Quilting Puns


Pun Original
Empire State Quilting Empire State Building
Elvis has left the Quilting Elvis has left the building
Chrysler Quilting Chrysler Building
Binge Quilting Binge drinking
The Quilting The Killing
Green Quilting Green Building
Flatiron Quilting Flatiron Building
Quilting Information Modeling Building Information Modeling
Listed Quilting Listed Building
Passive solar Quilting design Passive solar building design
Quilting material Building material
Quilting insulation materials Building insulation materials
Quilting insulation Building insulation
GE Quilting GE Building
Seagram Quilting Seagram Building
International Quilting Code International Building Code
City-Quilting game City-building game
Quilting Management System Building Management System
Team Quilting Team building
Capacity Quilting Capacity building
Legal Quilting age Legal drinking age
The New York Times Quilting The New York Times Building
Woolworth Quilting Woolworth Building
Sick Quilting syndrome Sick building syndrome
Quilting regulations in the United Kingdom Building regulations in the United Kingdom
Quilting code Building code
Quilting Automation Building Automation
Hungarian Parliament Quilting Hungarian Parliament Building
Nationwide Quilting Society Nationwide Building Society
Zero-energy Quilting Zero-energy building
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Quilting Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
Brill Quilting Brill Building
Quilting society Building society
MetLife Quilting MetLife Building
Eisenhower Executive Office Quilting Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Home Insurance Quilting Home Insurance Building
Tallest Quilting Tallest building
Boat Quilting Boat building
Natural Quilting Natural building
United States Supreme Court Quilting United States Supreme Court Building
Elvis Has Left the Quilting Elvis Has Left the Building
Modular Quilting Modular building
Singer Quilting Singer Building
Lloyd's Quilting Lloyd's building
Prefabricated Quilting Prefabricated building
Scottish Parliament Quilting Scottish Parliament Building
Quilting services engineering Building services engineering
Chronology of city-Quilting video games Chronology of city-building video games
General Motors Quilting General Motors Building
Hurricane-proof Quilting Hurricane-proof building
Bradbury Quilting Bradbury Building
Quilting Schools for the Future Building Schools for the Future
Quilting-integrated photovoltaics Building-integrated photovoltaics
Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Quilting Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building
CBS Quilting CBS Building
Fisher Quilting Fisher Building
J. Edgar Hoover Quilting J. Edgar Hoover Building
Manitoba Legislative Quilting Manitoba Legislative Building
National Quilting Code of Canada National Building Code of Canada
Reichstag Quilting Reichstag building
Reliance Quilting Reliance Building
Royal Liver Quilting Royal Liver Building
Vehicle Assembly Quilting Vehicle Assembly Building
Autonomous Quilting Autonomous building
B-25 Empire State Quilting crash B-25 Empire State Building crash
Containment Quilting Containment building
Digital Media City Landmark Quilting Digital Media City Landmark Building
Herbert C. Hoover Quilting Herbert C. Hoover Building
IAC Quilting IAC Building
Nation-Quilting Nation-building
Super Power Quilting Super Power Building
Quilting inspector Building inspector
Commercial Quilting Commercial building
Community Quilting Community building
Deutsche Bank Quilting Deutsche Bank Building
New York Times Quilting New York Times Building
SIS Quilting SIS Building
State-Quilting State-building
The Times Square Quilting The Times Square Building
Theme Quilting Theme Building
Willis Quilting Willis Building
Yorkshire Quilting Society Yorkshire Building Society
Book Quilting Book building
Quilting occupancy classifications Building occupancy classifications
Capitol Records Quilting Capitol Records Building
EBS Quilting Society EBS Building Society
Girder and Panel Quilting sets Girder and Panel building sets
Green Quilting Certification Institute Green Building Certification Institute
Irish Nationwide Quilting Society Irish Nationwide Building Society
John F. Kennedy Federal Quilting John F. Kennedy Federal Building
Lipstick Quilting Lipstick Building
Most Phallic Quilting contest Most Phallic Building contest
Pre-engineered Quilting Pre-engineered building
Verizon Quilting Verizon Building
World's tallest Quilting World's tallest building
