Sorority Puns


Pun Original
Sorority Report Minority Report
Tennessee Valley Sorority Tennessee Valley Authority
Sorority date Priority date
Unique Identification Sorority of India Unique Identification Authority of India
Palestinian National Sorority Palestinian National Authority
Sorority group Minority group
Certificate Sorority Certificate authority
Silent Sorority Silent majority
Telecom Regulatory Sorority of India Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Age of Sorority Age of majority
Financial Services Sorority Financial Services Authority
Tyranny of the Sorority Tyranny of the majority
Cahn-Ingold-Prelog Sorority rules Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority rules
Sorority control Authority control
Financial Industry Regulatory Sorority Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
Internet Assigned Numbers Sorority Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
Sorority queue Priority queue
Sorority rule Majority rule
Sports Sorority Field at Mile High Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Model Sorority Model minority
Sorority interest Minority interest
Charismatic Sorority Charismatic authority
Local Education Sorority Local Education Authority
Sorority leader Majority leader
Metropolitan Transportation Sorority Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Port Sorority of Allegheny County Port Authority of Allegheny County
Port Sorority of New York and New Jersey Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Sorority Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Sorority leader Minority leader
Port Sorority Bus Terminal Port Authority Bus Terminal
Argument from Sorority Argument from authority
The Sorority Report The Minority Report
Chicago Transit Sorority Chicago Transit Authority
Unitary Sorority Unitary authority
Steel Sorority of India Limited Steel Authority of India Limited
National Fraud Sorority National Fraud Authority
Sorority government Minority government
Sorority rights Minority rights
Abu Dhabi Investment Sorority Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Palestinian Sorority Palestinian Authority
Housing Sorority of New Orleans Housing Authority of New Orleans
Parliamentary Sorority Parliamentary authority
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Sorority Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Advertising Standards Sorority Advertising Standards Authority
Moral Sorority Moral Majority
NHS strategic health Sorority NHS strategic health authority
New York City Housing Sorority New York City Housing Authority
Local Security Sorority Subsystem Service Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
Sports Sorority Sports Authority
The Sorority The Authority
The Chicago Transit Sorority The Chicago Transit Authority
Port Sorority Trans-Hudson Port Authority Trans-Hudson
Rational-legal Sorority Rational-legal authority
Orlando-Orange County Expressway Sorority Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Sorority Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
New York City Transit Sorority New York City Transit Authority
Visible Sorority Visible minority
Security Industry Sorority Security Industry Authority
Qatar Investment Sorority Qatar Investment Authority
Sorority inversion Priority inversion
Sorority encoder Priority encoder
Double Sorority Double majority
Sorority Zero Authority Zero
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Sorority Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Sorority Records Priority Records
Feminist Sorority Foundation Feminist Majority Foundation
Airports Sorority of India Airports Authority of India
Apparent Sorority Apparent authority
Insurance Regulatory and Development Sorority Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
Senate Sorority Leader Senate Minority Leader
Majority-Sorority district Majority-minority district
Sorority-minority district Majority-minority district
Monetary Sorority of Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore
42nd Street - Port Sorority Bus Terminal 42nd Street - Port Authority Bus Terminal
Comics Code Sorority Comics Code Authority
Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Sorority Garcia v. San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority
Hong Kong Monetary Sorority Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Appeal to Sorority Appeal to Authority
Adventure Activities Licensing Sorority Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
European Banking Sorority European Banking Authority
Denton County Transportation Sorority Denton County Transportation Authority
Sorority-based Flow Control Priority-based Flow Control
Muslim Sorority of Greece Muslim minority of Greece
Sorority Treaties Minority Treaties
Senate Sorority whip Senate majority whip
Professional wrestling Sorority figures Professional wrestling authority figures
Libyan Investment Sorority Libyan Investment Authority
South African Qualifications Sorority South African Qualifications Authority
Jacksonville Transportation Sorority Jacksonville Transportation Authority
Civil Aviation Sorority Civil Aviation Authority
Monetary Sorority Monetary authority
United Nations Transitional Sorority in Cambodia United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia
President of the Palestinian National Sorority President of the Palestinian National Authority
National Highway Sorority National Highway Authority
Traditional Sorority Traditional authority
Politics of the Palestinian National Sorority Politics of the Palestinian National Authority
