Paws Puns


Pun Original
Newton's Paws of motion Newton's laws of motion
The 48 Paws of Power The 48 Laws of Power
Jim Crow Paws Jim Crow Laws
The Sing-Paws The Sing-Off
Paws of thermodynamics Laws of thermodynamics
Mash Paws Mash Off
Browned Paws Browned off
Chip Paws the old block Chip off the old block
Cold enough to freeze the balls Paws a brass monkey Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Cut Paws without a penny Cut off without a penny
Cut Paws your nose to spite your face Cut off your nose to spite your face
Fall Paws the back of a lorry Fall off the back of a lorry
fell Paws the back of a truck fell off the back of a truck
Fly Paws the handle Fly off the handle
Freeze the balls Paws a brass monkey Freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Get Paws on the wrong foot Get off on the wrong foot
Get Paws your high horse Get off your high horse
Gilt Paws the gingerbread Gilt off the gingerbread
Go Paws half-cocked Go off half-cocked
Hot Paws the press Hot off the press
Knock Paws Knock off
Like a chicken with its head cut Paws Like a chicken with its head cut off
Living Paws the fat of the land Living off the fat of the land
Paws his own bat Off his own bat
Paws the record Off the record
Paws with his head Off with his head
Shuffle Paws this mortal coil Shuffle off this mortal coil
Take the gilt Paws the gingerbread Take the gilt off the gingerbread
Ticked Paws Ticked off
Kepler's Paws of planetary motion Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Commerce Paws Commerce Clause
Gas Paws Gas laws
Supremacy Paws Supremacy Clause
Kirchhoff's circuit Paws Kirchhoff's circuit laws
De Morgan's Paws De Morgan's laws
Root Paws analysis Root cause analysis
Establishment Paws Establishment Clause
Fick's Paws of diffusion Fick's laws of diffusion
Necessary and Proper Paws Necessary and Proper Clause
Three Paws of Robotics Three Laws of Robotics
Probable Paws Probable cause
Equal Protection Paws Equal Protection Clause
Non-compete Paws Non-compete clause
Rebel Without a Paws Rebel Without a Cause
Just Paws 2 Just Cause 2
Bachelor of Paws Bachelor of Laws
Proximate Paws Proximate cause
Corn Paws Corn Laws
Just Paws Just Cause
Alcohol licensing Paws of the United Kingdom Alcohol licensing laws of the United Kingdom
Master of Paws Master of Laws
Nuremberg Paws Nuremberg Laws
Relative Paws Relative clause
Free Exercise Paws Free Exercise Clause
Dependent Paws Dependent clause
Natural-born-citizen Paws of the U.S. Constitution Natural-born-citizen clause of the U.S. Constitution
Islamic dietary Paws Islamic dietary laws
Paws of the Game Laws of the Game
Clarke's three Paws Clarke's three laws
Grandfather Paws Grandfather clause
Paws regarding incest Laws regarding incest
Seven Paws of Noah Seven Laws of Noah
Telephone recording Paws Telephone recording laws
English Poor Paws English Poor Laws
Lost Paws of the Confederacy Lost Cause of the Confederacy
Paws regarding rape Laws regarding rape
School bus traffic stop Paws School bus traffic stop laws
Full Faith and Credit Paws Full Faith and Credit Clause
Independent Paws Independent clause
The Santa Paws The Santa Clause
Adverbial Paws Adverbial clause
Exclusion Paws Exclusion clause
Anti-miscegenation Paws Anti-miscegenation laws
Paws and Effect Cause and Effect
Paws marketing Cause marketing
Conflict of Paws Conflict of laws
Five Paws of library science Five laws of library science
Fugitive slave Paws Fugitive slave laws
Joule's Paws Joule's laws
Paws of Power Laws of Power
Paws of war Laws of war
Air gun Paws Air gun laws
Privileges or Immunities Paws Privileges or Immunities Clause
Taxing and Spending Paws Taxing and Spending Clause
Dormant Commerce Paws Dormant Commerce Clause
Paws of action Cause of action
Blood quantum Paws Blood quantum laws
Paws of cricket Laws of cricket
Electric bicycle Paws Electric bicycle laws
Forum selection Paws Forum selection clause
Order to show Paws Order to show cause
Faraday's Paws of electrolysis Faraday's laws of electrolysis
Affinity Paws Affinity laws
Poor Paws Poor Laws
