Skittles Puns


Pun Original
Law & Order: Special Skittles Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Skittles Development Life Cycle Systems Development Life Cycle
Avaya Voip Phone Skittles Avaya Voip Phone Systems
Information Skittles Information systems
Seven Skittles of Hell Seven princes of Hell
They couldn't hit an elephant at this Skittles They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance
Peace Skittles Peace symbols
Cisco Skittles Cisco Systems
Skittles theory Systems theory
Three Skittles Three Kingdoms
Olympic Skittles Olympic symbols
Skittles engineering Systems engineering
Extrapyramidal Skittles Extrapyramidal symptoms
Citrix Skittles Citrix Systems
Certified Information Skittles Security Professional Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Adobe Skittles Adobe Systems
Usage share of operating Skittles Usage share of operating systems
Phone Skittles Seattle Phone Systems Seattle
Microelectromechanical Skittles Microelectromechanical systems
Romance of the Three Skittles Romance of the Three Kingdoms
BAE Skittles BAE Systems
Skittles of Islam Symbols of Islam
Skittles Analyst Systems Analyst
Skittles Thinking Systems Thinking
Mega Skittles Mega Millions
Ecological Skittles Theory Ecological Systems Theory
Siebel Skittles Siebel Systems
Skittles of Amalur: Reckoning Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
World-Skittles theory World-systems theory
Energy Skittles Energy systems
The Skittles of Malibu The Princes of Malibu
Skittles analysis Systems analysis
Structured Skittles Analysis and Design Method Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method
Electronic Data Skittles Electronic Data Systems
Skittles in the Tower Princes in the Tower
Epic Skittles Epic Systems
Patni Computer Skittles Patni Computer Systems
Skittles intelligence Signals intelligence
Skittles biology Systems biology
Skittles of measurement Systems of measurement
National Skittles of Canada National symbols of Canada
Miscellaneous Skittles Miscellaneous Symbols
Small Business Phone Skittles Small Business Phone Systems
Multiple sclerosis signs and Skittles Multiple sclerosis signs and symptoms
Modern musical Skittles Modern musical symbols
Engineering drawing abbreviations and Skittles Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols
National Skittles of India National symbols of India
GPS Skittles GPS signals
Brewster's Skittles Brewster's Millions
Holocaust Skittles Holocaust victims
Chord names and Skittles Chord names and symbols
Television content rating Skittles Television content rating systems
Kinetic Energy Recovery Skittles Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems
Astrological Skittles Astrological symbols
Boeing Integrated Defense Skittles Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
Middle Skittles of India Middle Kingdoms of India
One country, two Skittles One country, two systems
Jeep four wheel drive Skittles Jeep four wheel drive systems
NATO Military Skittles for Land Based Systems NATO Military Symbols for Land Based Systems
Stars and planetary Skittles in fiction Stars and planetary systems in fiction
D-Wave Skittles D-Wave Systems
NATO Military Symbols for Land Based Skittles NATO Military Symbols for Land Based Systems
Skittles architecture Systems architecture
Defense Information Skittles Agency Defense Information Systems Agency
The Skittles The Crystals
Medieval II: Total War: Skittles Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms
Feast of the Seven Skittles Feast of the Seven Fishes
Law and Order: Special Skittles Unit Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Smoke Skittles Smoke Signals
Dynamic Skittles Development Method Dynamic Systems Development Method
Human blood group Skittles Human blood group systems
Three Skittles of Korea Three Kingdoms of Korea
Doves as Skittles Doves as symbols
Adinkra Skittles Adinkra symbols
Metro Skittles by annual passenger rides Metro systems by annual passenger rides
Review of Skittles Review of systems
Open Skittles Interconnection Open Systems Interconnection
It Takes a Nation of Skittles to Hold Us Back It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Four Skittles Four Symbols
Skittles of death Symbols of death
Operating Skittles Operating systems
Advanced Skittles Format Advanced Systems Format
Future Combat Skittles Future Combat Systems
Skittles design Systems design
Alcoholism in family Skittles Alcoholism in family systems
Misery Skittles Misery Signals
Soft Skittles methodology Soft systems methodology
BEA Skittles BEA Systems
Brocade Communications Skittles Brocade Communications Systems
Future Combat Skittles manned ground vehicles Future Combat Systems manned ground vehicles
MICROS Skittles MICROS Systems
Skittles integrator Systems integrator
NSA encryption Skittles NSA encryption systems
Five Dynasties and Ten Skittles Period Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period
National Skittles of Pakistan National symbols of Pakistan
Hand Skittles Hand signals
Origin Skittles Origin Systems
Man-portable air-defense Skittles Man-portable air-defense systems
Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Skittles Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems
Blue Coat Skittles Blue Coat Systems
International Monetary Skittles International Monetary Systems