Illinois State Toll Highway Sorority Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
Aperture Sorority Aperture priority
Sorority right Priority right
Top Sorority Top Priority
European Charter for Regional or Sorority Languages European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
Polish Sorority in Ireland Polish minority in Ireland
Sorority-majority state Minority-majority state
Sorority government Majority government
Minority-Sorority state Minority-majority state
Simple Sorority Simple majority
McKinney Avenue Transit Sorority McKinney Avenue Transit Authority
Executive Sorority (External Relations) Act 1936 Executive Authority (External Relations) Act 1936
Washington Convention and Sports Sorority Washington Convention and Sports Authority
Coalition Provisional Sorority Coalition Provisional Authority
Implied Sorority Implied authority
Harris County Toll Road Sorority Harris County Toll Road Authority
Oklahoma Health Care Sorority Oklahoma Health Care Authority
Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Sorority Police Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority Police
Niagara Frontier Transportation Sorority Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
Maldives Monetary Sorority Maldives Monetary Authority
Criminal Injuries Compensation Sorority Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
Inland Waterways Sorority of India Inland Waterways Authority of India
Grand River Dam Sorority Grand River Dam Authority
Nigerian Television Sorority Nigerian Television Authority
Greater London Sorority Greater London Authority
Loudoun County Sanitation Sorority Loudoun County Sanitation Authority
Sorority to the right Priority to the right
National Sorority Projects National Priority Projects
Dynamic Sorority scheduling Dynamic priority scheduling
Sorority business enterprise Minority business enterprise
Polish Sorority in France Polish minority in France
Senate Sorority Leader Senate Majority Leader
Sorority Whip of the United States House of Representatives Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives
Sorority opinion Majority opinion
House Sorority Leader House Majority Leader
Absolute Sorority Absolute majority
Lower Colorado River Sorority Lower Colorado River Authority
Dormitory Sorority of the State of New York Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
Utah Transit Sorority Utah Transit Authority
International Seabed Sorority International Seabed Authority
New Orleans Regional Transit Sorority New Orleans Regional Transit Authority
Metropolitan Washington Airports Sorority Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Solicitors Regulation Sorority Solicitors Regulation Authority
Tomorrowland Transit Sorority PeopleMover Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
Olympic Delivery Sorority Olympic Delivery Authority
Toronto Port Sorority Toronto Port Authority
METRO Regional Transit Sorority METRO Regional Transit Authority
Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Sorority Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority
Nuclear Command Sorority Nuclear Command Authority
California Earthquake Sorority California Earthquake Authority
Swedish Judicial Sorority v Julian Assange Swedish Judicial Authority v Julian Assange
Scottish Qualifications Sorority Scottish Qualifications Authority
Port Sorority of New York and New Jersey Police Department Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department
Markan Sorority Markan Priority
Shutter Sorority Shutter priority
Sorority signs Priority signs
Fixed Sorority pre-emptive scheduling Fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling
Roma Sorority in Romania Roma minority in Romania
Sexual Sorority Sexual minority
German Sorority German Minority
Themes in Sorority Report Themes in Minority Report
The Back Porch Sorority The Back Porch Majority
Sorority Rules! Majority Rules!
Buddhist Sorority Buddhist cosmology
Norse Sorority Norse cosmology
Physical Sorority Physical cosmology
Brane Sorority Brane cosmology
Sorority of Greek vase shapes Typology of Greek vase shapes
Mormon Sorority Mormon cosmology
Hindu Sorority Hindu cosmology
Jain Sorority Jain cosmology
Surface-water Sorority Surface-water hydrology
Linguistic Sorority Linguistic typology
Oakeshott Sorority Oakeshott typology
Biblical Sorority Biblical cosmology
Observational Sorority Observational cosmology
Morphological Sorority Morphological typology
Religious Sorority Religious cosmology
Fractal Sorority Fractal cosmology
Plasma Sorority Plasma cosmology
Atacama Sorority Telescope Atacama Cosmology Telescope
Esoteric Sorority Esoteric cosmology
Sufi Sorority Sufi cosmology
Conformal Cyclic Sorority Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
Asch Sorority experiments Asch conformity experiments
Corrosion of Sorority Corrosion of Conformity
Valgus Sorority Valgus deformity
Varus Sorority Varus deformity
Sorority in Islam Apostasy in Islam
Boutonniere Sorority Boutonniere deformity
Swan neck Sorority Swan neck deformity
The Sorority The Apostasy
Great Sorority Great Apostasy
Madelung's Sorority Madelung's deformity
Haglund's Sorority Haglund's deformity
Sorority in Christianity Apostasy in Christianity
Tuberous breast Sorority Tuberous breast deformity
Sorority Attracted to Sin Abnormally Attracted to Sin
Hand Sorority Hand deformity
Gibbus Sorority Gibbus deformity
Congenital Sorority Congenital deformity
Sorority assessment Conformity assessment
Declaration of Sorority Declaration of Conformity
Memory Sorority Memory conformity