times Chicago Sun-Times
Seasons in the One Seasons in the Sun
Dragon Ball: Yo! One Goku and His Friends Return!! Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!
Father and One Father and Son
One and Fancy Free Fun and Fancy Free
A Place in the One A Place in the Sun
One Dance Sun Dance
One Life Financial Sun Life Financial
One of Dracula Son of Dracula
One of Man Son of Man
What I've One What I've Done
Capri One Capri Sun
Superman: Red One Superman: Red Son
Holiday in the One Holiday in the Sun
Wong One Leung Wong Shun Leung
Black Hole One Black Hole Sun
Golden One Golden Sun
Order of the Rising One Order of the Rising Sun
One Capital Partners Sun Capital Partners
Sir Lucious Left Foot: The One of Chico Dusty Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
One of a Gun Son of a Gun
One Of A Preacher Man Son Of A Preacher Man
One of God Son of God
One of Sam Son of Sam
Tan One Nhat International Airport Tan Son Nhat International Airport
Short One Short ton
One House Fun House
Land of the Midnight One Land of the Midnight Sun
One Drop Sun Drop
One News Network Sun News Network
One of Beast Son of Beast
One of Superman Son of Superman
One Dip Fun Dip
First Rays of the New Rising One First Rays of the New Rising Sun
One Belt Conference Sun Belt Conference
One cross Sun cross
One-Hwa Kwon Sun-Hwa Kwon
The Light of the One The Light of the Sun
Like Father, Like One Like Father, Like Son
One Dam Bi Son Dam Bi
Tan One Nhut Air Base Tan Son Nhut Air Base
Are We One Yet? Are We Done Yet?
Well One Well Done
Long One Long ton
...Nothing Like the One ...Nothing Like the Sun
Don't Let the One Go Down on Me Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
The Miracle of the One The Miracle of the Sun
My One the Fanatic My Son the Fanatic
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye One My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done
She One Him Wrong She Done Him Wrong
One Home Fun Home
Golmaal: One Unlimited Golmaal: Fun Unlimited
Betty One Betty Sun
Child of the One Child of the Sun
Let the One Shine Let the Sun Shine
Rising One / いつかきっと… Rising Sun / いつかきっと…
Stefanie One Stefanie Sun
One Fire Sun Fire
One Ray Sun Ray
One Records Sun Records
Under the Tuscan One Under the Tuscan Sun
One Volt Son Volt
The Seventh One The Seventh Son
Arizona State One Devils Arizona State Sun Devils
Atlantic One Conference Atlantic Sun Conference
Burnt by the One Burnt by the Sun
Command & Conquer: Tiberian One Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
One gun Sun gun
One Ming Ming Sun Ming Ming
The One Comes Out World Tour The Sun Comes Out World Tour
Toronto One Toronto Sun
Dombey and One Dombey and Son
Matthew and One Matthew and Son
Mother and One Mother and Son
One Heung-Min Son Heung-Min
Wei One Wei Son
All These Things That I've One All These Things That I've Done
One with Mirrors Done with Mirrors
The Bon-One The Bon-Ton
Vickers 6-One Vickers 6-Ton
A Supposedly One Thing I'll Never Do Again A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
Beef chow One Beef chow fun
Worlds of One Worlds of Fun
Around the One Around the Sun
Holidays in the One Holidays in the Sun
Kim Wan-One Kim Wan-Sun
Medal of Honor: Rising One Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
Metaphor of the One Metaphor of the sun
Mohegan One Mohegan Sun
One Country Airlines Sun Country Airlines
One Valley, Idaho Sun Valley, Idaho
Tintin and the Temple of the One Tintin and the Temple of the Sun
Dead One Rising Dead Son Rising
James, One of Alphaeus James, son of Alphaeus
Like Father Like One Like Father Like Son
Operation Lam One 719 Operation Lam Son 719
Return of the Devil's One Return of the Devil's Son
One by Four Son by Four
One of Rambow Son of Rambow
One of the Pink Panther Son of the Pink Panther
One Ye-jin Son Ye-jin
What Have I One to Deserve This? What Have I Done to Deserve This?