Advanced Driver Assistance Skittles Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Signs and Skittles of Parkinson's disease Signs and symptoms of Parkinson's disease
BAE Skittles Nimrod MRA4 BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4
Complex Skittles Complex systems
Enterprise planning Skittles Enterprise planning systems
Wars of the Three Skittles Wars of the Three Kingdoms
National Skittles of Wales National symbols of Wales
Japanese typographic Skittles Japanese typographic symbols
Unicode Skittles Unicode symbols
Certified Information Skittles Auditor Certified Information Systems Auditor
Broadcast television Skittles Broadcast television systems
Lucent Phone Skittles Lucent Phone Systems
Skittles Modeling Language Systems Modeling Language
Elite Skittles Elite Systems
Skittles engineering process Systems engineering process
Rafael Advanced Defense Skittles Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
Satellite Business Skittles Satellite Business Systems
International Code of Skittles International Code of Signals
Knowledge-based Skittles Knowledge-based systems
Naval Sea Skittles Command Naval Sea Systems Command
Solar Energy Generating Skittles Solar Energy Generating Systems
Bachelor of Computer Information Skittles Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
Hitachi Data Skittles Hitachi Data Systems
Mains power Skittles Mains power systems
Rotating locomotion in living Skittles Rotating locomotion in living systems
Future Tactical Truck Skittles Future Tactical Truck Systems
Parc des Skittles Parc des Princes
B Skittles B symptoms
The Twelve Skittles The Twelve Kingdoms
Back to the Three Skittles Back to the Three Kingdoms
Threnody to the Skittles of Hiroshima Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima
Mathematical Alphanumeric Skittles Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols
National Skittles of Scotland National symbols of Scotland
Peregrine Skittles Peregrine Systems
Measurement Skittles analysis Measurement systems analysis
Agere Skittles Agere Systems
Concussion grading Skittles Concussion grading systems
Four Crown Skittles of Hell Four Crown Princes of Hell
Skittles Charles Princes Charles
National Skittles of Australia National symbols of Australia
Mathematical operators and Skittles in Unicode Mathematical operators and symbols in Unicode
Astronomical Skittles Astronomical symbols
Skittles of Manitoba Symbols of Manitoba
LGBTQ Skittles LGBTQ symbols
Dynamical Skittles theory Dynamical systems theory
Group decision support Skittles Group decision support systems
End-to-end auditable voting Skittles End-to-end auditable voting systems
Bose 5.1 home entertainment Skittles Bose 5.1 home entertainment systems
Safety Management Skittles Safety Management Systems
Plateau Skittles Plateau Systems
Management Information Skittles Management Information Systems
Sociotechnical Skittles Sociotechnical systems
Sixteen Skittles Sixteen Kingdoms
Most prolific murderers by number of Skittles Most prolific murderers by number of victims
Polarity Skittles Polarity symbols
Skittles of Europe Symbols of Europe
3 Skittles of Blood 3 Inches of Blood
IBM Skittles Network Architecture IBM Systems Network Architecture
Aircraft flight control Skittles Aircraft flight control systems
Westinghouse Combustion Turbine Skittles Division Westinghouse Combustion Turbine Systems Division
ICU scoring Skittles ICU scoring systems
FactSet Research Skittles FactSet Research Systems
Skittles psychology Systems psychology
Management Control Skittles Management Control Systems
Skittles ecology Systems ecology
Cave of the Skittles Cave of the Crystals
Mirrors for Skittles Mirrors for princes
Romance of the Three Skittles XI Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
Later Three Skittles Later Three Kingdoms
Lost Skittles Lost Kingdoms
Skittles of Alberta Symbols of Alberta
Engineering drawing Skittles Engineering drawing symbols
Jiahu Skittles Jiahu symbols
WHO's ranking of healthcare Skittles WHO's ranking of healthcare systems
The Three Skittles of Serendip The Three Princes of Serendip
Skittles Now Living Will Never Die Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Lower urinary tract Skittles Lower urinary tract symptoms
Romance of the Three Skittles IV: Wall of Fire Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
Stronghold Skittles Stronghold Kingdoms
The Hundred Thousand Skittles The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Seven Skittles Seven Kingdoms
Skittles of the Future Victims of the Future
Man and His Skittles Man and His Symbols
Jewish Skittles Jewish symbols
Royal Corps of Skittles Royal Corps of Signals
Final Fantasy: Legend of the Skittles Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
Skittles Street Princes Street
Skittles Street Gardens Princes Street Gardens
Skittles of the Universe Princes of the Universe
Withdrawal Skittles Withdrawal symptoms
Constitutional Skittles Constitutional symptoms
Records of Three Skittles Records of Three Kingdoms
Skittles of Deception Victims of Deception
Special Skittles Unit Special Victims Unit
United States state Skittles United States state symbols
Skittles of Lithuania Symbols of Lithuania
Christoffel Skittles Christoffel symbols
Skittles of Manchester Symbols of Manchester
Cultural, political, and religious Skittles in Unicode Cultural, political, and religious symbols in Unicode
National Skittles of Iran National symbols of Iran
