Twix Puns


Pun Original
Twix Sigma Six Sigma
If it ain't broke, don't Twix it If it ain't broke, don't fix it
Eighty Twix Eighty six
Pick 'n' Twix Pick 'n' mix
Marketing Twix Marketing Mix
Twix-Day War Six-Day War
Twix Feet Under Six Feet Under
Twix Degrees of Separation Six Degrees of Separation
Tom Twix Tom Six
Jim'll Twix It Jim'll Fix It
The Twix Million Dollar Man The Six Million Dollar Man
The Power of Twix The Power of Six
You Me At Twix You Me At Six
Twix Flags Six Flags
Twix Thinking Hats Six Thinking Hats
Twix You Fix You
Twix Degrees of Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Twix-stroke engine Six-stroke engine
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Twix Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
The Thirty-Twix Dramatic Situations The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
Electric Twix Electric Six
Number Twix Number Six
Rainbow Twix Rainbow Six
Twix Day War Six Day War
The Day of Twix Billion The Day of Six Billion
Promotional Twix Promotional mix
Twix Nations Championship Six Nations Championship
Twix Pack Six Pack
Straight-Twix engine Straight-six engine
Original Twix Original Six
Twix Days Seven Nights Six Days Seven Nights
Twix Flags Over Texas Six Flags Over Texas
Twix Forces Model Six Forces Model
Sir Twix-a-Lot Sir Mix-a-Lot
Jena Twix Jena Six
Twix Degrees of Inner Turbulence Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Ready-Twix concrete Ready-mix concrete
Tom Twix Tom Mix
Twix Characters in Search of an Author Six Characters in Search of an Author
Marketing Twix modeling Marketing mix modeling
Trail Twix Trail mix
Article Twix of the United States Constitution Article Six of the United States Constitution
Fast Twix Fast Six
Sinister Twix Sinister Six
Twix Flags New Orleans Six Flags New Orleans
The Twix Wives of Henry Lefay The Six Wives of Henry Lefay
The Twix The Fix
Incidents at Twix Flags parks Incidents at Six Flags parks
Twix-Word Memoirs Six-Word Memoirs
Case Twix index Case mix index
Twix Master Mike Mix Master Mike
Design for Twix Sigma Design for Six Sigma
Twix Feet Down Under Six Feet Down Under
Twix of Swords Six of Swords
Essential Twix Essential Mix
Bivens v. Twix Unknown Named Agents Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents
Twix degrees of freedom Six degrees of freedom
Twix-eyed sand spider Six-eyed sand spider
Twixty Twix Sixty Six
Thirty-Twix Views of Mount Fuji Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji
Chex Twix Chex Mix
Little Twix Little Mix
A Different Kind of Twix A Different Kind of Fix
The Yes Men Twix the World The Yes Men Fix the World
Twix Organs of Admittance Six Organs of Admittance
Thirty-Twix Stratagems Thirty-Six Stratagems
Antwerp Twix Antwerp Six
Twix Flags Magic Mountain Six Flags Magic Mountain
Super Twix World Boxing Classic Super Six World Boxing Classic
Mark Twix Mark Six
Mr. Twix Mr. Six
Twix Flags Great Adventure Six Flags Great Adventure
Twix Swiss Exchange SIX Swiss Exchange
Twix-man football Six-man football
Twix-party talks Six-party talks
Twix network Mix network
Secret Twix Secret Six
Twix Flags Astroworld Six Flags Astroworld
Twix Flags Great America Six Flags Great America
Twix major Hadith collections Six major Hadith collections
Slant Twix Games Slant Six Games
Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Twix Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix
The Twix The Mix
The Twix-Up The Mix-Up
Forty Twix & 2 Forty Six & 2
Now We Are Twix Now We Are Six
Sonic Boom Twix Sonic Boom Six
The Twix wards of Houston The six wards of Houston
Three Twix Mafia Three Six Mafia
Chuck Versus the Push Twix Chuck Versus the Push Mix
Sour Twix Sour mix
Andy Twix Andy Six
Bentley Speed Twix Bentley Speed Six
Controversies relating to the Twix-Day War Controversies relating to the Six-Day War
Flat-Twix engine Flat-six engine
Franz Twix Franz Six
Inner Twix Inner Six
Manorama Twix Feet Under Manorama Six Feet Under
Ruger Security Twix Ruger Security Six
SEAL Team Twix SEAL Team Six
Meow Twix Meow Mix
Birmingham Twix Birmingham Six
Gang of Twix Gang of Six
Les Twix Les six
Twix Flags Over Georgia Six Flags Over Georgia
Twix Flags St. Louis Six Flags St. Louis
Twix Kalimas Six Kalimas
Twix Million Dollar Man Six Million Dollar Man
Twix Nations of the Grand River First Nation Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation
The Twix Wives of Henry VIII The Six Wives of Henry VIII
DJ Twix DJ mix
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Twix Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix
Mario Sports Twix Mario Sports Mix
Paul Twix Paul Fix
Big Twix law firms Big Six law firms
DeepStar Twix DeepStar Six
Every Twix Seconds Every Six Seconds
Lean Twix Sigma Lean Six Sigma
Robert Twix Robert Six
Twix Ages of the World Six Ages of the World
Twix Flags Hurricane Harbor Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Twix-star rank Six-star rank
The Twix Swans The Six Swans
The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Twix More The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Twix 3: Raven Shield Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
With Twix You Get Eggroll With Six You Get Eggroll
Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Twix CD Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD
Can We Twix It? Can We Fix It?