Sexx Paws Sexx Laws
Paws IV Clause IV
Free Exercise Paws of the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment
The Santa Paws 2 The Santa Clause 2
The Santa Paws 3: The Escape Paws The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Operation Just Paws Operation Just Cause
Due Process Paws Due Process Clause
Privileges and Immunities Paws Privileges and Immunities Clause
United States open container Paws United States open container laws
Copyright Paws Copyright Clause
Establishment Paws of the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the First Amendment
Reserve Paws Reserve clause
Common-Paws and special-Paws Common-cause and special-cause
Devil Without a Paws Devil Without a Cause
Commentaries on the Paws of England Commentaries on the Laws of England
The National Lottery Paws The National Lottery Draws
Arbitration Paws Arbitration clause
Confrontation Paws Confrontation Clause
Entrenched Paws Entrenched clause
Presentment Paws Presentment Clause
Agrarian Reform Paws of Cuba Agrarian Reform Laws of Cuba
Paws of science Laws of science
The Spirit of the Paws The Spirit of the Laws
Citizenship Paws Citizenship Clause
Loss payee Paws Loss payee clause
Omnibus Paws Omnibus clause
Postal Paws Postal Clause
Uninsured motorist Paws Uninsured motorist clause
War Powers Paws War Powers Clause
Paws of Death Cause of Death
Comstock Paws Comstock laws
David Paws David Laws
Islamic and Jewish dietary Paws compared Islamic and Jewish dietary laws compared
Paws regarding child sexual abuse Laws regarding child sexual abuse
Penal Paws Penal Laws
Choice of law Paws Choice of law clause
Title retention Paws Title retention clause
Common Paws Common Cause
Root Paws Root cause
Basic Paws of Israel Basic Laws of Israel
Paws against Holocaust denial Laws against Holocaust denial
Contract Paws Contract Clause
Gross up Paws Gross up clause
Paws of Attraction Laws of Attraction
Paws of Australian football Laws of Australian football
Paws on crossbows Laws on crossbows
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Paws National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Paws National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Plateau's Paws Plateau's laws
Rockefeller Drug Paws Rockefeller Drug Laws
Stem cell Paws Stem cell laws
Changes Paws Changes clause
Content Paws Content clause
Delaney Paws Delaney clause
Elastic Paws Elastic clause
Habendum Paws Habendum clause
No Religious Test Paws No Religious Test Clause
Paws for Conflict Cause for Conflict
Show-Paws penalty Show-cause penalty
Doctor of Paws Doctor of Laws
John Paws John Laws
Paws of Magic Laws of Magic
Lehman's Paws of software evolution Lehman's laws of software evolution
New Paws New Laws
The Son Also Paws The Son Also Draws
Escape Paws Escape Clause
Horn Paws Horn clause
Integration Paws Integration clause
Speech or Debate Paws Speech or Debate Clause
Subordinate Paws Subordinate clause
The Cooper Temple Paws The Cooper Temple Clause
Paws-effect graph Cause-effect graph
Good Paws Good cause
Material Paws Material cause
Blue Paws Blue Laws
Conflict of marriage Paws Conflict of marriage laws
Doctor of both Paws Doctor of both laws
European mandatory age limits and related Paws European mandatory age limits and related laws
File talk:World-cannabis-Paws.png File talk:World-cannabis-laws.png
Food libel Paws Food libel laws
Fundamental Paws of England Fundamental Laws of England
General Paws of Massachusetts General Laws of Massachusetts
Kirchhoff's Paws Kirchhoff's laws
Paws of Illusion Laws of Illusion
Massachusetts School Paws Massachusetts School Laws
Muslim dietary Paws Muslim dietary laws
Newton's Paws Newton's laws
Newtons Paws Newtons laws
Pass Paws Pass laws
The In-Paws The In-Laws
Three classic Paws of thought Three classic laws of thought
United States of America non-profit Paws United States of America non-profit laws
72-hour Paws 72-hour clause
Collective action Paws Collective action clause
Compulsory Process Paws Compulsory Process Clause
Conscience Paws Conscience clause
Filioque Paws Filioque clause
