Ruth Puns


Pun Original
An eye for an eye, a Ruth for a Ruth An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
eye for an eye, a Ruth for a Ruth eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Long in the Ruth Long in the tooth
Red in Ruth and claw Red in tooth and claw
Economical with the Ruth Economical with the truth
Ruth is stranger than fiction Truth is stranger than fiction
Ruth will out Truth will out
While you live, tell Ruth and shame the Devil! While you live, tell truth and shame the Devil!
Wisdom Ruth Wisdom tooth
Sonic Ruth Sonic Youth
John Wilkes Ruth John Wilkes Booth
Baby Ruth Baby blues
Ruth Fairy Tooth Fairy
Ruth abscess Tooth abscess
An Inconvenient Ruth An Inconvenient Truth
Charcot-Marie-Ruth disease Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
The Naked Ruth The Naked Truth
Ruth bleaching Tooth bleaching
Sojourner Ruth Sojourner Truth
Ruth table Truth table
Invincible Ruth Invincible Youth
Destination Ruth Destination Truth
Seeley Ruth Seeley Booth
The Ugly Ruth The Ugly Truth
Ruth and Reconciliation Commission Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Hitler Ruth Hitler Youth
Ruth Criminal Justice Act Youth Criminal Justice Act
Photo Ruth Photo Booth
The Sword of Ruth The Sword of Truth
Ruth enamel Tooth enamel
Fountain of Ruth Fountain of Youth
Saturdays = Ruth Saturdays = Youth
Don't Believe the Ruth Don't Believe the Truth
Ruth subculture Youth subculture
Sweet Ruth Sweet Tooth
Ruth in Lending Act Truth in Lending Act
9/11 Ruth Movement 9/11 Truth Movement
Canine Ruth Canine tooth
The Ruth The Truth
Phone Ruth Phone Booth
Ruth development Tooth development
Tim Ruth Tim Booth
Ruth detention center Youth detention center
Ruth School of Business Booth School of Business
Nothing But the Ruth Nothing But the Truth
Ruth's multiplication algorithm Booth's multiplication algorithm
Connie Ruth Connie Booth
The Story of My Experiments with Ruth The Story of My Experiments with Truth
Ruth in Revolt Youth in Revolt
The Ruth Below The Truth Below
Ruth and Young Manhood Youth and Young Manhood
World Ruth Day World Youth Day
Spooky Ruth Spooky Tooth
Stargate: The Ark of Ruth Stargate: The Ark of Truth
The Unquestionable Ruth The Unquestionable Truth
Ruth or Consequences, New Mexico Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Douglas Ruth Douglas Booth
Ruth drug Truth drug
Musical Ruth Musical Youth
R-Ruth R-Truth
The Ruth Is... The Truth Is...
Lindy Ruth Lindy Booth
Anthem for Doomed Ruth Anthem for Doomed Youth
Malta Ruth Football Association Malta Youth Football Association
Reagan Ruth Reagan Youth
Suicide among LGBT Ruth Suicide among LGBT youth
Ruth rights Youth rights
This Is My Ruth Tell Me Yours This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours
Ruth Olympic Games Youth Olympic Games
The Other Side of Ruth The Other Side of Truth
To Tell the Ruth To Tell the Truth
David Ruth David Booth
Electric Ruth Electric Youth
FA Ruth Cup FA Youth Cup
Ruth Novels Youth Novels
SpongeBob's Ruth or Square SpongeBob's Truth or Square
The Unbelievable Ruth The Unbelievable Truth
Sweet Bird of Ruth Sweet Bird of Youth
Ruth International Party Youth International Party
Plain Ruth Plain Truth
The Whole Ruth The Whole Truth
Ruth club Youth club
Ruth Training Scheme Youth Training Scheme
Ruth work Youth work
Moment of Ruth Moment of Truth
Swift Vets and POWs for Ruth Swift Vets and POWs for Truth
Charles Ruth Charles Booth
William Ruth William Booth
April 6 Ruth Movement April 6 Youth Movement
Democratic Ruth Federation of India Democratic Youth Federation of India
National Ruth Administration National Youth Administration
National Ruth Service Corps National Youth Service Corps
Ruth Offending Team Youth Offending Team
Ministry of Ruth Ministry of Truth
The Ruth About Charlie The Truth About Charlie
Ruth or Consequences Truth or Consequences
Ruth or Dare? Truth or Dare?