Hoover Quilting Hoover Building
IG Farben Quilting IG Farben Building
Link Quilting Link building
Manhattan Municipal Quilting Manhattan Municipal Building
National Diet Quilting National Diet Building
National House Quilting Council National House Building Council
Penobscot Quilting Penobscot Building
White Castle Quilting No. 8 White Castle Building No. 8
Pakistan cricket spot-Quilting controversy Pakistan cricket spot-fixing controversy
Spot-Quilting Spot-fixing
Automated Quilting House Automated Clearing House
Quilting water Drinking water
Quilting Floor Killing Floor
Binge Quilting Binge drinking
Match Quilting Match fixing
The Quilting Tree The Giving Tree
Batman: The Quilting Joke Batman: The Killing Joke
Quilting house Clearing house
Honor Quilting Honor killing
The Quilting Fields The Killing Fields
Quilting station Filling station
Curve Quilting Curve fitting
Quilting Is My Business... and Business Is Good! Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
2010 Pakistan cricket spot-Quilting controversy 2010 Pakistan cricket spot-fixing controversy
Quilting Bono Killing Bono
Quilting vessel Fishing vessel
Quilting Joke Killing Joke
Texas Quilting Fields Texas Killing Fields
Price Quilting Price fixing
Quilting Down the House Bringing Down the House
Quilting Me Softly With His Song Killing Me Softly With His Song
Quilting It All Back Home Bringing It All Back Home
Quilting rod Fishing rod
Quilting song Drinking song
Quilting the Kool-Aid Drinking the Kool-Aid
Depository Trust & Quilting Corporation Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Compression Quilting Compression fitting
Pipe Quilting Pipe fitting
Ice Quilting Ice fishing
Alaskan king crab Quilting Alaskan king crab fishing
Fly Quilting Fly fishing
Quilting culture Drinking culture
National Minimum Quilting Age Act National Minimum Drinking Age Act
Publishers Quilting House Publishers Clearing House
Quilting in the Name Killing in the Name
Quilting Me Softly Killing Me Softly
Quilting Season Killing Season
Big-game Quilting Big-game fishing
Seine Quilting Seine fishing
Safe Quilting Water Act Safe Drinking Water Act
Targeted Quilting Targeted killing
Salmon Quilting in the Yemen Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Quilting straw Drinking straw
Quilting Out the Dead Bringing Out the Dead
Contract Quilting Contract killing
The Quilting Game The Killing Game
Gold Quilting Gold fixing
JIC Quilting JIC fitting
Quilting net Fishing net
Quilting reel Fishing reel
Quilting bird Drinking bird
Extrajudicial Quilting Extrajudicial killing
Quilting Machine Killing Machine
Wishful Quilting Wishful Drinking
Quilting Pledge Giving Pledge
The Quilting Moon The Killing Moon
Quilting head Giving head
The Quilting Pledge The Giving Pledge
Quilting Up The City Skies Filling Up The City Skies
Space-Quilting curve Space-filling curve
Home Taping Is Quilting Music Home Taping Is Killing Music
Unlawful Quilting Unlawful Killing
Blast Quilting Blast fishing
Cyanide Quilting Cyanide fishing
Quilting industry Fishing industry
Quilting trawler Fishing trawler
Night Quilting Night Fishing
Market Quilting Market clearing
Essential Quilting Essential Killing
Giant Quilting Giant Killing
Quilting Mr. Griffin Killing Mr. Griffin
Quilting the Dragon Killing the Dragon
Quilting Zoe Killing Zoe
Spree Quilting Spree killing
Grease Quilting Grease fitting
Lobster Quilting Lobster fishing
Quilting Down the Horse Bringing Down the Horse
Quilting Up Baby Bringing Up Baby
Quilting Time Killing Time
The Quilting Jar The Killing Jar
The Quilting Joke The Killing Joke
Thanks Quilting Thanks Giving
The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Quilting The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving
Quilting Broken Windows Fixing Broken Windows
Gauge Quilting Gauge fixing
Iterative proportional Quilting Iterative proportional fitting
Commercial Quilting Commercial fishing
Quilting Cat Fishing Cat
Quilting lure Fishing lure
Quilting weir Fishing weir
Flirty Quilting Flirty Fishing
Individual Quilting quota Individual fishing quota
Longline Quilting Longline fishing
Monofilament Quilting line Monofilament fishing line
Sport Quilting Sport fishing
Quilting-in Filling-in
Quilting game Drinking game
Quilting water quality standards Drinking water quality standards
Hong Kong Exchanges and Quilting Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing
Quilting vector field Killing vector field
Quilting with a Smile Killing with a Smile
The Quilting Room The Killing Room
