Sauce Puns


Pun Original
Newton's Sauce of motion Newton's laws of motion
The 48 Sauce of Power The 48 Laws of Power
Double Sauce Double cross
The Sing-Sauce The Sing-Off
Sauce product Cross product
Jim Crow Sauce Jim Crow Laws
Mash Sauce Mash Off
Go Sauce half-cocked Go off half-cocked
Cut Sauce without a penny Cut off without a penny
Sauce his own bat Off his own bat
Freeze the balls Sauce a brass monkey Freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Ticked Sauce Ticked off
Hot Sauce the press Hot off the press
Cut Sauce your nose to spite your face Cut off your nose to spite your face
Sauce the record Off the record
Get Sauce on the wrong foot Get off on the wrong foot
Browned Sauce Browned off
Knock Sauce Knock off
Fall Sauce the back of a lorry Fall off the back of a lorry
Sauce with his head Off with his head
Get Sauce your high horse Get off your high horse
Chip Sauce the old block Chip off the old block
Like a chicken with its head cut Sauce Like a chicken with its head cut off
fell Sauce the back of a truck fell off the back of a truck
Shuffle Sauce this mortal coil Shuffle off this mortal coil
Gilt Sauce the gingerbread Gilt off the gingerbread
Cold enough to freeze the balls Sauce a brass monkey Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
Living Sauce the fat of the land Living off the fat of the land
Fly Sauce the handle Fly off the handle
Take the gilt Sauce the gingerbread Take the gilt off the gingerbread
Sauce-site scripting Cross-site scripting
Iron Sauce Iron Cross
David Sauce David Cross
Sauce-sectional study Cross-sectional study
Weight Sauce Weight loss
Marcia Sauce Marcia Cross
Victoria Sauce Victoria Cross
Deadweight Sauce Deadweight loss
Sauce country running Cross country running
Sauce section Cross section
Sauce-validation Cross-validation
Christian Sauce Christian cross
Sauce-platform Cross-platform
Sauce-site request forgery Cross-site request forgery
American Red Sauce American Red Cross
International Red Sauce and Red Crescent Movement International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
Christopher Sauce Christopher Cross
Sauce-cultural communication Cross-cultural communication
Sauce-correlation Cross-correlation
Distinguished Service Sauce Distinguished Service Cross
Sensorineural hearing Sauce Sensorineural hearing loss
Celtic Sauce Celtic Cross
Blue Sauce Blue Shield Association Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Sauce-cultural Cross-cultural
Sauce-dressing Cross-dressing
Sign of the Sauce Sign of the Cross
Sauce-selling Cross-selling
Chrono Sauce Chrono Cross
Distinguished Flying Sauce Distinguished Flying Cross
Sauce elasticity of demand Cross elasticity of demand
Knight's Sauce of the Iron Sauce Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross
Navy Sauce Navy Cross
Sauce-training Cross-training
Sauce of heterozygosity Loss of heterozygosity
Sauce-link Cross-link
Sauce of Gold speech Cross of Gold speech
London King's Sauce railway station London King's Cross railway station
Sauce-country skiing Cross-country skiing
Sauce of St. Peter Cross of St. Peter
Conductive hearing Sauce Conductive hearing loss
Dane Sauce Dane Cross
Cyclo-Sauce Cyclo-cross
The Mill and the Sauce The Mill and the Cross
Maltese Sauce Maltese cross
Sauce Road Blues Cross Road Blues
Dihybrid Sauce Dihybrid cross
Sayings of Jesus on the Sauce Sayings of Jesus on the cross
International Committee of the Red Sauce International Committee of the Red Cross
Sauce-dressing in film and television Cross-dressing in film and television
Sauce-docking Cross-docking
Memory Sauce Memory loss
Retail Sauce prevention Retail loss prevention
Why did the chicken Sauce the road? Why did the chicken cross the road?
