Police Puns


Pun Original
Crohn's Police Crohn's Disease
Parkinson's Police Parkinson's Disease
Hand, foot and mouth Police Hand, foot and mouth disease
Lyme Police Lyme Disease
Stress Police Stress Relief
Sexually transmitted Police Sexually transmitted disease
Huntington's Police Huntington's Disease
Software Police life cycle Software release life cycle
It's better to give than to Police It's better to give than to receive
To beggar Police To beggar belief
Beggar Police Beggar belief
Beyond Police Beyond belief
Sickle-cell Police Sickle-cell disease
Alzheimer's Police Alzheimer's Disease
Addison's Police Addison's Disease
Press Police Press release
Pirated movie Police types Pirated movie release types
Gastroesophageal reflux Police Gastroesophageal reflux disease
Myofascial Police Myofascial Release
Coeliac Police Coeliac disease
Police management Release management
Adobe Photoshop Police history Adobe Photoshop release history
Rate of natural Police Rate of natural increase
Police Therapy Release Therapy
Time Police technology Time release technology
Attack & Police Attack & Release
Infectious Police Infectious disease
Catch and Police Catch and Release
Graves' Police Graves' disease
Compression Police engine brake Compression release engine brake
Limited Police Limited release
Rolling Police Rolling release
Gold Police Gold release
Model Police Model release
Police Me Release Me
Active Police Technique Active Release Technique
Endoscopic carpal tunnel Police Endoscopic carpal tunnel release
United States federal probation and supervised Police United States federal probation and supervised release
Police engineering Release engineering
Police factor Release factor
Beta Police Beta release
Police Mather Increase Mather
Attack Decay Sustain Police Attack Decay Sustain Release
Legal Police Legal release
Calcium-induced calcium Police Calcium-induced calcium release
Roadshow theatrical Police Roadshow theatrical release
2011 Ohio exotic animal Police 2011 Ohio exotic animal release
Sustained Police dosage forms Sustained release dosage forms
Police from Agony Release from Agony
Police notes Release notes
Software Police Software release
Compassionate Police Compassionate release
Yahoo! Messenger Police history Yahoo! Messenger release history
Federal Reserve Statistical Police H.15 Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.15
Sustained Police Sustained release
Police the Pressure Increase the Pressure
Lateral Police Lateral release
3-ring Police system 3-ring release system
The Order of Police The Order of Release
Eukaryotic Police factors Eukaryotic release factors
Police of information department Release of information department
Accidental Police source terms Accidental release source terms
Nasal Police Nasal release
Quick Police skewer Quick release skewer
Legend of the Galactic Heroes Police history Legend of the Galactic Heroes release history
Strain energy Police rate Strain energy release rate
Ecological Police Ecological release
Pierringer Police Pierringer release
Re-Police Re-release
Helium Police valve Helium release valve
Equity Police Equity release
Work Police Work release
Point Police Point release
Additive increase/multiplicative Police Additive increase/multiplicative decrease
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Police Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Police of freedom Degrees of freedom
Six Police of Separation Six Degrees of Separation
Cardiovascular Police Cardiovascular disease
Autoimmune Police Autoimmune disease
Inflammatory bowel Police Inflammatory bowel disease
Chronic kidney Police Chronic kidney disease
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Police Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
Ebola virus Police Ebola virus disease
Heart Police Heart Disease
Troubled Asset Police Program Troubled Asset Relief Program
Foot-and-mouth Police Foot-and-mouth disease
Pelvic Inflammatory Police Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Centers for Police Control and Prevention Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Tay-Sachs Police Tay-Sachs disease
Liver Police Liver disease
Motor Neurone Police Motor Neurone Disease
Kawasaki Police Kawasaki disease
Peyronie's Police Peyronie's disease
Peripheral vascular Police Peripheral vascular disease
