Ros�� Puns


Pun Original
Newton's Ros�� of motion Newton's laws of motion
The 48 Ros�� of Power The 48 Laws of Power
Double Ros�� Double cross
The Sing-Ros�� The Sing-Off
Ros�� product Cross product
Jim Crow Ros�� Jim Crow Laws
Mash Ros�� Mash Off
Hot Ros�� the press Hot off the press
Cut Ros�� your nose to spite your face Cut off your nose to spite your face
Ros�� his own bat Off his own bat
Get Ros�� on the wrong foot Get off on the wrong foot
Ticked Ros�� Ticked off
Browned Ros�� Browned off
Knock Ros�� Knock off
Fall Ros�� the back of a lorry Fall off the back of a lorry
Ros�� the record Off the record
Get Ros�� your high horse Get off your high horse
Chip Ros�� the old block Chip off the old block
fell Ros�� the back of a truck fell off the back of a truck
Ros�� with his head Off with his head
Gilt Ros�� the gingerbread Gilt off the gingerbread
Cold enough to freeze the balls Ros�� a brass monkey Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Like a chicken with its head cut Ros�� Like a chicken with its head cut off
Fly Ros�� the handle Fly off the handle
Shuffle Ros�� this mortal coil Shuffle off this mortal coil
Go Ros�� half-cocked Go off half-cocked
Cut Ros�� without a penny Cut off without a penny
Living Ros�� the fat of the land Living off the fat of the land
Freeze the balls Ros�� a brass monkey Freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Take the gilt Ros�� the gingerbread Take the gilt off the gingerbread
Ros��-site scripting Cross-site scripting
Iron Ros�� Iron Cross
David Ros�� David Cross
Ros��-sectional study Cross-sectional study
Weight Ros�� Weight loss
Marcia Ros�� Marcia Cross
Victoria Ros�� Victoria Cross
Deadweight Ros�� Deadweight loss
Ros�� country running Cross country running
Ros�� section Cross section
Ros��-validation Cross-validation
Ros��-platform Cross-platform
Ros��-site request forgery Cross-site request forgery
American Red Ros�� American Red Cross
Christian Ros�� Christian cross
International Red Ros�� and Red Crescent Movement International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Christopher Ros�� Christopher Cross
Ros��-cultural communication Cross-cultural communication
Ros��-correlation Cross-correlation
Distinguished Service Ros�� Distinguished Service Cross
Sensorineural hearing Ros�� Sensorineural hearing loss
Celtic Ros�� Celtic Cross
Blue Ros�� Blue Shield Association Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Ros��-cultural Cross-cultural
Ros��-dressing Cross-dressing
Chrono Ros�� Chrono Cross
Sign of the Ros�� Sign of the Cross
Ros��-selling Cross-selling
Ros�� elasticity of demand Cross elasticity of demand
Knight's Ros�� of the Iron Ros�� Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Distinguished Flying Ros�� Distinguished Flying Cross
Navy Ros�� Navy Cross
Ros��-training Cross-training
Ros�� of heterozygosity Loss of heterozygosity
Ros��-link Cross-link
Ros�� of Gold speech Cross of Gold speech
London King's Ros�� railway station London King's Cross railway station
Ros��-country skiing Cross-country skiing
Ros�� of St. Peter Cross of St. Peter
Conductive hearing Ros�� Conductive hearing loss
Dane Ros�� Dane Cross
Maltese Ros�� Maltese cross
Cyclo-Ros�� Cyclo-cross
The Mill and the Ros�� The Mill and the Cross
Dihybrid Ros�� Dihybrid cross
Ros�� Road Blues Cross Road Blues
International Committee of the Red Ros�� International Committee of the Red Cross
Ros��-dressing in film and television Cross-dressing in film and television
Ros��-docking Cross-docking
Sayings of Jesus on the Ros�� Sayings of Jesus on the cross
Retail Ros�� prevention Retail loss prevention
Memory Ros�� Memory loss
Charing Ros�� Charing Cross
True Ros�� True Cross
Why did the chicken Ros�� the road? Why did the chicken cross the road?
