Ros�� Puns


Pun Original
Newton's Ros�� of motion Newton's laws of motion
The 48 Ros�� of Power The 48 Laws of Power
Double Ros�� Double cross
Ros�� product Cross product
Jim Crow Ros�� Jim Crow Laws
Ros��-site scripting Cross-site scripting
Iron Ros�� Iron Cross
David Ros�� David Cross
Ros��-sectional study Cross-sectional study
Weight Ros�� Weight loss
Marcia Ros�� Marcia Cross
Victoria Ros�� Victoria Cross
Deadweight Ros�� Deadweight loss
Ros�� country running Cross country running
Ros�� section Cross section
Ros��-validation Cross-validation
American Red Ros�� American Red Cross
Christian Ros�� Christian cross
Ros��-platform Cross-platform
Ros��-site request forgery Cross-site request forgery
International Red Ros�� and Red Crescent Movement International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Christopher Ros�� Christopher Cross
Ros��-cultural communication Cross-cultural communication
Ros��-correlation Cross-correlation
Distinguished Service Ros�� Distinguished Service Cross
Sensorineural hearing Ros�� Sensorineural hearing loss
Blue Ros�� Blue Shield Association Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Celtic Ros�� Celtic Cross
Ros��-cultural Cross-cultural
Ros��-dressing Cross-dressing
Chrono Ros�� Chrono Cross
Ros��-selling Cross-selling
Sign of the Ros�� Sign of the Cross
Ros�� elasticity of demand Cross elasticity of demand
Distinguished Flying Ros�� Distinguished Flying Cross
Knight's Ros�� of the Iron Ros�� Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Ros��-training Cross-training
Navy Ros�� Navy Cross
Ros�� of heterozygosity Loss of heterozygosity
Ros��-link Cross-link
Ros�� of Gold speech Cross of Gold speech
Ros��-country skiing Cross-country skiing
London King's Ros�� railway station London King's Cross railway station
Conductive hearing Ros�� Conductive hearing loss
Ros�� of St. Peter Cross of St. Peter
Dane Ros�� Dane Cross
Cyclo-Ros�� Cyclo-cross
Maltese Ros�� Maltese cross
The Mill and the Ros�� The Mill and the Cross
Ros�� Road Blues Cross Road Blues
Dihybrid Ros�� Dihybrid cross
Memory Ros�� Memory loss
Retail Ros�� prevention Retail loss prevention
Ros��-docking Cross-docking
Ros��-dressing in film and television Cross-dressing in film and television
International Committee of the Red Ros�� International Committee of the Red Cross
Sayings of Jesus on the Ros�� Sayings of Jesus on the cross
Charing Ros�� Charing Cross
True Ros�� True Cross
Why did the chicken Ros�� the road? Why did the chicken cross the road?
Beverley Ros�� Beverley Cross
Ros�� tabulation Cross tabulation
Stations of the Ros�� Stations of the Cross
Eleanor Ros�� Eleanor cross
Ros�� mitigation Loss mitigation
Ros�� of consortium Loss of consortium
Ros�� of Iron Cross of Iron
Stop-Ros�� Stop-Loss
Alex Ros�� Alex Cross
Ros�� Canadian Ragweed Cross Canadian Ragweed
Ros�� Road Cross Road
King's Ros�� St. Pancras tube station King's Cross St. Pancras tube station
Military Ros�� Military Cross
Ros�� given default Loss given default
Air Force Ros�� Air Force Cross
Ros��-functional team Cross-functional team
Cyclo-Ros�� bicycle Cyclo-cross bicycle
Data Ros�� Data loss
Data Ros�� prevention software Data loss prevention software
Ros��-linked polyethylene Cross-linked polyethylene
Ros��-matching Cross-matching
Ros��-sectional data Cross-sectional data
John of the Ros�� John of the Cross
College of the Holy Ros�� College of the Holy Cross
Red Ros�� Red Cross
Ros�� compiler Cross compiler
Ros��-stitch Cross-stitch
Ros��-Strait relations Cross-Strait relations
Monohybrid Ros�� Monohybrid cross
The Elevation of the Ros�� The Elevation of the Cross
Ros�� function Loss function
Path Ros�� Path loss
Ben Ros�� Ben Cross
Criss Ros�� Criss Cross
Ros�� Edge Cross Edge
Ros�� of Lorraine Cross of Lorraine
Ros�� River Gorilla Cross River Gorilla
Ros��-examination Cross-examination
Sun Ros�� Sun cross
Ros�� ratio Loss ratio
A Ros�� the Universe A Cross the Universe
Ros��-dominance Cross-dominance
Ros��-reference Cross-reference
Cyclo-Ros�� Koppenberg Cyclo-cross Koppenberg
Free-space path Ros�� Free-space path loss
Insertion Ros�� Insertion loss
