Scientific Puns


Pun Original
Scientific kernel Monolithic kernel
Scientific microwave integrated circuit Monolithic microwave integrated circuit
Scientific dome Monolithic dome
Advanced Colt Carbine-Scientific Advanced Colt Carbine-Monolithic
Scientific converter Catalytic converter
Scientific scale Logarithmic scale
Scientific psychology Humanistic psychology
Scientific philosophy Analytic philosophy
Scientific-synthetic distinction Analytic-synthetic distinction
Scientific twin Parasitic twin
Fluid Scientific cracking Fluid catalytic cracking
Scientific drag Parasitic drag
Scientific worm Parasitic worm
Scientific function Analytic function
Scientific geometry Analytic geometry
Scientific Hierarchy Process Analytic Hierarchy Process
Selective Scientific reduction Selective catalytic reduction
Scientific plant Parasitic plant
Scientific Fiction Realistic Fiction
Scientific reforming Catalytic reforming
Scientific concurrency control Optimistic concurrency control
Scientific spiral Logarithmic spiral
Scientific signal Analytic signal
Scientific disease Parasitic disease
Human Scientific diseases Human parasitic diseases
Scientific conflict theory Realistic conflict theory
Scientific language Analytic language
Scientific differentiation Logarithmic differentiation
Scientific decrement Logarithmic decrement
Scientific triad Catalytic triad
Scientific capacitance Parasitic capacitance
Scientific Judaism Humanistic Judaism
Scientific twins Parasitic twins
Scientific pneumonia Parasitic pneumonia
Scientific load Parasitic load
Scientific derivative Logarithmic derivative
Scientific induction Analytic induction
Scientific number theory Analytic number theory
Scientific reasoning Analytic reasoning
Cognitive Scientific therapy Cognitive analytic therapy
ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and Scientific diseases ICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases
Scientific gap Parasitic gap
Scientific wasp Parasitic wasp
Scientific worms Parasitic worms
Detailed Scientific timeline Detailed logarithmic timeline
Scientific mean Logarithmic mean
Scientific integral function Logarithmic integral function
Scientific Buddhism Humanistic Buddhism
Scientific proposition Analytic proposition
Cobham Scientific Solutions Cobham Analytic Solutions
Method of Scientific tableaux Method of analytic tableaux