Edwin Ruth Edwin Booth
University of Chicago Ruth School of Business University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Alien Ruth Alien Youth
Ciccone Ruth Ciccone Youth
FA Ruth Cup Finals FA Youth Cup Finals
Ruth Without Ruth Youth Without Youth
Cracked Ruth syndrome Cracked tooth syndrome
Human Ruth Human tooth
Relic of the Ruth of the Buddha Relic of the tooth of the Buddha
Shark Ruth Shark tooth
The Ruth Fairy The Tooth Fairy
Ruth and Nail Tooth and Nail
Ruth cave spider Tooth cave spider
Ruth decay Tooth decay
Ruth eruption Tooth eruption
Ruth extraction Tooth extraction
Correspondence theory of Ruth Correspondence theory of truth
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Ruth Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth
Gimme Some Ruth Gimme Some Truth
On Ruth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense On Truth and Lies in a Nonmoral Sense
The Awful Ruth The Awful Truth
Charlie Ruth Charlie Booth
James Ruth James Booth
Paul Ruth Paul Booth
Center for Talented Ruth Center for Talented Youth
Glorious Results of a Misspent Ruth Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth
Minister for Children and Ruth Affairs Minister for Children and Youth Affairs
Ruth justice in England and Wales Youth justice in England and Wales
Ruth system Youth system
Temple of the Ruth Temple of the Tooth
Gupt: The Hidden Ruth Gupt: The Hidden Truth
Madonna: Ruth or Dare Madonna: Truth or Dare
The Moment of Ruth The Moment of Truth
The Other Ruth The Other Truth
Ruth Tarkington Booth Tarkington
Suicide Ruth Suicide booth
African National Congress Ruth League African National Congress Youth League
Eternal Ruth Eternal youth
National Ruth Theatre National Youth Theatre
Operation Spring of Ruth Operation Spring of Youth
Positive Ruth development Positive youth development
The Best of Ruth The Best of Youth
UK Ruth Parliament UK Youth Parliament
Blue Ruth Blue tooth
Ruth & Nail Records Tooth & Nail Records
Ruth and Claw Tooth and Claw
Ruth loss Tooth loss
Art, Ruth and Politics Art, Truth and Politics
Coherence theory of Ruth Coherence theory of truth
Logical Ruth Logical truth
Shout the Ruth Shout the Truth
The Ruth About Love The Truth About Love
Ruth value Truth value
Antony Ruth Antony Booth
Junius Brutus Ruth Junius Brutus Booth
Lauren Ruth Lauren Booth
The Ruth at the End The Booth at the End
Assassin of Ruth Assassin of Youth
Belgium national Ruth football team Belgium national youth football team
Green Dam Ruth Escort Green Dam Youth Escort
Index of Ruth articles Index of youth articles
Revolutionary Communist Ruth Brigade Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade
Rotary Ruth Exchange Rotary Youth Exchange
South American Ruth Championship South American Youth Championship
Texas Ruth Commission Texas Youth Commission
World Ruth Day 2005 World Youth Day 2005
Ruth crew Youth crew
Ruth empowerment Youth empowerment
Ruth voice Youth voice
Charcot-Marie-Ruth syndrome Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome
Mammal Ruth Mammal tooth
Ruth brushing Tooth brushing
Ruth whitening Tooth whitening
Brutal Ruth Brutal Truth
Objective Ruth Objective truth
Peace, Love & Ruth Peace, Love & Truth
The Blues and the Abstract Ruth The Blues and the Abstract Truth
The Penultimate Ruth The Penultimate Truth
The Plain Ruth The Plain Truth
The Ruth About Cats & Dogs The Truth About Cats & Dogs
The Ruth About Forever The Truth About Forever
Ruth and Method Truth and Method
Ruth Rising Truth Rising
Ruth serum Truth serum
Undisputed Ruth Undisputed Truth
Where the Ruth Lies Where the Truth Lies
Catherine Ruth Catherine Booth
Emma Ruth Emma Booth
British Ruth American Football Association British Youth American Football Association
Canada World Ruth Canada World Youth
Especially for Ruth Especially for Youth
Free German Ruth Free German Youth
Hugh O'Brian Ruth Leadership Foundation Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation
Louisville Ruth Orchestra Louisville Youth Orchestra