Ros�� aversion Loss aversion
NCAA Division I FBS football win-Ros�� records NCAA Division I FBS football win-loss records
Packet Ros�� Packet loss
Canadian Red Ros�� Canadian Red Cross
Ros�� Game Cross Game
Headless Ros�� Headless Cross
King's Ros�� fire King's Cross fire
Radar Ros��-section Radar cross-section
St George's Ros�� St George's Cross
The Gentlemen's Alliance Ros�� The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
Ros�� leader Loss leader
Pure economic Ros�� in English Law Pure economic loss in English Law
Absorption Ros�� section Absorption cross section
Ros��-Origin Resource Sharing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Digital Ros�� connect system Digital cross connect system
George Ros�� George Cross
Hot Ros�� bun Hot cross bun
Saint Andrew's Ros�� Saint Andrew's Cross
Hearing Ros�� Hearing loss
Ros�� tangent Loss tangent
Test Ros�� Test cross
A Ros�� for Words A Loss for Words
Noise-induced hearing Ros�� Noise-induced hearing loss
Return Ros�� Return loss
Friction Ros�� Friction loss
Ros�� of Strength Gradient Loss of Strength Gradient
Ros�� payee clause Loss payee clause
Magic and Ros�� Magic and Loss
Electron energy Ros�� spectroscopy Electron energy loss spectroscopy
Habitat Ros�� Habitat loss
Hair Ros�� Hair loss
Joe Ros�� Joe Loss
Lord Ros�� Lord Loss
Mismatch Ros�� Mismatch loss
Taguchi Ros�� Function Taguchi Loss Function
Vision Ros�� Vision loss
Cigarette smoking for weight Ros�� Cigarette smoking for weight loss
Ros�� of chance in English law Loss of chance in English law
Pure economic Ros�� Pure economic loss
The Inheritance of Ros�� The Inheritance of Loss
Tooth Ros�� Tooth loss
Acceptable Ros�� Acceptable loss
Log-distance path Ros�� model Log-distance path loss model
Stop-Ros�� policy Stop-loss policy
Summer learning Ros�� Summer learning loss
The Ros�� of a Teardrop Diamond The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
The Ros�� of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence
Weight Ros�� effects of water Weight loss effects of water
Dead weight Ros�� Dead weight loss
Hinge Ros�� Hinge loss
Iron Ros�� Iron loss
Online weight Ros�� plans Online weight loss plans
Profit and Ros�� statement Profit and loss statement
Risk of Ros�� Risk of loss
The Weight-Ros�� Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About The Weight-Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About
Bone Ros�� Bone loss
Capital Ros�� Capital loss
Casualty Ros�� Casualty loss
Ros�� of tail-rotor effectiveness Loss of tail-rotor effectiveness
The Ros�� The Loss
Total Ros�� Total loss
Weight Ros�� drug Weight loss drug
Win-Ros�� record Win-loss record
Ros�� of thermodynamics Laws of thermodynamics
Kepler's Ros�� of planetary motion Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Commerce Ros�� Commerce Clause
Gas Ros�� Gas laws
Supremacy Ros�� Supremacy Clause
Kirchhoff's circuit Ros�� Kirchhoff's circuit laws
De Morgan's Ros�� De Morgan's laws
Root Ros�� analysis Root cause analysis
Establishment Ros�� Establishment Clause
Fick's Ros�� of diffusion Fick's laws of diffusion
Necessary and Proper Ros�� Necessary and Proper Clause
Three Ros�� of Robotics Three Laws of Robotics
Probable Ros�� Probable cause
Equal Protection Ros�� Equal Protection Clause
Non-compete Ros�� Non-compete clause
Rebel Without a Ros�� Rebel Without a Cause
Just Ros�� 2 Just Cause 2
Bachelor of Ros�� Bachelor of Laws
Proximate Ros�� Proximate cause
Corn Ros�� Corn Laws
Just Ros�� Just Cause
Alcohol licensing Ros�� of the United Kingdom Alcohol licensing laws of the United Kingdom
Master of Ros�� Master of Laws
Nuremberg Ros�� Nuremberg Laws
Relative Ros�� Relative clause
Free Exercise Ros�� Free Exercise Clause
Dependent Ros�� Dependent clause
Natural-born-citizen Ros�� of the U.S. Constitution Natural-born-citizen clause of the U.S. Constitution
Islamic dietary Ros�� Islamic dietary laws
Ros�� of the Game Laws of the Game
Clarke's three Ros�� Clarke's three laws
Ros�� regarding incest Laws regarding incest
Seven Ros�� of Noah Seven Laws of Noah
Telephone recording Ros�� Telephone recording laws
