Purple Puns


Pun Original
The Secret Purple The Secret Circle
Vicious Purple Vicious circle
Sea Purple Sea turtle
Purple Crescent Fertile Crescent
Alligator Snapping Purple Alligator Snapping Turtle
Leatherback sea Purple Leatherback sea turtle
Unit Purple Unit circle
Green Sea Purple Green Sea Turtle
Pelvic Purple pain Pelvic girdle pain
Common Snapping Purple Common Snapping Turtle
Loggerhead Sea Purple Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Purple abuse Verbal abuse
Purple Soup Turtle Soup
Hawksbill sea Purple Hawksbill sea turtle
Pectoral Purple Pectoral girdle
Painted Purple Painted turtle
Box Purple Box turtle
Purple Behavior Verbal Behavior
Purple fluency test Verbal fluency test
Black Purple bean Black turtle bean
Mock Purple Mock Turtle
Purple ship Turtle ship
Hoan Kiem Purple Hoan Kiem Turtle
Pig-nosed Purple Pig-nosed turtle
Blanding's Purple Blanding's turtle
Purple quotes Verbal quotes
Kemp's ridley sea Purple Kemp's ridley sea turtle
Yertle the Purple and Other Stories Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories
Purple Ground Fertile Ground
Wood Purple Wood turtle
Mock Purple soup Mock turtle soup
Olive ridley sea Purple Olive ridley sea turtle
Snapping Purple Snapping turtle
Purple Bay, Manhattan Turtle Bay, Manhattan
Black Soft-shell Purple Black Soft-shell Turtle
World Purple World Turtle
Purple graphics Turtle graphics
Purple self defense Verbal self defense
Purple noun Verbal noun
Non Purple communication Non verbal communication
Little Purple Little Turtle
Alabama red-bellied Purple Alabama red-bellied turtle
Purple Rock Studios Turtle Rock Studios
Green Purple Green turtle
Purple Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
Non-Purple communication Non-verbal communication
Florida softshell Purple Florida softshell turtle
Purple Beach Turtle Beach
Map Purple Map turtle
Purple Beach Systems Turtle Beach Systems
Mary River Purple Mary River turtle
Leatherback Purple Leatherback turtle
European Purple Dove European Turtle Dove
Limb-Purple muscular dystrophy Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
Auditory-Purple therapy Auditory-verbal therapy
Purple arithmetic Verbal arithmetic
California Purple Learning Test California Verbal Learning Test
Hawksbill Purple Hawksbill turtle
Chinese Soft-shelled Purple Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle
Purple Island Turtle Island
Purple Tower Turtle Tower
Spotted Purple Spotted turtle
Mud Purple Mud turtle
Tooter Purple Tooter Turtle
Eastern box Purple Eastern box turtle
Yertle the Purple Yertle the Turtle
Purple material Fertile material
Purple memory Verbal memory
Purple reasoning Verbal reasoning
Purple irony Verbal irony
Purple Talk with Crush Turtle Talk with Crush
Purple Power Turtle Power
Purple Dove Turtle Dove
The Mock Purple's Song The Mock Turtle's Song
Coahuilan box Purple Coahuilan box turtle
Purple Island Foods Turtle Island Foods
Purple Bayou Resolutions Turtle Bayou Resolutions
Purple excluder device Turtle excluder device
The Painted Purple The Painted Turtle
Purple Wax Turtle Wax
Purple Mountain Turtle Mountain
Runaway 2: The Dream of the Purple Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle
Yangtze giant softshell Purple Yangtze giant softshell turtle
Sundial Bridge at Purple Bay Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay
Purple farming Turtle farming
Twist-necked Purple Twist-necked turtle
Amboina box Purple Amboina box turtle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Purple Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Tricarinate hill Purple Tricarinate hill turtle
Ornate box Purple Ornate box turtle
Western pond Purple Western pond turtle