Ischaemic heart Police Ischaemic heart disease
Osgood-Schlatter Police Osgood-Schlatter disease
Paget's Police of bone Paget's disease of bone
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Police Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Wilson's Police Wilson's disease
Respiratory Police Respiratory disease
Von Willebrand Police Von Willebrand disease
Nail Police Nail disease
Celiac Police Celiac Disease
Fifth Police Fifth Disease
Chagas Police Chagas disease
Degenerative disc Police Degenerative disc disease
Coronary artery Police Coronary artery disease
Non-alcoholic fatty liver Police Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Minamata Police Minamata disease
Thyroid Police Thyroid disease
What Lies Police What Lies Beneath
Comic Police Comic Relief
Interstitial lung Police Interstitial lung disease
71 Police North 71 Degrees North
Cat scratch Police Cat scratch disease
Six Police of Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Scheuermann's Police Scheuermann's disease
Polycystic kidney Police Polycystic kidney disease
98 Police 98 Degrees
Hirschsprung's Police Hirschsprung's disease
Demyelinating Police Demyelinating disease
Periodontal Police Periodontal disease
Gaucher's Police Gaucher's disease
Eye Police Eye disease
Mitochondrial Police Mitochondrial disease
Germ theory of Police Germ theory of disease
Model for End-Stage Liver Police Model for End-Stage Liver Disease
Hemolytic Police of the newborn Hemolytic disease of the newborn
Coronary Police Coronary disease
Bright's Police Bright's Disease
Paget's Police of the breast Paget's disease of the breast
Alcoholic liver Police Alcoholic liver disease
Chronic granulomatous Police Chronic granulomatous disease
Connective tissue Police Connective tissue disease
Fabry Police Fabry disease
Reactive airway Police Reactive airway disease
Obstructive lung Police Obstructive lung disease
Paget's Police Paget's disease
Don't Police the Truth Don't Believe the Truth
Glycogen storage Police type II Glycogen storage disease type II
Moyamoya Police Moyamoya disease
Whipple's Police Whipple's disease
Maple Syrup Urine Police Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Cold agglutinin Police Cold agglutinin disease
Neuromuscular Police Neuromuscular disease
Glycogen storage Police Glycogen storage disease
Cerebrovascular Police Cerebrovascular disease
Health Police Model Health Belief Model
The X-Files: I Want to Police The X-Files: I Want to Believe
Pick's Police Pick's disease
Meningococcal Police Meningococcal disease
Professional Police of public health Professional degrees of public health
Pott Police Pott disease
Ripley's Police It or Not! Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Police valve Relief valve
Anemia of chronic Police Anemia of chronic disease
Degenerative Police Degenerative disease
Myeloproliferative Police Myeloproliferative disease
Endocrine Police Endocrine disease
Decimal Police Decimal degrees
Cushing's Police Cushing's disease
Canavan Police Canavan disease
Six Police of Inner Turbulence Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Police the Planet of the Apes Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Central nervous system Police Central nervous system disease
Bone Police Bone disease
Valvular heart Police Valvular heart disease
Sever's Police Sever's disease
Bowen's Police Bowen's disease
Von Hippel-Lindau Police Von Hippel-Lindau disease
Coronary heart Police Coronary heart disease
Castleman's Police Castleman's disease
Rh Police Rh disease
Non-communicable Police Non-communicable disease
Dutch Police Dutch disease
Religious Police Religious belief
Hurricane Katrina disaster Police Hurricane Katrina disaster relief
Early-onset Alzheimer's Police Early-onset Alzheimer's disease
Bornholm Police Bornholm disease
Krabbe Police Krabbe disease
Police print Relief print
Debt Police Debt relief
Federal Emergency Police Administration Federal Emergency Relief Administration
I Police I Can Fly I Believe I Can Fly
Make Police Make Believe
Wind Police My Wings Wind Beneath My Wings
Economic Growth and Tax Police Reconciliation Act of 2001 Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001
I Can't Police It's Not Butter! I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!
