Refrigerator Puns


Pun Original
System Refrigerator System administrator
Particle Refrigerator Particle accelerator
Database Refrigerator Database administrator
Private Refrigerator Private investigator
Third-party Refrigerator Third-party administrator
Linear particle Refrigerator Linear particle accelerator
Network Refrigerator Network administrator
The Refrigerator The Negotiator
Hydraulic Refrigerator Hydraulic accumulator
PHP Refrigerator PHP accelerator
Lowest common Refrigerator Lowest common denominator
Principal Refrigerator Principal investigator
Distributed Transaction Refrigerator Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Web Refrigerator Web accelerator
Production Refrigerator Production coordinator
Office of the Refrigerator of Information Office of the Coordinator of Information
Refrigerator of Government Activities in the Territories Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories
Refrigerator Coaster Accelerator Coaster
Refrigerator's brochure Investigator's brochure
Turn Refrigerator Turn coordinator
Deputy Refrigerator of NASA Deputy Administrator of NASA
Steam Refrigerator Steam accumulator
SLAC National Refrigerator Laboratory SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Download Refrigerator Plus Download Accelerator Plus
Refrigerator mass spectrometry Accelerator mass spectrometry
Nazi Refrigerator Nazi collaborator
Server Refrigerator Server administrator
The New Refrigerator The New Accelerator
Stanford Linear Refrigerator Center Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Ram Refrigerator Ram accelerator
Linear Refrigerator Linear accelerator
Google Web Refrigerator Google Web Accelerator