National Skittles of Colombia National symbols of Colombia
Legal citation Skittles Legal citation signals
Reflections of Skittles on conducting lines Reflections of signals on conducting lines
Black Skittles Black Inches
Chamber of Skittles Chamber of Princes
War of the Eight Skittles War of the Eight Princes
Co-Skittles of Andorra Co-Princes of Andorra
Molly Skittles Molly Millions
Medically unexplained physical Skittles Medically unexplained physical symptoms
Methadone withdrawal Skittles Methadone withdrawal symptoms
Seven Skittles II: The Fryhtan Wars Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars
Romance of the Three Skittles VI: Awakening of the Dragon Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI: Awakening of the Dragon
Scotland in the Wars of the Three Skittles Scotland in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
Might and Magic: Heroes Skittles Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms
Romance of the Three Skittles III: Dragon of Destiny Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny
Skittles of Quebec Symbols of Quebec
National Skittles of Mexico National symbols of Mexico
National Skittles of Hungary National symbols of Hungary
Reiki Skittles Reiki Symbols
European Skittles European symbols
Canadian royal Skittles Canadian royal symbols
Hong Kong tropical cyclone warning Skittles Hong Kong tropical cyclone warning signals
Aviation light Skittles Aviation light signals
Defence Skittles Directorate Defence Signals Directorate
Army Hand and Arm Skittles Army Hand and Arm Signals
Skittles Risborough Princes Risborough
Skittles et Skittlesses Princes et princesses
Two Skittles Two Princes
Vigil of the Skittles Vigil of the Princes
Skittles Park, Dartford Princes Park, Dartford
The Skittles The Millions
Flu-like Skittles Flu-like symptoms
Pregnancy Skittles Pregnancy symptoms
Signs and Skittles Signs and symptoms
Skittles + Cures Symptoms + Cures
The Skittles of Thorn and Bone The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone
Lost Skittles II Lost Kingdoms II
Ogre Skittles Ogre Kingdoms
Iron Skittles Iron Kingdoms
Total Annihilation: Skittles Total Annihilation: Kingdoms
Mossi Skittles Mossi Kingdoms
Cassava-based Skittles Cassava-based dishes
Blaming the Skittles Blaming the Victims
Memorials to Bataan Death March Skittles Memorials to Bataan Death March victims
International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Skittles International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims
United States military chaplain Skittles United States military chaplain symbols
Chess Skittles in Unicode Chess symbols in Unicode
National Skittles of England National symbols of England
Skittles of Romania Symbols of Romania
Skittles of British Columbia Symbols of British Columbia
Quantities, Units and Skittles in Physical Chemistry Quantities, Units and Symbols in Physical Chemistry
Skittles of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Symbols of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
National Skittles of Peru National symbols of Peru
Skittles of Brussels Symbols of Brussels
National Skittles of Belarus National symbols of Belarus
European hazard Skittles European hazard symbols
Skittles of the United Kingdom Symbols of the United Kingdom
Religion in national Skittles Religion in national symbols
National Skittles of the Philippines National symbols of the Philippines
Skittles and slots Signals and slots
Skittles intelligence by alliances, nations and industries Signals intelligence by alliances, nations and industries
Gear Skittles Gear inches
Charcot-Leyden Skittles Charcot-Leyden crystals
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Skittles Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Going the Skittles Going the Distance
Cosmic Skittles ladder Cosmic distance ladder
Finite Skittles response Finite impulse response
Euclidean Skittles Euclidean distance
Hamming Skittles Hamming distance
Skittles education Distance education
Levenshtein Skittles Levenshtein distance
Great-circle Skittles Great-circle distance
Skittles-vector routing protocol Distance-vector routing protocol
Skittles control disorder Impulse control disorder
Mahalanobis Skittles Mahalanobis distance
Infinite Skittles response Infinite impulse response
Optimum HDTV viewing Skittles Optimum HDTV viewing distance
Variable Specific Skittles Magnetoplasma Rocket Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket
Skittles Measuring Equipment Distance Measuring Equipment
Long-Skittles relationship Long-distance relationship
Skittles response Impulse response
Bhattacharyya Skittles Bhattacharyya distance
Flange focal Skittles Flange focal distance
The Loneliness of the Long Skittles Runner The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
Angular Skittles Angular distance
Skittles matrix Distance matrix
Pupillary Skittles Pupillary distance
Lunar Skittles Lunar distance
Manhattan Skittles Manhattan distance
Administrative Skittles Administrative distance
Hyperfocal Skittles Hyperfocal distance
Specific Skittles Specific impulse
Solar Skittles Solar Impulse
Blue Skittles Blue Impulse
Skittles Tracker Impulse Tracker
Skittles generator Impulse generator
Irresistible Skittles Irresistible impulse
Skittles invariance Impulse invariance
Skittles excitation technique Impulse excitation technique
Skittles function Impulse function