Ros�� tabulation Cross tabulation
Stations of the Ros�� Stations of the Cross
Beverley Ros�� Beverley Cross
Eleanor Ros�� Eleanor cross
Ros�� of Iron Cross of Iron
Ros�� of consortium Loss of consortium
Ros�� mitigation Loss mitigation
Alex Ros�� Alex Cross
Ros�� Road Cross Road
Military Ros�� Military Cross
Ros�� Canadian Ragweed Cross Canadian Ragweed
King's Ros�� St. Pancras tube station King's Cross St. Pancras tube station
Stop-Ros�� Stop-Loss
Ros��-functional team Cross-functional team
Air Force Ros�� Air Force Cross
Cyclo-Ros�� bicycle Cyclo-cross bicycle
Ros�� given default Loss given default
Ros��-matching Cross-matching
John of the Ros�� John of the Cross
Ros��-sectional data Cross-sectional data
Ros��-linked polyethylene Cross-linked polyethylene
Data Ros�� Data loss
Data Ros�� prevention software Data loss prevention software
Red Ros�� Red Cross
College of the Holy Ros�� College of the Holy Cross
The Elevation of the Ros�� The Elevation of the Cross
Monohybrid Ros�� Monohybrid cross
Ros�� compiler Cross compiler
Ros��-stitch Cross-stitch
Ros��-Strait relations Cross-Strait relations
Ros�� of Lorraine Cross of Lorraine
Ros�� Edge Cross Edge
Ben Ros�� Ben Cross
Criss Ros�� Criss Cross
Sun Ros�� Sun cross
Ros��-examination Cross-examination
Ros�� River Gorilla Cross River Gorilla
Ros�� function Loss function
Path Ros�� Path loss
Ros��-reference Cross-reference
Cyclo-Ros�� Koppenberg Cyclo-cross Koppenberg
Ros��-dominance Cross-dominance
A Ros�� the Universe A Cross the Universe
Ros�� ratio Loss ratio
Radar Ros��-section Radar cross-section
The Gentlemen's Alliance Ros�� The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
King's Ros�� fire King's Cross fire
Headless Ros�� Headless Cross
Ros�� Game Cross Game
St George's Ros�� St George's Cross
Canadian Red Ros�� Canadian Red Cross
Packet Ros�� Packet loss
Free-space path Ros�� Free-space path loss
NCAA Division I FBS football win-Ros�� records NCAA Division I FBS football win-loss records
Insertion Ros�� Insertion loss
Ros�� aversion Loss aversion
Absorption Ros�� section Absorption cross section
Digital Ros�� connect system Digital cross connect system
Saint Andrew's Ros�� Saint Andrew's Cross
Hot Ros�� bun Hot cross bun
George Ros�� George Cross
Ros��-Origin Resource Sharing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Ros�� leader Loss leader
Pure economic Ros�� in English Law Pure economic loss in English Law
Northern Lights - Southern Ros�� Northern Lights - Southern Cross
Hearing Ros�� Hearing loss
Ros�� tangent Loss tangent
Return Ros�� Return loss
Noise-induced hearing Ros�� Noise-induced hearing loss
A Ros�� for Words A Loss for Words
Ros�� payee clause Loss payee clause
Friction Ros�� Friction loss
Ros�� of Strength Gradient Loss of Strength Gradient
Magic and Ros�� Magic and Loss
Hair Ros�� Hair loss
Electron energy Ros�� spectroscopy Electron energy loss spectroscopy
Mismatch Ros�� Mismatch loss
Joe Ros�� Joe Loss
Vision Ros�� Vision loss
Taguchi Ros�� Function Taguchi Loss Function
Lord Ros�� Lord Loss
Habitat Ros�� Habitat loss
Tooth Ros�� Tooth loss
Ros�� of chance in English law Loss of chance in English law
Pure economic Ros�� Pure economic loss
Cigarette smoking for weight Ros�� Cigarette smoking for weight loss
The Inheritance of Ros�� The Inheritance of Loss
Weight Ros�� effects of water Weight loss effects of water
Stop-Ros�� policy Stop-loss policy
The Ros�� of a Teardrop Diamond The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
Summer learning Ros�� Summer learning loss
Log-distance path Ros�� model Log-distance path loss model
The Ros�� of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence
Acceptable Ros�� Acceptable loss
Iron Ros�� Iron loss
Profit and Ros�� statement Profit and loss statement
Risk of Ros�� Risk of loss
Hinge Ros�� Hinge loss
Dead weight Ros�� Dead weight loss
The Weight-Ros�� Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About The Weight-Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About
Online weight Ros�� plans Online weight loss plans
The Ros�� The Loss
Bone Ros�� Bone loss
Total Ros�� Total loss
Win-Ros�� record Win-loss record
Capital Ros�� Capital loss
Casualty Ros�� Casualty loss
Ros�� of tail-rotor effectiveness Loss of tail-rotor effectiveness
Weight Ros�� drug Weight loss drug