Girls Just Wanna Have One Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Chan Wah-One Chan Wah-shun
Kim One Ah Kim Sun Ah
One Chips Sun Chips
One City, Arizona Sun City, Arizona
The Dark Side of the One The Dark Side of the Sun
The North Wind and the One The North Wind and the Sun
Carry On Wayward One Carry On Wayward Son
One Dong-woon Son Dong-woon
One Pari Son Pari
Blondes Have More One Blondes Have More Fun
Batman & One Batman & Son
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a One About His Father Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
One in Law Son in Law
Wandering One Wandering Son
Everybody Have One Tonight Everybody Have Fun Tonight
One School Fun School
One Dynasty Shun Dynasty
A One Unique A Son Unique
M. Kumaran One Of Mahalakshmi M. Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi
Mother Nature's One Mother Nature's Son
The One of Kong The Son of Kong
Trinh Cong One Trinh Cong Son
Big One Big Fun
Fist of One Fist of Fun
One in Acapulco Fun in Acapulco
One, One, One Fun, Fun, Fun
Super One Time Super Fun Time
You Can't Imagine How Much One We're Having You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
Asterix and One Asterix and Son
Ekam - One of Soil Ekam - Son of Soil
Pai, Mae Hong One Pai, Mae Hong Son
Sexy One hypothesis Sexy son hypothesis
One Doong Cave Son Doong Cave
One of Perdition Son of Perdition
The Wind One Gone The Wind Done Gone
One Boy Three Fun Boy Three
One Lovin' Criminals Fun Lovin' Criminals
Happy One Ball Happy Fun Ball
How the West Was One How the West Was Fun
Amenhotep, One of Hapu Amenhotep, son of Hapu
God the One God the Son
Henschel & One Henschel & Son
Jesus' One Jesus' Son
No One of Mine No Son of Mine
Oy Vey! My One Is Gay!! Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!!
Seventh One Seventh Son
One of Babylon Son of Babylon
One of Dork Son of Dork
One of Neptune Son of Neptune
One of the Beach Son of the Beach
One River Son River
The Elder One The Elder Son
Tom, Tom, the Piper's One Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son
One the Impossible Done the Impossible
The Needle and the Damage One The Needle and the Damage Done
Disorganized One Disorganized Fun
One Factory Fun Factory
One One One Fest Fun Fun Fun Fest
House of One House of Fun
Mickey's One Wheel Mickey's Fun Wheel
No One Aloud No Fun Aloud
Old Indiana One Park Old Indiana Fun Park
You Make Loving One You Make Loving Fun
Andromeda One Andromeda Shun
One Hing Square Shun Hing Square
One Sugata Shun Sugata
Posthumous One Posthumous son
One de Sol Son de Sol
One of Coma Guy Son of Coma Guy
One of Rosemary Son of Rosemary
One of the Morning Son of the Morning
The Preacher's One The Preacher's Son
The One Also Draws The Son Also Draws
Blood One Sign My Name Blood Done Sign My Name
For All You've One For All You've Done
Get It One Get It Done
Jason One Jason Done
Love... Thy Will Be One Love... Thy Will Be Done
Well One Abba Well Done Abba
What Have You One What Have You Done
What Have You One to Solange? What Have You Done to Solange?
M35 2-1/2 One cargo truck M35 2-1/2 ton cargo truck
Metric One Metric ton
One Bar Karaoke Fun Bar Karaoke
One Song Factory Fun Song Factory
One Trick Noisemaker Fun Trick Noisemaker
Krusty's One House Krusty's Fun House
Party One Action Committee Party Fun Action Committee
Yip Cheong One Yip Cheong Fun
Oguri One Oguri Shun
One Fat Supermarket Shun Fat Supermarket
Yin One Yin Shun
Damage One Damage Done
Sexy Sluts: Been There, One That Sexy Sluts: Been There, Done That
What's One in the Dark What's Done in the Dark
GE 44-One switcher GE 44-ton switcher
Le One beau de Marot Le Ton beau de Marot
One class minesweeper Ton class minesweeper
One Koopman Ton Koopman
Won One Won ton