Steak Puns


Pun Original
Steak Care Take Care
Steak the gilt off the gingerbread Take the gilt off the gingerbread
Steak with a grain of salt Take with a grain of salt
Steak down a peg or two Take down a peg or two
Steak the Mickey Take the Mickey
The Devil Steak the hindmost The Devil take the hindmost
Steak potluck Take potluck
Steak the upper hand Take the upper hand
Steak the bit between your teeth Take the bit between your teeth
Devil Steak the hindmost Devil take the hindmost
Steak the cake Take the cake
Steak umbrage Take umbrage
Steak a back seat Take a back seat
Steak Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal
Kourtney and Kim Steak New York Kourtney and Kim Take New York
Steak That Take That
Steak Shields Jake Shields
Steak Me Home Tonight Take Me Home Tonight
Steak Ellenberger Jake Ellenberger
Steak T. Austin Jake T. Austin
Steak and the Never Land Pirates Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Steak Roberts Jake Roberts
My Soul To Steak My Soul To Take
American Dragon: Steak Long American Dragon: Jake Long
Steak LaMotta Jake LaMotta
Steak Shelter Take Shelter
The Great British Steak Off The Great British Bake Off
Steak on Me Take on Me
Steak Off Your Pants and Jacket Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Steak Care, Steak Care, Steak Care Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Steak Abel Jake Abel
Steak Lloyd Jake Lloyd
Steak Land Stake Land
Steak-Two Interactive Take-Two Interactive
Steak Johnson Jake Johnson
Steak Owen Jake Owen
Steak This Waltz Take This Waltz
Steak Long Jake Long
Less Than Steak Less Than Jake
Steak Short Jake Short
Steak a Chance on Me Take a Chance on Me
The Steak The Take
You Can't Steak It With You You Can't Take It With You
Steak Me Out Take Me Out
Every Breath You Steak Every Breath You Take
Steak Locker Jake Locker
Steak Paltrow Jake Paltrow
Steak a Bow Take a Bow
Power Steak-off Power take-off
Steak My Breath Away Take My Breath Away
Steak Weber Jake Weber
Steak Me Home, Country Roads Take Me Home, Country Roads
Steak Delhomme Jake Delhomme
Steak Shimabukuro Jake Shimabukuro
Steak Five Take Five
Steak Me Out to the Ball Game Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Can't Steak My Eyes Off You Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Steak Thomas Jake Thomas
Steak Busey Jake Busey
Steak Fotboll AIK Fotboll
Steak Cuenca Jake Cuenca
The Muppets Steak Manhattan The Muppets Take Manhattan
ESPN First Steak ESPN First Take
Steak to the Skies Take to the Skies
Steak Peavy Jake Peavy
Steak Harper Jake Harper
Steak McDorman Jake McDorman
Steak Two with Phineas and Ferb Take Two with Phineas and Ferb
They're Coming to Steak Me Away, Ha-Haaa! They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!
Steak Pavelka Jake Pavelka
Steak and the Fatman Jake and the Fatman
Carlo's Steak Shop Carlo's Bake Shop
We're Not Gonna Steak It We're Not Gonna Take It
Steak a Look in the Mirror Take a Look in the Mirror
Steak Farrow Jake Farrow
Steak E. Lee Jake E. Lee
Steak Livermore Jake Livermore
Steak Weary Jake Weary
Steak and Dinos Chapman Jake and Dinos Chapman
Steak My Hand, Precious Lord Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Steak This to Your Grave Take This to Your Grave
Steak the Lead Take the Lead
Steak Plummer Jake Plummer
Steak It to the Limit Take It to the Limit
Media Steak Out Media Take Out
Steak and Amir Jake and Amir
Steak the Alligator Man Jake the Alligator Man
Steak Over Control Take Over Control
Steak Humphrey Jake Humphrey
Steak Kasdan Jake Kasdan
Steak Robinson Jake Robinson
Junior Steak Off Junior Bake Off
Steak-or-pay contract Take-or-pay contract
Can't Steak Me Home Can't Take Me Home
Don't Steak the Girl Don't Take the Girl
Double Steak Double Take
What Do You Steak Me For? What Do You Take Me For?