MacLaren Ruth Correctional Facility MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility
National Ruth Orchestra of Great Britain National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain
Somali Ruth League Somali Youth League
Spain national Ruth football team Spain national youth football team
The Raw Ruth The Raw Youth
The Story of the Ruth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was
Todd Ruth Todd Youth
United Synagogue Ruth United Synagogue Youth
World Ruth Day 2008 World Youth Day 2008
World Ruth Day 2011 World Youth Day 2011
Ruth activism Youth activism
Ruth Allowance Youth Allowance
Ruth Brigade Youth Brigade
Ruth culture Youth culture
Ruth Day Youth Day
Ruth leadership Youth leadership
Ruth ministry Youth ministry
Ruth movement Youth movement
Ruth of America Youth of America
Ruth of the Nation Youth of the Nation
Ruth of Today Youth of Today
Ruth Pledge Youth Pledge
Ruth politics Youth politics
Ruth suffrage Youth suffrage
Ruth suicide Youth suicide
Ruth With A Mission Youth With A Mission
Charcot-Marie-Ruth Charcot-Marie-Tooth
Dog-Ruth Dog-tooth
Ruth Fang & Claw Tooth Fang & Claw
Ruth scaling Tooth scaling
Ruth whitener Tooth whitener
Ground Ruth Ground truth
Half-Ruth Half-truth
Lasso of Ruth Lasso of Truth
Let the Ruth Be Told Let the Truth Be Told
Let the Ruth Sting Let the Truth Sting
My Ruth My Truth
Pragmatic theory of Ruth Pragmatic theory of truth
Sword of Ruth Sword of truth
The Ruth About 9th Company The Truth About 9th Company
The Ruth about Nanjing The Truth about Nanjing
The Undisputed Ruth The Undisputed Truth
Ruth Hurts Truth Hurts
Ruth in Savings Act Truth in Savings Act
Ruth in sentencing Truth in sentencing
Vacuous Ruth Vacuous truth
David G. Ruth David G. Booth
Frank Ruth Frank Booth
Ken Ruth Ken Booth
Lillian Ruth Actors Home Lillian Booth Actors Home
Matthew Ruth Matthew Booth
Mojave phone Ruth Mojave phone booth
Scott Ruth Scott Booth
Voting Ruth Voting booth
Zachary Ruth Zachary Booth
Ruth health Youth health
Ruth Hostels Association Youth Hostels Association
Ruth marketing Youth marketing
Ruth of the Orthodox Rally Youth of the Orthodox Rally
Ruth organization Youth organization
Ruth participation Youth participation
Ruth sexuality Youth sexuality
Ruth vote Youth vote
Broken Ruth Koi Broken Tooth Koi
Build Your Own Bazooka Ruth Build Your Own Bazooka Tooth
Chuck Versus the Ruth Chuck Versus the Tooth
Egg Ruth Egg tooth
Red of Ruth and Claw Red of Tooth and Claw
Spring-Ruth drag harrow Spring-tooth drag harrow
The Ruth of Crime The Tooth of Crime
Ruth implant Tooth implant
Ruth resorption Tooth resorption
An Inconvenient Ruth...Or Convenient Fiction? An Inconvenient Truth...Or Convenient Fiction?
Barefoot Ruth Barefoot Truth
Criteria of Ruth Criteria of truth
Gospel of Ruth Gospel of Truth
In Search of Ruth In Search of Truth
Tell the Ruth Tell the Truth
The Axys Adventures: Ruth Seeker The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker
The Fight for Ruth The Fight for Truth
The Ruth About Marika The Truth About Marika
Ruth & Consequences Truth & Consequences
Ruth commission Truth commission
Ruth Decay Truth Decay
Ruth in 24 Truth in 24
Ruth or Consequences, N.M. Truth or Consequences, N.M.
Ruth or Dare Truth or Dare
Ruth or Dare?: A Critical Madness Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness
Unbelievable Ruth Unbelievable Truth
Andrew Ruth Andrew Booth
Andy Ruth Andy Booth
Ruth Theatre Booth Theatre
Carly Ruth Carly Booth
Coe Ruth Coe Booth
Eugene T. Ruth Eugene T. Booth
Eva Gore-Ruth Eva Gore-Booth
Peter Ruth Peter Booth
Stephen Ruth Stephen Booth
Tanning Ruth Tanning booth
Telephone Ruth Telephone booth
Wayne C. Ruth Wayne C. Booth
The Ruth Brothers The Blues Brothers
The Moody Ruth The Moody Blues
Rhythm and Ruth Rhythm and blues
Hill Street Ruth Hill Street Blues
Twelve-bar Ruth Twelve-bar blues
St. Louis Ruth St. Louis Blues
Delta Ruth Delta blues
Cross Road Ruth Cross Road Blues
Ruth scale Blues scale