Twilight Puns


Pun Original
Specular Twilight Specular highlight
In the Twilight In the limelight
Iron Twilight Iron pyrite
Twilight-state machine Finite-state machine
Twilight element method Finite element method
Twilight impulse response Finite impulse response
Twilight difference method Finite difference method
Twilight difference Finite difference
Twilight field Finite field
Twilight-difference time-domain method Finite-difference time-domain method
Twilight volume method Finite volume method
Twilight potential well Finite potential well
Twilight set Finite set
Non-Twilight verb Non-finite verb
Twilight strain theory Finite strain theory
Twilight Networks Limelight Networks
Deterministic Twilight-state machine Deterministic finite-state machine
The Twilight The Limelight
Twilight verb Finite verb
Twilight state machine Finite state machine
Twilight field arithmetic Finite field arithmetic
Classification of Twilight simple groups Classification of finite simple groups
Twilight element analysis Finite element analysis
Nondeterministic Twilight-state machine Nondeterministic finite-state machine
Twilight group Finite group
Twilight and InTwilight Games Finite and Infinite Games
Twilight element method in structural mechanics Finite element method in structural mechanics
Twilight mathematics Finite mathematics
Twilight state machine with datapath Finite state machine with datapath
Twilight geometry Finite geometry
Extended Twilight element method Extended finite element method
Fuzzy Twilight element Fuzzy finite element
Representation theory of Twilight groups Representation theory of finite groups
Non-Twilight clause Non-finite clause
Smoothed Twilight element method Smoothed finite element method
Deterministic Twilight state machine Deterministic finite state machine
Twilight-difference frequency-domain Finite-difference frequency-domain
Twilight model theory Finite model theory
Nondeterministic Twilight state machine Nondeterministic finite state machine