No-contest Paws No-contest clause
Non-finite Paws Non-finite clause
Shotgun Paws Shotgun clause
Suspension Paws Suspension Clause
Treaty Paws Treaty Clause
Vesting Paws Vesting clause
Paws Celebre Cause Celebre
Paws I Sez So Cause I Sez So
Final Paws Final cause
Implied Paws of action Implied cause of action
48 Paws of power 48 laws of power
Apartheid Paws Apartheid laws
Child labor Paws Child labor laws
Granger Paws Granger Laws
Gun Paws Gun laws
Kaldor's growth Paws Kaldor's growth laws
Lanchester's Paws Lanchester's laws
Paws of Burgos Laws of Burgos
Paws of Eshnunna Laws of Eshnunna
Paws of Form Laws of Form
Paws of nature Laws of nature
Licensing Paws of the United Kingdom Licensing laws of the United Kingdom
Naming Paws in the People's Republic of China Naming laws in the People's Republic of China
Personal liberty Paws Personal liberty laws
Sumptuary Paws Sumptuary laws
The Four Spiritual Paws The Four Spiritual Laws
X-Paws X-Laws
Ferris Bueller's Day Paws Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Sing Paws The Sing Off
Spider-Man: Turn Paws the Dark Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
Spin-Paws Spin-off
Sawed-Paws shotgun Sawed-off shotgun
Commercial Paws-the-shelf Commercial off-the-shelf
Paws the Map Off the Map
Write-Paws Write-off
Dead Rising 2: Paws the Record Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
The Great Wave Paws Kanagawa The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Paws the Wall Off the Wall
Take Paws Your Pants and Jacket Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
The Great British Bake Paws The Great British Bake Off
Walk-Paws home run Walk-off home run
Car Paws Car Wash
Set It Paws Set It Off
Paws sale Wash sale
Roll-on/roll-Paws Roll-on/roll-off
Noises Paws Noises Off
Trade-Paws Trade-off
Better Paws Ted Better Off Ted
Face Paws Face Off
Lift Paws Lift Off
Power take-Paws Power take-off
Animal Face-Paws Animal Face-Off
Can't Take My Eyes Paws You Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Ink and Paws painting Ink and wash painting
Better Paws Dead Better Off Dead
Charge-Paws Charge-off
Corporate spin-Paws Corporate spin-off
Paws With Their Heads Off With Their Heads
Fresh Paws the boat Fresh off the boat
Jefferson Airplane Takes Paws Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
Paws-label use Off-label use
Paws-roading Off-roading
Paid time Paws Paid time off
The Paws The Wash
Paws-road vehicle Off-road vehicle
Cutting Paws the nose to spite the face Cutting off the nose to spite the face
Half Paws Depot Half Off Depot
Lackawanna Cut-Paws Lackawanna Cut-Off
Sawn-Paws shotgun Sawn-off shotgun
Set-Paws Set-off
I'm Taking Paws I'm Taking Off
Kick-Paws Kick-off
Paws topic Off topic
Paws-the-grid Off-the-grid
Paws-the-shelf Off-the-shelf
Paws-year election Off-year election
Break It Paws Break It Off
Infrared cut-Paws filter Infrared cut-off filter
Junior Bake Paws Junior Bake Off
Paws the record Off the record
Paws-Broadway Off-Broadway
On-Paws keying On-off keying
Roll-Paws Roll-off
Super Paws Road Super Off Road
Gate turn-Paws thyristor Gate turn-off thyristor
Knock Paws Knock Off
NASA spin-Paws NASA spin-off
Paws the Deep End Off the Deep End
Paws-balance-sheet Off-balance-sheet
Pants-Paws Dance-Paws Pants-Off Dance-Off
Pissed Paws Bastards of Bloomington Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington
Str8 Paws tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton
Get Paws of My Cloud Get Off of My Cloud
Hats Paws to the Buskers Hats Off to the Buskers
Leading Paws Leading Off
Paws Centre Off Centre
Paws-color humor Off-color humor
Passing Paws Passing off
Sign-Paws Sign-off
Round-Paws error Round-off error
Star Trek spin-Paws fiction Star Trek spin-off fiction
Take Paws Your Colours Take Off Your Colours
Trade-Paws Theory of Capital Structure Trade-Off Theory of Capital Structure
Superstar Car Paws Superstar Car Wash
Las Vegas Paws Las Vegas Wash
Paws trade Wash trade
Color Paws Color wash
Martha Paws Martha Wash
Paws bottle Wash bottle
Paws West Wash West