Favorite Twix Favorite Fix
Twix Me Fix Me
Time to first Twix Time to first fix
Three Twix Zero Group Three Six Zero Group
Trial of the Twix Trial of the Six
Twenty-Twix Martyrs of Japan Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan
Two Twix heave Two six heave
Dance Dance Revolution Extra Twix Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix
In the Twix In the Mix
A Twix with Sontarans A Fix with Sontarans
First Twix and second Twix First fix and second fix
Twix and Foxi Fix and Foxi
Twix-up Fix-up
Saxbe Twix Saxbe fix
The Twix-Up The Fix-Up
This Is a Twix This Is a Fix
Disco Twix Club Disco Mix Club
Grand slam Twix Grand slam mix
Jiffy Twix Jiffy mix
Marketing research Twix Marketing research mix
Master of the Twix Master of the Mix
Twix engineer Mix engineer
Twix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture
Put Me in Your Twix Put Me in Your Mix
Twix World 2011 Miss World 2011
A Twix is as good as a mile A miss is as good as a mile
Twix is as good as a mile Miss is as good as a mile
Face that launched a thousand Twix Face that launched a thousand ships
Loose lips sink Twix Loose lips sink ships
The face that launched a thousand Twix The face that launched a thousand ships
Twix A Miss A
Twix World Miss World
Twix Universe Miss Universe
Twix Universe 2011 Miss Universe 2011
Twix Piggy Miss Piggy
Twix International 2011 Miss International 2011
Little Twix Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine
Twix Pooja Miss Pooja
Twix Asia Pacific World 2011 Miss Asia Pacific World 2011
Abandon All Twix Abandon All Ships
Twix Marple Miss Marple
Twix Saigon Miss Saigon
I Don't Want to Twix a Thing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Twix Elizabeth Miss Elizabeth
The Devil in Twix Jones The Devil in Miss Jones
Driving Twix Daisy Driving Miss Daisy
Twix America Miss America
Twix Earth 2011 Miss Earth 2011
The Prime of Twix Jean Brodie The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Twix Universe 2012 Miss Universe 2012
I Twix You I Miss You
Twix May I Miss May I
Twix Universe 2010 Miss Universe 2010
Twix Smilla's Feeling for Snow Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow
Twix World 2010 Miss World 2010
Twix Astro Chinese International Miss Astro Chinese International
United States Navy Twix United States Navy ships
Twix Moneypenny Miss Moneypenny
Little Twix Muffet Little Miss Muffet
Twix Martian Miss Martian
Twix Cleo Miss Cleo
Twix Havisham Miss Havisham
Near Twix Near miss
Twix Potter Miss Potter
Twix USA Miss USA
Twix of the Indian Navy Ships of the Indian Navy
Femina Twix India Femina Miss India
Twix Congeniality Miss Congeniality
Twix Nude Miss Nude
Ole Twix Rebels football Ole Miss Rebels football
Viking Twix Viking ships
Good Morning, Twix Bliss Good Morning, Miss Bliss
Twix Russia 2010 Miss Russia 2010
Twix Venezuela Miss Venezuela
Twix USA 2011 Miss USA 2011
Twix International Miss International
Twix World 1999 Miss World 1999
Twix You Miss You
Twix Independent Miss Independent
Twix Malaysia Miss Malaysia
Twix March Miss March
Twix Teen USA Miss Teen USA
Twix USA 2012 Miss USA 2012
Twix World 1994 Miss World 1994
Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Twix Age of Pirates 2: City of Abandoned Ships
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Twix UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists
All of a Sudden I Twix Everyone All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Twix Earth Miss Earth