Steak Westbrook Jake Westbrook
Steak Steinfeld Jake Steinfeld
Adventure Time with Finn and Steak Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Shake 'n Steak Shake 'n Bake
Steak the Money and Run Take the Money and Run
They Can't Steak That Away from Me They Can't Take That Away from Me
Steak Me to the River Take Me to the River
Long Steak Long take
Steak Lacy Jake Lacy
Steak Cherry Jake Cherry
Steak Berenson Jake Berenson
Steak Goldberg Jake Goldberg
Steak Nava Jake Nava
Steak Adelstein Jake Adelstein
Steak Ryan Jake Ryan
Steak Vargas Jake Vargas
Steak Sisko Jake Sisko
Steak Epstein Jake Epstein
Easy-Steak Oven Easy-Bake Oven
Steak Me Home Take Me Home
Sorry Ma, Forgot to Steak Out the Trash Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
Steak Us Alive Take Us Alive
Steak the "A" Train Take the "A" Train
Steak Off Your Colours Take Off Your Colours
What Do You Steak Me For ? What Do You Take Me For ?
Can't Steak That Away from Me Can't Take That Away from Me
Steak Your Pick Take Your Pick
Steak Me to Tomorrow Take Me to Tomorrow
I Steak Thee Quagmire I Take Thee Quagmire
Steak Scott Jake Scott
Steak Hoffman Jake Hoffman
Steak Rosholt Jake Rosholt
Steak Wood Jake Wood
Big Steak Big Jake
Steak 2.0 Jake 2.0
Steak On Helicopters Take On Helicopters
Steak Me to Your Heart Take Me to Your Heart
Steak It Off Take It Off
Steak a Picture Take a Picture
Steak's Women Jake's Women
Steak Shears Jake Shears
Steak Thackray Jake Thackray
Steak "the Muss" Heke Jake "the Muss" Heke
Steak Hamilton Jake Hamilton
Steak's Long Shadow Jake's Long Shadow
Steak Gardiner Jake Gardiner
Steak Berry Jake Berry
Steak Dean Jake Dean
Pillsbury Steak-Off Pillsbury Bake-Off
Steak a Break! Pinball Take a Break! Pinball
Come and Steak it Come and take it
Steak Your Time Take Your Time
Steak It from the Man! Take It from the Man!
Relax, Steak It Easy Relax, Take It Easy
Never Steak Friendship Personal Never Take Friendship Personal
Jesus, Steak the Wheel Jesus, Take the Wheel
Steak-out Take-out
Kourtney & Khloe Steak Miami Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami
Steak Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Sheila Steak a Bow Sheila Take a Bow
Steak My Wife, Sleaze Take My Wife, Sleaze
Steak It Easy Take It Easy
Steak Siegel Jake Siegel
Steak Ingram Jake Ingram
Steak Christensen Jake Christensen
Steak Holmes Jake Holmes
Steak Maskall Jake Maskall
Steak Green Jake Green
Steak Grove Jake Grove
Steak Chambers Jake Chambers
Big Rude Steak Big Rude Jake
Steak Burbage Jake Burbage
Steak Morley Jake Morley
Finis Jennings Steak Finis Jennings Dake
The Steak Sale The Bake Sale
New England clam Steak New England clam bake
Seven Year Steak Seven Year Ache
Stomach Steak Stomach ache
Steak It Out in Trade Take It Out in Trade
Winner Steak Nothing Winner Take Nothing
Steak that mp3 Take that mp3
Steak Care of Yourself Take Care of Yourself
I Want to Steak You Higher I Want to Take You Higher
Steak Hart Take Hart
Steak as Needed for Pain Take as Needed for Pain
Steak a Look Around Take a Look Around
Live: Steak No Prisoners Live: Take No Prisoners
Steak a Back Road Take a Back Road
Steak the High Road Take the High Road
Assisted Steak off Assisted take off
Steak Me in Your Arms Take Me in Your Arms
Steak That and Party Take That and Party
Steak Goldsbie Jake Goldsbie
Steak Silbermann Jake Silbermann
Steak O'Brien Jake O'Brien
Steak Sumner Jake Sumner
Steak Gaither Jake Gaither
Steak Cody Jake Cody
Steak Hooker Jake Hooker
Steak & Blake Jake & Blake
Steak Sakson Jake Sakson
Looking for Steak Looking for Jake
Steak Canuso Jake Canuso
Steak t austin Jake t austin
Steak's Progress Jake's Progress
Steak the Peg Jake the Peg
Steak Smollett Jake Smollett
The Steak Effect The Jake Effect
Steak Sandvig Jake Sandvig
Steak Hess Jake Hess
Steak Gold Jake Gold
Steak's Tower Jake's Tower
Steak Hurwitz Jake Hurwitz
Steak The Snake Roberts Jake The Snake Roberts
Steak Aur Love Story Aik Aur Love Story
Steak Site Ake Site
Steak McBride Bake McBride
We Are They Who Steak with Amorous Love We Are They Who Ache with Amorous Love
Burned at the Steak Burned at the stake
Robert E. Steak Robert E. Stake