Skull Puns


Pun Original
Skull up Colour up
Skull hypothesis Null hypothesis
Living Skull Living Colour
City and Skull City and Colour
Skull City A.F.C. Hull City A.F.C.
Kingston upon Skull Kingston upon Hull
All work and no play makes Jack a Skull boy All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
The Skull and the Shape The Colour and the Shape
Skull modem Null modem
The Skull of Magic The Colour of Magic
Skull House Hull House
Skull character Null character
Skull of Kintyre Mull of Kintyre
Ocean Skull Scene Ocean Colour Scene
A Flash Flood of Skull A Flash Flood of Colour
Convex Skull Convex hull
Never A Skull Moment Never A Dull Moment
University of Skull University of Hull
Martin Skull Martin Mull
Skull University Union Hull University Union
Boeing 747 Skull losses Boeing 747 hull losses
Keith Skull Keith Null
Cordell Skull Cordell Hull
Skull Hypothesis: The Journal of Unlikely Science Null Hypothesis: The Journal of Unlikely Science
Skull Object pattern Null Object pattern
Brett Skull Brett Hull
Convex Skull algorithms Convex hull algorithms
Skull revolution Colour revolution
Hold Your Skull Hold Your Colour
Trooping the Skull Trooping the Colour
Skull-wing door Gull-wing door
Skull classification symbol Hull classification symbol
Double Skull Double hull
Rod Skull Rod Hull
Skull by Numbers Colour by Numbers
Skull Haze Colour Haze
Port of Skull Port of Hull
Skull set Null set
Bobby Skull Bobby Hull
Kent Skull Kent Hull
Great Black-backed Skull Great Black-backed Gull
Skull My World Colour My World
Labrador Retriever coat Skull genetics Labrador Retriever coat colour genetics
Alan Skull Alan Hull
Skull Kingston Rovers Hull Kingston Rovers
London 0 Skull 4 London 0 Hull 4
Ross Skull Ross Hull
Budgerigar Skull genetics Budgerigar colour genetics
Skull Me Kubrick Colour Me Kubrick
Skull of the Trap Colour of the Trap
The Skull Out of Space The Colour Out of Space
Skull vector Null vector
Clark L. Skull Clark L. Hull
Josephine Skull Josephine Hull
American Herring Skull American Herring Gull
Skull Terr Gull Terr
Skull It In Colour It In
Skull Revolt Colour Revolt
Eye Skull Eye colour
Terry Pratchett's The Skull of Magic Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic
The Skull of Spring The Colour of Spring
Skull route Null route
Andy Skull Andy Hull
Skull Blitz Hull Blitz
Skull City Hull City
Skull Fair Hull Fair
Skull speed Hull speed
Skull-down Hull-down
Skull-White model Hull-White model
John C. Skull John C. Hull
Black-headed Skull Black-headed Gull
Caspian Skull Caspian Gull
Skull Dong Gull Dong
Skull Island, Newfoundland Gull Island, Newfoundland
Skull Gret Dull Gret
Any Skull You Like Any Colour You Like
Blue Is the Skull Blue Is the Colour
Skull banding Colour banding
Skull Me Free! Colour Me Free!
The Skull of My Love The Colour of My Love
Gary Skull Gary Null
Skull space Null space
Unter Skull Unter Null
Brandon Skull Brandon Mull
Isle of Skull Isle of Mull
MV Isle of Skull MV Isle of Mull
First Skull Trains First Hull Trains
Skull F.C. Hull F.C.
Skull number Hull number
To Skull and Back To Hull and Back
V-Skull V-hull
Bonaparte's Skull Bonaparte's Gull
European Herring Skull European Herring Gull
Ivory Skull Ivory Gull
A Skull Symphony A Colour Symphony
Skull blindness Colour blindness
Skull Index International Colour Index International
Trade test Skull films Trade test colour films
Double Skull Double scull
Aleph Skull Aleph Null
Aleph-Skull Aleph-null
Skull morpheme Null morpheme
Skull Stern Hotel Null Stern Hotel
Skull of Kintyre test Mull of Kintyre test
Cathedral Skull Cathedral hull
Craven Park, Skull Craven Park, Hull
Double Skull tankers Double hull tankers
Edith Maude Skull Edith Maude Hull
Frank M. Skull Frank M. Hull
Henry Skull Henry Hull
Skull Maritime Museum Hull Maritime Museum
Kingston-upon-Skull Kingston-upon-Hull
Robert Skull Fleming Museum Robert Hull Fleming Museum
Scott Skull Scott Hull
California Skull California Gull
Grey-headed Skull Grey-headed Gull
Skull wing Gull wing
Herring Skull Herring Gull
Heuglin's Skull Heuglin's Gull
Lesser Black-backed Skull Lesser Black-backed Gull
Little Skull Island Light Little Gull Island Light
Percival Mew Skull Percival Mew Gull
RFA Empire Skull RFA Empire Gull
The Sea Skull The Sea Gull
USS Skull USS Gull
The Skull Flame of Desire The Dull Flame of Desire
Cockatiel Skull genetics Cockatiel colour genetics
Skull confinement Colour confinement
Skull look-up table Colour look-up table
Skull the Small One Colour the Small One
Films of Skull Films of Colour
Of the Blue Skull of the Sky Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
Political Skull Political colour
The Skull The Colour
The Skull of Money The Colour of Money