Ros�� of thermodynamics Laws of thermodynamics
Kepler's Ros�� of planetary motion Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Ferris Bueller's Day Ros�� Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Gas Ros�� Gas laws
Kirchhoff's circuit Ros�� Kirchhoff's circuit laws
De Morgan's Ros�� De Morgan's laws
Fick's Ros�� of diffusion Fick's laws of diffusion
The Sing Ros�� The Sing Off
Three Ros�� of Robotics Three Laws of Robotics
Spider-Man: Turn Ros�� the Dark Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
Spin-Ros�� Spin-off
Sawed-Ros�� shotgun Sawed-off shotgun
Commercial Ros��-the-shelf Commercial off-the-shelf
Write-Ros�� Write-off
Ros�� the Map Off the Map
Bachelor of Ros�� Bachelor of Laws
Dead Rising 2: Ros�� the Record Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Corn Ros�� Corn Laws
The Great Wave Ros�� Kanagawa The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Ros�� the Wall Off the Wall
Alcohol licensing Ros�� of the United Kingdom Alcohol licensing laws of the United Kingdom
Walk-Ros�� home run Walk-off home run
Take Ros�� Your Pants and Jacket Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
The Great British Bake Ros�� The Great British Bake Off
Nuremberg Ros�� Nuremberg Laws
Master of Ros�� Master of Laws
Islamic dietary Ros�� Islamic dietary laws
Ros�� of the Game Laws of the Game
Clarke's three Ros�� Clarke's three laws
Telephone recording Ros�� Telephone recording laws
Seven Ros�� of Noah Seven Laws of Noah
Ros�� regarding incest Laws regarding incest
English Poor Ros�� English Poor Laws
Set It Ros�� Set It Off
Roll-on/roll-Ros�� Roll-on/roll-off
Trade-Ros�� Trade-off
Noises Ros�� Noises Off
Ros�� regarding rape Laws regarding rape
School bus traffic stop Ros�� School bus traffic stop laws
Better Ros�� Ted Better Off Ted
Face Ros�� Face Off
Lift Ros�� Lift Off
Power take-Ros�� Power take-off
Anti-miscegenation Ros�� Anti-miscegenation laws
Animal Face-Ros�� Animal Face-Off
Five Ros�� of library science Five laws of library science
Conflict of Ros�� Conflict of laws
Ros�� of war Laws of war
Ros�� of Power Laws of Power
Fugitive slave Ros�� Fugitive slave laws
Joule's Ros�� Joule's laws
Can't Take My Eyes Ros�� You Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Air gun Ros�� Air gun laws
Ros�� of cricket Laws of cricket
Blood quantum Ros�� Blood quantum laws
Electric bicycle Ros�� Electric bicycle laws
Ros�� With Their Heads Off With Their Heads
Corporate spin-Ros�� Corporate spin-off
Better Ros�� Dead Better Off Dead
Charge-Ros�� Charge-off
Faraday's Ros�� of electrolysis Faraday's laws of electrolysis
Jefferson Airplane Takes Ros�� Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
Paid time Ros�� Paid time off
Ros��-roading Off-roading
Ros��-label use Off-label use
Fresh Ros�� the boat Fresh off the boat
Ros��-road vehicle Off-road vehicle
Half Ros�� Depot Half Off Depot
Set-Ros�� Set-off
Lackawanna Cut-Ros�� Lackawanna Cut-Off
Cutting Ros�� the nose to spite the face Cutting off the nose to spite the face
Sawn-Ros�� shotgun Sawn-off shotgun
Ros��-the-grid Off-the-grid
Kick-Ros�� Kick-off
Ros��-the-shelf Off-the-shelf
Ros��-year election Off-year election
Ros�� topic Off topic
I'm Taking Ros�� I'm Taking Off
On-Ros�� keying On-off keying
Infrared cut-Ros�� filter Infrared cut-off filter
Junior Bake Ros�� Junior Bake Off
Break It Ros�� Break It Off
Ros��-Broadway Off-Broadway
Roll-Ros�� Roll-off
Super Ros�� Road Super Off Road
Ros�� the record Off the record
Ros�� the Deep End Off the Deep End
Gate turn-Ros�� thyristor Gate turn-off thyristor
Ros��-balance-sheet Off-balance-sheet
Knock Ros�� Knock Off
Pissed Ros�� Bastards of Bloomington Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington
Str8 Ros�� tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton
Pants-Ros�� Dance-Ros�� Pants-Off Dance-Off
NASA spin-Ros�� NASA spin-off
Passing Ros�� Passing off
Ros��-color humor Off-color humor
Ros�� Centre Off Centre
Hats Ros�� to the Buskers Hats Off to the Buskers
Sign-Ros�� Sign-off
Get Ros�� of My Cloud Get Off of My Cloud
Leading Ros�� Leading Off
A Chip Ros�� the Old Block A Chip Off the Old Block
Ros�� Limits Off Limits
Round-Ros�� error Round-off error
Star Trek spin-Ros�� fiction Star Trek spin-off fiction
Take Ros�� Your Colours Take Off Your Colours
Better Ros�� Alone Better Off Alone