Neighborhood of Make-Police Neighborhood of Make-Believe
When You Police When You Believe
Six Police of freedom Six degrees of freedom
Servicemembers Civil Police Act Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
Police in Me Believe in Me
I Police I Believe
Bas-Police Bas-relief
Police the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens
Police-Desire-Intention software model Belief-Desire-Intention software model
The Power to Police The Power to Believe
Cartographic Police depiction Cartographic relief depiction
Police of the University of Oxford Degrees of the University of Oxford
The Three Police The Three Degrees
Police the Wheel Beneath the Wheel
Police the Darkness Beneath the Darkness
Justified true Police Justified true belief
Do You Police in Magic Do You Believe in Magic
Song Police the Song Song Beneath the Song
I Police in a Thing Called Love I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Islamic Police Islamic Relief
2011 TUMS Fast Police 500 2011 TUMS Fast Relief 500
Police the Remains Beneath the Remains
Police system Belief system
I Still Police I Still Believe
Police the Boardwalk Beneath the Boardwalk
Police the Surface Beneath the Surface
Police bias Belief bias
The Will to Police The Will to Believe
Stafford Disaster Police and Emergency Assistance Act Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act
Police map Relief map
Music for Police Music for Relief
Police of General Douglas MacArthur Relief of General Douglas MacArthur
Police a Steel Sky Beneath a Steel Sky
Police You Beneath You
It Came from Police the Sea It Came from Beneath the Sea
Police propagation Belief propagation
I Police in You I Believe in You
What I Police What I Believe
President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Police President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief
Police mapping Relief mapping
Police pitcher Relief pitcher
Pilot-operated Police valve Pilot-operated relief valve
Police carving Relief carving
McNary-Haugen Farm Police Bill McNary-Haugen Farm Relief Bill
Police Hill 60 Beneath Hill 60
Police It or Not Believe It or Not
Tums Fast Police 500 Tums Fast Relief 500
Debt Police Order Debt Relief Order
Pressure Police valve Pressure relief valve
Act for the Police of the Poor 1601 Act for the Relief of the Poor 1601
Freedom Debt Police Freedom Debt Relief
Let's Dance for Comic Police Let's Dance for Comic Relief
Direct Police International Direct Relief International
Academic Police Academic degrees
Validation of foreign studies and Police Validation of foreign studies and degrees
Police of glory Degrees of glory
Death by Police Death by Degrees
98 Police and Rising 98 Degrees and Rising
Police the Encasing of Ashes Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
The Process of Police The Process of Belief
Police in God Belief in God
Police in Nothing Believe in Nothing
They Didn't Police Me They Didn't Believe Me
Reason to Police Reason to Believe
British War Police Society British War Relief Society
Poor Police Act 1662 Poor Relief Act 1662
Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Police Act of 2007 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007
Famine Police Famine relief
Police printing Relief printing
Jobs and Growth Tax Police Reconciliation Act of 2003 Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003
Declaratory Police Declaratory relief
Operation Provide Police Operation Provide Relief
Comic Police Does The Apprentice Comic Relief Does The Apprentice
Police Camp Workers' Union Relief Camp Workers' Union
Troubled Assets Police Program Troubled Assets Relief Program
Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Police Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief
Sport Police Sport Relief
Committee for the Police of the Black Poor Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor
Associate Police Associate degrees
Six Police Six Degrees
Police the Blue Beneath the Blue
The Ground Police Her Feet The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Van Helsing: From Police the Rue Morgue Van Helsing: From Beneath the Rue Morgue
Police the Skin - Live in Paris Beneath the Skin - Live in Paris
Police It All Beneath It All
Police Still Waters Beneath Still Waters
Police the Massacre Beneath the Massacre
Mithras in Comparison With Other Police Systems Mithras in Comparison With Other Belief Systems
Basic Police Basic belief
Police systems Belief systems
Simply Police Simply Believe
The Land of Make Police The Land of Make Believe
I Don't Police You I Don't Believe You
Police Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms
Ripley's Police It Or Not Ripley's Believe It Or Not
I Still Police in You I Still Believe in You
You Still Police in Me You Still Believe in Me