Agriculture, forestry, and Quilting in Japan Agriculture, forestry, and fishing in Japan
Bass Quilting Bass fishing
Carp Quilting Carp fishing
Quilting line Fishing line
Quilting tackle Fishing tackle
Quilting tournament Fishing tournament
Marlin Quilting Marlin fishing
Surf Quilting Surf fishing
National Minimum Quilting Age Act of 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984
Quilting Up Buster Bringing Up Buster
Delta Force 3: The Quilting Game Delta Force 3: The Killing Game
Quilting an Arab Killing an Arab
Quilting Technology Killing Technology
S-21: The Khmer Rouge Quilting Machine S-21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine
Spot Quilting Spot fixing
Coarse Quilting Coarse fishing
Environmental impact of Quilting Environmental impact of fishing
Quilting bait Fishing bait
Quilting down the food web Fishing down the food web
Quilting age Drinking age
Central Counterparty Quilting Central Counterparty Clearing
15 Year Quilting Spree 15 Year Killing Spree
Fly-Quilting device Fly-killing device
Honour Quilting Honour killing
Quilting All That Holds You Killing All That Holds You
Quilting jar Killing jar
Quilting Your Number Killing Your Number
Mercy Quilting Mercy killing
The Quilting of a Chinese Bookie The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
The Quilting of John Lennon The Killing of John Lennon
The Quilting of Sister George The Killing of Sister George
Thrill Quilting Thrill killing
Annual Quilting Annual giving
Quilting You the Best That I Got Giving You the Best That I Got
Quilting You Up Giving You Up
Not Quilting Up on Love Not Giving Up on Love
Lysine price-Quilting conspiracy Lysine price-fixing conspiracy
Compression seal Quilting Compression seal fitting
Quilting model Fitting model
Flare Quilting Flare fitting
Extreme Quilting with Robson Green Extreme Fishing with Robson Green
Traditional Quilting boat Traditional fishing boat
Trout Quilting in America Trout Fishing in America
Tuna Quilting Tuna Fishing
Quilting games Drinking games
Quilting horn Drinking horn
Metropolitan Quilting Fountain and Cattle Trough Association Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association
The Holy Grail of Irish Quilting Songs The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs
Quilting the neighbourhood Clearing the neighbourhood
European Multilateral Quilting Facility N.V. European Multilateral Clearing Facility N.V.
Options Quilting Corporation Options Clearing Corporation
Homicide: A Year on the Quilting Streets Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets
Honor Quilting in Pakistan Honor killing in Pakistan
I Like Quilting Flies I Like Killing Flies
Jesus Quilting Machine Jesus Killing Machine
Quilting Birds Killing Birds
Quilting Heidi Killing Heidi
Quilting Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story
Life Is Quilting Me Life Is Killing Me
The Quilting of Tupac Shakur The Killing of Tupac Shakur
The Quilting Tree The Killing Tree
The Texas Quilting Fields The Texas Killing Fields
Quilting the Game Away Giving the Game Away
Brazilian football match-Quilting scandal Brazilian football match-fixing scandal
DRAM price Quilting DRAM price fixing
Quilting a Hole Fixing a Hole
Ticket Quilting Ticket fixing
Induction shrink Quilting Induction shrink fitting
Chinese Quilting nets Chinese fishing nets
Commercial Quilting in Alaska Commercial fishing in Alaska
Cormorant Quilting Cormorant fishing
Cormorant Quilting on the Nagara River Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River
Destructive Quilting practices Destructive fishing practices
Quilting Boat Fishing Boat
Quilting dredge Fishing dredge
Quilting techniques Fishing techniques
Quilting television series Fishing television series
Long-line Quilting Long-line fishing
Mahi-mahi Quilting Mahi-mahi fishing
Recreational Quilting Recreational fishing
Sega Marine Quilting Sega Marine Fishing
Spear Quilting Spear fishing
Squirrel Quilting Squirrel fishing
World Quilting Network World Fishing Network
Space-Quilting tree Space-filling tree
Quilting urine Drinking urine
The Piano Has Been Quilting The Piano Has Been Drinking
Bankers' Quilting house Bankers' clearing house
Cheque and Credit Quilting Company Cheque and Credit Clearing Company
Quilting House Interbank Payments System Clearing House Interbank Payments System
Quilting the Channel Coast Clearing the Channel Coast
Ear Quilting Ear clearing
International Quilting Union International Clearing Union
Quilting Up Bobby Bringing Up Bobby