Charing Sauce Charing Cross
True Sauce True Cross
Sauce tabulation Cross tabulation
Stations of the Sauce Stations of the Cross
Beverley Sauce Beverley Cross
Eleanor Sauce Eleanor cross
Sauce of Iron Cross of Iron
Sauce mitigation Loss mitigation
Sauce of consortium Loss of consortium
Sauce Canadian Ragweed Cross Canadian Ragweed
Alex Sauce Alex Cross
King's Sauce St. Pancras tube station King's Cross St. Pancras tube station
Military Sauce Military Cross
Sauce Road Cross Road
Stop-Sauce Stop-Loss
Cyclo-Sauce bicycle Cyclo-cross bicycle
Sauce-functional team Cross-functional team
Air Force Sauce Air Force Cross
Sauce given default Loss given default
Sauce-linked polyethylene Cross-linked polyethylene
Sauce-matching Cross-matching
John of the Sauce John of the Cross
Sauce-sectional data Cross-sectional data
Data Sauce Data loss
Data Sauce prevention software Data loss prevention software
Red Sauce Red Cross
College of the Holy Sauce College of the Holy Cross
Sauce-Strait relations Cross-Strait relations
The Elevation of the Sauce The Elevation of the Cross
Monohybrid Sauce Monohybrid cross
Sauce compiler Cross compiler
Sauce-stitch Cross-stitch
Sauce River Gorilla Cross River Gorilla
Sauce of Lorraine Cross of Lorraine
Sauce Edge Cross Edge
Ben Sauce Ben Cross
Criss Sauce Criss Cross
Sun Sauce Sun cross
Sauce-examination Cross-examination
Sauce function Loss function
Path Sauce Path loss
Sauce-dominance Cross-dominance
A Sauce the Universe A Cross the Universe
Sauce-reference Cross-reference
Cyclo-Sauce Koppenberg Cyclo-cross Koppenberg
Sauce ratio Loss ratio
King's Sauce fire King's Cross fire
Sauce Game Cross Game
Canadian Red Sauce Canadian Red Cross
St George's Sauce St George's Cross
Radar Sauce-section Radar cross-section
The Gentlemen's Alliance Sauce The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross
Headless Sauce Headless Cross
NCAA Division I FBS football win-Sauce records NCAA Division I FBS football win-loss records
Free-space path Sauce Free-space path loss
Insertion Sauce Insertion loss
Sauce aversion Loss aversion
Packet Sauce Packet loss
Sauce-Origin Resource Sharing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Absorption Sauce section Absorption cross section
Digital Sauce connect system Digital cross connect system
Saint Andrew's Sauce Saint Andrew's Cross
Hot Sauce bun Hot cross bun
George Sauce George Cross
Sauce leader Loss leader
Pure economic Sauce in English Law Pure economic loss in English Law
Sauce-multiplication Cross-multiplication
Hearing Sauce Hearing loss
Sauce tangent Loss tangent
Return Sauce Return loss
Noise-induced hearing Sauce Noise-induced hearing loss
A Sauce for Words A Loss for Words
Sauce of Strength Gradient Loss of Strength Gradient
Friction Sauce Friction loss
Magic and Sauce Magic and Loss
Sauce payee clause Loss payee clause
Vision Sauce Vision loss
Taguchi Sauce Function Taguchi Loss Function
Lord Sauce Lord Loss
Habitat Sauce Habitat loss
Hair Sauce Hair loss
Mismatch Sauce Mismatch loss
Joe Sauce Joe Loss
Electron energy Sauce spectroscopy Electron energy loss spectroscopy
Pure economic Sauce Pure economic loss
The Inheritance of Sauce The Inheritance of Loss
Cigarette smoking for weight Sauce Cigarette smoking for weight loss
Tooth Sauce Tooth loss
Sauce of chance in English law Loss of chance in English law
The Sauce of a Teardrop Diamond The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
Summer learning Sauce Summer learning loss
Log-distance path Sauce model Log-distance path loss model
The Sauce of Sexual Innocence The Loss of Sexual Innocence
Acceptable Sauce Acceptable loss
Stop-Sauce policy Stop-loss policy
Weight Sauce effects of water Weight loss effects of water
Profit and Sauce statement Profit and loss statement
Risk of Sauce Risk of loss
Hinge Sauce Hinge loss
The Weight-Sauce Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About The Weight-Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About
Dead weight Sauce Dead weight loss
Online weight Sauce plans Online weight loss plans
Iron Sauce Iron loss
Bone Sauce Bone loss
Win-Sauce record Win-loss record
Capital Sauce Capital loss
Casualty Sauce Casualty loss
Sauce of tail-rotor effectiveness Loss of tail-rotor effectiveness