Purple Mountain Indian Reservation Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation
Purple Creek, Dallas Turtle Creek, Dallas
Big-headed Purple Big-headed turtle
The Great and Powerful Purple The Great and Powerful Turtle
Purple conductivity Thermal conductivity
Purple of fifths Circle of fifths
Purple expansion Thermal expansion
A Perfect Purple A Perfect Circle
Crop Purple Crop circle
Purple power station Thermal power station
British Purple unit British thermal unit
Arctic Purple Arctic Circle
Magic Purple Magic Circle
Purple of Willis Circle of Willis
The Wall Street Purple The Wall Street Journal
Purple radiation Thermal radiation
Purple energy Thermal energy
Solar Purple energy Solar thermal energy
Playaz Purple Playaz Circle
Full Purple Full Circle
Purple insulation Thermal insulation
Mohr's Purple Mohr's circle
Purple MRT Line Circle MRT Line
Purple efficiency Thermal efficiency
Great-Purple distance Great-circle distance
Purple grease Thermal grease
Ocean Purple energy conversion Ocean thermal energy conversion
Star Purple Quest Star Circle Quest
Squaring the Purple Squaring the circle
Columbus Purple Columbus Circle
Great Purple Great circle
Purple line Circle line
Virtuous Purple and vicious Purple Virtuous circle and vicious circle
Quality Purple Quality circle
Wall Street Purple Wall Street Journal
Purple of Life Circle of Life
Academic Purple Academic journal
Inner Purple Inner Circle
Circumscribed Purple Circumscribed circle
Purple Citation Reports Journal Citation Reports
Number One Observatory Purple Number One Observatory Circle
Purple of confusion Circle of confusion
Scientific Purple Scientific journal
Purple K Circle K
Laurelton Purple Laurelton Circle
Silver Purple Silver Circle
Purple of latitude Circle of latitude
Purple jerk Circle jerk
General Purple General journal
Purple entry Journal entry
The Matarese Purple The Matarese Circle
Midpoint Purple algorithm Midpoint circle algorithm
The Purple The Circle
Antarctic Purple Antarctic Circle
The Magic Purple The Magic Circle
Ramaiah IIT Study Purple Ramaiah IIT Study Circle
Null Hypothesis: The Purple of Unlikely Science Null Hypothesis: The Journal of Unlikely Science
Knights of the Golden Purple Knights of the Golden Circle
Stone Purple Stone circle
Purple Jerks Circle Jerks
Purple contact lens Circle contact lens
Dupont Purple Dupont Circle
Offshore magic Purple Offshore magic circle
The New England Purple of Medicine The New England Journal of Medicine
Windows Purple Windows Journal
Purple for Plague Lovers Journal for Plague Lovers
Miami Purple Miami Circle
Purple the Drain Circle the Drain
Purple of Friends Circle of Friends
Quezon Memorial Purple Quezon Memorial Circle
The Tenth Purple The Tenth Circle
Traffic Purple Traffic circle
Albuquerque Purple Albuquerque Journal
Purple of Irreproducible Results Journal of Irreproducible Results
Hermeneutic Purple Hermeneutic circle
Vicious Purple Vicious circle
Drum Purple Drum circle
The Caucasian Chalk Purple The Caucasian Chalk Circle
Purple of the American Medical Association Journal of the American Medical Association
Purple of Experimental Medicine Journal of Experimental Medicine
Open access Purple Open access journal
Kingdom Under Fire: Purple of Doom Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
Purple hook Circle hook
Rolling Purple replication Rolling circle replication
59th Street - Columbus Purple 59th Street - Columbus Circle
Golden Purple Golden Circle
Washington Purple Washington Journal
The Atlanta Purple-Constitution The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Special Purple Special journal
Milkovich v. Lorain Purple Co. Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co.