Twix Hong Kong Pageant Miss Hong Kong Pageant
Twix Julie Miss Julie
Hit Twix Engine Hit Miss Engine
Twix America 2012 Miss America 2012
Twix South Dakota Miss South Dakota
Ole Twix Rebels Ole Miss Rebels
Twix America's Outstanding Teen state pageants Miss America's Outstanding Teen state pageants
Twix Arkansas Miss Arkansas
Little Twix Marker Little Miss Marker
Twix Colombia Miss Colombia
Twix Evers' Boys Miss Evers' Boys
Twix Lebanon Miss Lebanon
Twix Selfridge Miss Selfridge
Twix Spain Miss Spain
Twix Susie Miss Susie
Twix Universe 2005 Miss Universe 2005
Twix Universe 2008 Miss Universe 2008
Twix Universe 2009 Miss Universe 2009
Current French Navy Twix Current French Navy ships
Nemi Twix Nemi ships
Twix Bimbo Miss Bimbo
Twix Brill Miss Brill
Twix England Miss England
Twix Golden Globe Miss Golden Globe
Twix International 2010 Miss International 2010
Twix Sarajevo Miss Sarajevo
Twix World 2000 Miss World 2000
Twix World 2008 Miss World 2008
Black Twix Black Ships
I Saw Three Twix I Saw Three Ships
The Book of Twix The Book of Lists
Twix India Miss India
Twix Korea Miss Korea
Twix Little Havana Miss Little Havana
Twix Me Miss Me
Twix Teen USA 2009 Miss Teen USA 2009
Twix Trinidad and Tobago Universe Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe
Twix Universe 2007 Miss Universe 2007
Twix Universe GB 2009 Miss Universe GB 2009
Twix World 1998 Miss World 1998
Twix World 2003 Miss World 2003
Twix World 2009 Miss World 2009
Twix World Canada Miss World Canada
Southern Twix Golden Eagles Southern Miss Golden Eagles
Swiss Twix Swiss Miss
The Autobiography of Twix Jane Pittman The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
Twix of the People's Liberation Army Navy Ships of the People's Liberation Army Navy
Ghost Twix Ghost ships
Twix of the Brazilian Navy Ships of the Brazilian Navy
Tall Twix Tall ships
The Time Twix The Time Ships
God's Twix of Wood God's Bits of Wood
Current United States Navy Twix Current United States Navy ships
Jane's Fighting Twix Jane's Fighting Ships
Little Twix of Dunkirk Little ships of Dunkirk
Loose lips sink Twix Loose lips sink ships
Medieval Twix Medieval ships
Twix of the Royal Navy Ships of the Royal Navy
US Navy auxiliary Twix US Navy auxiliary ships
Current Indonesian Navy Twix Current Indonesian Navy ships
Mighty Twix Mighty Ships
Red Dwarf Twix Red Dwarf ships
Wooden Twix Wooden Ships
Peppa Pig: Episode & DVD Twix Peppa Pig: Episode & DVD lists
Word Twix by frequency Word lists by frequency
Twix per second Bits per second
Birth aboard aircraft and Twix Birth aboard aircraft and ships
CP Twix CP Ships
Dazzle Twix Dazzle Ships
Defensively Equipped Merchant Twix Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Twix Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Logistic Twix of the Royal New Zealand Navy Logistic ships of the Royal New Zealand Navy
Sinking Twix Sinking Ships
Sinking Twix for wreck diving sites Sinking ships for wreck diving sites
Strawberries Oceans Twix Forest Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest
Strength of Twix Strength of ships
The Long Twix The Long Ships
Chess engine rating Twix Chess engine rating lists
European Union visa Twix European Union visa lists
Help:Contents/Resources and Twix Help:Contents/Resources and lists
Hill Twix in the British Isles Hill lists in the British Isles
Political Twix Political lists
Shrek the Musical cast Twix Shrek the Musical cast lists
Kibbles 'n Twix Kibbles 'n Bits
The Nasty Twix The Nasty Bits