English Poor Ros�� English Poor Laws
Lost Ros�� of the Confederacy Lost Cause of the Confederacy
Ros�� regarding rape Laws regarding rape
School bus traffic stop Ros�� School bus traffic stop laws
Anti-miscegenation Ros�� Anti-miscegenation laws
Ros�� and Effect Cause and Effect
Ros�� marketing Cause marketing
Conflict of Ros�� Conflict of laws
Five Ros�� of library science Five laws of library science
Fugitive slave Ros�� Fugitive slave laws
Joule's Ros�� Joule's laws
Ros�� of Power Laws of Power
Ros�� of war Laws of war
Air gun Ros�� Air gun laws
Ros�� of action Cause of action
Blood quantum Ros�� Blood quantum laws
Ros�� of cricket Laws of cricket
Electric bicycle Ros�� Electric bicycle laws
Order to show Ros�� Order to show cause
Faraday's Ros�� of electrolysis Faraday's laws of electrolysis
Affinity Ros�� Affinity laws
Poor Ros�� Poor Laws
Sexx Ros�� Sexx Laws
Operation Just Ros�� Operation Just Cause
United States open container Ros�� United States open container laws
Common-Ros�� and special-Ros�� Common-cause and special-cause
Devil Without a Ros�� Devil Without a Cause
Commentaries on the Ros�� of England Commentaries on the Laws of England
Agrarian Reform Ros�� of Cuba Agrarian Reform Laws of Cuba
Ros�� of science Laws of science
The Spirit of the Ros�� The Spirit of the Laws
Ros�� of Death Cause of Death
Comstock Ros�� Comstock laws
David Ros�� David Laws
Islamic and Jewish dietary Ros�� compared Islamic and Jewish dietary laws compared
Ros�� regarding child sexual abuse Laws regarding child sexual abuse
Penal Ros�� Penal Laws
Common Ros�� Common Cause
Root Ros�� Root cause
Basic Ros�� of Israel Basic Laws of Israel
Ros�� against Holocaust denial Laws against Holocaust denial
Ros�� of Attraction Laws of Attraction
Ros�� of Australian football Laws of Australian football
Ros�� on crossbows Laws on crossbows
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Ros�� National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Ros�� National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Plateau's Ros�� Plateau's laws
Rockefeller Drug Ros�� Rockefeller Drug Laws
Stem cell Ros�� Stem cell laws
Ros�� for Conflict Cause for Conflict
Show-Ros�� penalty Show-cause penalty
Doctor of Ros�� Doctor of Laws
John Ros�� John Laws
Ros�� of Magic Laws of Magic
Lehman's Ros�� of software evolution Lehman's laws of software evolution
New Ros�� New Laws
Ros��-effect graph Cause-effect graph
Good Ros�� Good cause
Material Ros�� Material cause
Blue Ros�� Blue Laws
Conflict of marriage Ros�� Conflict of marriage laws
Doctor of both Ros�� Doctor of both laws
European mandatory age limits and related Ros�� European mandatory age limits and related laws
File talk:World-cannabis-Ros��.png File talk:World-cannabis-laws.png
Food libel Ros�� Food libel laws
Fundamental Ros�� of England Fundamental Laws of England
General Ros�� of Massachusetts General Laws of Massachusetts
Kirchhoff's Ros�� Kirchhoff's laws
Ros�� of Illusion Laws of Illusion
Massachusetts School Ros�� Massachusetts School Laws
Muslim dietary Ros�� Muslim dietary laws
Newton's Ros�� Newton's laws
Newtons Ros�� Newtons laws
Pass Ros�� Pass laws
The In-Ros�� The In-Laws
Three classic Ros�� of thought Three classic laws of thought
United States of America non-profit Ros�� United States of America non-profit laws
Ros�� Celebre Cause Celebre
Ros�� I Sez So Cause I Sez So
Final Ros�� Final cause
Implied Ros�� of action Implied cause of action
48 Ros�� of power 48 laws of power
Apartheid Ros�� Apartheid laws
Child labor Ros�� Child labor laws
Granger Ros�� Granger Laws
Gun Ros�� Gun laws
Kaldor's growth Ros�� Kaldor's growth laws
Lanchester's Ros�� Lanchester's laws
Ros�� of Burgos Laws of Burgos
Ros�� of Eshnunna Laws of Eshnunna
Ros�� of Form Laws of Form
Ros�� of nature Laws of nature
Licensing Ros�� of the United Kingdom Licensing laws of the United Kingdom
Naming Ros�� in the People's Republic of China Naming laws in the People's Republic of China
Personal liberty Ros�� Personal liberty laws
Sumptuary Ros�� Sumptuary laws
The Four Spiritual Ros�� The Four Spiritual Laws
X-Ros�� X-Laws