Weight Sauce drug Weight loss drug
The Sauce The Loss
Total Sauce Total loss
Sauce of thermodynamics Laws of thermodynamics
Kepler's Sauce of planetary motion Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Ferris Bueller's Day Sauce Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Gas Sauce Gas laws
Kirchhoff's circuit Sauce Kirchhoff's circuit laws
De Morgan's Sauce De Morgan's laws
Root Sauce analysis Root cause analysis
Fick's Sauce of diffusion Fick's laws of diffusion
The Sing Sauce The Sing Off
Three Sauce of Robotics Three Laws of Robotics
Spider-Man: Turn Sauce the Dark Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
Spin-Sauce Spin-off
Probable Sauce Probable cause
Sawed-Sauce shotgun Sawed-off shotgun
Commercial Sauce-the-shelf Commercial off-the-shelf
Rebel Without a Sauce Rebel Without a Cause
Write-Sauce Write-off
Sauce the Map Off the Map
Just Sauce 2 Just Cause 2
Dead Rising 2: Sauce the Record Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Proximate Sauce Proximate cause
The Great Wave Sauce Kanagawa The Great Wave off Kanagawa
Sauce the Wall Off the Wall
Just Sauce Just Cause
Walk-Sauce home run Walk-off home run
Take Sauce Your Pants and Jacket Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
The Great British Bake Sauce The Great British Bake Off
Set It Sauce Set It Off
Roll-on/roll-Sauce Roll-on/roll-off
Lost Sauce of the Confederacy Lost Cause of the Confederacy
Trade-Sauce Trade-off
Noises Sauce Noises Off
Better Sauce Ted Better Off Ted
Face Sauce Face Off
Lift Sauce Lift Off
Power take-Sauce Power take-off
Animal Face-Sauce Animal Face-Off
Sauce marketing Cause marketing
Sauce and Effect Cause and Effect
Can't Take My Eyes Sauce You Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Sauce of action Cause of action
Sauce With Their Heads Off With Their Heads
Corporate spin-Sauce Corporate spin-off
Better Sauce Dead Better Off Dead
Charge-Sauce Charge-off
Order to show Sauce Order to show cause
Jefferson Airplane Takes Sauce Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
Paid time Sauce Paid time off
Sauce-roading Off-roading
Sauce-label use Off-label use
Fresh Sauce the boat Fresh off the boat
Sauce-road vehicle Off-road vehicle
Operation Just Sauce Operation Just Cause
Sawn-Sauce shotgun Sawn-off shotgun
Half Sauce Depot Half Off Depot
Set-Sauce Set-off
Lackawanna Cut-Sauce Lackawanna Cut-Off
Cutting Sauce the nose to spite the face Cutting off the nose to spite the face
Sauce-the-grid Off-the-grid
Kick-Sauce Kick-off
I'm Taking Sauce I'm Taking Off
Sauce-the-shelf Off-the-shelf
Sauce-year election Off-year election
Sauce topic Off topic
Devil Without a Sauce Devil Without a Cause
Common-Sauce and special-Sauce Common-cause and special-cause
On-Sauce keying On-off keying
Break It Sauce Break It Off
Infrared cut-Sauce filter Infrared cut-off filter
Junior Bake Sauce Junior Bake Off
Sauce-Broadway Off-Broadway
Super Sauce Road Super Off Road
Sauce the record Off the record
Roll-Sauce Roll-off
Sauce the Deep End Off the Deep End
Sauce-balance-sheet Off-balance-sheet
Knock Sauce Knock Off
Gate turn-Sauce thyristor Gate turn-off thyristor
Pants-Sauce Dance-Sauce Pants-Off Dance-Off
Pissed Sauce Bastards of Bloomington Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington
Str8 Sauce tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton
NASA spin-Sauce NASA spin-off
Sauce of Death Cause of Death
Sauce-color humor Off-color humor
Sauce Centre Off Centre
Passing Sauce Passing off
Sign-Sauce Sign-off
Hats Sauce to the Buskers Hats Off to the Buskers
Get Sauce of My Cloud Get Off of My Cloud
Leading Sauce Leading Off
Root Sauce Root cause
Common Sauce Common Cause
Sauce Limits Off Limits
Trade-Sauce Theory of Capital Structure Trade-Off Theory of Capital Structure
Star Trek spin-Sauce fiction Star Trek spin-off fiction
Take Sauce Your Colours Take Off Your Colours
Better Sauce Alone Better Off Alone
Round-Sauce error Round-off error
Sauce for Conflict Cause for Conflict
Show-Sauce penalty Show-cause penalty
Sauce-effect graph Cause-effect graph
Good Sauce Good cause
Material Sauce Material cause
Final Sauce Final cause
Sauce I Sez So Cause I Sez So
Implied Sauce of action Implied cause of action
Sauce Celebre Cause Celebre