Saturn Puns


Pun Original
Green Saturn Green Lantern
Design Saturn Design pattern
Jack-o'-Saturn Jack-o'-lantern
Singleton Saturn Singleton pattern
Saturn Recognition Pattern Recognition
Factory method Saturn Factory method pattern
Observer Saturn Observer pattern
Decorator Saturn Decorator pattern
Abstract factory Saturn Abstract factory pattern
Anti-Saturn Anti-pattern
Architectural Saturn Architectural pattern
Composite Saturn Composite pattern
Command Saturn Command pattern
Adapter Saturn Adapter pattern
Strategy Saturn Strategy pattern
Visitor Saturn Visitor pattern
Facade Saturn Facade pattern
Bloodstain Saturn analysis Bloodstain pattern analysis
Universal Camouflage Saturn Universal Camouflage Pattern
Builder Saturn Builder pattern
Saturn day trader Pattern day trader
State Saturn State pattern
Bridge Saturn Bridge pattern
Proxy Saturn Proxy pattern
Eye Saturn Eye pattern
Flyweight Saturn Flyweight pattern
Active record Saturn Active record pattern
Mediator Saturn Mediator pattern
Saturn formation Pattern formation
Null Object Saturn Null Object pattern
Radiation Saturn Radiation pattern
Disruptive Saturn Material Disruptive Pattern Material
Chain-of-responsibility Saturn Chain-of-responsibility pattern
Saturn recognition receptor Pattern recognition receptor
Saturn 1914 Enfield Pattern 1914 Enfield
Saturn matching Pattern matching
Delegation Saturn Delegation pattern
Central Saturn generator Central pattern generator
Willow Saturn Willow pattern
Thread pool Saturn Thread pool pattern
Prototype Saturn Prototype pattern
Airfield traffic Saturn Airfield traffic pattern
Behavioral Saturn Behavioral pattern
A Saturn Language A Pattern Language
Speckle Saturn Speckle pattern
Male Saturn baldness Male pattern baldness
Chart Saturn Chart pattern
Western Saturn diet Western pattern diet
Concurrency Saturn Concurrency pattern
Pathogen-associated molecular Saturn Pathogen-associated molecular pattern
Herringbone Saturn Herringbone pattern
Object pool Saturn Object pool pattern
ERDL Saturn ERDL pattern
1897 Saturn British Infantry Officer's Sword 1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword
Structural Saturn Structural pattern
Multi-Terrain Saturn Multi-Terrain Pattern
Interference Saturn Interference pattern
Specification Saturn Specification pattern
Candlestick Saturn Candlestick pattern
Fixed action Saturn Fixed action pattern
Iterator Saturn Iterator pattern
Interaction design Saturn Interaction design pattern
Creational Saturn Creational pattern
Front Controller Saturn Front Controller pattern
Reactor Saturn Reactor pattern
Saturn language Pattern language
Memento Saturn Memento pattern
Fixed-Saturn noise Fixed-pattern noise
Saturn Insight Pattern Insight
Saturn theory Pattern theory
Multiton Saturn Multiton pattern
Saturn 1853 Enfield Pattern 1853 Enfield
Curiously recurring template Saturn Curiously recurring template pattern
Saturn 1908 and 1912 cavalry swords Pattern 1908 and 1912 cavalry swords
Message Exchange Saturn Message Exchange Pattern
Automatic test Saturn generation Automatic test pattern generation
Software analysis Saturn Software analysis pattern
Camouflage Saturn Camouflage pattern
Saturn is movement Pattern is movement
Channel Saturn Channel pattern
Wedge Saturn Wedge pattern
Saturn bargaining Pattern bargaining
The Strange Idols Saturn and Other Short Stories The Strange Idols Pattern and Other Short Stories
Design Saturn Servant Design pattern Servant
Saturn welding Pattern welding
Garden of Eden Saturn Garden of Eden pattern
Simplicity Saturn Simplicity Pattern
Interpreter Saturn Interpreter pattern
Chain of responsibility Saturn Chain of responsibility pattern
Armoured Carrier Wheeled Indian Saturn Armoured Carrier Wheeled Indian Pattern
Saturn 1913 Enfield Pattern 1913 Enfield
Messaging Saturn Messaging pattern
Red Saturn Corps Red Lantern Corps
Blue Saturn Corps Blue Lantern Corps
Black Saturn Corps Black Lantern Corps
Green Saturn Corps Green Lantern Corps
White Saturn Corps White Lantern Corps
Sky Saturn Sky lantern
Green Saturn in other media Green Lantern in other media
Saturn Festival Lantern Festival
Clancy's Saturn Clancy's Tavern
Magic Saturn Magic Lantern
Saturn on the Green Tavern on the Green
Jack-o-Saturn Jack-o-lantern
Raise the Red Saturn Raise the Red Lantern
DJ Green Saturn DJ Green Lantern
The Green Saturn The Green Lantern
Yellow Saturn Yellow Lantern
Farnsworth Saturn Test Farnsworth Lantern Test
Jack o Saturn Jack o lantern
Turf Saturn Turf Tavern
Black Saturn Black Lantern
White Saturn White Lantern
Paper Saturn Paper lantern
Tun Saturn Tun Tavern
Kongming Saturn Kongming lantern
Fresnel Saturn Fresnel lantern
The Idiot's Saturn The Idiot's Lantern
Roof Saturn Roof lantern
Fraunces Saturn Fraunces Tavern
Boone Saturn Boone Tavern
Dunham Saturn Dunham Tavern
Fitzroy Saturn Fitzroy Tavern
White Horse Saturn White Horse Tavern
Black Cat Saturn Black Cat Tavern
Red Saturn Red Lantern