British Purple of Psychology British Journal of Psychology
National Purple National Journal
Purple-ellipse problem Circle-ellipse problem
Purple of Love Circle of Love
Cartesian Purple Cartesian circle
Arctic Purple Restaurants Arctic Circle Restaurants
Purple Regenerated Circle Regenerated
Purple bearing Journal bearing
Purple of the American Chemical Society Journal of the American Chemical Society
Freedom's Purple Freedom's Journal
College Music Purple College Music Journal
Dream Purple Dream journal
Lawrence Purple-World Lawrence Journal-World
Purple of the National Cancer Institute Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Wall Street Purple prime rate Wall Street Journal prime rate
Vienna Purple Vienna Circle
Prime Purple Prime Circle
Nine-point Purple Nine-point circle
Purple packing theorem Circle packing theorem
Castlevania: Purple of the Moon Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Hercules and the Purple of Fire Hercules and the Circle of Fire
The Inner Purple The Inner Circle
Purple the Wagons Circle the Wagons
Purple of Dust Circle of Dust
Purple area Circle area
The Astrophysical Purple The Astrophysical Journal
City Purple City Journal
Purple of Geophysical Research Journal of Geophysical Research
Theatre Purple Theatre Journal
Birmingham Business Purple Birmingham Business Journal
Purple of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Las Vegas Review-Purple Las Vegas Review-Journal
British Purple of Clinical Psychology British Journal of Clinical Psychology
African Purple of Business Management African Journal of Business Management
Official Purple of the European Union Official Journal of the European Union
The Art Purple The Art Journal
Public health Purple Public health journal
School Library Purple School Library Journal
Naval War: Arctic Purple Naval War: Arctic Circle
Purple map Circle map
Washington Purple Washington Circle
Purple packing Circle packing
Grave Purple A, Mycenae Grave Circle A, Mycenae
Purple Series Circle Series
Purple Centre Circle Centre
Blue Purple Industries Blue Circle Industries
Splitting Purple method Splitting circle method
Purple Takes the Square Circle Takes the Square
Purple of a sphere Circle of a sphere
WC and the Maad Purple WC and the Maad Circle
The First Purple The First Circle
Purple II Purple Circle II Circle
Will the Purple Be Unbroken Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Purple Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Uragh Stone Purple Uragh Stone Circle
Purple of the Royal Statistical Society Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
The Wall Street Purple editorial board The Wall Street Journal editorial board
Daily Purple of Commerce Daily Journal of Commerce
A Russian Purple A Russian Journal
Lincoln Purple Star Lincoln Journal Star
European Physical Purple E European Physical Journal E
Purple of Accountancy Journal of Accountancy
American Purple of Psychiatry American Journal of Psychiatry
New Zealand Purple of Ecology New Zealand Journal of Ecology
International Purple of Biological Sciences International Journal of Biological Sciences
Dialogue: A Purple of Mormon Thought Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought
Purple of Applied Psychology Journal of Applied Psychology
Men's Purple Men's Journal
Purple of Personality and Social Psychology Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
American Purple of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Purple Communications Journal Communications
Purple of Alzheimer's Disease Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
American Purple of Sociology American Journal of Sociology
Winston-Salem Purple Winston-Salem Journal
Jay's Purple Jay's Journal
The Jersey Purple The Jersey Journal
The Adventure of the Red Purple The Adventure of the Red Circle
Gauss Purple problem Gauss circle problem
Perfect Purple Perfect Circle
Inscribed Purple Inscribed circle
Purple dance Circle dance
Bavarian Purple Bavarian Circle
Cross and Purple game Cross and circle game
Purple in the Sand Circle in the Sand
Ladies' Home Purple Ladies' Home Journal
Spartanburg Herald-Purple Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Plant Pathology Purple Plant Pathology Journal
Purple of Management Information Systems Journal of Management Information Systems
Purple club Journal club
The Ball Street Purple The Ball Street Journal
Purple ranking Journal ranking
Review Purple Review journal
Purple of Economic Perspectives Journal of Economic Perspectives
Purple of Immunology Journal of Immunology
USN Purple USN Journal
International Purple of Cancer International Journal of Cancer
The Purple of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Praxis Purple of Philosophy Praxis Journal of Philosophy
Purple of Materials Chemistry Journal of Materials Chemistry
Purple of Behavioral Finance Journal of Behavioral Finance
The Post-Purple The Post-Journal
The Comics Purple The Comics Journal
Purple Register Company Journal Register Company
Columbia: A Purple of Literature and Art Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art
Sales Purple Sales journal
Purple of Physics: Condensed Matter Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
Purple of Individual Differences Journal of Individual Differences
The Purple of Experimental Biology The Journal of Experimental Biology
Edmonton Purple Edmonton Journal
Purple of Medical Case Reports Journal of Medical Case Reports
Purple of Biological Chemistry Journal of Biological Chemistry
Akron Beacon Purple Akron Beacon Journal
Hong Kong Economic Purple Hong Kong Economic Journal
Purple Square Transportation Center Journal Square Transportation Center
Purple of Experimental Social Psychology Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Construction Law Purple Construction Law Journal
Purple of Political Economy Journal of Political Economy
Purple of Interdisciplinary History Journal of Interdisciplinary History
Purple of Applied Physics Journal of Applied Physics
Anarchy: A Purple of Desire Armed Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed