Tulip Puns


Pun Original
Mint Tulip Mint julep
Law & Order: Special Victims Tulip Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Central Processing Tulip Central Processing Unit
Tulip Dream Lucid Dream
Tulip circle Unit circle
Power Supply Tulip Power Supply Unit
Tulip treatment Sewage treatment
Tulip share of Web browsers Usage share of Web browsers
Graphics processing Tulip Graphics processing unit
Atomic mass Tulip Atomic mass unit
The Tulip The Unit
Gasoline and diesel Tulip and pricing Gasoline and diesel usage and pricing
Astronomical Tulip Astronomical Unit
Tulip testing Unit testing
British thermal Tulip British thermal unit
G-Tulip G-Unit
Arithmetic logic Tulip Arithmetic logic unit
SI derived Tulip SI derived unit
Tulip share of operating systems Usage share of operating systems
Rack Tulip Rack unit
Maximum transmission Tulip Maximum transmission unit
Control Tulip Control Unit
Engine Control Tulip Engine Control Unit
Stock-keeping Tulip Stock-keeping unit
Imaginary Tulip Imaginary unit
SI base Tulip SI base unit
Concrete masonry Tulip Concrete masonry unit
Intensive Care Tulip Intensive Care Unit
Tulip vector Unit vector
Logical Tulip Number Logical Unit Number
Effects Tulip Effects unit
Auxiliary power Tulip Auxiliary power unit
Tulip of alcohol Unit of alcohol
Twenty-foot equivalent Tulip Twenty-foot equivalent unit
Tulip Injector Unit Injector
Meritorious Tulip Commendation Meritorious Unit Commendation
International Tulip International unit
Marine Expeditionary Tulip Marine Expeditionary Unit
Strategic business Tulip Strategic business unit
Tulip trust Unit trust
ATM Tulip fees ATM usage fees
Power Tulip effectiveness Power usage effectiveness
Tulip dreaming Lucid dreaming
G-Tulip Records G-Unit Records
Garbage disposal Tulip Garbage disposal unit
Remote Terminal Tulip Remote Terminal Unit
Memory management Tulip Memory management unit
Protocol data Tulip Protocol data unit
Presidential Tulip Citation Presidential Unit Citation
Electronic control Tulip Electronic control unit
Tulip Load Device Unit Load Device
2 Tulip Dogs 2 Stupid Dogs
Continuing education Tulip Continuing education unit
Neonatal intensive care Tulip Neonatal intensive care unit
Crazy Tulip love Crazy stupid love
Motor Tulip Motor unit
Motor Tulip recruitment Motor unit recruitment
Dare to Be Tulip Dare to Be Stupid
Law and Order: Special Victims Tulip Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Transmission control Tulip Transmission control unit
Least valued currency Tulip Least valued currency unit
Behavioral Analysis Tulip Behavioral Analysis Unit
Colony-forming Tulip Colony-forming unit
Power distribution Tulip Power distribution unit
Tulip root Unit root
Geometrized Tulip system Geometrized unit system
Tulip of length Unit of length
Formula Tulip Formula unit
Tulip art Looted art
International status and Tulip of the euro International status and usage of the euro
Tulip-based insurance Usage-based insurance
Global Internet Tulip Global Internet usage
Climatic Research Tulip email controversy Climatic Research Unit email controversy
Tulip of account Unit of account
Economist Intelligence Tulip Economist Intelligence Unit
Fan coil Tulip Fan coil unit
Planned Tulip development Planned unit development
Poor and Tulip Poor and Stupid
It's the economy, Tulip It's the economy, stupid
A Dictionary of Modern English Tulip A Dictionary of Modern English Usage
Floating-point Tulip Floating-point unit
European Currency Tulip European Currency Unit
Tulip collection and disposal Sewage collection and disposal
I Not Tulip I Not Stupid
Somethin' Tulip Somethin' Stupid
GPS tracking Tulip GPS tracking unit
Military Tulip Military unit
Special Mission Tulip Special Mission Unit
Organizational Tulip Organizational Unit
Accelerated Processing Tulip Accelerated Processing Unit
Tulip of analysis Unit of analysis
Codon Tulip bias Codon usage bias
Consumer Tulip Consumer unit
Carnegie Tulip and Student Hour Carnegie Unit and Student Hour
26th Marine Expeditionary Tulip 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit
DI Tulip DI unit
Tulip record equipment Unit record equipment
BBC Natural History Tulip BBC Natural History Unit
Tulip Trust of India Unit Trust of India
Joint Meritorious Tulip Award Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Tractor Tulip Tractor unit
Per-Tulip system Per-unit system
Tulip of time Unit of time
Fundamental Tulip Fundamental unit
Electric Multiple Tulip Electric Multiple Unit
Tulip root test Unit root test
G-Tulip Clothing Company G-Unit Clothing Company
Diesel multiple Tulip Diesel multiple unit
The Bird with the Crystal Tulip The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
Ernest Scared Tulip Ernest Scared Stupid
Common English Tulip misconceptions Common English usage misconceptions
SI Tulip SI unit
Distinctive Tulip insignia Distinctive unit insignia
Tulip Investment Trust Unit Investment Trust
Imperial Tulip Imperial unit
Small Tulip riverine craft Small unit riverine craft
Coker Tulip Coker unit
Shaldag Tulip Shaldag Unit
Line-replaceable Tulip Line-replaceable unit
Post-anesthesia care Tulip Post-anesthesia care unit
Special Handling Tulip Special Handling Unit
Huntsville Tulip Huntsville Unit
English Tulip English unit
Neighbourhood Tulip Neighbourhood unit
Enzyme Tulip Enzyme unit
G-Tulip-Game feud G-Unit-Game feud
Tulip Spoiled Whore Video Playset Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset
Deep Tulip Tree Deep Rooted Tree
Science Made Tulip Science Made Stupid
Tulip Girls Stupid Girls
The New York Times Manual of Style and Tulip The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage
A'arab Zaraq - Tulip Dreaming A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming
Pre-Tulip dream Pre-lucid dream
Tulip sludge treatment Sewage sludge treatment
Kiss Me, Tulip Kiss Me, Stupid
Twitter Tulip Twitter usage
Non-English Tulip of quotation marks Non-English usage of quotation marks
CPU Tulip CPU usage
Ubuntu 10.04 Tulip Lynx Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
Upper Occoquan Tulip Authority Upper Occoquan Sewage Authority
Raw Tulip Raw sewage
Plane Tulip Plane Stupid
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Tulip Tales The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
I Not Tulip Too I Not Stupid Too
Economics terminology that differs from common Tulip Economics terminology that differs from common usage
1080 Tulip in New Zealand 1080 usage in New Zealand
Tulip interval Lucid interval
Tulip Intervals and Moments of Clarity Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity
Chennai MetroWater Supply and Tulip Board Chennai MetroWater Supply and Sewage Board
Onsite Tulip facility Onsite sewage facility
Tulip Tulip Tulip Stupid Stupid Stupid
Tulip, Tulip Man Stupid, Stupid Man
Le Bon Tulip Le Bon Usage
MIDI Tulip and applications MIDI usage and applications
Gasoline Tulip and pricing Gasoline usage and pricing